Gangster Love

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Gangster Love

Chapter Three

"The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced." ~ Charlie "Lucky" Luciano

Cloud stumbled out of the building that Shinra had his offices located in a sort of daze. Trying to keep the panic attack that was threatening to spill forth at bay, the blonde walked towards his motorcycle as he worked on breathing exercises he recalled reading about. Straddling the tweaked out monster of a sport bike, the detective glared at the glass encased building. Anger is much better than panic, Cloud thought as he kicked his bike in gear and revving the engine. With a final glance at the building and remembering the words Reno said, he let his tires burn out, the blue grey clouds of smoke surrounding him before releasing the break and peeling out of the parking lot. The vehicle fishtailed slightly before weaving in and out of traffic at an accelerated speed.

Thought of the life he left behind swept through his mind as he navigated his way back to his small apartment on the outskirts of town. Adopted at a young age, he was considered the second son in the Jenova family. Growing up for Cloud was pretty normal, if one considered having the 'Ma Bell of Nibelheim' as one's own mother normal.

He was adopted into the family as an infant and had a fairly decent childhood. He had a mother that loved him to death, and older and younger brothers to protect and be protected by. It was when Ma Jenova herself passed that the cracks in the family showed. She and Cloud's eldest brother tended to shield him from what the real family business was, until one night he had unknowingly accompanied one of his other brothers, Loz to be exact, on a hit on the Corneo family in Lower Midgar.

At the tender age of seventeen, Cloud saw his brother take another man's life in cold blood. Cloud had made the immediate decision to fight against this, but he had to run first. So he ran all the way to Midgar and lived under the abbreviated name for a couple of years while finishing school and entering the police academy. He had a dream of stamping out all organized crime, from the lowest thug on the street, to men sitting pretty high in their crystal palaces, like Rufus Shinra.

The blonde sighed as he entered his small studio apartment, kicking off his shoes in the doorway; he began removing the contents of his pocket into the decorative bowl on his coffee table as he sat on his futon. He was just about to toss the last of the items into the bowl when the business card caught his attention.

"Reno… Chief Information Officer, Shinra Enterprises. Heh," Cloud didn't bother fighting the tiny blush that crept up as he remembered the scent of the other man. The blonde tapped the card against his nose as he thought of what took place. He knew that if word got back to his Chief about his impromptu raid at Shinra he would get the ass-chewing of a lifetime, but for some reason he had that gut feeling that Shinra and Reno in particular just gave him a huge pass as well as a completely convoluted open invitation to return.

Tossing the card onto the table, Cloud grunted as his kicked his legs up onto the futon and leaned back, his right arm draped over his face to block out the early afternoon sunshine. He closed his eyes willing himself to sleep.


Rufus sat back in his leather chair as he listened to Lazard and Reeve bicker back and forth on how they felt Shinra should proceed if the Kisaragis decided to work with the outfit from Banora. Lazard was insisting that they use whatever means necessary to show the Wutainese that they were serious about business, even if that included eliminating the competition knowing that it may escalate to an all out gang war. Reeve on the other hand wanted to stay the course and just throw more money at the Kisaragis figuring that a special "tribute" would go over better than brute force. Rufus saw the benefits and flaws of both men's plans. Truth be told, he was weighing the option of a combined effort but wanted to wait and see how things would play out in Banora, especially with what he had planned.

"Sorry 'bout that boss," Reno smirked as his sauntered back into the room, following closely behind by the hulking figure of a darker skinned gentleman that wore a matching suit to Reno's and sunglasses perched on his nose.

"It's fine," Rufus replied. "Morning, Rude."

"Boss," Rude grunted out a greeting before taking up his normal position by the now closed office door. Rude was more than just a bodyguard to the public persona of Rufus Shinra. The man was also one of the most skilled arson and explosive experts he had ever encountered and Rufus thanked whatever deity was around that the man was on his side. "I've been in contact with Kunsel. He and a few of his men happened to be in Banora and are checking things out."

"Happened to be in Banora?" Rufus smirked knowing full well that Reno had ascertained the information before anyone else in the room and was able to send some of their people to Banora, as well as other places; in case this happened. "Well," Rufus sighed as he stood up from his chair and walked around his desk. "I expect a full report by tonight, Reno." The blonde waited for his Second to nod in response before turning and pointedly looking at Lazard and Reeve, "Gentlemen, I believe you have other work that needs to be attended to. We still are a multi-billion Gil conglomerate with or without the Kisaragi deal and we will remain such."

The younger blonde walked towards his office door as Rude opened it to allow the man to exit, the bodyguard immediately fell back one step to the right as he shadowed his boss. Reno stood behind and waited until the other men exited the office before closing the door and sitting in his boss' chair. He had a few phone calls to make on behalf of the Shinra family interests… in Banora and Nibelheim.


It was late in the evening when Rufus returned back to his penthouse suite and found Reno waiting for him in the living room. He gave Rude leave for the remainder of the night before approaching the waiting redhead and hearing what the other man had to say.


"Here's all the information Kunsel was able ta get. Valentine and an unidentified man had a meetin' with Hewley," Reno stated as he lit a cigarette before picking up the file on the coffee table and tossing it in Rufus' direction.

"The new leader?" Rufus asked with a raised eyebrow as he eyed the closed folder.

"Maybe, maybe not. Guy looks like he's in his early thirties so I really can't say. Historically, the Kisaragi's have gone with the family elders…"

"…and from the main branch of the family that would be the orphan, Yuffie. Hmm."

"Whatcha thinkin' yo?"

"What are the chances that Valentine has taken over leadership but wants to continue to have his enemies believe he's in the background?"

"Quite possible," Reno agreed as he stared unseeingly ahead, the names and faces of the known Kisaragi Triad running through his head.

Rufus nodded as he picked up the folder and flicked it open as he crossed one leg over the other and got comfortable in his chair. He scanned over the documents and photos that he had already viewed that were taken from the joint meeting in Bone Village. Rufus looked up and smiled softly at his long time friend and companion as the redhead started mumbling names of the family members and began debating whether or not they would be the family leader. Rufus opened his mouth to ask Reno if he would care to stay for dinner but the question died on his lips as he briefly glanced down at the folder in his lap.

Staring back at him were those same enchanting obsidian eyes that had mesmerized him just a bit more than twenty-four hours before.

"What's wrong, Boss?" Reno's head swung violently towards the blonde's direction, worried when Rufus stopped talking mid-sentence.

"Nothing," Rufus quickly responded before turning ice blue eyes onto the redhead and tossing the now closed folder back onto the coffee table. "How did the phone meetings go?"

Reno eyed his boss, knowing a diversionary tactic when he saw one but decided to play along with it for now. "The Jenovas are willing to help for a price…"


"Hmm," Reno hummed in agreeance.

"Let me guess, you told them to fuck off." The redhead had the grace to smile sheepishly at his boss, knowing that it was a statement and not a question.

"It's all good though. When I told 'em that tha Wutainese was wantin' in on some of the ah, heh, goods," Reno smirked hoping his boss would get the hidden meaning in his words, "Sephiroth nearly went ape-shit," the redhead smiled devilishly at the memory of hearing the normally ultra calm and stoic patriarch of the Jenova family lose it.

"Humph. How come I sense that you are leaving much more out?" Rufus asked as he watched the redhead get up and disappear out of the room only to return a moment later carrying two bottles of imported Wutainese beer.

Handing one to his boss, Reno raked his hair back with his free hand before collapsing back onto the couch and kicking his socked feet up on the table.

"Ya know me too well, yo. I let some of the information slip ta both Lazard and Reeve. There is no way the Kisaragi group coulda had a scheduled meetin' with the boys from Banora that quickly without some insider help."

"And you think this help came from one of our own?"

"I'm willin' ta bet my right nut on it but as to who… that I can't tell fasho right now," Reno sighed before rolling his head back in Rufus direction. "Heh, it's been a while since we had some down time like dis, huh?"

"Not since before the old man died," Rufus nodded.

"Ya thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

"Do you still have the equipment?"

"Yup. Lemme go grab it from mah closest while ya strip ya shirt off," Reno instructed as he left the room. The blonde in the meantime stood up and removed his dress shirt and tie, his upper torso completed exposed to the chilled air in the penthouse suite.

The redhead returned, pausing momentarily as he stared at the exposed back of his leader. Inked into the tanned muscular flesh of the blonde was a large image of the mythical Kirin, a beast with the head of a dragon, the antlers of a deer, the skin and scales of a fish, the hooves of an ox and tail of a lion.* As teens, they had worked in secret to etch the image onto the next leader of the Shinra Clan, the tattoo depicting Rufus' loyalty and station in the family as future head. The Kirin beast itself was a symbol that was thought to accompany a great leader, hence the reason why it was chosen for Rufus.

"I see some spots ta touch up but ah, ya ready ta add ya rank into it?"

Rufus nodded as went from kneeling on the floor to lying on his stomach. Reno grabbed the traditional tools that were handed down to him. Taking care to sterilize the tools and flesh that would be tattooed in the traditional irezumi style; Reno bent his head low and set about his task, marking the flesh before him in the traditional Midgar language.

Rufus Shinra, 4th Chairman of the ShinRa Family.

Rufus bit back a yelp of pain before turning his head towards the redhead, "find me the traitor," he breathed out through the now dull ache of having the sharp needle push the ink into his skin. "Find me the traitor, and you'll get your fifth tail, Kitsune."

A/N: Yeah major delay with my stories, I know. Sorry! I had a subordinate of mine quit suddenly and have had to take on all of the client accounts that person was handling so my down time has been cut in half. Now with the other half I still had… I beat Yakuza 4. =D I know, selfish of me but it was SUCH a good game! I beat the main story line in less than 32 hours and it stated I only completed 12.57% of the game. GAH!

As always, thank you to those who have taken the time out to review and much love and yaoi hugs to those strong silent types how have +'d this story.

Few notes:

Kirin is considered to be the most powerful mythological creature in Japanese folklore. Though a very peaceable beast it can and will get violent if it feels that those entrusted to its protection are in danger.

Kitsune is the mythical fox in Japanese folklore. It's said that the older and wiser the fox becomes, the more tails it grows. The more tails, the more powerful hence the symbolism for Reno here. He finds the traitor for Rufus, maybe he'll "officially" move up. Maybe.

Irezumi is the traditional Japanese style of tattooing that is done all by hand, no machinery. Needles are tapped into the skin, inserting the ink as it goes. It is possibly the most painful form of tattooing though I'm not going to verify that one.

I took some liberties here with the traditional "yakuza" tattoos. There's not much information out there on how the tattoos are decided and when they are done. On another note, in my research I was surprised to find that there are still establishments in Japan that ban people with tattoos.

Guess there goes my dream vacation to Japan… until next time… when a reunion of sorts occurs.

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