Gangster Love

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Gangster Love

Chapter Two

"Don't lie. Tell one lie, then you gotta tell another lie to compound on the first." ~ Meyer Lansky

It was predawn the next morning when a caravan of black vans with equally dark tinted windows rolled onto the tarmac of the small Bone Village airport. In a move that could rival the precision of a military cadence; the vehicles barely stopped as men dressed in somber clothing hustled into position, surrounding a black limousine. It was an indescribably flurry of activity but within moments the Wutainese entourage that had arrived via four-wheeled transportation had now taken off in a private jet heading east.

"We should be arriving in Banora in about two hours," Vincent informed his leader as he moved toward the back of the jet, carrying a tea service for both of them.


"You forgot," the red-eyed killer accused. "We're meeting with the other family to see what offers they have. Shinra thinks they're the only business in town and I'm not too comfortable with giving in to their demands. Something seems off so I made arrangements for a sit down for this afternoon."

Tseng scowled as he listened to the new schedule his right hand was making him adhere too.

"What about your failure? The man I asked you to find, what of that?" Tseng's eyes narrowed as Vincent looked thoughtfully into his cup of tea.

"Not a trace. The village is small enough to recognize outsiders and be suspicious so inquiries were discreetly made but no one matching your description was to be found. I apologize for my failure," he responded with only a vague hint of sarcasm.

Tseng waved off the comment as he crossed his legs and stared out the window of the jet. Watching the wing slice through the serene and helpless clouds mesmerized him as he tried to recall the minutest detail of his brief encounter with blonde. "Meili de wangzi, where have you run off too?" Tseng frowned when he heard Vincent make a derisive snort.

"Now is not the time for distractions. You must remain in control and free of distractions. Our enemies are aware of the disarray the Kisaragi Clan is in and a strong leader is needed to show that we will not bow down to them. You swore, you gave…"

"I know what I gave, Vincent," he glared. "I know all too well what you and I have sacrificed to be in the position we are today. Yesterday was just a bit of fun, that's all. A momentary intrigue if you will," he clarified, hoping to calm his cousin down.

"Fine," Vincent declared as he stood up and moved out of the back cabin. "Get some rest," he intoned with his back towards Tseng. "I'll wake you up as we approach Banora."


"Good morning Mr. Shinra," Scarlett, Rufus' secretary, greeted.

"Mornin'," the blonde grumbled as he traded his long white over coat for a large cup of black coffee. "What is on the morning's agenda?" He moved ahead of her as she picked up the clip board that had the detailed schedule of all essential employees of the corporation. Shinra Enterprises had a hand in the construction business, the entertainment industry and were the main import/export firm that served the greater Midgar-Edge area. On paper, Shinra Enterprises was a legitimate powerhouse and that was what Scarlett was in charge of having a leash on.

Rufus nodded his head in greeting as Reno opened the double doors to his office. The redhead ever present at his side served as an aide, a bodyguard and lackey. Most importantly, he was one of the very few people Rufus trusted completely.

As Rufus placed his steaming cup of coffee down on his glass top desk, Reno came over holding a hanger, waiting for the suit jacket to be tossed carelessly at him, snickering as he caught it with one fist, earning a glare from his long time friend and companion.

"So, whose comin' ta beg fa money or favors taday, Boss?"

"Too many people," Rufus said absently as he flipped through the latest inter-departmental memos. "That will be all, Scarlett. Thank you," he said as he watched and waited for the woman to leave his office. He waited until after the lock snicked shut and the clacking of her heels against the floor faded out. "Lazard should be arriving shortly to debrief us on his version of the meeting," he said as he turned towards the redhead.

"His version? Whatcha mean by that? Reeve informed us what happened and that man is so fuckin anal bout takin notes and shit," Reno muttered around an unlit cigarette.

"That's true but shouldn't I take into consideration what my dearest brother thinks about what happened yesterday?" Reno's narrow eyed look grew into a feral grin as he listened to Rufus' mocking tone before shifting slightly and getting serious once again.

"Speakin' uh yesterday… why the fuck was my three-hundred Gil jeans washed and ironed and mended?"

"I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about," Rufus deflected as he signed some documents.

"Bullshit, yo. Ya snuck out and wore my clothes… again. I told ya, ya wanna go slummin' just tell me and we'll go but ya can't do that shit on ya own. What if someone got wind of it? Huh?" Reno's voice grew more shrill as thoughts of his boss being unprotected filled his head.

"I just went to a local bar, Reno. I was more than safe," Rufus' calm voice did little to soothe the redhead but Reno knew he lost the battle and there was only so far he could go in scolding his boss.

"Fine. Just next time, don't leave my fuckin' clothes for housekeepin' ta get at. The dumb bitch patched up all the holes and did something to fade the stains on em," he whined. "I paid a lot for those fuckin jeans."

Rufus chuckled slightly as his office door slammed open and his brother stormed into the room.

"Those Kirasagis…"

"Kisaragis," Reno and Rufus corrected.

"Whatever. They think they are so smart, brother, but let me tell you," Lazard huffed as he gracefully sat on the bone colored leather couch in the sitting area of the office. "Right now, they're on their way to Banora.

"Banora, eh?" Rufus schooled his expression, making sure no hint of shock or unease was readable across his face. If the Kisaragi's were willing to talk with those barbarians this quickly, maybe he should sweeten the deal.

"Don't worry little brother," Lazard's tone smoothed out. "I'll have my men keep tabs on their movements."

"You do that," Rufus said before a loud crash from outside his office was heard and he quickly stood up from his seat.

"I'm sorry but you can't go in there," Scarlett was screeching before the door opened once again allowing a young man with a badge swinging from a beaded chain around his neck. "I'm sorry, sir but.."

"It's all right, Scarlet. Please call Reeve and tell him his presence is requested immediately," Rufus calmly stated as he sat back down behind his desk.

"Y-yes, sir," the woman stammered as she glared at the intruder before turning on her heel.

"Detective, to what do we own the pleasure?" Rufus leaned back in his seat, resting his crossed fingers over his toned stomach while playfully smirking at the law enforcement agent.

"You know exactly why I'm here," the man hissed as he ground the heels of his black boots into the plush carpeting.

"Oh? That time of year again? Who shall I make the check out to? The Police Benevolent Association, correct? Will I get one of those miniature badges?" Rufus playfully mocked.

"Ya! Those shits is good for gettin' outta traffic situations," Reno laughed openly as he glanced at Lazard who looked away.

"Don't answer any of his questions," a flushed Reeve yelled as he rushed into the room, his tie loosely draped around his neck and his suit jacket folded over his arm. "Detective, I've told you and your superiors time and time again that this is harassment against my client. Now, unless you have a warrant, I suggest you vacate the premises immediately."

"Whatever," the cop sneered before turning his back on the men and heading towards the door. "Just know I'm keeping an eye on you, Rufus."

"I know," he replied. "It warms my heart to know that Midgar-Edge's finest is worried about my safety." Rufus waited until the man almost was out of sight of the opened doors before turning slightly. "Reno." The redhead nodded, knowing that his boss wanted him to follow the other man, making sure he left the grounds completely.

"Such a waste," Rufus murmured before turning to Reeve and greeting his closest advisor with a warm smile.


"Ayo," Reno called out as he jogged to catch up with the plain clothes detective. "Wait up!"

"That good of a lapdog that you follow every order that's barked at you, Reno?"

"Ouch," Reno said with a smile as he rubbed his chest. "Ya wound me, detective. Ya really do." Reno's smile broadened as he watched the fire burn brighter in the detective's eyes. "Yer so cute," he muttered as he wheeled around the slightly shorter man. "Whatcha say we goes and get a cup ah coffee or sumtin', huh?"

"Not. Interested," the detective muttered trying to walk around the pesky redhead. Reno's look darkened slightly but he resisted reaching out and grabbing the cop. He'd arrest me for assaultin a police officer, fuckin' prick. Instead he let his quarry run away but not before yelling out to the man.

"Oh by the way, tell big brother, Sephiroth, I said what's up, Detective Strife." Reno grinned as he watched the blonde's posture stiffen. Shoving his fists into his pants pocket, the redhead strolled almost listlessly up to the blonde, leaning forward to whisper in the man's ear. "You will give your brother the message, right, Detective Cloudius Jenova-Strife, next in line to inherit the mantle of Clan Leader after Sephiroth." Reno breathed in deeply the scent of the blonde before taking a step back.

"I… I don't know where you came up with these lies," the blonde stammered.

"They ain't lies so cut tha shit. Ya play ball wit me, Strife and ya secret is safe. Even from ya family. I know they been lookin' for ya for a few years now," Reno muttered next to the blonde's ear before removing a business card from his breast pocket and shoving it into the front pants pocket of the man in front of him. "Call me."

Cloud gasped as he was molested by the known gangster behind him. Shaking in fury and embarrassment he strode off, his steps sure and wide, willing himself to put distance between him and that insolent jerk.

The redhead licked his lips as he stared at the retreating back of the detective once again.

"No good can come of that," a deep voice called out from the shadows of the hallway.

"Hm. Maybe, but I always did have a thing for handcuffs," Reno snickered before turning to face his partner. "Find anythin out?"

"Not much. Kunsel is tracking the Kisaragi's movements. Lazard was right, they are heading to Banora," Rude informed as he rearranged his sunglasses.

"Boss ain't gonna like that one bit," Reno sighed before turning on his heel and heading back to the office.

A/N: So, I've been playing the Godfather theme on loop while writing this… great music, especially the love theme.

So you know, (though I was planning on saving it for later) meili de wangzi is (according to Google translate) Chinese for "beautiful prince". Have no fear, inserting foreign words here and there will be minimal.

By the way… did I forget to mention multiple pairings? Opps!

Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed!

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