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Title: Junkie-love

Author: Yorda

Rating: NC-17

Diclaimer: Sadly none of the characters of FF8 are mine, but belong to Squaresoft

Couples: Seifer/Squall

Warnings: angst, lemon, language, mild violence, drug use, OOC

Summary: Seifer's on drugs and Squall's the only one helping him.

Chapter 2:

Squall returned from the bathroom and sat down on the other bed, facing Seifer. He patiently waited for the blonde to come to his senses. After an hour of waiting, Seifer shifted on the bed and let his green eyes slowly flutter open. Squall leaned forward, his heart racing in his chest. He watched as the blonde was trying to get his hazy eyes to focus, having a hard time doing so. By the looks of it, Seifer wasn't feeling that good. He sank his fingers into his messy hair and frowned, apparently unaware of Squall's presence.

"Seifer." Squall spoke the older boy's name with his monotonous voice, finally getting Seifer's attention.

"L--Leonhart?" the blonde mumbled after blinking his eyes a few times.

"Yeah...It's me Seifer." Squall replied with a firm voice. He was suddenly feeling so angry at Seifer, not really even knowing why.

'It's not like I actually care....right?...I just don't want him to die on my bed.' Squall assured himself and fixed his angry gaze on Seifer, noticing the blonde was trying to sit up on the bed.

"T--the fuck are you doing in m--my room?" Seifer spluttered, finally able to focus his eyes on the younger boy.

"This is *my* room too Seifer. It seems that unfortunately someone was stupid enough to make us room-mates..." The brunette informed him and saw a frown make its way on to Seifer's pale face.

"Perfect..." The blonde groaned and stroked his short, golden hair. He was silent and eyed Squall from tip to toes, then finally let out a snort.

"So...you haven't changed a bit Leonhart." The blonde stated.

It was true, Squall looked the same he always did: his longish chocolate-brown hair, messy and hanging loosely, casting a shadow over his storm-coloured eyes. He was missing his bomber jacket, but other than that, he was the same Squall. The tone of Seifer's voice annoyed the younger boy and he was slowly balling his hands into fists.

"....Yeah...but you *have* Seifer..." Squall muttered, shooting Seifer a meaningful glance. The blonde met Squall's narrowed eyes and noticed the younger boy was staring at his arm. Seifer quickly pulled his sleeve down, covering the marks Squall had already seen. When he thought the brunette wasn't watching, he removed the compression belt from around his arm and put it somewhere out of sight.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean!?" Seifer snapped, sounding annoyed.

Squall remained silent for a while. After a moment of thinking, he stood up and moved to sit on the same bed with Seifer. The older boy blinked his green eyes, obviously annoyed. He was about to move away but Squall grabbed his left arm firmly and pulled the sleeve back up, not giving the blonde a chance to protest. The brunette watched as Seifer's pale face reddened with shame or anger, maybe both.

"Nice marks you have here Seifer." Squall noted, sounding almost sarcastic. Seifer tried to pull his hand back, but the brunette
wouldn't allow him to.

"Those are none of your business Leonhart!" Seifer growled, starting to sound angry. "You don't know anything, so I don't have to take your accusations..."

"You think I don't know where they came from?" Squall continued, holding Seifer's arm tightly. Seifer went silent, not able to think of an excuse. He looked away, suddenly unable to meet the other's accusing eyes.

"You use intravenous drugs Seifer...and god only knows what else!...What the hell happened to you?" the brunette asked, suddenly sounding concerned. With a sudden rush of anger, the blonde managed to rid himself from Squall's death-grip and stood up from the bed.

"Y-you have no proof of that!" Seifer snapped, leaning against the nearest wall as he suddenly felt dizzy. He blinked his eyes a few times, massaging his temples. Squall noted Seifer's breathing was suddenly shallow, and guessed the older boy was trying hard not to vomit. This however, didn't stop the brunette from grilling Seifer some more.

"Proof?...You want *proof*? Here's your fucking proof Almasy: When I walked into my room earlier, you were lying on my
bed in a drug-stupor, with a used syringe, your hand full of old and new needle marks!" Squall informed with a raised voice.

"Shut up!" Seifer suddenly cried, slumping down on the floor. Squall blinked his eyes, slightly alarmed. He stood up and was about to kneel beside Seifer, but stopped to watch the former Sorceress' Knight start vomiting furiously on the floor. The younger boy felt a mixture of disgust and pity, as he turned away from the sight, covering his own mouth with his hand.

"Seifer...You need help." He said softly as he watched the blonde boy, kneeled on the floor, breathing heavily.

"I--I don't want help...not from you Squall, not from anyone! I c-can take care of myself..." Seifer whispered, trying to catch his breath.

Squall noticed that Seifer was finally calling him by his first name. 'This must mean he's through with the 'Almasy attitude' and might be ready to talk about things.' Squall kneeled down beside the blonde and lay a hand on his shoulder. Seifer flinched, but was too exhausted to move away.

"Why'd you come back Seifer? After six months...why didn't you return when we defeated Ultimecia? Everyone thought you were dead." The brunette asked as he helped Seifer stand up.

"I hate this place. Why would I want to return here?" Seifer snorted as he was helped to sit down on the bed.

"You're here now..." Squall noted, raising his dark brows. Seifer lowered his face and remained silent.

'He probably had no other choice left but to come back here....Maybe he returned to Garden 'cause he knew someone would help
him here, even if he refuses to admit it.' Squall thought and brought his right hand up to touch Seifer's face. He traced the long scar on his ex-rival's forehead, as he inspected the blonde's haggard features. Seifer met Squall's eyes, and the brunette swallowed as he saw how awful Seifer looked. He was skinny and pale, and dark rings surrounded his extinguished eyes.

"H-how long have you been like this?" Squall finally asked, noting Seifer was obviously reluctant to talk about the subject.

"Almost ever since the Ultimecia incident..." The blonde finally whispered, his eyes fixed on his boots. "...I was happy to be alive. I almost thought I wouldn't make it out of Lunatic Pandora. But I had survived and thought I'd finally be able to start a new life...after all the shit I went through."

Squall watched Seifer as he kept stroking the long mark on his forehead, almost as if it was some kind of a compulsive movement.

"But guess what. I was wrong...so fucking wrong! Everywhere I went, I was recognised as the 'Sorceress' Knight', as the bad guy!" Seifer continued, his voice now a bit quivering with anger. "No one would let it go! I was driven away from every fucking town and city I went to!...I had no home, no job, no friends...so...I..."

'Talk about misfortune...' Squall thought in his mind and noted Seifer was breathingvilyvily, obviously starting to get upset. The blonde didn't continue his story anymore and remained silent. Squall knew how it would have ended. For some time neither of them spoke. From the corner of his eyes, Squall could see Seifer jerked every now and then. 'It looks like heavinaving some sort of spasms...?'

"You ok?" Squall asked, knowing how stupid the question must have sounded. Seifer was obviously *not* ok. He was already starting to get withdrawal symptoms and Squall knew it. He suddenly remembered throwing all Seifer's drugs away and swallowed nervously.

"Squall....please help me.." Seifer suddenly whispered, the plead almost unnoticeable.

Squall blinked his eyes, not sure if he heard right. 'He's...swallowing his pride and asking for my help?...Things must really be bad...'

"Help me..." Seifer repeated and gripped the brunette's white tee-shirt with trembling hands. "I---I don't wanna be hooked...I don't wanna use them, but ....I can't help myself!" Seifer admitted, his voice sounding desperate. "I hate what I've become...I'm pitiful! Nothing but a useless junkie... I don't even have Hyperion anymore! I sold it for drugs! ...Can you believe it? Seifer Almasy giving up his weapon for a momentary relieve."

Squall found himself shocked by the sudden change in Seifer's behaviour. For the first time in his life, he thought the older boy actually looked helpless. '...Hyne! He really needs help. But...why shouldn't I just report him to the headmaster? I'm sure he'd get the help he needs.' Squall told himself, quite reluctant to help Seifer himself, the hateful rivalry in their past clearly in his mind, driving all the compassion from his heart. The desperate and pleading look on Seifer's face however, finally made Squall relent.

'If I won't help him...then who will?'

"I will help you Seifer." The younger man told the blonde, suddenly sounding determined. The look on Seifer's face was relieved, and a glimpse of hope lingered in his weary eyes.


It was already evening. Everything had gone OK so far. Squall had went to the cafeteria to pick up something to eat, but Seifer wasn't hungry. Squall just shrugged and sat on his bed to eat his sandwich. The blonde was sitting on his own bed, pulling his knees tightly against his heaving chest. Squall could see Seifer's forehead was glistening with sweat.

"Seifer...are you ok?" he asked and put his sandwich aside. He moved to sit beside Seifer and touched his trembling body.
Seifer immediately flinched away and mumbled something with a raucous voice. Squall frowned when he saw Seifer's eyes travel down towards the suitcase, the clothes and miscellaneous things scattered on the floor.

'Thank god I threw everything away...' Squall thought in his mind as he realised what Seifer must have been thinking about. The brunette had completely forgotten the promise he'd made to Rinoa, and was startled when there suddenly was an angry-sounding knock on their door. Squall went to open it, and the first thing he got was a smack on his face from a furious Rinoa Heartilly.

"Squall Leonhart! You are a bastard!" the girl screamed, her eyes wet with tears. Squall held his cheek and finally realised he'd forgotten his promise.

'Oh shit!!! I was supposed to meet her at the Quad!' Squall cursed in his mind, stepping out into the hallway. "Rinoa I'm sorry, I-!" he tried to explain, but the girl was unwilling to hear Squall's excuses.

"You don't deserve me Squall." She hissed and stormed away before the brunette boy could say anything in his defence. Squall sighed as he watched Rinoa's retreating back, then returned into their room, closing the door behind him. He turned around and saw Seifer kneeling on the floor, rummaging his bag.

"You won't find anything in there Seifer....I threw them away." Squall informed, swallowing as the blonde got up to his feet.

"You *what!?*" Seifer snarled, his eyes suddenly burning with anger.

"I threw them away Seifer. It's for your own good and-" Squall was stopped in the middle of the sentence when the blonde suddenly jumped on him and pinned him down on the floor.

"You fucker!! Why the fuck did you do that!?!?! This ain't none of your fucking business Leonhart!" Seifer raged, pulling at Squall's long strands.

'W-what's with him?! He's the one who asked for *my* help! A-and now he's beating me up for doing so, for helping him!?' Squall was too shocked to do anything. He just lay still as Seifer's grip on him slowly started to loosen.

"I---I'm gonna fucking kick your ass you stupid fuck--I--I'm gonna--gonna..." Seifer suddenly buried his face in Squall's shirt, wetting it with his hot tears, weeping miserably, creating a pitiful sight. Squall was holding his breath, unable to believe his eyes.

'H-he's crying?...Seifer's crying?' Squall watched the older boy, his eyes wide. Seeing Seifer like this, all shattered, made the brunette feel both helpless and uneasy. He never even knew Seifer Almasy was actually capable of crying.

"I--need something! Please! I--I can't take this!" Seifer sobbed, looking up with pleading eyes. "It hurts...every fucking muscle aches...please Squall! I'll do anything! Just give me something! I---I know you didn't throw them away!....Please say you didn't!" Seifer continued, leaving Squall speechless.

:::::::::::::::::::::.To be continued:::::::::::::::::::


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