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Title: Junkie-love

Author: Yorda

Rating: NC-17

Diclaimer: Sadly none of the characters of FF8 are mine, but belong to Squaresoft

Couples: Seifer/Squall

Warnings: angst, lemon, language, mild violence, drug use, OOC

Summary: Seifer's on drugs and Squall's the only one helping him.

Chapter 6:

"Squall are you ready? The reservation is for seven o'clock and it's already past six." Seifer called, knocking on the bathroom door. "We'll be late if you don't come out." He noted to Squall, glancing at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Seifer ran his fingers through his honey-coloured hair and straightened the wine-red, taut shirt he was wearing. Finally the bathroom door opened and Squall stepped out, looking better than ever.

"Wow! Squall! I thought you were going to dinner with *me*, not to pick up girls!" Seifer exclaimed, eyeing Squall from tip to toes. The brunette just rolled his greyish eyes, but still, felt a blush creep on his face. He had spent almost an hour getting ready, but still wasn't pleased with the way he looked. Squall wore a plain black shirt and had left some of the buttons open. To make up the entity, the brunette wore his black leather pants, missing all the belts.

"I *am* going out with you Seifer!" Squall muttered, lowering his face, trying to hide the blush.

"Aww...so you dressed up just for *me*...You really are a true friend Squall." Seifer joked, a smirk on his lips. Squall narrowed his eyes at Seifer, letting out a small groan, then went serious.

"Don't you think this is just a little bit weird Seifer?" the brunette asked as he stroked his hair, placing some loose strands behind his ears.

"What's weird?" Seifer didn't get Squall's question.

"Well ...you and me, going out together...you know...a dinner and all!" the brunette explained, the slight blush still covering his cheeks. "I know this isn't a date or anything, but still...it just feels weird."

Seifer just shrugged, not sure if he agreed with the younger boy. "...Sure it's weird. It's you and me! I mean who would have guessed we could actually form a friendship and act civilized around each other!" the blonde chuckled. "But things are different now...you're my friend, so I don't think it's weird at all that I'm taking you out to dinner Squall." Seifer continued, letting the younger boy know how he felt.

"Yeah...I guess you're right." Squall finally agreed as they left their room.

It had been a month now, from the day Seifer had promised Squall he'd take him out to dinner when he was feeling better. The blonde had made a reservation to Balamb's finest restaurant. It was his way to try and pay Squall all the trouble he'd put him go through. During the past month the two of them had become surprisingly close to each other and were now quite good friends. Actually, Seifer considered Squall to be his best friend. Not that he really had many options, since Squall was also his only friend.

It was true, Seifer had matured a lot. He often wondered why had he been such a prick towards the younger boy before the Ultimecia incident. 'Well...I was an asshole towards *everyone* back then...' Seifer admitted to himself The They walked through the halls, towards the Parking lot. Seifer spun the car keys in his fingers as they picked up a blue car from the row.

"I'll drive Squall." Seifer informed the brunette and made him sit on the passenger seat. "I *can* still remember the way you drove in Deling City at the parade." The blonde chuckled. Squall just snorted and sat down, a forced scowl on his face. The drive to the small harbour town was quick. Seifer stopped the car in front of the restaurant and told Squall to go on ahead while he'd park the car. Squall nodded and got up. He walked up the stairs leading to the entrance of the restaurant and stepped in.

"There's a reservation...with the name 'Almasy'." Squall told the man at the podium, and was escorted to their table. He sat down, looking around. 'Fancy...How can Seifer afford this? The food here must be expensive...' Squall shook his head politely at the waitress, as the girl handed him the wine-list.

"No thanks, I'll just take ice-water." The brunette told the girl. Squall himself was still underage and Seifer was a recovering drug addict, so the brunette reasoned it was best to stick to plain water. After a while the girl returned with a pitcher and filled Squall's glass with water. She handed Squall the menu and left to serve anotherle. le. The brunette browsed through the list of food and glanced at his wristwatch. It had been already over 10 min and and the brunette was wondering what was keeping Seifer. After a while, the waitress returned.

"Are you ready to order sir?" she asked, preparing to write Squall's order down into her memo.

"I---um could you wait just a--" Squall glanced to his right and saw Seifer finally arrive at the restaurant. "Uh, yes, I'm ready to order now that my friend has joined me." Squall told the girl as Seifer seated himself at the table.

"I'm sorry Squall that it took me so long...but it was really hard to find a free place at the parking lot." Seifer explained, giving the brunette an apologetic look. Squall was about to give Seifer a nod, but was interrupted by the waitress.

"What do you mean sir? Our parking lot's almost empty, is it not?" she asked, a confused look on her petite face. Squall eyed Seifer, raising his eyebrows.

"I--uh, yes well I didn't use *your* parking lot, now did I." Seifer told thel, sl, shooting her an annoyed glance. "And we would like to order now, if it's not an impossibility!" the blonde spat, surprising both the waitress and Squall with his sudden rudeness.

"Of course sir, what will you be eating?" the girl enquired, hiding behind her memo.


Squall leaned back in his chair and emptied his glass, meeting Seifer's eyes. "That was wonderful. Thanks Seifer, for treating me this dinner." He smiled at the blonde, sitting just across him.

"Hey, this is the least I can do Squall! After all, I do owe you my life, and nothing can ever repay that debt." Seifer told Squall, snapping his fingers at the waitress, ready to pay for the food. After dealing with the bill, they walked out of the restaurant. The night air was cool, the smell of ocean filling their nostrils. Seifer gazed up at the sky, marvelling the stars.

"Hey Squall, I don't wanna return to Garden just yet. What do you say we take a walk and go to the harbour?" the blonde asked, looking down at the brunette. Squall met Seifer's glimmering eyes and gave the blonde an approving nod. Seifer stuck his hands into his pockets as they walked the streets of Balamb towt wat was quiet, and they encountered only a few people on the way to the harbour. When they reached their destination, Seifer led Squall to the pier and motioned for him to sit down at the edge.

Squall was enjoying the silence and felt relaxed. The only visible sound were the waves hitting against the pier. The brunette slowly raised his face and studied Seifer's features in the dim lighting of the night.

"Seifer...Are you happy?" Squall asked the older boy beside him. Seifer opened his eyes and looked down to meet Squall's grey ones.

"Yeah Squall, I'm happy...How about you?" the blonde enquired, a soft smile on his lips. Squall gave him a nod and remained silent for a while, studying his fingernails.

"Seifer, aren't you sad that you're alone? I mean--you probably don't even have any time to hit on the ladies when we're together almost all the time..."

The blonde blinked his eyes at Squall's question, slightly bewildered. There was a frown on his face as he turned to fully face the brunette.

"Squall...I like spending time with you. I'm happy that we're friends now." Seifer told the younger boy and lowered his face before continuing. "Also...about the ladies...Squall, I think you should know something about me." The blonde kept his gaze down on his lap. "I---I don't...like girls Squall...in *that* way." Seifer finally said, his voice almost a whisper.

Squall blinked his eyes, taking some time to comprehend the meaning of Seifer's words. He was speechless and just stared at his friend, blinking his eyes nervously. 'He's...gay?'

"Squall! Say something..." Seifer exclaimed, bothered by the silence.

"I---I uh...W-what about Rinoa??" Squall finally managed to stammer.

"What about her Squall?" Seifer asked, a bit confused at the mention of the girl.

"You used to date her before me, didn't you?" Squall explained himself. There was a light smile on the blonde's lips as he shook his head.

"No, I didn't Squall. Well...I'm not saying she didn't have any feelings for me, but I myself considered her to be nothing but my friend.." Seifer told the confused-looking brunette.

"Oh..." was all Squall could manage to get out. He turned his face to look out into the dark horizon.

"Squall, we are still friends, right? This doesn't bother you...does it?" Seifer suddenly asked, when he noticed the brunette was obviously deep in thought. Squall turned his face and met Seifer's worried gaze.

"Of course we're still friends Seifer...And...I'm *not* bothered by thct tct that you like men." Squall told the older boy, giving him a light smile.Seifer sighed, feeling relieved. He turned to look up to the cloudless night sky, filled with stars. There was a long silence between them, but it wasn't an uncomfortable one. Squall was secretly watching Seifer from the corner of his eye, suddenly feeling curious.

"Seifer...what does it feel like?...Is it different?" Squall asked, sounding a bit hesitant.

The look on Seifer's face was confused as he looked down at Squall. "What do you mean?" Seifer asked and met Squall's eyes which were glimmering with curiosity.

"I mean...that is it different when you kiss a boy instead of a girl...or when you---make love to a boy, and not to a girl..." Squall whispered, lowering his blushing face. He couldn't quite believe he had just asked that.

Seifer raised his brows, surprised by Squall's question. After a mt oft of thinking, the older boy shifted, so that he was face to face with Squall. With little hesitation Seifer brought his hand up to cup Squall's cheek, and slowly closed the distance between them by pressing his lips against Squall's.

The brunette let out a surprised moan and blinked his eyes. Seifer could feel Squall's long eyelashes flutter against his cheek as he deepened the kiss. He brought his tongue out and licked the other boy's lower lip, asking for a permission to enter Squall's mouth. To Seifer's surprise, the brunette parted his lips, allowing Seifer to thrust his tongue into his mouth. The blonde was even more surprised when he felt Squall massage his slick tongue against Seifer's. After a moment, the blonde leaned back, breaking the kiss for air. He studied the expression on Squall's, noting he was panting slightly.

brunbrunette was speechless. All he could do was stare at the older boy before him, slowly realising he had just kissed Squall, and that Squall had kissed him back.

"So...was it different?" Seifer finally asked the panting brunette, a smirk on his lips.

"....It was..." came Squall's answer.

"Did you like it?" Seifer continued with the questions, meeting Squall's eyes. The brunette was silent before giving his answer.

"I did. " he admitted, lowering his face. Seifer smirked when he heard Squall's favourable answer. He brought his hand up, forcing Squall to meet his eyes.

"Do you want me to kiss you again Squall?" Seifer enquired, smirking when he saw Squall shyly nod his answer. The blonde leaned in closer, uniting their lips into another sweet kiss.

::::::::::::::::::To be continued::::::::::::::::


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