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Title: Junkie-love

Author: Yorda

Rating: NC-17

Diclaimer: Sadly none of the characters of FF8 are mine, but belong to Squaresoft

Couples: Seifer/Squall

Warnings: angst, lemon, language, mild violence, drug use, OOC

Summary: Seifer's on drugs and Squall's the only one willing to help.

Chapter 7:

After sharing another kiss, Seifer helped the younger boy up to his feet. He brought his hand up and brushed Squall's lower lip with his thumb, pleased, when he heard the brunette moan quietly. Seifer narrowed his emerald green eyes and studied the look on Squall's face.

"Squall...There are other things too I can show you..." the blonde e wie with a low voice. "We...could rent a room from the Balamb hotel...?" he continued, swallowing his nervousness, refusing to let it show in his voice.

Squall realised what the older boy meant. 'He wants to...have sex with me?'

Seifer saw fear and curiosity alter on Squall's face, his own heart racing in his chest as he waited for the brunette's answer.

'...It wouldn't change anything between us, would it? I mean...what if afterwards he goes back to hating me? What if things get awkward between us?' Squall was hesitating, not sure what he should do. He was both willing and doubtful.

'Should I...say yes?'

Just by looking at the expression on Squall's face, Seifer could guess what the brunette was thinking about.

"Squall, it wouldn't change anything between us...at least nota baa bad way.' The older boy assured, his words having the effect he hoped they would. The uneasy look on Squall's face finally faded away.

"...Ok Seifer." The brunette agreed, his voice but a whisper.

Seifer arched his brows, slightly surprised. "You sure about this?" he confirmed and received a nod from the younger boy.


The blonde took Squall's hand in his own and ledm tom towards the near by hotel. It didn't take long for them to reach the building. Seifer pushed the double doors open and motioned for Squall to step in. He leaned against the counter and rang the little bell. Moments later, a blonde-haired woman appeared in front of him.

"We'd like a room for one night." Seifer told the woman behind the counter. Save ave them a nod and turned around to pick a key.

"Here you go sir. Do you want breakfast to be served to your room in the morning?" the woman asked, but Seifer just shook his head, taking Squall's hand in his own and led them upstairs. Squall was silent the whole time, trying to swallow the rising nervousness.

"Ah, here it is; room 204." Seifer said to himself and fiddled with the key. He managed to open the door and stepped in. As he hit the light switch, the room filled with yellowish light. Seifer smirked, seeing the wide, soft-looking bed, taking almost all the space in the room. The blonde threw the keys on a brown oak table near the door and walked over to the bed. He let himself fall on his back and the bed practically swallowed him as hy ony on the soft mattress. Seifer smirked and bounced on the bed a couple of times.'Go'Good strings!' he mused and let his eyes travel to Squall. Seifer sat up when he noticed the brunette was still standing in the doorway.

"Squall, come on, why are you still there?" the older boy asked, patting the mattress, motioning for Squall to step in and join Seifer on the bed. The brunette took a step forward, closing the door behind him. Slowly he made his way to the bed and sat down, as far away from Seifer as possible. He was fiddling with the hem of his shirt, avoiding the blonde's gaze. Seifer frowned at this and moved to sit beside Squall, forcing the younger boy to meet his eyes.

"Squall, there's no reason to be nervous. It's only me....And we don't have to do anything if you don't want to..." The blonde told Squall, trying to reassure the brunette.

Squall watched Seifer with narrowed eyes, as if making his final decision. '...I'll do it.' He told himself, forcing himself to relax.

"I do want to do it Seifer..." Squall finally spoke, meeting the blonde's green eyes. A smile tugged Seifer's lips upwards and he gave a pleased nod.

"Well...You told me you liked it when I kissed you back at the pier, right?" Seifer asked the younger boy, waiting patiently for Squall to answer.

"I did...like it Seifer." The brunette whispered, a slight blush covering his cheeks.

"Good. Because there are other things I can show you...And I promise you'll like them too."

Squall watched the pleased expression on Seifer's face, and suddenly went serious. 'W-what if he's ...HIV positive?! He used to do intravenous drugs!' Squall looked alarmed, letting Seifer know exactly what he was thinking about. The blonde took Squall's hand in his own and gave it a squeeze.

"Don't worry. I've been tested and the results came out negative." Seifer reassured, calming down the younger boy. Squall let out a relieved sigh and nodded.

"Do you still want to do this?" Seifer had to ask, before he would allow himself to take things any further. He was watching the brunette intently, waiting and fearing for his answer. Squall was silent for some time, then took a deep breath, feeling determined.

"I do Seifer..." the brunette answered, his decision final. "Just promise me things won't get awkward after this."

"I promise Squall." Seifer said with a smile on his lips. He shifted slightly, bringing his hand up to stroke Squall's chocolate-brown strands. The brunette leaned into Seifer's caress, letting out a soft moan. The blonde smiled inwardly at Squall's reaction.

Gently he lay the younger boy down on the soft mattress, moving to lie down beside him. For some time they did nothing but stared at each other. The look on Squall's face was relaxed, all the previous hesitation and nervousness now gone. Seifer licked his lips, making them moist and slowly moved towards the brunette. Squall let his eyes flutter close, waiting for Seifer's kiss. The brunette moaned when he felt the older boy's soft and warm lips press against his. Without hesitation, Squall parted his lips, letting Seifer's tongue enter his willing mouth.

The blonde let out a pleased groan as he massaged his slick tongue against Squall's. They ended the kiss for air, and Seifer met Squall's now lust-filled eyes. He let his right hand travel down to the brunette's narrow hips and from there the hand made its way to Squall's leather-cloaked ass. Seifer gave it a light squeeze.

As Squall felt this, his eyes fluttered with surprise, his pulse suddenly quickening. Seifer pulled the younger boy's lean body closer, feeling the warmth radiating from the smaller frame. He used the tip of his tongue to lick at Squall's parted lips.

"Mmhhh...you're so hot Squall... " the blonde moaned, urging Squall to push his tongue out.

The brunette complied and their slick tongues met, uniting in an open-mouth kiss. Squall sighed as he felt Seifer's hands roam on his lean body, tugging at Squall's silky shirt.

Seifer made them sit up on the bed and started to unbutton Squall's black shirt with nimble fingers. The brunette watched the older boy with lustful eyes and licked his lips when the shirt came open and dropped down on the bed. Seifer gave Squall a seductive smile and stood up from the bed. He walked over to the light switch and dimmed the room. As he made his way back to the wide bed, he let his hands drop down to the hem of his wine-red shirt. Squall watched as Seifer pulled the garment over his head and threw it on the floor, revealing his taut muscles.

"Get on your knees Squall." The blonde ordered with a husky voice.

Squall did what he was told and moved to stand on his knees. He watched as Seifer brought his hands down to his own hips and started to work with the buttons and zipper of his trousers. Squall did the same, dropping his hands and unbuttoned his black leather pants. Seifer stood before the bed, his jeans pooling around his ankles. He crawled back to the soft mattress and used his hands to pull Squall's pants down, only the dark boxers remaining.

"Uhh...Squall...so sexy...You have no idea how long I've been wanting to dis..is..." the blonde moaned as he marvelled Squall's smaller frame in the dim lighting of the hotel-room.

The brunette blinked his eyes, taken aback by Seifer's confession. "W-what? ...You've been wanting me? Before this?" he stammered, his voice filled with surprise.

If the circumstances had been different, Seifer might have been embarrassed about his confession, but right now he was so turned on, he didnven ven blush. He lay down on the bed and motioned for Squall to straddle him.

"Yeah, I have. Now come here Squall."

The younger boy watched Seifer, still looking a bit surprised, then crawled on top of the blonde. Seifer let his hands roam on Squall's narrow chest, feeling the muscles under the soft skin. Squall bit his lower lip and closed his eyes when he felt Seifer's thumbs circle his nipples, making them hard little nubs.

"Nhh...Seifer!" Squall moaned, enjoying Seifer's caresses.

"You like this, don't you?" the blonde groaned, continuing to play with Squall's erect nipples. The younger boy moaned his answer, leaning into Seifer's touch. Tentatively the blonde thrust his hips up, letting Squall feel his awakening arousal. The brunette gasped, looking down, meeting er'er's eyes, noting the meaningful look in them. Seifer brought his hands down to Squall's hips and held the brunette still while he slowly rocked his hips up.

"S-Seifer!" Squall exclaimed when he felt Seifer's hardening erection press against his ass.

"Do you still want to continue?" The older boy asked, giving Squall another thrust with his member, letting thenettnette feel the hardness.

"Y-yeah!!" Squall whispered, closing his eyes, pressing his ass against Seifer's hard cock, causing the blonde to moan out loud.

"Good boy..." Seifer smirked, pleased to hear Squall wanted to continue.

He made the younger boy move down on the bed and got on his knees. The blonde quickly rid himself of the straining boxers he wore and ordered Squall to do the same. Now completely naked, Seifer eyed the panting brunette, letting his emerald green eyes rest on Squall's half-hard manhood. He moved closer and twined his fingers around the erection, giving it a tentative stroke, causing Squall to moan Seifer's name. As the blonde began to stroke harder and faster, he could feel Squall thrust his hips into the warm tunnel, created by Seifer's hand.

"You enjoying this Squall?" Seifer whispered, circling his thumb on the tip of Squall's hardness. The younger boy nodded, letting out a surprised moan as Seifer used his finger to trace Squall's slit. The blonde smeared the slowly leaking wetness on the long shaft, the brunette's shallow breathing sounding in his ears.

"Get on your hands and knees Squall." Seifer whispered hoarsely, releasing trectrection from his grip. Without saying a word, the brunette did what he was told and positioned himself on the bed. Seifer crawled to sit behind Squall and bent down to kiss the soft cheeks presented to him. Squall let out a surprised gasp when he felt Seifer's tongue make little circles on his soft skin. The brunette had no time to recover, for he soon felt the older boy's hands spread his cheeks, this causing Squall's heart to miss a beat. He felt a wave of embarrassment rush through his aroused body.

"Seifer! W-what are you doing??" Squall exclaimed, trying to turn around. Seifer however stopped Squall from moving and held him in place.

"Hush...You'll like this Squall, trust me. Just x."x." The blonde whispered, licking his lips.

The brunette blinked his eyes nervously and waited for something to happen. When Seifer suddenly licked at the surroundings of Squall's entrance, the brunette jerked and gasped in surprise, squeezing at the bed sheets. Seifer chuckled and leaned back.

"Want me to do that again?" the blonde asked, sounding somewhat amused.

"Y-yes..." came Squall's answer. The brunette closed his eyes, waiting for Seifer to continue. The blonde smiled before burying his face between Squall's cheeks, dipping his slick tongue into the younger boy's tight passage. Squall was panting hard as he felt Seifer's tongue press past the tight ring of muscle.

"Nnnnn-nnn...!" Squall moaned over and over again, feeling the blonde pull his tongue out. Before Squall could protest at the loss, he was made speechless when the tongue suddenly returned, stabbing Squall's opening. The brunette thrust his hips back, meeting Seifer's slick tongue.

With his other hand Seifer grasped his own needy erection, aching from the neglect. He started to stroke himself up and down, squeezing hard, forcing his juices to travel up to the tip. Seifer coated his fingers with the wetness trickling down the long shaft , making the digits slick.

He leaned back and eyed his fingers. "Squall...what I'm about to do next might hurt a bit...just try to relax." He told the brunette, guiding his hand between Squall'eninening.

Squall gave Seifer a nervous nod and tried to relax, just like the older boy had told him. Gently Seifer slid one slick finger past the ring of muscle, into Squall's tight channel. The brunette blinked his eyes at the weird feeling. Seifer pulled the finger out and thrust it in a few more times before adding a second digit.

"Does it hurt?" Seifer asked while continuing to stretch the younger boy.

"N-no, not much." Came Squall's answer. After fingering the brunette for sometime, Seifer guessed he could add a third finger. With this Squall flinched a little, but soon adjusted. Seifer buried the fingers deeper into the younger boy, finally hitting his prostate.

"Gah!!!" Squall cried out, his whole body quivering from Seifer's touch. The blonde smirked and continued the thrusting of his fingers, once again nailing Squall's magic spot. The brunette began to moan and pressed against Seifer's digits with each thrust.

Seifer glanced down and saw his own leaking cock twitch with need. He pulled his fingers out from Squall's passage, ignoring the brunette's whimpers.

"Enough of this." He groaned and lay down on the bed, telling Squall to turn around. Squall gave Seifer a questioning look as he eyed the blonde, sprawled on the bed.

The younger boy let his eyes travel the length of Seifer's tall body, stopping at the rock-hard erection, standing between his thighs.

"I-is it my turn now?" Squall asked, sounding a bit nervous.

"Yeah... if you want to do it...I won't force you." Seifer answered, inwardly hoping Squall wouldn't refuse.

Squall seemed to take a moment to decide, then moved to kneel between the older boy's parted legs.

Seifer smirked inwardly and closed his eyes. He sank his long fingers into Squall's messy hair and slowly pressed the brunette's face down and let out a sigh as he felt Squall's hot breath on the tip of his erection.

"Suck me Squall.." Seifer breathed, using his hand to guide Squall's movements. The brunette didn't resist at all and swallowed the hard member submissively. Seifer groaned as he glanced down and saw Squall bob his head up and down, following the steady pace set by Seifer's own hand. He heard the sounds Squall made, obviously trying to get past the gagging-reflex.

"That's good Squall..." the older boy moaned, increasing the pace just slightly. Squall complied with the movements of Seifer's hand and felt the hardness in his mouth begin to tremble.

"No more...I wanna be inside you when I come Squall." Seifer breathed and made Squall stop. "Come here... " the blonde motioned for Squall to straddle him.

The brunette moved so that Seifer's swollen shaft was directly under his ass.

"This will hurt Squall...so, let's do this slowly." Seifer told the younger boy, gripping his hips. Gently Seifer lowered Squall down, so that the slick head of his manhood brushed against Squall's opening.

The brunette whimpered silently, blinking his eyes as he felt Seifer slip inside him. Slowly the older boy continued to pull Squall down, burying himself in the brunette completely. His eyes never left Squall's face. When ever he saw Squall's brows knit together even slightly, he would stop and wait, letting the brunette adjust. After a moment, Squall opened his eyes, meeting Seifer's intense gaze.

"Are you ready for movement?" The blonde asked. Squall nodded, collecting some of the bed sheets into his hands.

Seifer grit his teeth and moaned in delight when he was finally allowed to move in the hot tightness. "S-so tight!" he sighed, using his hands on Squall's hips to lift the brunette, only to pull him back down. After doing this a few times Seifer brushed Squall's prostate with the tip of his cock, causing the brunette to tremble with pleasure.

"Aa-aahhhh.. Seifer..." Squall moaned, rocking his hips as Seifer continued his own movements.

"Are you still adjusting? Can I do it faster?" The blonde breathed, receiving a nod from Squall.

"Yeah, do it faster..." the younger boy sighed, surprising Seifer who had thought Squall wouldn't be ready yet.

The blonde bit his lower lip as he increased the pace, making the thrusts more powerful. The room was filled with the moans neither of them could hold back. Seifer closed his eyes as the tight heat of Squall's passage was starting to become too much for him. The blonde released one of his hands from the brunette's narrow hips and twined it around Squall's dripping erection, making the other boy jerk with the doubled pleasure. Seifer continued the powerful thrusts while stroking the brunette's hardness, forcing him to cum. Squall moaned in delight, gritting his teeth as Seifer's hand finally made him explode. Thick jets of cum shot forth from Squall's pulsating cock, landing on his own chest.

Watching the younger boy release himself gave Seifer the kick he needed. "Squall! I'm not able to hold it in anymore!" he groaned, thrusting his hips up one last time, then felt the tremors of his orgasm make his body quiver.

"God damn!" Seifer groaned, gritting his teeth, his release coating the insides of Squall's channel. When he finally came down from his high, he pulled away from Squall and made him lie down beside him. The younger boy was about to move further, but Seifer twined his arms around the brunette and pulled him against his chest. Squall tensed at first but as the blonde began to stroke Squall's damp hair, he relaxed and closed his eyes.

They shared a comfortable silence, but Squall turned around to face Seifer, needing to know something.

"So...are things OK? Between you and me." The brunette asked, watching Seifer in the dim lighting of the room.

The blonde smiled slightly and gave a nod. "I think they are." He spoke and traced the long scar on his forehead. The brunette sighed, feeling relieved, then remembered what Seifer had said earlier.

'He said he had wanted to do this for a long time...' The look on Squall's face was serious and he leaned back from Seifer's arms.

"Seifer...do you like me? And I don't mean if you like me as your friend..." The brunette asked, noting the sudden frown on Seifer's face. "I-I mean...it's just that you said-"

"I do." Seifer interrupted, sitting up. Squall blinked his eyes, feeling surprised, even if he had expected Seifer to answer that way.

For some time both were silent. Then Seifer turned to look away and cleared his voice. "I do like you Squall...I find you attractive." Without looking, he knew Squall was probably blushing from his words.

"I used to hate you for that. I didn't want you to make me feel that way." Seifer continued, remembering their past. "But now that we're friends...Well ...I don't hate you or myself for feeling like this...I don't know why." The blonde spoke and turned to face Squall. The younger boy was looking quite dumbfounded.

"But don't worry Squall. I can keep my feelings to myself...They won't bother our friendship...For I guess that's all you want, be friends with me" Seifer lowered his eyes, the tone of his voice somewhat sad. He could hear the rustling of the sheets and knew Squall was moving closer.

"Seifer...look at me." The younger boy ordered, now facing Seifer. The blonde met his eyes, looking serious. For some time Squall was silent, then parted his lips to speak.

"I guess...I do want more than a friendship." He admitted, watching the unbelieving look on the older boy's face.

Seifer felt his pulse quicken as he realized what Squall meant. "You do? ...Are you sure??" he asked, excitement showing on his face. Squall nodded, looking determined. The brunette was about to talk some more, but Seifer stopped him by pulling him into a tight embrace.

"Aaa-h! Seifer, you're crushing me!" Squall laughed. Seifer loosened his hold on Squall and made them lie down on the bed. The brunette nuzzled against Seifer's chest and closed his eyes, not feeling the need to talk any more. He was now together with Seifer and that was it. No need to think it over. For some time he watched the moon that shone in through the window and then closed his eyes, falling asleep.


Seifer opened his eyes, unable to sleep as the sun's first rays filled the room. He glanced to his left, letting his eyes rest on Squall's sleeping form. He couldn't prevent the smile that rose on his lips as he remembered last night.

'I still can't believe he returns my feelings!' Seifer thought in his mind, sitting up on the bed.

He wiped the sleep from his eyes and stretched his arms. Slowly the blonde's emerald green eyes wandered down to look at the fading needle marks. Seifer tried to force himself to look away but failed. His eyes now slowly travelled towards his clothes, lying in a pile on the floor.

"Oh fuck..." Seifer groaned and squeezed his eyes shut, forcing himself to lie back down on the bed. For some time he managed to keep his mind elsewhere, but knowing what waited him in the pocket of his pants was driving him crazy. He rolled from one side to another, forcing himself to stay in the bed. Seifer glanced at Squall and was about to twine his arms around the sleeping boy, but his resistance finally began to fail.

Almost involuntarily Seifer stood up from the bed and lift his pants from the floor. His hand went into the pocket, pulling out a small bag. He turned to look at Squall once again, cursing in his mind.

'God damn Almasy! Why are you doing this??' Seifer gritted his teeth, turning his back on Squall, who was sleeping on the bed, unaware of what was going on in the room.

'Things are finally working out for you! ...You don't wanna do this!' Even if his mind tried hard to resist, the will of his body was stronger. Slowly the blonde stood up and made his way into the bathroom located near the bed, stopping only to get his pants on. After a moment, Seifer was sitting on the tiled bathroom floor, twining a tight strap around his hand, cursing himself to Hades. He could hear Squall moan in his sleep in the other room and immediately stood up.

"No way Almasy! *No way!*" the blonde hissed through gritted teeth and stormed out of the bathroom. He squeezed his eyes shut, clenching his messy hair. Squall was turning on the bed, mumbling something in his sleep. Seifer was about to crawl into his arms but almost involuntarily turned around and eyed the syringe on the bathroom floor. He couldn't stop himself as he slowly made his way back and picked up the syringe.

The desire for the shot suddenly took over his mind and body. With trembling hand he pushed the needle through his skin and emptied the dose of heroine into his vein.

"Once a user, always a user.." the blonde whispered as he eyed himself from the bathroom mirror. Almost immediately he felt the rush from the drug, the effect kicking in, making him gasp.

"Oh yeah...mmhhh..." he moaned and leaned against the wall as pleasure rushed through his whole body. His mouth dropped open and his eyes slid close. However, the feeling of euphoria soon escaped him, and Seifer was vaguely aware that something was wrong. The blonde hadn't realized the amount of heroine he'd taken was way too big for him now that he'd been clean for a month. Seifer blinked his eyes open, trying to focus on his reflection. He could feel his system crash as his eyes rolled back.

"Nhhhh..........." Seifer moaned as he fell down on the floor with a loud crash.

Squall blinked his sleepy eyes open. 'Huh?...W-what was that noise?' he wondered, his mind fuzzy. The brunette let his eyes close and tried to make himself fall asleep again, not wanting to wake up just yet. He blinked his eyes open as he suddenly thought he was hearing a weird rattling noise.

'What the hell?' Squall shifted on the bed, letting his hand travel on the mattress. He was suddenly fully awake when he noticed the other side of the bed was empty. The brunette sat up on the bed, yawning and stretching his hands.

"Seifer?" he called, looking around the room. When he got no answer he frowned and stood up. Squall walked to the big window, looking out, noting it was just an early morning. He blinked his eyes when he once again thought he heard the rattling noise

"Seifer?" he called again, noting the bathroom door was open. The brunette bent down to pick up some of his clothing and got dressed. He made his way to the other side of the room, towards the bathroom.

"Aaaa----aaahh! Squall cried out when his eyes met Seifer's unconscious body, lying on the bathroom floor. The brunette could suddenly feel his vision blur and felt dizzy. He closed his eyes but when he opened them, the sight was still there. With shaking legs Squall managed to hurry to Seifer and kneeled down beside hie tue turned the older boy around, so that he was lying on his side.

Seifer's eyes were half-open, his pupils contracted. The colour on his face was pale, almost blue. The blonde had vomited on the floor, and there was white foam coming out from his mouth. Squall noticed that Seifer was hardly breathing. He brought his trembling fingers down to feel Seifer's pulse.

"Se!!!!!!" Squall screamed, trying to shake the blonde awake. Seifer's body was limp and there was no reaction as Squall continued shaking him.

"O-overdose! It's an overdose!" Squall told himself as he noticed the syringe on the floor. The brunette was taken over by a sudden rush of panic and desperation. He hugged his knees to his chest and kept rocking his body, staring at Seifer with blank eyes. 'What do I do? What do I do?'

::::::::::::::.To be continued::::::::::::

**AN: I myself am not a drug user...just in case someone was wondering ^^ I got all my info from the web, and the idea for the overdose I got when I was watching Pulp Fiction ^^


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