The Recruiters

BY : sephcounttheways
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“Brutal murders been happening all over the city! Semen was
found on the latest corpse!” the child called out. “Nasty rotten corpse fucking
witches – thank you sir! You must read about it so you can protect your
children! They’re going to be eaten alive and raped up their asses by these
twisted, sadistic bastards – thank you sir!”

Most people passed the paperboy by without a second glance.
But the more he was ignored, the more colorful phrases he conjured to sell his
stack of newspapers. The citizens usually bought the most whenever he swore the

To Sephiroth, even the foulest language the paperboy could
muster still sounded like an angel singing.

After years of listening and watching, Sephiroth was finally
standing at the opposite street corner to purchase a newspaper. It was
important to keep abreast of the news, it told them when it was safe to go out,
or when it was time to leave. They’d kept themselves hidden in this large city
for a great length of time, and were becoming worried about leaving a trail
pointed to themselves.

Genesis was better at finding the real news word of mouth,
from the important men and women of the city themselves. He went to balls, town
meetings, any gala event where he might cause mischief. Nobody quite knew who he
was, but felt the need to seek his approval, to trust him and befriend him.

Sephiroth didn’t have these talents and never mingled in
society, he claimed he couldn’t stand human company anymore. The truth was that
he was terribly shy, and Genesis knew that. He found it impossible to interact,
terrified to the core of speaking to people he didn’t know.

But this evening would be different. Sephiroth was going to
cross the street. He was going to buy a newspaper. He was going to overcome
this crippling handicap, and he was going to talk to the paper boy. 

During their first year in the city, Sephiroth had noticed
him one evening, and laid low. He was fully intent on consuming the pretty
child, only because his interest in humans never ventured much farther than
that. The paperboy’s blond hair shone in the street lights like sunshine, his
blue eyes clear even in the dark. He had the tan skin and air of fatigue that
told Sephiroth he worked all day as well as all night.

At the end of that first night, the paperboy had packed up
when the streets became empty and fearlessly walked to his home above the
newspaper print shop. Sephiroth’s veins screamed in hunger but he couldn’t
bring himself to destroy such an innocent beauty, and instead went to bed

Rain or shine, the paperboy stood on that dark corner and
shouted and cursed about the horrors happening in the city. If there were none,
he made them up. Sephiroth didn’t risk going there every night. He didn’t want
to tip Genesis off to his little infatuation, and he himself needed to eat –
and the paperboy sometimes became an all night distraction, especially in the
summers when he sometimes went shirtless.

Throughout the years, Sephiroth watched him grow from a
pretty, skinny adolescent into a lanky, strapping, beautiful young man.

The sidewalk crowd dispersed as crowds do. More would be
back later, and sensing the lull in traffic the paperboy sat on his haunches.
He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his face with a sigh.
Sephiroth could see how tired he was, the poor boy was almost always exhausted.
His large eyes swept closed as he leaned his blond head back against the brick
wall, trying to catch a moment of rest.

Unwittingly, he’d exposing the dark tan, smooth length of
his neck. Sephiroth could see the vein running through the boy’s skin. He
zeroed in on that vein and his feet moved to cross the street on their own, and
soon he was closer to the paperboy than he’d ever been.

He stood and waited, and the boy’s eyes suddenly popped open
and looked up. They were exactly as bright and cheerful of a blue as Sephiroth
remembered the afternoon sky being. He could finally smell the paperboy’s
distinct combination of scents without interference of anything or anyone else.
The boy was paper, ink, and the salty, delicious smell of a healthy young man.

The paperboy blinked up at Sephiroth once before hopping to
his feet. He had a blush on his face, probably from being caught off guard, and
fumbled for a moment before presenting Sephiroth with a fresh newspaper.

“Four witches went on trial this morning,” the paperboy said
quickly, and lowered his eyes.

Sephiroth took the newspaper from him, and reached into his
pocket. He handed back a note of currency with a small nod, his tongue unable
to move in his mouth to create any words. This lovely young man horrified

The paperboy suddenly began to laugh, and it was an
embarrassed sound. His bright blue eyes were filled with regret and humor as he
attempted to give Sephiroth back his money. “Sir, this is 10 gil. The papers
are only ten pence.”

Shit. It would have been a smooth move if he’d actually
meant to do it. Sephiroth swallowed, completely immobilized by his social
phobia. “…Keep it?”

The paperboy’s eyes got larger and his cheeks rosier, if
that was even possible. He opened his pretty mouth and clearly didn’t know what
to say. The money in his hand was probably a fortune to him.

Sephiroth couldn’t tolerate the mutual embarrassment
anymore. He folded his paper under his arm and growled, “Please. Keep it.”

He turned to leave, completely upset that he’d ruined his
only meeting with his long term crush. He chanted in anguish about his own
stupidity with each step on the sidewalk, and just wanted to forget all about

The paperboy’s beauty up close was completely unforgettable,
though. He’d meant to seduce him, but had done nothing but confuse and
embarrass the both of them. It was too painful to bear!

He needed a drink. He went to the bar district with his
teeth already bared, and immediately yanked the first stumbling drunk onto a
dark, empty stoop and took him without warning.

He tasted nothing like the paperboy might. This man
tasted like grit, dirt and a lifetime drunk, but Sephiroth forced his mind to
imagine that he was holding a petite blond in his arms. Maybe this is what boy
would taste like after a few drinks… and after they’d been rolling around on
the ground for a while.

Sephiroth licked at the man’s wound with that thought, every
flavored nuance of sweat, soot and blood, fleshing out his fantasy further.
Sephiroth was dizzy when he let him drop to the ground. He leaned against the
wall with one hand as the other ran down to his aching groin. He nearly
unbuttoned himself when he was rudely interrupted.

“Stop doing that. You’re giving us a bad reputation.”

Sephiroth froze, but then felt arms wrap around him from
behind. Genesis nuzzled his ear. “Don’t waste it…”

He turned around and pinned Genesis to the wall, embarrassed
yet again but full of fire for his lover. How many times could he fall from
grace in one night? He felt like he was losing control of himself lately, he
just didn’t understand why.

Genesis held onto him, letting him have his way. Sephiroth
gasped against his neck, his mind unable to stop fantasizing about the paper
boy, even as he drove himself balls deep inside his lover. He tried hard to
push the boy from his thoughts, but he was as insistent to be included in this
act as he was when he was trying to sell his papers.

Sephiroth suddenly he felt his partner’s broad form become
smaller, leaner. He opened his eyes curiously and saw bright blue ones looking
back at him. He saw peaked blond hair bouncing with his every thrust, a small
pink mouth biting his lips in pleasured pain.

Sephiroth’s body staggered into a climax almost immediately.
Genesis’s low laughter came from the boy’s mouth, and then he was gone.
Sephiroth shoved himself away from the redhead and tucked himself back into his

“That wasn’t nice,” he growled, already shaking off the
experience and stepping back out onto the street.

Genesis was quick to pull up his pants and stepped over the
dead drunk. “What? I was just giving you what you wanted.”

Sephiroth zipped up his jacket angrily. He wasn’t cold, he
was hiding. “Shut up.”

“If you’re going to have the gall to fantasize about another
man while you fuck me, I should have the right to at least be him. I
like when you look into my eyes when we make love, not clamped closed and
imagining different ones.”

Sephiroth stopped and turned at that. He caught Genesis in
his arms and held him tight. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, Sephiroth. I wish you could read my thoughts too, then
you’d know when I was simply being a bitch. I don’t mind if you’re in love with

“Gen, I’m not. I’m not,” Sephiroth said uncertainly, almost
rolling his eyes as the lie was heard plain as day.

Genesis held his face. “You can go about it any way you
like. If it were me, he’d be with us by now.”

Sephiroth blushed red hot between his hands. “… I don’t
think I can…”

“I wish I could do it for you,” Genesis tsked at his shy
lover, petting beneath his sad green eyes with his thumbs. “But I chose you.
If you want him you should take him, or at the very least consume him. Don’t beat
around the bush, anymore.”

Sephiroth gazed out at his lover. “The way I feel about him
hurts so much. I don’t know if it should.”

Genesis smiled. “That’s just new love, gorgeous. You made my
heart hurt like that, too.”

Sephiroth smiled. “I did?”

“You still do.”

“I love you,” Sephiroth told him, leaning forward to kiss
his mouth deeply. He meant it, he couldn’t imagine anyone being as perfect for
him as Genesis. Except of course, for the paper boy.

Genesis smiled and hooked an arm around Sephiroth’s waist.
“Let’s be bad. I saw some fat bitches cleaning up at the bakery, and I’m dying
for something sweet.”

Sephiroth smiled and fell into step with him.





They lived at the St. Peter’s Private School for Wayward

Partially because it was hysterically ironic, but mostly
because they had an abandoned, windowless attic. Genesis had quickly
transformed the dusty space into an elegant bedroom. The door from inside the
academy had long since been bricked over, and a impenetrable wall stood. They’d
found a skeleton inside the attic, and assumed it was to cover up a murder.

They entered from the rooftop, where a family of rodents had
burrowed through, alerting them to the secret attic in the first place.
Sephiroth was good with his hands, and had created a secure, discreet opening
behind the large school’s clocktower. It was their safe haven, without a crack
of threatening daylight.

They shared a large bed, and Sephiroth draped peacefully
over Genesis as he dozed. He sensed it was just before nightfall, but was so
satisfied from the previous evening that he considered just staying in that

“Not a chance,” Genesis interrupted his thoughts. “You’re
going out tonight.”

“I’m not hungry,” Sephiroth protested, and scowled when his
cheek was pinched.

“You’re going out to woo that sexy paper boy. You’ve even
got me dreaming about him, now.”

Sephiroth frowned. “I don’t know what to say to him, Gen.”

“Say the things you think,” Genesis grinned. “Or the things
you say to me when you’re about to come. You’re so romantic when you just let

Sephiroth blushed. “He doesn’t even know me.”

Genesis refused to tell Sephiroth that he wasn’t always as
sneaky as he thought he was. The paper boy was well aware of Sephiroth, and had
lust inside of him just like anyone else. Innocent lust, but lust nonetheless.
The night before when Sephiroth had accidently overpaid for his paper, the
little boy was half hoping that he was being purchased for the night.

Half terrified of course, but half hoping. If only
Sephiroth knew.

Genesis just smirked. “Strangers are friends waiting to be
made. Now get dressed.”

“Will you come with me? Help me?” Sephiroth frowned, knowing
full well that the redhead was the perfect social lubricant. He was so charming
Cloud might fall for him instead. Even if it wasn’t he himself the
paperboy loved, having him near would be a blessing.

“No!” Genesis growled, furious that Sephiroth thought so
little of himself. Sephiroth was his prized possession, and he would know of
his own worth if he could just step out of his comfort zone. “You need to do
this on your own.”

Sephiroth pushed away from him and rolled out of bed,
lighting candles with soft touches as he went. Genesis watched in envy, wishing
he had control over an earth element like that. Mind manipulation was fun, but
Sephiroth had something primally useful at his disposal.

Sephiroth went to the wardrobe and pulled out a clean suit.
He tried not to consider the fact that Genesis said he looked cute in it, but
couldn’t help it as he pulled it on. He looked at himself in the mirror
carefully, inspecting his body and how it filled out the clothes he wore. He
hoped the paperboy found him as attractive as Genesis did.

He turned around and lifted up the back of his peacoat,
glanced over his shoulder at his ass. He heard a giggle from the bed and
shushed Genesis. He sighed at his reflection, hoping he looked good.

“You do. Now go,” Genesis demanded, rolling around naked on
his silk sheets as he often did.

Sephiroth leaned down to give him one soft kiss before






Sephiroth approached the paperboy’s usual busy street corner
only to hear gruff shouting.

“I’m gettin’ mighty tired of standin’ here, boy. You’d
better produce this mysterious stranger soon, or else I’m to assume you’re a

The paperboy shook his head desperately, an utterly defeated
look on his pretty face, “Sir, the man comes here almost every night. You’ll
see. He can clear it all up.”

“So this ‘man’ comes every night, and just leaves magical 10
gil notes,” The gruff man smoked a pipe and haphazardly blew his smoke into the
boy’s face as he berated him. “You’re goin’ straight to the police station if
this man doesn’t show up in five minutes. I’ll not have a thief stayin’ in my
house. Or a whore.”

Sephiroth was momentarily elated when he realized it was
himself that was being talked about. This meant the paperboy had noticed him
before last night … but then he snorted angrily at the suggestion that the
angelic being could possibly steal, or sell his beautiful body. Then he felt a
wave of guilt when he realized his own mistake and stupidity had led to his pretty
fascination’s discomfort.

He quickly made his way across the street. The boy’s bright
eye lit up at the sight of him, and Sephiroth’s knees nearly quaked.

He removed his hat and nodded to the boy. “My paper,

The gruff man blew his smoke respectfully away from
Sephiroth, then licked the side of his mouth. “You gave this sack of shit 10
gil last night?”

“He’s not a sack of shit,” Sephiroth heard
himself correct arrogantly. “And yes, I did. I prepaid for 60 days worth of the

He heard a small sound, and looked down to see the paperboy
gazing up at him with worlds of relief and gratitude in his eyes. Sephiroth
smiled softly at him, then back up at the man when he spoke.

“The boy didn’t say anythin’ about prepaid nothin’. He just
said you handed it to over and told him to keep it.”

“Are you calling me a liar?” Sephiroth heard himself
challenge. He didn’t know where this confident voice was coming from, but was
inwardly shivering. “Or maybe there’s something off about your hearing. I
prepaid for 60 days.”

The man lowered his brow. “If that’s the way of it, then
it’s fine. If you prepay again in the future, please include a note so there’s
no more confusion.”

“I will,” Sephiroth nodded.

“I…apologize for the mistake.” The man lingered for a moment
before slapping the paperboy on the shoulder. “You better sell your stack

With that, he left. Sephiroth put his hat back on, and
looked at the boy. He frowned as he saw bruises mar the creamy, tanned skin of
his forearms and slightly exposed shoulder. He wanted to kiss those ugly
bruises away and make new ones, better ones, ones given out of pleasure instead
of pain. “…I’m sorry if I made trouble for you.”

The paperboy swallowed. “It’s okay, my uncle’s just that
way…but thank you for coming tonight.”

Sephiroth’s weak knees nearly gave in at that. “You’re

“Cloud!” the gruff man shouted from down the street, and the
boy’s neck snapped in his direction. “Less yappin’ more paper sellin’!”

He rolled his eyes slightly and smiled up at Sephiroth. “I
should get to work.”

“Okay,” Sephiroth murmured, unsure of what else to say but
not yet willing to walk away.

He blinked up at Sephiroth slowly. “See you tomorrow? Since
you prepaid and all…”

“Yes,” Sephiroth repeated, almost breathless. He stumbled
over his words, but needed to introduce himself, “I’m Sephiroth.”

“I’m Cloud.”

Sephiroth’s tongue longed to caress that name, and he said
it just because he finally could. “…Cloud.”

The paperboy’s body snapped up at the sound of the
stranger’s smoky voice speaking his name. It was a bedroom voice, to go with
piercing eyes, soft looking hair, and sensual lips. Cloud was absolutely
floored by this person’s beauty. He would have done anything he asked.

He tried to look away from Sephiroth’s sharp green gaze, but
couldn’t. He didn’t want to, and even if he did Sephiroth wouldn’t let him.
They were both absolutely trapped by the other, unable to do anything to look
away from the desire they found in each other’s eyes. Little did he know, but
Sephiroth had initiated a vampiric sex trance.

Take me home with you, Cloud wished. Kiss me. Tear
my clothes off. Shove into me.

Scratch me, Sephiroth wished right back. Make me
bleed while I taste you, fuck you.

Come inside me, Cloud thought back at him with
narrowed eyes. Tell me you love me.

I do love you, Sephiroth longed. Be hungry for me

They both quickly looked away at the same time, neither
knowing what had just happened, and both completely oblivious that the other
had felt the same way. Cloud’s chest was rising and falling as he clutched his
stack of newspapers. He glanced back up at Sephiroth who was red faced and
looking at the sidewalk.

“See you tomorrow,” Sephiroth finally said, as politely as
he could manage.

They both fidgeted awkwardly for a moment, and Sephiroth
turned away with a nod. He smacked the paper against his hand nervously,
wondering what had just happened and if he’d done well. His tongue worked in
his mouth, forming that pretty name over and over.

Cloud watched him go, still holding his knapsack full of
papers over his groin.

Genesis’ face was propping up by two fists as he watched the
scene dreamily. It was so fucking hot. Sephiroth had done extremely well at
seducing the boy despite his nerves, even if the trance was quite sloppy and
comically unintentional. Little Cloud was undeniably his, even if Sephiroth was
just too shy to act yet.

But Genesis was confident he would. And when he did, it
would be perfect.

The newspaper owner was still watching on impatiently,
waiting for his prize sales boy and nephew to get to work. Genesis narrowed his
eyes at him.

And suddenly, the newsman got a strong thought in his head.
He should buy Cloud a warm coat, winter was well on its way. And maybe he
should give Cloud a real bed in a real bedroom, instead of having him sleep on
the floor in the print room. And he should probably give him an extra meal in
the day, he was a growing boy after all.

The man nodded to himself and decided to do these things
straight away. Cloud began to hustle the crowd into buying papers, and the
angry man smiled at him. All on his own, without any help from Genesis, Cloud’s
uncle decided a new pair of shoes would do, too.






The next 60 days of winter were cold and bitter. But every
single day was made sweet in the early evening when Sephiroth came around to
pick up his paper. Sometimes he was accompanied by Genesis, who made his
acquaintance with Cloud as smoothly and with as much charm as he pleased. Cloud
enjoyed them both, and looked forward to seeing the two of them… especially

Sephiroth made his blood run hot. Genesis was sexy too, but
always seemed distracted and hung back, letting the two of them speak
privately. He learned that Sephiroth was 24. He was an apprentice broker. He
lived in a townhouse near the bad girls’ school. He enjoyed reading – which was
so curious, because Cloud loved writing!

Cloud’s parents were long since dead, and he’d lived with
his uncle since he could remember. Since his uncle was the publisher of the
newspaper, Cloud had been taught to read to proof articles and assist with the
type setting. It was a job that took all day, and the selling took most of the

But he still found spare time and spare paper to write his
own essays, articles, and poems. They were only meant to entertain, and when
Cloud was lucky enough to have one published in the newspaper, Sephiroth always
sank to his haunches down against the wall and read it on the spot. He told
Cloud what he thought about it, how he could improve. Those were Cloud’s
favorite days, because Sephiroth sometimes stayed for hours.

He knew it was probably coincidence, but his life improved
drastically with Sephiroth’s friendship. His home life was more tolerable, he
was happier, and he felt somehow healthier just having Sephiroth by his
side. The man encouraged him to do anything he dreamt of, even if he was poor
and common.

When their 60th day come up, Sephiroth gave him
another 10 gil note and an eloquent letter to his master. Cloud nearly cried,
and had clutched Sephiroth’s gloved hand, telling him how happy he was that he
would continue to come every evening.

Sephiroth nearly took him then and there. But held back.

Spring came, and the snow melted to make way for flowers,
birds, and afternoon showers. Then summer, which brought out light suits, mild
weather and sunshine. Cloud loved the time of year, but especially this
year. His sixteenth birthday was soon, and with it, the age of consent.

He had fallen for Sephiroth. And he planned on telling him
exactly how he felt, come what may. The evening that Cloud made his firm
decision, Sephiroth came around with Genesis in tow.

“Hello!” Cloud greeted, handing Sephiroth his paper. Cloud
gazed at his smooth forearm muscles, exposed with his white dress shirt rolled
up to his elbows and his coat in the crook of his arm. He’d even unbuttoned a bit
of his shirt, and Cloud gulped as his eyes drank in the sight of his smooth,
toned, fair skinned chest.

“Did you print your new article?” Sephiroth asked, ready to
flip through the paper and find it.

“No, we didn’t have space for it tonight,” Cloud frowned.
“But my uncle said maybe in the Sunday paper.”

“I can’t wait,” Sephiroth smiled genuinely.

Cloud bit his lip and smiled back. The sight of teeth on
lips made both Sephiroth and Genesis shift where they stood.

Genesis then quickly dipped into Cloud’s thoughts. A birthday!
A love confession! Finally!

It would be perfect. Genesis cleared his throat, “You know
Cloud, I’ve heard that you can tell a lot about people by their birthday. The
Zodiac, they call it, and your birthday corresponds to your personality. Isn’t
that interesting?”

Cloud’s eyes lit up, and he whispered, “Ooh. Is it like
fortune telling?”

“A little bit! But it’s just for fun. Sephiroth, when is
your birthday?”

Sephiroth glared at Genesis, wondering what he was getting
at and if it was going to have a humiliating conclusion for him. “May 21st.”

“Ah. A Taurus.” He then said privately to Cloud, “Stubborn
and sweet. Fits him, wouldn’t you say?”

Cloud giggled behind his hand and to Sephiroth’s delight,
nodded. “Very much.”

“Out of curiosity,” Genesis then asked, “when’s your
birthday, Cloud?”

Cloud shifted. “Well... August 19th.”

Genesis exclaimed, “My goodness! That’s tomorrow!”

Cloud shifted again nervously. “Yes.”

“So you’re a Leo! Very confident and sensual.” Both Cloud and
Sephiroth shifted with that word. Genesis pressed on with a calculating smile, “How
old will you be tomorrow?”

“Sixteen.” Cloud blushed, knowing the implications such a
birthday held, and how he wanted to experience every sin imaginable with the
man before him.

Sephiroth smiled down at him, oblivious. “Cloud, you’re not
working on your birthday are you?”

Cloud nodded, not remembering the last time he had a day
off, let alone to celebrate his own birthday. “Yeah, I have to...”

“Forget it for one night. Let me take you out.”

Cloud looked up at him with wide, hopeful eyes. But manners
made him protest, “No, you don’t have to!”

“Let me,” Sephiroth insisted. Then tilted his head and gave
him a coaxing smile. “Please?”

“But I didn’t do anything for your birthday!” Cloud frowned.
“It’s already passed.”

Sephiroth chuckled. After 300 years, birthday celebrations
became moot. He remembered the date, but never thought about it on the day.
“Well it’ll be a mutual celebration, then. I can buy you your first drink as a

Cloud’s heart skipped a beat. “…I would love that.”

Sephiroth swallowed, looking into his eyes. “Me too...”

They quickly fell into yet another sex trance with each
other, both ravenously tearing the other to shreds in their minds. Genesis’
eyes shut in an attempt to not let himself get sucked into their little game.
“Alright then!”

They both snapped out of it and looked at him. He smiled.
“So, what’s the plan?”

Sephiroth spoke up, “Tell your uncle you’re coming out with
me tomorrow night. I’ll buy your whole stack of papers if I have to to get you
out of work. I’ll come get you at home around sundown, okay?”

Cloud grinned and nodded. “Okay. I live over the paper
printing shop.”

“I know,” Sephiroth blurted. He quickly recovered, “I mean, I

Cloud bit his lip again. “…So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Always,” Sephiroth murmured, staring at his small teeth.
Their eyes met for a moment before he turned away, rapidly planning the next
evening. Cloud began to plan too, only his version of the events to come
involved much less clothing.

Genesis just put his hands in his pockets and smiled.






Cloud didn’t have anything nice to wear, but hoped he looked
good enough in clean suspenders. He even scrubbed his shoes to be as
presentable as possible. Sephiroth wouldn’t be expecting him in a suit,
anyways. Cloud just wished he could look as sexy and elegant as his friend
always did.

His uncle agreed to let him have his birthday off
immediately. It was quite a shock to Cloud, and even more a shock to his uncle
that he had no problem at all giving him a night off. He was such a good, hard
working nephew after all.

Cloud took the luxury of sleeping in late, and then spent
all day grooming himself and preparing what he would say to Sephiroth about his
true feelings. By the time summer twilight appeared pink in the sky, he was as
nervous as he’d ever been in his life.

Soon, there was a knock downstairs, and Cloud flew down the
steps to answer it. Sephiroth was on his doorstep, looking utterly delicious
and as casual as Cloud had ever seen him. Somehow, a simple shirt and trousers
seemed to amplify his sexual appeal tenfold.

“Are you allowed to come out and play?” Sephiroth purred.

“Yeah,” Cloud smiled shyly before his uncle appeared in the
door behind him.

“Sephiroth, Sir,” he greeted. “Don’t bring Cloud home

Both Cloud and Sephiroth gasped, and the man continued, “I
don’t like drunks in my house with all this printing equipment. Things tend to
get broken, especially with my clumsy nephew. Just keep him for the night.”

Cloud could have kissed his uncle right on the mouth.
Sephiroth looked equally as pleased. “Yes sir. He can stay with me.”

“Good. Have fun boys.” His master granted them both a rare
smile before pushing Cloud out onto the street.

Cloud couldn’t have been happier as he walked down the
street next to Sephiroth. Instead of hustling on a busy corner to sell bloody
newspapers, he was going to spend the entire night with the man of his
dreams! This was easily the most fantastic night of Cloud’s life, and it was
only just beginning!

“Where are we going?” Cloud asked excitedly.

“The pub near my house,” Sephiroth answered. It was a small,
dark place, and they didn’t know either of them there. It would be private.
They could talk.

Sephiroth was going to tell Cloud exactly how he felt. And
exactly what he was. He was going to offer Cloud a birthday gift that he
couldn’t refuse. Everlasting life, beauty, youth… love.

If Cloud accepted the proposal, Sephiroth would have to
drink him and then offer some of himself in an oath of devotion. He hadn’t
eaten the night before because there was no blood on the planet that was going
to satisfy him as much as Cloud’s, and he wanted to be starving for it.

He was going to have it one way or the other…because if
Cloud didn’t accept his proposal… he couldn’t be let go. Genesis had made it
very clear that tonight had to be the night that Cloud either become theirs, or

It made Sephiroth heartsick to think of having to kill
Cloud, his precious paperboy. He loved him with all his heart, and this gamble
seemed almost too great. He could walk away and pine forever for what he might
have had. Or he could be forced to murder the boy he’d fallen in love with.

Or he could spend the rest of history by his side,
experiencing every pleasure that existence had to offer with no end. He wanted
that so badly he could have screamed.

And if it was a useless effort, Genesis would have put a
stop to it long ago. They were patient creatures by nature, but didn’t like to
waste time. He’d allowed Sephiroth to spend almost a year courting Cloud, so
there must have been something inside his mind that wanted Sephiroth too.
Genesis was stingy and didn’t make it easy for Sephiroth by just spilling
Cloud’s secret feelings, but the fact that he was given the chance to do this
made him confident.

They arrived at the pub, and Sephiroth saw the Girl’s
Academy looming nearby. He wanted to just scoop Cloud into his arms and take
him to his new home. He wanted to lay him down in bed and take him all night
and day with eternity stretched out in front of them. His heart raced and
temptation tugged at his mind, but they turned into the small pub instead.

Cloud slid into a seat at the bar and folded his hands
prettily. Sephiroth sat next to him and accepted a small menu from the cook.
“Are you hungry?”

“Yeah. Are you?”

“Starving,” Sephiroth immediately answered, turning his face
to look at him.

Cloud smirked. “I’m more thirsty, though...”

“Aha,” Sephiroth grinned. “What do you want? A beer?”

Cloud quickly nodded. Sephiroth ordered him one, but nothing
for himself. “I thought you said you were hungry.”

“I’m a bit too nervous to eat yet,” Sephiroth cleared his
throat and murmured so only Cloud could hear, “We need to talk.”

Cloud exhaled suddenly, “Can I talk first?”

Sephiroth’s eyebrows rose. “Of course.”

“Okay,” Cloud exhaled again. “I’m 16 today. That means a lot
of things.”

Sephiroth nodded. “…Yes it does.”

“It means I can… consent to anything I want in life.” Cloud
looked up at Sephiroth, searching for that place in his eyes that made reality
plummet and his cock ache. “My uncle’s been talking to me about becoming his
official apprentice.”

“Is that what you want?” Sephiroth asked a bit impatiently,
feeling that this conversation was terribly trite considering what he was
waiting to offer. But he also wanted to know if Cloud was looking forward to a
life as a newsman… maybe he shouldn’t interrupt those dreams with a life as a vampire…

“No!” Cloud said a bit too loudly, and then leaned closer to
speak softly. “I hate the way he runs the press. I hate the trash articles he
prints, and how he almost never gives me any room to print me own things! He
works me until I feel like I’m too tired to breathe, and I can’t see this going
on for the rest of my life!”

“What do you want to do with your life, then?” Sephiroth
asked softly.

“…It might be upsetting to you, because I know you want me
to pursue writing…” Cloud swallowed, but forced himself to continue. “And I do
enjoy it. But… do you think it’s possible that one’s goal in life could have
nothing to do with a career at all?”

“That’s just how most people define themselves,” Sephiroth
offered. “There’s nothing wrong with seeing yourself as more than what you do.”

Cloud’s blue eyes were sparkling. “What do you see me as?”

Sephiroth wasn’t expecting such a blunt question, and
couldn’t help but feel as though he were led right into it, but considered it
thoroughly. “As my paperboy you’re reliable, capable, and a convincing
salesman. As my friend Cloud… you’re entertaining, exciting… you make me want
to give you the world. You’re someone who I want to be with.”

Cloud seemed stricken breathless, and Sephiroth wondered if
he’d laid it on too thick. But then his eyes batted softly. “So, would it be a
worthy life goal to simply… entertain you, excite you, take the world from you…
and be with you?”

“Cloud?” Sephiroth asked, feeling a blush creep onto his

He spoke quickly, “I’m sorry if I’m taking advantage of your
kindness to me in feeling the way I do…but all I want is…”

Cloud’s mouthed moved slightly with no words coming out.
Sephiroth’s chest tightened in joy, fear, and anticipation. “What do you want,

“You.” Cloud tried to smile but it was shaky. “I want you to
be more than your friend, or your paper boy.”

Sephiroth’s hand brushed his on the bar. “What do you want
to be?”

“Is there a name for it?” Cloud asked softly, reaching for
the second mug that was placed in front of him. He drank quickly, his throat
dry and nervous.

Sephiroth watched his throat move as he drank. He touched
Cloud’s shoulder. “Come outside with me.”

Cloud immediately sat his mug down, and followed Sephiroth
out the door with a racing heart. Once they were outside Sephiroth took his
hand and led him around the back of the building to a secluded side street.

Cloud’s heart was pounding by the time Sephiroth stopped and
stepped close to him.

“Yes,” Cloud whispered, encircling Sephiroth’s shoulders with
his arms. Sephiroth did him one better and picked him up.

“I need to tell you something,” Sephiroth almost whimpered
as Cloud’s legs went around his waist.

“I don’t care what it is,” Cloud told him, nearly slurring
his words with lust. “A wife? An engagement? You’re a con artist? You’re with
Genesis? I don’t care.”

The shy blond was unhinged, his soft lips already wet and
parted and begging for kisses. Sephiroth tried not to act too hastily. “Cloud,
I want you.”

“I want you, too!” Cloud agreed readily.

“But you need to know something – ”

“I said I don’t care,” Cloud whispered huskily. “Kiss me.”

Sephiroth granted his deepest wish and took his mouth in a
kiss. Cloud kissed him back with so much sweetness and pure desire that
Sephiroth let go of his worries. Their lips moved together frantically, and
Cloud’s small tongue moved into Sephiroth’s mouth. He pressed Cloud into the
wall when he feared he might drop the boy.

He’d take Cloud, with pleasure. But his more realistic
thoughts told him that there was no way that Cloud could comprehend what
exactly he was consenting to. He needed to stop, he wasn’t a young man anymore,
he needed to control his actions and hormones and think.

But then, Cloud had said he didn’t care. He wanted it. He
was begging for it with his words, his body, his tongue. If Genesis were there,
he’d agree that his thoughts were begging for it too.

“You want me,” Sephiroth half asked, nibbling on the side of
Cloud’s mouth.

“Yes,” Cloud whined, taking the chance of rolling his hips
against Sephiroth’s and causing them both to gasp.

“…Forever?” Sephiroth quietly asked, begging him to agree.


It was enough. Sephiroth covered Cloud’s lips with his teeth
and bit.

He sucked those precious lips between his fangs and swallowed
over and over and over. It transported him to a thoughtless plane of sensation
and taste and wonder.

Cloud shrieked in pain and shock. Sephiroth’s eyes popped
open at the noise, and Cloud took the moment of confusion to drop to the ground
and run. His sweet blood ran down Sephiroth’s chin and he gasped, needing so
much more to be satisfied.

It took him a moment to think beyond his selfish needs and
to Cloud’s. He had just been inexplicably bitten by his would-be lover, and was
now fleeing in the streets with a bloody face, probably to the authorities.

He’d utterly failed, and his heart threatened to break on
the spot. He had not seriously considered the option that he might actually fail,
and have to murder Cloud. Sephiroth pushed off the wall and desperately chased
after him, needing to explain, hold him, kiss him and… taste the rest of him.
He needed to finish what he started, one way or another.

Cloud covered his mouth with his hand, and when it came back
dripping with blood he tucked his face into his shirt. He was headed home. He
was already composing a lie tell his master, about how he’d gotten into a fight
with a drunk at the pub.

His eyes welled with tears however. He was so inexperienced
at the art of lovemaking that he hadn’t even dreamed of being bitten. He
knew about sex with men, about parts and where they went, and how. He had
thought about how he might touch Sephiroth to make him feel good. He wanted to
use his hands, his mouth, his body… Cloud wanted to physically receive Sephiroth’s
love so badly, and for so long.

He’d thought there’d be a bit of pain for him…but like this?
Biting? He had no idea what to think.

Sephiroth probably was disappointed in him. And he’d ruined
his chances at passionate lovemaking with the most beautiful, amazing man he’d
ever met. He’d screamed and ran away like a useless child.

Tears escaped Cloud’s eyes as he collided with someone. He
blamed his clouded vision, but couldn’t help the feeling that this person had
appeared out of thin air. He looked up and found Genesis.

His eyes widened with relief, and he spoke through his
shirt. “Genesis! Will you tell Sephiroth I’m sorry!?”

Genesis tilted his head. “Whatever for?”

“Because I lo… I like him. I want him. But I…”

“You don’t understand?”

“No, I don’t!” Cloud exclaimed miserably, and came up out of
his shirt, showing his marred face.

Genesis’ mouth watered. But he forced himself to keep his
poise. “He’s at fault, Cloud. He wasn’t supposed to do this without properly
explaining first.”

“But it’s my fault!” Cloud began to cry miserably, “He was
trying to explain, but I wouldn’t let him! I thought I already knew! Please
tell him I’m sorry!”

Genesis pulled Cloud against him. “Don’t leave yet, sweetheart.
You tell him yourself.”

Cloud looked over his shoulder to see Sephiroth standing a
few yards away, his lovely face shaded with worry and remorse. Red blood still
dripped from his chin, and his eyes captured Cloud’s. Instead of plunging into
a sexual dreamscape, Cloud’s mind filled with Sephiroth’s apologies and

“Cloud, I’m sorry,” he said, coming closer. “Don’t run.”

Cloud swallowed and tried to wipe his mouth off with his
shirt. Blood was running profusely, filling his mouth. He tried to speak
anyways, “I won’t.”

Tiny red drops spurted from his lips and rained down his
neck as he spoke. Sephiroth was mesmerized by how beautiful Cloud could be, and
he knew he had moments before his patience wore down into nothing. “I’ll be
brief, Cloud. I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for a very long

Genesis felt the blond become significantly heavier. He held
him in place and smiled, listening to his shy, silver headed beauty spill his

He continued shyly, “I want to be with you, forever. I want
you to have whatever you want without any limits, no worries about money or
death. No wasting your life with some pointless job. I want you to be young,
beautiful, ambitious and creative forever. With me.”

Cloud only blinked at him.

Sephiroth swallowed. “I want to love you, adore you…

“Okay,” Cloud agreed slowly, well aware that Sephiroth had
just used the term ‘forever’ for the fourth time. “But…?”

Sephiroth dropped his head down, staring at the sidewalk. He
finally looked up. “Why do you think I only come see you at night, Cloud?”

“Because you apprentice at the broker’s during the day.”

“I’m not a broker,” Sephiroth confessed. “I don’t live in a
townhouse. I’m not 24.”

Cloud let this sink in, and came back utterly confused, “Why

Sephiroth let out a breath and looked up desperately for an
answer. He didn’t know how to say it. He finally looked at Cloud, and with the
blood still painting his chin, “Genesis and I aren’t human. We used to be
human, like you. But we’re different now.”

Cloud’s face slowly turned more confused.

Genesis urged him with his eyes to continue, and he tried,
“If you’ll let me, I’ll make you one of us. You can be free, be young and
beautiful and without any pain, forever.”

“…What?” Cloud finally blurted.

Sephiroth confessed further. “The bloodless murders in the
city you report about? That’s us. We drain humans so that we can live.”

“You’re witches?” Cloud gasped.

Sephiroth almost laughed, “No. Not exactly.”

Cloud breathed a shaky sigh. He was staring at Sephiroth,
unsure of what to say or even if he believed him. But it made sense… in a strange
way, it all made sense.

Cloud reached out for him. Slowly Sephiroth went to him and
walked straight into his embrace. He got down on his knees and looked up at
Cloud, unable to see any answer in his wet, blue eyes.

“Please say yes,” Sephiroth begged, tears springing to his
eyes for the first time in years. “Be with us.”

Cloud’s lips parted, but he wasn’t able to speak.

“I need you, Cloud,” Sephiroth murmured, and a tear ran down
his cheek. “Say yes.”

“I wanna be happy with you,” Cloud said slowly. “…Teach me

Sephiroth was overjoyed. The smile on his face was enough to
light up the entire sky, and it also put every razor sharp tooth in his mouth
on display. Cloud let out a whimper when Sephiroth leaned up to lick his
wounded face. He was careful not to bite again, and just kissed him.

After a moment Cloud relaxed, kissing back. His passion was
slow to increase, but when it did they both began to pant into each other’s
mouths eagerly.

Their lips came apart, and Sephiroth asked once more, “Are
you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Cloud nodded. “…Will it hurt?”

“No,” Sephiroth told him. It was a lie, but the intentions
behind it were filled with love. Cloud relaxed in his arms, and Sephiroth
manually tilted his head, getting his fingers tangled in pretty blond hair. He
licked his pulse before sinking his teeth into soft flesh.

Cloud’s arms went around Sephiroth’s shoulders as a small,
pained moan escaped his mouth. He cried out softly, and Genesis could see
Sephiroth’s serene expression, his ultimate enjoyment.

Genesis couldn’t stand it anymore. He leaned down and licked
the side of Cloud’s open mouth, savoring the red sweetness that welled up
there. Sephiroth growled gutturally and glared at him with possessive,
sparkling green eyes. Genesis was certain not to bite, and merely sampled with
his tongue.

Cloud weakened until he was leaning on them to support his
entire weight. He was clinging to life by the barest of threads as Sephiroth
leaned back, and whispered to him urgently. “Bite me, Cloud.”

“Help him Sephiroth,” Genesis whispered, not wanting to risk
the blond slipping away entirely before he had the chance to complete the sire.

Sephiroth bit his own lips open and pressed them to Cloud’s.
The little blond stirred restlessly, and Genesis was glad when he saw his long,
tan throat swallow. He sucked Sephiroth’s lips, not only drinking, but kissing
with all the passion and fear of someone on the brink of death but still
clawing at life. It was beautiful.

Then, Cloud went limp. Genesis felt for a pulse, and there
was none. The color and heat left his skin. His abused, kiss swollen lips went

“Oh God, oh God,” Sephiroth gasped, yanking Cloud’s dead
weight from Genesis and hugging him breathlessly. “He’s gone. I lost him!”

“No you didn’t,” Genesis whispered, touching Sephiroth’s
face. “This is supposed to happen.”

“He’s not supposed to die!” Sephiroth argued, burying
his face in Cloud’s hair.

“Yes he is!” Genesis laughed, stroking his cheek. “You died
for almost a week, and were even buried before you woke up.”

Sephiroth’s eyebrows shot up. “What? You never told me

“I never planned to. It was ugly…I almost lost hope.”
Genesis then smiled. “But then, I heard you wake up. I was never happier in my
entire life. I quickly dug you out… and you kissed me. You tried to eat me,
actually. And I let you, just a little bit. Then we both went out, and you had
your first drink. Remember that?”

It was so hazy, so long ago, but Sephiroth did remember fear
and loneliness at the beginning of his new existence before Genesis brought him
out of the darkness. If he’d known that darkness was a coffin, he’d have been
much less fond of the memory.

He hugged Cloud’s body. “…So he’ll come back.”

“I swear to you,” Genesis smiled. “Let’s take him home.”






Genesis slept soundly, but Sephiroth couldn’t. He stared at
the dead boy in their bed, waiting for a spark of reanimation. A sudden breath,
the ghost of a pulse, anything to alert him that Cloud was coming back.

Before drifting to sleep, Genesis had proved to Sephiroth
that the transformation had worked. Cloud’s injuries were healed, and not a
bruise, cut, or scar marred his smooth skin. He pulled Cloud’s pretty lips back
to show the sharp curve of a fang. He pulled back his eyelids to show
sightless, but still vibrantly radiant blue eyes with a cat slit.

They’d taken off Cloud’s soiled, hand me down rags and had
given him a sponge bath. When he was clean, they’d slipped one of Genesis’
loose shirts onto him. Sephiroth barely noticed the blond’s nudity with all his
worry, and cared for him like a mother hen.

Once Cloud was finally settled in the center of the bed,
Sephiroth kissed him over and over, speaking softly and trying to coax him back
into existence.

“Let him rest,” Genesis had advised. “He’ll be up before you
know it.”

But Sephiroth refused to let him awaken alone, scared,
confused. He wanted to be there, ready to kiss him and explain that he was in a
haven of absolute love and devotion. That he was about to enjoy the everlasting
existence of a God.

Sephiroth eventually laid his head on Cloud’s chest and
closed his eyes. Sleep called, and he finally answered.

Genesis let him stay with Cloud the next night, not prodding
too hard to force him to come out and eat. He wanted to stay with Cloud in case
he woke up, and Genesis agreed it was a good idea. He brought Sephiroth home a
drink, making sure to get it to him before it got cold.

Sephiroth drank it gratefully and then curled against Cloud.
Genesis petted his pretty silver hair, loving the way he guarded Cloud with his
body language. He liked this side of Sephiroth, and knew that having a new
partner was going to be good for both of them.

The next night was the same way. Genesis went out alone, and
Sephiroth waited impatiently.

It was the following morning that Cloud came back. Sephiroth
had been sleeping soundly on top of Cloud’s chest when he heard a tentative

He shot awake and slid an arm beneath Cloud’s neck, eager
for him to wake up. It was fascinating to watch the rosy, boyish tan color
refill his skin, blotting out the cold, white pallor of death. Slowly, life
once again flowed through his veins; his heartbeat became stronger, his eyes
began to move behind his eyelids, and he began to make the slightest of

Eventually, Cloud took a shuddered little gasp and began to
breathe again.

“Cloud?” Sephiroth whispered against his ear. 

The little blond’s eyes fluttered open and he looked
directly at Sephiroth. He voice was hoarse, “… I gave them my soul.”

Sephiroth paused, hoping he’d reveal more. “…And? What did
they say?”

“They liked it,” Cloud whispered dismissively, and then
turned towards him. He wasted no time in kissing Sephiroth’s face. “…You only
get to do that once, Seph… and you chose me out of everyone else?”

“Yes,” he answered, covering Cloud’s face in kisses.

‘Thank you’ didn’t seem appropriate. Cloud simply closed his
eyes in humbleness, “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too…” he murmured, leaning over Cloud to take
his mouth. Cloud might have had profound things to say as a new vampire, but
Sephiroth was more interested in kissing him.

“Genesis is with us?” Cloud asked around the edges of his


“Do you love him?”

“As much as I love you.”

“Then I’m going to love him, too,” Cloud smiled.

“It’s impossible not to,” Sephiroth chuckled. Cloud tested
out moving his limbs, and found them fluid and utterly pain free. No soreness
from overwork, he was reborn into perfection. He lifted his hand and touched
Sephiroth’s face.

“Can I… have something to eat?” Cloud asked shyly. “I’m so

Sephiroth sadly shook his head. “Not now. We’re not allowed
out in the day.”

Cloud accepted this with a bashful nod, but his blue cat’s
eyes brightened when Sephiroth offered his neck. “Take some.”

Cloud wasn’t sure what to do. He kissed first, enjoying the
smell of Sephiroth’s skin. Then he licked, trading the sense of touch for
taste. Sephiroth’s pulse quickened while Cloud spent several moments kissing
and sucking fruitlessly.

When he finally worked up the nerve to experimentally
nibble, Sephiroth laughed huskily. “Harder...”

Cloud tried, but was afraid to hurt his new lover. Lover.
He became fully aware of Sephiroth’s shirtlessness and held him close. Finally,
he used his new teeth to cut his fair skin open like a razor blade, and was
surprised when sweet liquid filled his mouth.

Sephiroth sighed against his cheek as Cloud began to take
from him. It made him feel slightly light headed, but the new baby needed it
more than he did.

Cloud was still hungry, but satisfied for the moment when he
leaned back with a lick of his lips. “Thank you.”

“You’re so welcome,” Sephiroth told him, moving closer to
cover him on the bed, and touched one of his long, bare legs beneath the
blanket. “Did you like it?”

Cloud nodded, unsure of how to articulate how much he
liked it.

“Are you tired?”

“…Just a little,” Cloud whispered, realizing that some of
the body heat in the bed belonged to a dozing redhead only inches away.

“Too tired..?” Sephiroth asked softly as he pressed closer,
slipping his hand between his knees to make the suggestion that he part them.

Instead, they locked together. “Sephiroth, he’s right there
sleeping. We should be quiet, shouldn’t we?”

“Don’t mind me,” Genesis’ voice came without a drop of sleep
in it.

Cloud blushed and clamped a hand over his mouth. His
momentary shock gave Sephiroth a chance to get between his legs, and he squeaked
nervously. “Hey!”

He felt Sephiroth’s pants rub up against his naked lower
body and shivered. Sephiroth felt him tremble and fought himself to remain slow
and careful. “It’s okay, Cloud. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

He still looked worried, especially when Genesis rolled onto
his back to watch with a silent smile. He swallowed and looked between them
both. “I’ve never…”

Genesis saw the mental flashes of what Cloud assumed they
were about to do to him and chuckled. As if they’d ever be so barbaric. The little
blond clearly had no idea how much he was going to enjoy the next couple of
hours. “Sephiroth is an excellent teacher, there’s nothing to fear.”

Cloud gasped a little when Sephiroth shifted between his
legs, lying flat against him. He’d never felt so much skin in his life, and
barely had shared a kiss with anyone before Sephiroth. “I’m not afraid. I just
don’t want him to…regret choosing me.”

Sephiroth just laughed at that, and it was a new sound that
was full of contentment. He kissed Cloud until his small, pinks lips were sore
and his beautiful taste was committed to memory. Cloud’s body loosened and
relaxed beneath him, and slow, hesitant waves of his naked hips pressed up
against Sephiroth.

He moved with Cloud, utterly consumed by the feeling of his
thin, young body. He relished in the newness of Cloud’s touch. He forgot he was
a God and felt like a teenager himself, and eagerly let his weight bear down on
Cloud’s frame.

Cloud shivered as Sephiroth intensified, and could feel the
hard, large erection press against his thighs through the thick material of his
pants. He drew back from Sephiroth’s lips and pushed them down as far as he
could, and let his fingers run up the curve of his ass. “Take them off…”

Sephiroth sat up on his knees and eagerly kicked them off.
Genesis chuckled a little bit and snuggled against his pillow. He hadn’t been
so well entertained in a while, and finally seeing this seemingly endless
courting between the two of them come to fruition was lovely.

Sephiroth carelessly tossed his pants away and crawled back
between Cloud’s legs, and this time they spread wide for him. Cloud’s erection
tented his loose shirt and Sephiroth pushed it up to his chest.

He kissed Cloud’s stomach, and felt it tighten under his
lips. He kissed across one lean inner thigh, desperately trying to take his
time, to give Cloud a moment to catch up. But the smell of his arousal was
intoxicating, and he decided to just fucking go for it.

He licked a wet path up Cloud’s cock before taking it all
down his throat. Cloud let out a shocked, booming shout as he went up to his
elbows. He gasped, watching Sephiroth’s head move in the near dark.

Sephiroth used every trick he had, every ounce of skill he
possessed in working over his new lover’s cock. He licked, flicked, tongued,
slurped and sucked. He looked up and found that Cloud had fallen back against
the bed, arching in helpless wonder at the assault.

He was without words, but soft cries and boyish moans
punctuated every new type of pleasure Sephiroth offered with his mouth. Cloud’s
moans only elongated when Sephiroth’s fingers hinted at his opening, rubbing
and teasing gently.

Genesis watched, his eyes narrowed in appreciation. He moved
closer, kissing Cloud’s cheek as Sephiroth worked his body. “Now would be a
good time to explain the rules of survival to you.”

Cloud’s eyes slitted open. “Wh-what?”

Genesis had to laugh a little at his adorably perplexed
expression, and kissed his cheek again. “Just a few rules of thumb to go by.
The most important is that you can’t go outside in the day.”

Cloud swallowed as Sephiroth slid a wet finger inside of
him. “Ah… Well… why not?”

“God will smite you,” Genesis answered easily. “When you
sold your soul, you agreed to never look at the sun again. Remember?”

“Not quite,” Cloud hissed, raising his knees higher as
Sephiroth sucked on his balls.

“Well, you did. The next rules aren’t as important, but are
good to remember. You can survive most injuries,” Genesis paused to lick a line
of sweat that fell from Cloud’s brow. “But not getting your head cut off. And
you have to protect your heart, it must be fully intact.”

Cloud moaned again, but it had the edge of annoyance to it.
“I’m not… planning on getting beheaded…”

“Good!” Genesis said perkily, and took the opportunity to
take a vial of oil from a small cabinet fashioned into the headboard and roll
it down the sheets towards Sephiroth. Then he leaned in close to Cloud. “Also,
no garlic in the room. I hate the smell.”

Cloud sucked in his bottom lip and almost screamed inside
his mouth. Sephiroth had found the oil and was now fucking him with three
fingers. “Well… oh… is that all? It seems so… easy…”

“It is easy,” Genesis agreed. “We’ll probably leave this
place within the next few days. You’ve disappeared, and you were last seen with
Sephiroth. Since your master is a man who prints the paper, this city’s no
longer safe for us.”

Cloud’s eyes shot open, and he stop shuddering under
Sephiroth’s touch. “We have to leave? …I can’t say goodbye?”

Sephiroth paused and licked his lips, looking up to see
Genesis’ answer. The redhead shook his head solemnly. “I’m afraid not. Making a
clean break is much easier, Cloud. Trust me.”

He nodded in acceptance, but Genesis could easily read a
glimmer of relief in his mind that he’d never have to see his uncle or his old
residence again. He was worried about his few worldly possessions though.
Genesis kissed his ear. “When we find our new home, we’ll have to take you

Cloud’s eyes lit up at this, and then slammed shut again
when Sephiroth resumed his erotic torture. Genesis took pity on him. “We’ll
sort out the finer details later. For now… do you have any questions?”

Cloud gasped out, “Kiss me!”

Genesis was surprised by the blond’s sudden desire for him,
but incredibly pleased. He leaned forward and met Cloud in a kiss, and delighted
in the newness of his taste.

Sephiroth watched them from below until he was satisfied
that the virgin was ready for him. He kissed his way back up Cloud’s frame,
loving how his limbs captured him when he was finally in place.

Cloud turned away from Genesis and pulled Sephiroth down.
Their lips touched, and Sephiroth snaked a hand between them, lining himself
up. Genesis discreetly touched himself, tightening a hand around his arousal
when Cloud cried out suddenly.

Sephiroth moaned against his cheek, letting himself sink
inside. Cloud felt hot and beautiful, and he hadn’t even slid all the way in
before he pulled back, wanting to feel every nuance of making love to Cloud all
at once.

Then a few of Cloud’s breathless moans began to sound more
like ‘ow’ than ‘oh’, and Sephiroth slowed down a bit. “Is it good?”

“Yeah,” Cloud nodded, but both older men could tell he was
putting on his game face. His arms tightened around Sephiroth’s neck as his
legs loosened, shifting up to offer a better angle. Exercising a measure of
patience, Sephiroth let himself slide all the way in and relished Cloud’s groan
as their hips met.

Sephiroth kissed him and kept his movements gentle and
predictable, allowing Cloud’s small body to acclimate at its own speed. Genesis
leaned closer, watching the base of Sephiroth’s cock move between Cloud’s
cheeks. Cloud was so tight around it, and looked so beautiful with his smooth
legs clinging around Sephiroth’s hips.

He reached between them to run his palm over Cloud’s waning
erection, and felt it pulse underneath his hand. He knew the little kitten was
probably too shy to touch himself, and perhaps too focused on the penetration
to even consider it. Genesis smiled when Cloud arched beneath Sephiroth, and
his pretty little cock bucked back to life in his palm.

Cloud reached up to grab two handfuls of Sephiroth’s hair,
and held onto them almost like reins. He burned to ask Sephiroth the same
question, he wanted to know that he felt good for him. Full arousal without
knowing his lover was enjoying his body wasn’t possible.

Genesis squeezed Cloud’s cock suddenly and purred, “How does
he feel, Sephiroth?”

Sephiroth’s expression opened up and he shook his head in
exaggerated disbelief. “You have no idea…”

“No, I don’t,” Genesis continued, placing his head coyly on
Cloud’s shoulder. “So tell us how good it feels to finally be with him.”

Cloud swallowed and stared up at him innocently. It was an
expression he often wore when Sephiroth had attempted to get closer over the
course of their relationship.

“I’ve been wanting you for so long.” Sephiroth’s voice was
strained with his effort to control it. He ran his hands up Cloud’s thighs and
sighed, “I’m never gonna have enough of you.”

Cloud’s shy expression bloomed into a wide, content smile.
“Good thing.”

Genesis continued to tease Cloud with his hand, running his
fingers over the thick vein of his cock from top to bottom. He reached down
farther to feel his tight little balls and the base of Sephiroth’s cock as it
moved gently within him.

Too gentle, Cloud thought. “Seph…? Could you… a
little bit…faster?”

Sephiroth closed his eyes and shivered, and his hips
obediently sped up between Cloud’s legs. He whispered his name, trying
desperately not to get too caught up in the tightness… and the sound…

“The sound of your balls hitting his ass…” Genesis
whispered, causing both of them to shudder at his soft words. “Or the sound of
his wet hole gripping your cock?”

Sephiroth gritted his teeth. “Gen, shut up.”

Cloud gasped suddenly, cutting him off. “Seph, oh! Right

“There, Seph,” Genesis repeated quietly, batting his wicked
eyes up at his lover.

“Fuck,” Sephiroth groaned, knowing that he would not survive
for much longer. Cloud was popping his hips up at him hungrily, and clearly not
shy about the pleasure he was feeling.

“Does his cock feel good inside you, now?” Genesis asked in
sultry babytalk, kissing Cloud’s cheek.

“Feels so good!” Cloud blurted, and ran a hand down
his stomach to meet Genesis’ at the leaking swell of his arousal.

Genesis let him have control of himself. He watched in
adoration as his hand gripped himself roughly and pumped hard. The little thing
wasn’t gentle with himself at all, and Sephiroth saw that. He quickened his
pace and matched the rapid beat, and Cloud bit his mouth open, not yet used to
his new teeth.

Genesis paid no attention to either of their thoughts, and
simply acted on his own pleasure. He shifted up to kneel next to Cloud with a
growl and rubbed his cock over Cloud’s lips, spreading that redness around his
mouth. Cloud’s eyes were narrow and furious, and he caught the head between his
lips and sucked.

He was only able to bob his head on Genesis once before
Sephiroth jerked his face away and stole his mouth away into a hungry kiss. He
consumed Cloud’s mouth desperately as he arched over him, and spilled himself
with a shattered moan. Cloud forgot how to breathe, and gasped airlessly as the
man pounded into him and released a gush of sticky heat.

Cloud pulled his mouth away and shouted, moving his fist
desperately. He felt another wave of Sephiroth’s heat as he tightened even more
around him, and let his climax snap free. He was calling both names as he
sailed wave after wave of hot release. He finally opened his eyes to see
Sephiroth’s luscious mouth around Genesis’ cock, looking up at him in

Cloud craned his neck up and fit perfectly between Genesis’
spread knees on the bed. He let his tongue out to trail beneath his balls and
the sensitive areas between. Cloud was suspended in a state of lust, and his
climax had done almost nothing to satisfy him. Completion of the act was his
body’s natural response to the stimuli, but his brain was electrified with the
need to explore these two men further.

Sephiroth pulled away from him, and the aching wetness he
left behind made Cloud even hungrier. He nibbled on Genesis’ balls until he
looked down at him and touched his face. His desire for Genesis was running off
of lust, but he couldn’t wait to get to know the redhead better. For now
however, he just wanted to touch him.

Cloud came up to his knees and threw himself at Genesis, who
fell back against the pillows with a token grunt. Sephiroth laid on his side,
admiring the sight of his two favorite people pressed together. He smiled as
Cloud’s shirt unrolled from beneath his chin and tented over his thin form,
making the movements of his hips mysterious and hidden.

Cloud slowed down with a deep whine while Genesis hissed up
at him, and Sephiroth could only guess that he’d sat on his cock. It became
more apparent as Cloud began to ride him in tiny, uncertain little bouncing
motions. Genesis’ hips surged up off the bed and they both moaned together.

Sephiroth was transfixed. He wanted to pinch himself to make
sure he wasn’t dreaming, because the way the two looked together was almost too
good to be true.

Genesis suddenly smirked at him secretively, giving him a
high arch of his eyebrow. Sephiroth didn’t know what he was planning, but
smiled and willed him to go through with whatever was on his mind. Genesis took
the edge of Cloud’s shirt and pulled him down for a breathless kiss. He then
began to move it up and off of Cloud’s torso, revealing the press of their
smooth skin together, and Cloud’s cock almost fully aroused for the second

Cloud raised his arms as Genesis pushed the shirt up and off
of him. In that short moment with Cloud’s vision successfully blocked, Genesis
shifted his form.

Instead of short red hair it was blond, spiky and mussed.
Instead of a pale, long frame, he was tan and petite. Genesis looked at
Sephiroth with false innocence, and batted his blue eyes.

Sephiroth laughed and watched the real Cloud as he came out
from under the shirt, fascinated to see his reaction.

Cloud shook his hair and let the garment drop onto the bed.
He opened his eyes and continued riding Genesis for a moment or two before his
mind registered what he was seeing. His mouth dropped open in utter shock as he
realized it was his own mirror image on the bed beneath him.

“Genesis?” Cloud wondered, and touched to see if the image
of himself was real. It was eerily when his own lips wrapped around his
fingers, and the hips beneath him pressed up into him. Cloud couldn’t help
thinking that he…himself… looked rather blushed and lovely in the midst of

Genesis wanted to tell Cloud that he did, but using his own
voice would spoil the illusion. He just smiled and ran his tongue between
Cloud’s curious fingers, and peeked at Sephiroth from the corner of his eyes.
He was very nearly salivating at the sight.

Cloud then bent over Genesis, and kissed his mouth suddenly.
Despite being a different shape, Genesis still carried his own flavor. A third
mouth pressed at the corner of their kiss, and they both shifted to allow Sephiroth’s
lips to nip at theirs’.

“Fuck him,” Sephiroth purred, and it didn’t matter which one
he was speaking to.

Genesis took a hold of Cloud’s hips and pushed up between
them, causing him to bounce up like a doll. Cloud watched expressions play over
Genesis’ face that he was certain was uncharacteristic to himself. He looked
feral, lustful and controlling. Cloud shivered and gave himself over, allowing
his hips to be moved and his body to be manipulated to whatever Genesis wanted
it to be.

Sephiroth approached Cloud from behind, fitting to the
smooth curves of his back. He moaned on air as though he had something he
wanted to say, but pressed his lips against the back of Cloud’s neck instead,
and let his nose bury into his pale hair.

His fingers slipped over Cloud’s moist skin. He pulled at
his rosy nipples and then fingered his way down Cloud’s ribs, and over his
surprisingly developed stomach. He didn’t know if it was his new, immortal body
or simply the product of a life of hard work, but he was well built as well as
beautiful. He sucked Cloud’s shoulder as he watched his own hands feel over
Cloud’s frame, and finally down to his bouncing cock.

Never in Cloud’s wildest dreams did he think he would have
two lovers. Especially such gorgeous, knowledgeable men. He’d felt more of
another being’s warm touch in this hour than he’d ever felt in his life. He was
being caressed as if he was worthy of such delicious treatment, and he was
becoming addicted. He leaned back, letting Sephiroth bear his weight while
Genesis – who was currently his wicked twin – was beating up between his legs
in a hard frenzy of pleasure and passion.

When Sephiroth’s hand finally curled around him, Cloud
thought he might die of sensory overload. But then his other hand came around
and long fingers cupped his balls as he rode Genesis, the other hand pulled and
massaged his sensitive erection in time.

Cloud rubbed his back against the front of Sephiroth,
feeling his hard cock rubbing between his occupied cheeks. Genesis purred
beneath him as he felt his silver haired lover’s cock rub against his balls,
seeking heat. He yanked Cloud down on top of him and managed to raise his legs.

Sephiroth spat in his hand, knowing not to bother with lube.
Genesis liked friction, and always shifted the shape of his own insides to
accommodate Sephiroth if he felt any pain. He pushed inside quickly, hearing
both of his lovers moan in response.

Poor Cloud was a virgin and his first time was shaping up to
be rather difficult and confusing, so Sephiroth held him tight and whispered,
“I love you.”

“Ah, fuck us,” Cloud growled back, restlessly moving his ass
on Genesis’ cock.

Currently, the redhead was losing his concentration on
keeping Cloud’s form. He looked more like himself, but retained a head of blond
hair. When he realized he was losing the battle to hold onto the illusion, he
gave up.

Sephiroth reached down and fisted his red hair, using it as
leverage to fuck him with Cloud writhing between them. Cloud shouted as
Sephiroth’s teeth sank in to his shoulder, and the sudden pain threw him into
another climax. He rolled between them, trying to get every inch of Genesis’
cock that he could in the awkward position while rubbing himself against his
toned stomach.

“Genesis,” Cloud hissed, almost in an accusatory tone. He
leaned down and kissed him, able to control his mouth while his senses were
under attack from Cloud’s orgasmic heat and Sephiroth’s relentless pounding.

Genesis had no control against his climax, and it went
roaring into Cloud. He handled his round little ass hard enough to bruise as he
emptied himself out in fierce spikes of pleasure. When it settled it was pure
euphoria just in time for Sephiroth to join them.

Cloud turned his head to catch his mouth in a sloppy kiss,
and swallowed Sephiroth’s guttural groans of completion. Genesis squirmed and
pulsed, trying to coax every drop he could from him.

Cloud giggled into the kiss and Sephiroth giggled right
back. They were both thinking that having Genesis there made everything a lot
of fun. The redhead had to fend off tears… it had crossed his mind that he might
be left out of the equation.

But as it turned out, three wasn’t a crowd after all. They
all looked at each other with sleepy eyes that saw nothing but possibilities.

Sephiroth had to move first, and when he did they all came
apart like pieces of a puzzle. Cloud laid between them, shamelessly cuddling
Sephiroth while coaxing Genesis to cuddle him. The little blond nymph was the
perfect pillow to share between them, and they fell into a comfortable embrace.

“How do you do that?” Cloud whispered behind his shoulder to
Genesis. “Can I do that, too? I wanna be Sephiroth next time!”

Genesis’ laughter came out as a sleepy purr. “No pumpkin,
you can’t do that. At least not yet, it took me about 500 years to learn it.”

“Whoa!” Cloud cried, suddenly going stiff in their arms.
“How old are you guys?”

“Cloud…” Sephiroth tsked. He wasn’t sure if that was an
appropriate question, after all, he’d never asked it himself.

“About eleven,” Genesis told them both. “Eleven hundred.”

They both gasped sharply, “What!?”

Sephiroth spoke up, “Genesis, you never told me you were that

“I told you I was older than you,” Genesis shrugged. “Once
you get past a certain point, bragging becomes boring.”

No it didn’t. Genesis had been dying for Sephiroth to ask
him his age since the day they’d met.

Cloud turned and looked at Sephiroth. “So how old are you?”

Sephiroth blushed a little. “Well, my birthday just passed.
So I’m actually… three hundred and sixty-two.”

Cloud was red as a beet. He’d made such a big deal about his
sixteenth birthday and that he had become a man. He was an infant
compared to them, and always would be by comparison! “Well now I just feel like
a pest.”

Sephiroth kissed his ear. “You aren’t. You’re our baby.”

Cloud smiled a little. “You don’t mind that I’m only

“Mind?” Genesis blurted with a sputter of laughter. “You’re
delicious. Sephiroth over there tastes like soot and bone dust.”

“Well you taste like…” Sephiroth couldn’t even think of anything
as old as Genesis was.

Genesis and Cloud laughed at that. Sephiroth couldn’t even
find it in himself to sulk about his defeat, he just pressed kisses to both of
their mouths and muttered. “Lots of bone dust for you both.”

Their laughter wore off in favor of trading kisses. For all
their age, they both tasted lovely. Sephiroth was spicy and hot. Genesis was
dark and heavy. Eventually the kisses slowed and then stopped. Sephiroth’s face
rested in the crook of Cloud’s neck, while Genesis rested prettily on the

“How am I supposed to go to sleep?” Cloud whined, shifting
restlessly between them. “I’m so excited!”

“Shh,” Sephiroth kissed his mouth and cuddled closer. “Close
your eyes and rest. Night’s coming soon.”

Cloud swallowed anxiously, hungry and listless. Eventually
the even breathing that surrounded him calmed him. He closed his eyes and let
himself sleep.





So, who wants to get recruited into their vampire clan!? Well
you CAN’T.

Lots more members will be recruited soon. Pretty soon everyone
you know and love will be in the big gay vampire gang. Fun times will be had by

If I was to be totally honest, this entire story was inspired
by Vampire Wars on facebook, my Daryn’s horrible influence, and my deep desire
to make fun of Twilight. More to come.

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