The Recruiters

BY : sephcounttheways
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Cloud entered the pub, walking past the lewd gazes of the
perverts and the whores alike. A pretty, fresh young thing like him should have
been snapped up immediately for being out so late, but his air of confidence
and control kept most people at bay.

He was young, gorgeous, and the pinnacle of style. His hat
sat cocked on his head as though he just didn’t give a damn. And really, he

It wasn’t a pub full of people to him. It was a grocery store.
And a shitty one, at that.

Everyone smelled disgusting. Cloud put his elbow on his
chair and leaned back, wondering if he’d come on a bad night. He was hungry,
though. He could always just take…whatever.

But he’d been reading a lot of sacred text lately – as
useless as it was – and considered his body to be a temple. No yucky whores or
smelly drunks for him. Plus, it was easy. There was no sport in paying a
prostitute to get her alone, or sneaking into an orphanage, or pushing his ass
out for some old pervert to take some bait. It got boring.

Of course, Sephiroth and Genesis had already eaten a couple
of upstanding businessmen who happened to be caught outside too late. They got
the strong ones, the wealthy ones, the ones who actually put up a fight to hold
on to life.

Then, they’d take Cloud down to the smut district to find an
easy meal.

Cloud wanted some danger, sometimes. A hunter, maybe, or a
serial killer. Someone with the will to live, someone who wasn’t going to
struggle for one brief moment before jumping headfirst into oblivion just to escape
their miserable, poverty stricken lives. These people? They were practically
begging to die.

Genesis and Sephiroth found his hunger for action more cute
than anything. They would hear none of it, telling him he was still too young
to play games with his food.

“Hello,” came a friendly voice.

Cloud turned to see the barmaid being respectfully distant.
He stared at her, wondering what she wanted.

“…Do you need me to get you anything?” she prompted when
Cloud didn’t speak.

He almost laughed at himself. People came to these places to
eat and drink; of course she would try to offer him something. He’d been so
lost in brooding thought that he forgot himself, “Nothing for me, thanks. I’m
waiting for a friend.”

She smiled at him. “A lady friend?”

He smiled back. “No ma’am. Just a friend.”

She seemed to perk up at that. Cloud regarded her sturdy
frame carefully. She had strong thighs, and rather muscular arms for a lady.
She probably had to be strong to work in a place like this. He put an elbow on
the bar and watched her work.

She also had lovely eyes. Full, pink mouth. A curtain of
dark hair. A heavy handful of tits. She was beautiful, and Cloud both envied
and pitied that beauty. Her clothing and her demeanor made her blend into the
disgusting backdrop of shameless hedonism. It was slow suicide to live in a
place like this, and her beauty would be brief. Eventually, she’d be a hideous
old maid, just like the rest.

Unless of course, he took the liberty of preserving that
beauty for her.

She was well aware of his watchful eyes, and met them here
and there throughout the night. He became more forward, smiling when she looked
his way. She would stop when she could and tell him a story about her job. He
asked lots of questions, flattering her, letting her talk to her heart’s
content until work pulled her away again.

Finally the early morning came around, and she cleared the
bar out. Except for Cloud.

“You want to stay a while? I have to clean up but… it’s nice
having someone here to talk to.”

“Sure,” he smiled. “My friend will regret that he stood me
up when I tell him about you.”

She grinned as she locked the door, lowered the blinds and
began to blow out lanterns. “…Well, it’s a good thing that he didn’t show up. I
would never have been able to talk to you.”

“Maybe it’s destiny,” Cloud said softly, lowering his voice
so she would draw closer to be able to hear him.

“Destiny?” she asked with a doubtful smile.

“I love to think about destiny,” Cloud confided. “I think
everything happens for a reason and falls into place just as it should.”

“What about free will?” she argued.

“That’s what’s so interesting about destiny. It could be
your free will to… come over here. But do you think destiny already designed
itself around that choice?”

Her brown eyes were large and sparkling, and she slowly made
her way to stand between Cloud’s spread knees on the stool. “…It’s my free will
to be right here.”

“And it’s destiny that I’m right here,” Cloud
murmured, and ran a hand through her hair. She reacted immediately, and pressed
her chest to his.

“You think you’re clever,” she hissed suddenly, her eyes
narrowed. “You’re just another rich, educated brat, aren’t you?”

“Not rich,” he said slyly. “But educated and bratty could be

She laughed softly, trapping him with her body. “I like

“I’ve enjoyed your company as well,” Cloud agreed. She
leaned in to kiss him, but Cloud turned his face. He easily took control and
tilted her head, kissing her neck chastely before settling comfortably against her
for his meal.

He was only able to sink his teeth in halfway before she
pushed him back.

“Ow!” she scolded, holding her neck. “How dare you mark
me? You don’t own me!”

Cloud was stricken speechless. He quickly attempted to
recover, “Dear lady, I – ”

“I’m not some whore you can just tear apart! I have a
father, and now I have to go home with your teeth marks on my neck! Get out of
here, you selfish prick!”

Cloud stood up and tried to collect her, but was shocked with
a punch straight to his eye.

“Let go of me!” she screamed, and punched his swollen eye

Cloud’s vision swam, but his heart raced with adrenaline and
excitement. She had her fist poised, ready to strike if he came any closer. He
was slightly crouched, looking for an opening to get past her formidable

He decided to just jump. He must have been fast, because he
was already behind her when she realized he’d moved. He wrapped his arms around
her waist, trapping her arms. Then for the hell of it, he used his other hand
to feel greedily across her ample bosom.

She fought against him hard enough to bring him up off his
feet. He yanked her back against him and found himself laughing in delight. He
sank his teeth again into her neck, easily finding the holes he’d already made.
He’d at least respect her wishes and mark her as little as possible.

She hissed in pain and continued to struggle. He had a bit
of her hair in his mouth as he drank, but it was the best he’d had in a long
while. Her blood was hot, pumping fast, and sweet as candy.

Her struggle became slower, and her angry fists loosened.
Cloud drank until there was no life left in her, and gently put her on the
ground. She looked graceful and lovely in death as she had in life.

“Destiny wins,” he told her dead body decisively. Feeling
horny and naughty, he whistled as he made his way to the money jar. He filled
his pockets with the contents, and took a bottle of gin. Genesis liked the

He strolled happily out the side door, which had yet to be
locked. He smiled and continued to whistle when he found Genesis and Sephiroth
waiting for him.

“Brought you a present,” Cloud said happily, and shook the

“Yum!” Genesis caught it and sniffed at it appreciatively.

Sephiroth was less than happy however. “Your eye!”

Cloud figured he had a black eye and shrugged. “She was a little
tougher than I thought.”

Sephiroth put an arm around him and gave his forehead a
kiss. “My poor little boy.”

Cloud smiled at the gentle endearment, but couldn’t help
feeling that some of the wind was taken out of his sails. He didn’t want to be
patronized. He’d just fed and it had been difficult and violent… all he wanted
to do was have his legs shoved apart and fucked until it hurt.

He knew Sephiroth couldn’t help but fret and worry over him,
and he’d given Genesis gin, which was like giving a kitten catnip. So he
squeezed Sephiroth’s thigh as they walked.

“…You know what I want to do right now?”

Sephiroth smirked. “Get an ice pack?”

Cloud let that slide. “No… I want you inside me. Now.” Cloud
stopped and threw himself against the alley wall, pulling Sephiroth with him.
He smiled and slithered against Sephiroth’s frame. “Fuck me.”

Sephiroth kissed him tenderly, which was the opposite
of what Cloud needed. “Baby… I didn’t carry oil. Let’s get home, then we can

“I don’t want it,” Cloud hissed, becoming impatient. “Fuck
me raw…”

Sephiroth seemed to consider saying no. But Cloud was
already unbuttoning his pants and turning around, and there were limits to his
self-control. He looked at that round ass presented to him, and the pretty eyes
that pleaded with him. He looked for Genesis, who was already halfway down the
block with his nose in the bottle.

He threw caution to the wind and spat in his hand several
times. He pressed two fingers carefully into Cloud.

“No Seph! Now!”

Sephiroth suddenly grabbed Cloud’s mouth with his gloved
hand and didn’t give him a moment to prepare before he shoved in. It could have
been faster or harder, but just the fact that he was just doing it for
once made Cloud shudder in ecstasy. He immediately began to push back against
him, groaning behind Sephiroth’s glove.

Morning was well on its way, and the shameless desire Cloud
was displaying prompted Sephiroth to beat his hips against his pretty, willing
ass. The grown man inside the young boy’s body roared in delight and it echoed
off the alley walls.

“Yes!” Cloud cried as Sephiroth drilled against his
prostate. Fuck decorum, in this part of town he could be loud if he wanted to.
His knees became weak as pleasure bled through his senses, and he reached
behind to grab onto Sephiroth’s clothes.

“Does fighting turn baby on?” Sephiroth asked breathlessly,
wrapped an arm around Cloud’s chest to hold him in place. He gripped one of
Cloud’s asscheeks with the other hand and dug his nails in.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Cloud hissed, glaring at Sephiroth over his
shoulder. “Harder, please, harder…”

That was a wish Sephiroth wouldn’t grant. He was at the peak
of how rough he could be with Cloud. Lately Cloud had been this way, wanting to
be roughed up, begging to be bitten, spanked, fucked, tortured, owned.
Sephiroth indulged him in what he could, but half hoped this was a phase that
would pass.

But for Cloud it wasn’t just sex. He was longing to be their
equal, to be treated as though he could withstand what pain they could inflict.
Sephiroth dominated Genesis often, sometimes making him pass out from the
mixture of pleasure and pain he could produce. Why couldn’t he just give that
to Cloud? So what if he was hurt? So what?

The past August Cloud had turned seventy-two. He still felt
human enough that he felt that age should have bought him an old timer’s
respect. But Sephiroth and Genesis still treated him like a teenage boy, only
because he looked like one. He would never find it in himself to feel
ungrateful for the gift of their love, but was left needing the gift of their respect.

“C’mon Seph, harder!” Cloud begged, scratching at the brick


Cloud’s back arched up with that stoic command, “Fuck,
please! Please? I’m gonna come! Please! Please!

Sephiroth gave in and hammered behind him. But it was clear
that he was still holding back.

But it was enough to send Cloud into a shivering, intense
eruption. He splattered his semen against the wall, and suddenly Sephiroth
pulled out and let himself go near their feet. He was being kind in not making
Cloud walk the rest of the way home with liquid running down his thighs.

“Oh fuck,” Cloud panted as he pulled up his pants, and then
tugged Sephiroth’s tie to bring him close for a kiss. “I love you.”

Sephiroth rubbed his nose, cold in the early morning autumn
air. “I love you, too.”

Genesis was waiting at the mouth of the alley, smiling at
the both of them. “All set, pumpkins?”

Cloud blushed very slightly at his own animalistic display,
but knew damn well that Genesis agreed with him about Sephiroth’s coddling. He
wished Genesis would speak to him on his behalf, but knew that Genesis never
helped when he wasn’t asked.

It was difficult to say, though. Especially when he loved
Sephiroth dearly… he just wanted to be loved in a different kind of way, for

Sephiroth had a strut in his step as he led the others back
to their current dwelling. They’d moved four times already, but always in the
same sort of structures. Windowless, secure and secret. They were always cool
and dark during the day, providing a safe, cozy haven. They mugged their
victims to have money for the essentials – clothes.

And of course, the small accoutrements that made their space
a home. Candles, comfy bedsheets, soft-feathered pillows, lovely artwork,
interesting books, and supplies for lovemaking and fantasy play.

They spent a lot on making each home special, even though
most of their belongings were completely abandoned with each move. It broke
Cloud’s heart at first, but Genesis and Sephiroth were always excited about new
beginnings. A new bed, a new space, new furniture, new clothes, a new life.

Cloud had cried during the first move, wanting to pack and
bring his things with them. He grew up poor, he wasn’t used to owning things,
let alone leaving them all behind. But he became used to the lifestyle, and
felt the same sort of anticipation when they traveled to a new place.

Their current residence was in stone library. One of the
wings had been boarded off, and was a storage place for taboo publications. Off
to the side, they had discovered a large, nearly hidden room behind an iron
door. With a little sprucing up, the place was cozy and lovely. They could also
lock it from the inside, which was a major plus.

And being surrounded by ancient scriptures describing
tantric sex and exotic perversions only fueled Cloud’s desires.






Every few years, Genesis took a business trip to
headquarters. He refused to bring his lovers along, only because they were both
still so young. Usually to access Hell, a personal visit from Satan was
required first, and neither Sephiroth nor Cloud had gotten that particular
visit yet.

Sephiroth was impatiently waiting for his turn to become a
real, active vampire. But Genesis usually came back with gifts, so Cloud never
felt put out, although he also looked forward to the day when he could
transcend dimensions.

Genesis was actually glad that he was called in to the
headquarters for business at this particular time. It was make or break for
Cloud, the point in his life where he needed to let go entirely of his
humanity. He seemed to be attempting to adopt the habits of older men, and it
just didn’t work for him.

It was a little heartbreaking to see the baby vampire
looking in the mirror for wrinkles that would never be there, insisting there
were bags under his eyes when there were none. They didn’t scold Cloud, and let
him search his tight teenage body in the mirror for liver spots and sagging.
He’d get past this difficult mental hurtle, and then there would come a
wonderful era of relaxation and rejoicing.

Sephiroth had acted the same way around his 100-year mark.
He was mentally anticipating a death that wasn’t coming, or at least some sort
of physical change. The truth was, at well over 400, Sephiroth was as gorgeous,
lively and radiant as they day Genesis had found him. Even more so as he slowly
shed his shyness and began to enjoy the world around him in a real, social way.

Genesis had packed a small bag while the other two were
still asleep. Cloud stirred, hearing his lover moving around the room and
called for him. “…Gen.”

He smiled at the soft call and answered it with a whisper as
he knelt down by him on the bed. “Yes?”

“How long will you be gone this time?” he sighed, sitting up
a little.

“Just a couple of days.”

“You’ll come back, right?” Cloud teased, leaning against his

Genesis kissed the top of his head. “As soon as possible to
return to you, ducky.”

Cloud turned his head and kissed him fully, drawing him
closer. “I’ll miss you.”

“Oh please,” Genesis kissed his noisily and pulled away with
a chuckle. “I’m sure it’s nice to get some time alone with Seph.”

Cloud’s mouth tightened. “He’s even more like a mother
hen when you’re not around.”

“You should just sit him down, and talk to him. Hinting
isn’t getting you anywhere.”

Cloud glanced at Sephiroth where he lay, gently snoring next
to him. “It’s almost impossible. He makes this big, wet green eyes at me and
tells me he does it because he loves me, and I just fall to pieces.”

“You must be firm,” Genesis nodded. “I need to hurry,
sweetness. Just talk to him, and I’ll be home soon.”

Cloud nodded and settled back into bed, curling behind
Sephiroth. Genesis walked around and moved his silver hair from his face to
kiss him, then picked up his bag. “Tell him I left a note by the sink.”

And then Genesis disappeared in a small strobe of white
light. Sephiroth dozed on, and Cloud shifted up to look at him. He really could
not love this man more, and his heart almost ached as he watched him sleep.

He wasn’t looking forward to spilling his guts about his
unmet needs, especially when Sephiroth tried so hard. He smirked then, having
an idea of what might make the conversation go a lot more smoothly.

Cloud ducked his head beneath the blanket and gently guided
Sephiroth flat onto his back. His cock was soft between his legs, and Cloud
easily slurped it into his mouth. He suckled softly, smiling around it when he
felt Sephiroth’s hips move in his sleep and the thick, soft organ began to fill
out in his mouth.

A hand crept beneath the blanket to cup Cloud’s head, and
Sephiroth began to speak in a mixture of yawns and confused sleep talk. Cloud
slowed, letting his lips tightly caress the semi-hard inches in his mouth. He
let it go in favor of tonguing his lover’s balls, feeling their shape through
soft skin.

“Cloud,” Sephiroth finally said coherently, a smile clearly
heard in his voice.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard after all, if Cloud could just
be aggressive about it. Aggression bred aggression. He was through asking for
it, and ready to just take it from Sephiroth whether he wanted to play rough or

Cloud sucked hard, and inwardly celebrated when Sephiroth
nearly arched right off the mattress. He let out a deep growl and fisted Cloud’s
hair, pulling him up. 

Cloud came up with a loud pop, causing Sephiroth to shudder
in a fit of way too intense pleasure that bordered on pain. He laughed softly
at the sight of Cloud climbing up out of the covers with a sharp, feral little

He poked Cloud’s nose. “Slow down.”

“No!” Cloud grinned, crawling friskily up onto Sephiroth’s
lap. “Lay back…”

Sephiroth sighed and did as he was asked, and was startled when
Cloud dropped down onto his erection. It wasn’t even fully awake yet, and
neither was Sephiroth. “Really, slow down.”

“I can’t…” Cloud hissed, pressed further down. “I need all
your hot meat inside me right now.”

Sephiroth instantly became hysterical. He was totally
helpless against a gale of adoring laughter, and flung his elbow over his eyes
to completely give in to it.

Cloud frowned darkly, and paused on top of him. “…Is it that
funny that I want you to fuck me?”

“Yes,” Sephiroth nodded under his arm. He took one look at
Cloud’s sweet, annoyed little face and began to laugh all over again.

“Fine!” Cloud announced, and slid off of Sephiroth’s lap. He
felt so utterly humiliated and rejected that he immediately went to his clothes
and began to jerk them on.

Sephiroth’s laughter died down to smug giggles, and he
rolled onto his side. “Come on, get back here. You don’t have to be like that.”

“Fuck you!” Cloud said pointedly. “I’ve been patient enough,
and I can’t take it anymore!”

Sephiroth let the curse slide off his back, because he was
far more concerned with the second half of Cloud’s response. “…Take what
anymore, baby?”

“Don’t call me that!” Cloud shouted suddenly, so angry that
his hands shook and prevented him from fastening the buttons of his shirt. “I’m
so sick of you calling me that!”

Sephiroth was perplexed. “What’s wrong with me calling you

“I’m not a baby!” Cloud continued to shout. “I’m a
man, Sephiroth! Men don’t like to be called babies. And they don’t like being
laughed out of bed, either!”

“I’m sorry I laughed Cloud, but you were being absolutely

Cloud’s hands dropped to his sides. “Why is it ridiculous to
want to be passionate with you?! If Genesis had said the exact same thing,
you’d be enjoying each other right now. When I say it, you laugh at me! Why do
you have to be so condescending!?”

“I’m not condescending,” Sephiroth argued, his spark of
concern quickly growing into a flame of anger. “But I think Genesis is the only
one who can get away with that ‘hot meat’ line.”

“You’re an asshole!” Cloud proclaimed, working faster to get
his clothes on.

Sephiroth was bored with this fight already, “You’ve really
got to get over this rut you’re in of being so disapproving of me. I’m not
doing anything wrong to you.”

“You’re not doing anything right, either,” Cloud
muttered, hurting Sephiroth in ways he couldn’t comprehend in his angered state
of mind. He didn’t even look to see the shocked expression on his lover’s face,
he just dropped to the floor to pull on his boots. “Just because I look this
way doesn’t mean I need to be cuddled, and handled like a fucking child.”

“You love cuddling!” Sephiroth angrily pointed out.

“That’s not the point!”

“Well what is the point?” Sephiroth asked, his voice
beginning to rise.

“Why can’t you respect me like you respect Genesis!?”

“You’re not Genesis,” Sephiroth answered without thinking
his wording through.

Cloud’s hands stopped in tying his laces. “…So this is how
it is, then? You and Genesis, with me underneath? Always?”

“You know I didn’t mean it like that,” Sephiroth rose from
the bed, pulling the sheets around his waist. It was something Cloud had never
seen him do. “But you can’t expect me to treat you like you’re someone else. I
fell in love with you Cloud, not just another Genesis. I love you.”

Cloud slowly resumed in tying his boots. “You fell in love
with a sixteen year old child, and that’s what you want…forever. No matter how
I change inside, or what I want or need, I’m just your little toy?”

“Fucking Christ, Cloud,” Sephiroth growled. “It’s no use
talking to you if you’re just gonna twist everything I say!”

“Everything you’re saying is telling me that you’re a
selfish bastard!” Cloud accused, jerking knots into his laces. “Is it too much
to ask to get roughed up a little by the people I love? To be able to choose my
own conquests without your prior approval? To go out on my own once in a while
without you breathing down my neck!? I’m like your slave without any of the
kinky benefits!”

“Go, then,” Sephiroth said bluntly. “You don’t want me
around you? Then get the fuck out of here. I hope someone breaks your neck –
ignorant little shit.”

Cloud stared up at him, his blue eyes large and round with

“Go!” Sephiroth shouted. Cloud jumped like a startled cat to
his feet, and couldn’t stop a waterfall of tears that sprang from his eyes.
Sephiroth smirked smugly. “Such a big, tough man you are.”

“Fuck you! They’re angry tears!” Cloud protested, wiping

“I don’t even want to look at you,” Sephiroth muttered,
turning away angrily.

“I don’t want to look at you either!” Cloud jabbed
uselessly, desperately trying to dry his face as he stalked to the door. “I
hate you!”

“Then get the fuck out!” Sephiroth called after him, then
heard the door slam.

He dropped the sheet to the floor and kicked it fruitlessly.
He then stalked to the bathroom, and found a piece of parchment held down by
Genesis’ makeup kit. Sephiroth picked it up and read.

Dear Sephiroth

You’re so pretty when you sleep that I just couldn’t wake
you to say goodbye. Take care of the angel, he’s being a little moody but you
know how it is sometimes. Why don’t you take his mind off of everything, take
him out and have some fun tonight. Do you want me to bring you home a new pet,
a new book, or a new hairbrush? Think your response, I’ll hear it. Always
listening and loving – Genesis.

Sephiroth reached out to Genesis with his mind, revealing
his mistakes. He knew Genesis would hear him, but was useless in sending any
comfort back to him.

He lit the lamp underneath the bathtub and waited for the
water to heat up.






Sephiroth squinted desperately as he looked out the door to
their home for the thousandth time. The windows in the library’s taboo room
were caked with dust, but they still revealed the blinding light of dawn. It
would be suicide to go out… but Cloud was still out there. Did he know
what time it was? Was he somewhere safe enough? Was he hiding in a place that
would too easily reveal him to the sun, or humans?

The time had come when he needed to close the door for the
day. Sephiroth’s heart was pounding in terror, and he called out, “Cloud! If
you can hear me, just stay where you are!”

He slammed the door shut against the blinding early morning
light, and locked it. But what if Cloud approached, trying to get in? It was
dangerous and went against everything Genesis had taught him since their life
together began… but Sephiroth left the door unlocked, and unbarred.

But even with it unlocked, he still couldn’t shake the soul
sickening feeling that he’d closed Cloud outside. He sank to the floor and held
his head in his hands, trembling in regret, fear, and heartbreak. Cloud should
have known that it was just an argument, and that no disagreement or harsh words
would ever mean that he shouldn’t come home.

Sephiroth had gone out, purposely avoiding places he knew
Cloud liked to go. He had eaten his fill, enjoyed the evening in a lonely sort
of way, and then had come home hoping to speak to Cloud and apologize. But he
wasn’t there. As the early hours passed, Sephiroth became more and more
worried… and then it became impossible for him to do anything at all but sit
and wait.

Cloud could be gone, forever. Sephiroth slammed his eyes
shut. He’d never personally witnessed what happened to a vampire that was
caught in the daylight, but Genesis had told him. It was a long, suffering
death, a fire inside that nothing could put out. Not even a shadow was good
enough to conceal oneself in.

If a vampire looked at the sun, it was over. Sephiroth
sobbed suddenly, thinking of Cloud in any sort of pain destroyed him. His mind
created a horrific symphony of that sweet voice wailing in agony, and there was
nothing he could do to stop it from replaying in his mind over and over.

“Genesis…” Sephiroth moaned out, knowing that there was
nothing Genesis could do to help. It was daylight out. Nothing more could happen
for at least twelve hours. 

And for a creature with eternity stretched in front of him,
those twelve hours passed by like eons.






When the blue hue of dawn peeked on the horizon, Cloud had
found himself trapped at the other side of the city.

He’d been feeding on drunks all night long, stumbling around
as happy as can be. He’d gotten into a fight with a handsy gentleman, and had
flirted and feasted his way through the pub scene.

But the light of dawn quickly sobered him. He knew there was
no making it across the city in time to reach their hideaway, not a chance. He
considered traveling underground, but the dangers outweighed the benefits. He
would be closer to home, but still in a place where he could possibly be

Genesis had taught him what to do in case of an emergency
like this. The only safe place to hide was a church. Inner chapel, preferably
in a confessional since they lock from the inside and are impossible to open
from the outside. 

Cloud attempted to make himself as presentable as possible
as he entered the nearest cathedral. It was difficult in thigh high leather
boots but he managed to get through the dark, stone building to the rear chapel
without incident.

The windows in the chapel were tiny, but still posed a
threat. Cloud knocked on the confessional door, and opened it when nobody
answered. He slipped inside, and just as Genesis promised, there was a small
lock. Cloud bolted himself inside securely.

Once he was safe, his thoughts cleared the rest of the
alcohol-laced blood from his brain. Sephiroth. His lover would be so worried…
Cloud tucked his knees under his chin and allowed himself to cry.

In hindsight, Sephiroth was right to laugh at his cheesy
sexual advances. He was such a fantastic lover, an incredible partner, and the
best cuddler in the world. Cloud realized with a sick feeling that he was
acting like the most monumental prick in the world, lately. He was being
ungrateful, rude, and mean. He was acting exactly like the moody,
rebellious teenager he claimed not to be.

Cloud sniffed, composing an apology for his sweet prince
when he would finally be able to go to him. Then he squeaked and shot up
straight when the door to his hideaway began to rattle.

“Hello?” came an even toned voice from the other side.
“Who’s in there?”

“Father… Cloud?” Cloud answered shakily. “It’s um… my early
confessional shift.”

“You must be mistaken Brother, I have the shift before my
mass,” the kind voice corrected from the other side.

“Um, no. I’m new here and uh,” Cloud swallowed, “my God told
me that I need to stay in here for twelve hours, guiding others to repent for my
own prior sins.”

“…I see,” the priest said uncertainly. “But if you’re
repenting, shouldn’t I be in that seat, and you be in the other side?”

“Oh God!” Cloud shouted. “Oh dear heavenly Father, forgive
me for all the hard, beefy cock I’ve sucked in my sinful life! Load after load
landed on my tongue when it should have been worshipping you, oh Father!”

Cloud stopped praying when he heard footsteps finally
skitter away. He relaxed against the panel of the wall and closed his eyes,
hoping for sleep to erase the next few hours from his consciousness.

But it was hard to sleep when old people kept coming in and
telling him about their problems. Cloud didn’t want to get kicked out of the
box, so he put on his deepest and most understanding voice. It became his rule
of thumb to tell every single person to perform twenty Hail Mary’s – somewhere

There was a lull in traffic long enough for Cloud to doze
off entirely, but he awoke to a voice that was already speaking. He could tell
it was a young boy’s voice, and it was prodding him gently.

“- you there? Father?”

“I am here, my child,” Cloud answered, hiding his yawn. “God
is listening.”

“Please forgive me. It’s been a week since my last confession,”
the young voice answered.

“God forgives all,” Cloud shrugged, hoping his priest
routine wasn’t too far from the real thing. “So um, how was your week?”

“Better than last week. I’ve been able to come to church
every single day. And I helped my daddy in the store. And I didn’t say any

Cloud smiled. “Well it sounds like you’re an excellent
soldier for Christ.”

“I did one thing, though,” the child admitted. “I thought
something bad.”

“Thoughts are powerful. You’d better tell me what it was,”
Cloud prodded, wanting the kid to leave so he could get some sleep.

The child spoke in an awed tone, “Father, I’ve been coming
to church every day that I can. Some days I don’t feel well enough to walk, so
I have to stay home – but even if I do I read my dad’s Bible. But…”

“But what?” Cloud prodded.

“…But it’s not doing any good. I keep getting sicker, and my
mommy keeps being sad all the time.”

Fuck. Cloud thought sadly, closing his eyes. “…What
ails you, my child?”

The little boy was quiet for a moment before finally saying,
“Too many black humors. The doctor cut into my tummy and I bled for a long
time, but it didn’t help. I just got sicker and it’s hard to walk in the

“…I’m sorry to hear that.”

“And I keep asking Jesus and Mary to make me feel better,
but they won’t. And sometimes I think they’re not real, because they won’t help
me even though I try my best to be good.”

Cloud suddenly wished he’d never used this goddamn place as
a hideout for the day. He could handle hearing about theft, murder, sloth, lies
and scandalous sex… but a sick little kid? He felt silent tears roll down his
cheeks. Maybe if he weren’t feeling so tired and vulnerable he could have
handled it, but fuck. He couldn’t deal. “In the Kingdom of Heaven, there will
be no more sickness. Do good works on this Earth while you can, and continue to
be a little soldier for Christ. You’ll know nothing but love for all of

“Are you sure?” the little boy asked.

“I promise,” Cloud nodded. “Do you like coming to church?”

“It’s the only place I can go,” the little child said sadly.
“I’m too sick to go to school or ride ponies with my friends like I used to.
I’m not allowed to have friends, or play anymore.”

“You should work at this church,” Cloud advised. “Tell them
that Father Cloud recommends you for an altar boy position. We need people just
like you here. And it’s fun! You’ll make lots of friends.”

“Wow!” the little kid gasped. “Thank you Father Cloud!”

“You’re welcome. What’s your name, my child?”


“Well Zack, go find a deacon and ask him to tell you about becoming
a helper in the church. I need to stay in here for the day and… repent people.
So you go run along.”

“I don’t have to repent for doubting God?”

“No,” Cloud answered solemnly. “You’re doing enough.”

The little boy left, silence followed. Cloud curled up on
his seat, needing Sephiroth. He closed his eyes, imagining that at that very
moment he could be in bed with him, nude and curled up under a warm blanket.

Instead he was trapped in fucking confessional of all
things. He was able to keep time due to the cathedral’s bells, and knew he was
stuck for at least another four hours. He just hoped Sephiroth would take him
back after his rotten attitude lately, that horribly pointless argument, and
his own stupidity at staying out all night long.






Sephiroth had his hand on the door for at least ten minutes
before he knew he could safely open it. He waited impatiently, knowing he was
going to be partially blinded by the fading rays of the sun but just not

Sephiroth eventually growled, “Screw it.”

He closed his eyes and opened the door as blinding light
came through. And with it, a squeaking bird. Sephiroth huffed, hardly caring
about some stupid animal. But when it came straight for him, he realized it was
not a bird at all.

It was a fuzzy little impish creature with bat wings. He was
carrying a folded piece of paper that was almost as big as he was. It cooed,
“Mr. Rhapsodos sent this for you.”

Sephiroth took the paper and closed the door on the
remaining sunlight. He swallowed, not wanting to see the contents. What if it
was Genesis telling him Cloud was gone, not to bother looking for him and to trade
his worrying for grieving.

Cloud meant the world to Sephiroth. He was his lover, his
child, his brother, his friend, a part of an equation that made up who
Sephiroth was. His heart sped as he desperately read Genesis’ letter as
fast as he could, wanting the news to tear his heart in two quickly instead of

STOP WORRYING. He hid in the Cathedral in the slums. He’s
in the priest’s confessional booth in the rear chapel. I wish I could be home
tonight, but it has to be tomorrow night.

Sephiroth never knew such relief in his entire life. He sent
a million thank you’s and apologies to Genesis in his mind, but after that made
a serious mental effort not to reach out to Genesis anymore. After this hellish
night of worry, his poor redhead was probably as exhausted as he was.

Sephiroth opened the door and let the little delivery imp
flutter out, happily noting that the rays of the sun had lowered to a tolerable






Cloud woke up out of discomfort. His neck was stiff, and his
butt was sore from sitting on it all day. He blinked blearily in the dim
candlelight and wondered what the time was. He shifted on the seat, pulling his
knees up towards himself.

He just wanted to go home. All the charm and intrigue of
being in this place was long gone, and Cloud began to cry for the umpteenth
time. Hot tears fell from his sore eyes, and he wished the damn bells would
ring so he could know what time it was, and make his way home to Sephiroth.

Cloud quieted his tears when he heard someone enter the
booth. He wanted to just ignore them, but he also didn’t want to be thrown out
of the box. Priests had knocked a few times throughout the day, and Cloud had
managed to convince them to let him stay. He knew they were getting fed up, but
without knowing the time, he had to play it safe.

He cleared his throat and tried sounding deep and concerned.
“What have you come to confess, my child?”

“I love you, baby.”

Cloud was frozen in shock for a moment until he began to
sob. His first instinct was to somehow fit through the tiny window, but he
decided to forego that for simply bursting out of the priest’s door and into
the confessor’s.

“I’m sorry!” he wailed, blinded by tears as he collided with
Sephiroth’s body.

Sephiroth closed the door and locked it, and pulled Cloud
into his lap. He rested his cheek on top of Cloud’s hair and began to rock him
slightly. “I’m sorry, too. I know I treat you like you’re a kid, but you’re
just so precious to me… I don’t know how else to be.”

“I love you exactly how you are!” Cloud sobbed. “I really
do! I didn’t mean not to come home!”

“I’ve never been more scared,” Sephiroth confessed, which
was ironic given their location. “You don’t understand what you mean to me, Cloud.
I can’t live without you.”

“This won’t happen again, never, ever. I love you so much,
and I could never live without you either…” Cloud then pulled away to look at
Sephiroth’s face. “I… couldn’t even get home on time without your help. I can’t
take care of myself like I thought I could… You were right all along.”

Sephiroth pressed his nose to Cloud’s. “From now on… instead
of just leading you, I’m going to teach you. You should know how to take care
of yourself… I might not be around to do it for you someday.”

“No!” Cloud sobbed again and hugged his neck tight. “You
always will be there, Seph. That’s not the reason why I’ve been feeling so…”

“Babied?” Sephiroth supplied, and kissed Cloud’s precious
hands while looking at his eyes. “And I’m sure it’s one of the reasons. Things
will change, I promise.”

Cloud felt immensely guilty. “Sephiroth… things don’t have
to change…”

“Don’t bullshit me, you want things to be different and I
know it’s time to let you go a little bit. Things will change, but they’ll be

Cloud smiled a little. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Sephiroth went to kiss him, but then hung
back. Cloud paused in slight confusion, before taking the initiative to push
forward and take it.

The simple act of letting him control a kiss meant worlds to

They kissed until Cloud decided it was time to go.
“I’m so tired… and hungry.”

“Let’s get something quick to eat, and go home.” Sephiroth
kissed him once again before opening the confessional door.

There were several priests standing there, staring at them
as they exited with flushed cheeks and swollen lips. One of the men cleared his
throat. “Are one of you the imposter who’s been in there all day, Father

Cloud and Sephiroth both looked at each other and played
perfectly dumb. Sephiroth shrugged a shoulder. “I’m not sure what you mean. We
were trying to confess our sins but nobody was in there to hear them. So, we
had no choice but to sin some more.”

The priest crossed his arms. “…Very well. Please come back
during our regular hours.”

Sephiroth nodded and quickly led Cloud out by the arm. “Why
didn’t you use a fake name?”

“I couldn’t think of one!” Cloud laughed. “Besides, it’s not
like I’ll be going there again.”






Cloud and Sephiroth arrived at home an hour later, full and
ready for bed. Cloud reveled in Sephiroth’s soft body as he kissed and touched
him all over. He laid his head on his broad shoulder and almost immediately
went to sleep.

The rude awakening came ten hours later.

Confusion and terror gripped his mind as he was jerked out
of bed by the elbow. He stumbled up onto his feet and opened his eyes, trying
to focus in the dim light.

”Genesis?” he mumbled, and blinked up at him. “…Gen…”

Genesis glared down at him, his jaw clenched tight. He
slapped Cloud across the face with enough force to send his naked body skidding
halfway across the room.

He came to a stop on the floor and shuddered in complete
shock. As soon as his brain caught up with the fact that Genesis was angry
with him, it was then able to register the fact that Genesis had just hit

He sat up and wearily looked over his shoulder at Genesis, who
was still glaring in the same eerily still, statue-esque way. Cloud’s eyes
flicked to Sephiroth, who was sitting up in bed with a perfect look of shock on
his angelic face. Cloud had never seen his eyes so wide and his mouth in such a
perfect circle, and it might have been funny if his other lover weren’t
eclipsing him with fury.

A tear stung Cloud’s fresh wound as his eyes began to water.
He sniffed once, and got to his feet. He was completely naked, but didn’t even
think about trying to cover himself – he never had that urge in front of his
lover, no matter how mad he might be.

And really… he had every right to be mad.

Genesis was his lover, his confidante, a piece to his soul.
And he stood there with wrath written plainly on his pretty doll face.

Cloud felt like he was a foot tall, but stood up straight.
“I’m sorry.”

Genesis’ mouth twitched. “You don’t even know how
terrified Seph was.”

Cloud’s eyes slowly moved to Sephiroth, who was still frozen
in shock on the bed. He shook his head in shame, and addressed Sephiroth
gently, “…I’m sorry.”

“And you acted like a complete bitch,” Genesis
crossed his arms. “Do you have anything other to say than ‘sorry’?”

Cloud searched himself, utterly embarrassed at his own
behavior. He shook his head again at Genesis. “…No. All I am is sorry. I was

“You’re forgiven,” Genesis decided carefully. He then
pointed to the floor in front of his feet. “Come here.”

Cloud approached very cautiously, until Genesis lost
patience and seized him, pulling him into a tight embrace. “You get it out of
your system?”

Cloud nodded against his neck. “Totally out of my system.”

“No more Mr. Tough Man routine?”

“No more,” Cloud said decisively.

“That’s too bad,” Genesis purred. “Men who’re strong enough
to admit when they’re wrong really turn me on…”

“Wha – ?” Cloud gasped when Genesis squeezed him tighter
into the embrace, a hand wandering over his smooth back.

He nipped Cloud’s ear. “I brought you a present…”

Cloud leaned back to look up at him with a mixture of suspicion
and anticipation. Genesis kissed the small bruise he’d made on his cheek and
opened his bag. He would usually tell Cloud to close his eyes when he came back
with gifts, but this time he made no production of it. He pulled out a length
of leather from his bag, attached to a shiny black handle.

Cloud’s mouth dropped open, and Genesis took the opportunity
to crack the riding crop against his boot. “…You mentioned wanting some hot

Damn! Genesis was the only one who could pull
off that line! Cloud licked his lips and nodded eagerly.

“What do you say?”

“Please?” Cloud squeaked, jumping when Genesis cracked the
crop again.

“What else do you say?”

“…Please, Master?” Cloud guessed.

Genesis had been fishing for one last apology, but master suited
him just fine. He smiled. “On the bed, bitch. Face down, ass up. Sephy, you
better move… you’re gonna be in the line of fire there.”

Sephiroth was still gaping with his eyes wide open.






Cloud winced a little as he landed, trying not to rub
against any of the sore spots on his ass. Just walking had been a major
challenge after the previous night, but it was well worth it.

His eyes fluttered in a tiny wave of lust just thinking
about it, but went back to the task at hand. He sucked in a breath as he got up
and leapt again. He had been making his way across the city by rooftop, it was
his first on a never-ending list of exercises. After reaming his ass all night
long, Sephiroth and Genesis had sat down (he laid on his stomach), and created
a checklist of abilities that every baby vampire should master in order to
become a bigger one.

This included jumping rooftops, scaling vertical walls,
being able to land safely on his feet from at least seven stories up, and be
able to lift a 250-pound dead man with ease.

Cloud had a long journey ahead if he was going to get into
top shape, and this was first on his list. The more skills he learned, the
better vampire he’d become. The better vampire he became, the more abilities he
could obtain. Maybe something really cool like Sephiroth’s gift of fire, or
Genesis’ mastery of mind manipulation.

Cloud jumped from roof to roof, and soon became severely
winded. He’d jumped all the way across town, and was bemused to realize he’d
ended up back at the same church he’d taken refuge in.

But being an advocate of destiny, Cloud knew there was no
such thing as a coincidence. And when he sat on the roof to catch a breath, he
heard voices from below.

“Thank you so much for your help tonight, Zack. We’re glad
you’re here, now! You’re going to be a great altar boy.”

“You’re welcome, Father!”

Cloud hid quickly, and then peeked out to see a little dark
haired boy scurry across the street. He immediately knew it was the same Zack
that had come to his confessional, and his heart became sore at the thought
that he had taken the advice to become a church worker.

The little thing had a skip in his step, and hurried home.
Cloud decided to follow, making sure that no leering eyes so much as considered
the sweet young boy. As soon as Zack safely entered a dwelling, Cloud was
satisfied. He continued watching, and smiled when a candle was lit upstairs,
and a woman began to help undress and tuck in the excitedly talking boy.

Cloud suddenly made a horrible face, and wondered if it was
creepy to be spying in such a way. He smirked when he realized he was being
just like Sephiroth… spying and looking out for him from such a young age. He
told Cloud the story many times with an almost paternal fondness… the story of
how an innocent attraction changed from adoration, and then… to love.

Cloud began to leap home one rooftop at a time, thinking
that perhaps he’d check up on Zack again sometime soon.





1 – Everyone has a period in their life of brooding and moodiness.
I thought that maybe for a vampire, the 80-year mark would be fitting for a
real teenage drama phase.

2 – Again with the Vampire Wars. What the fuck else do
vampires have to do but master missions like scaling walls and jumping
rooftops? They need some resistance training and cardio, just like us humans.

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