The Recruiters

BY : sephcounttheways
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Genesis drove the entire night without stopping in order to get them far away from Moscow. He drove fast, taking shady roads that no respectable person would dare take to put as much Earthly distance between his family and that angel cunt as he could.

He would work to never let those awful beings of light near his boys again. He was going insane replaying the event over and over in his mind, trying reconcile with his own sloppiness and lack of foresight. How could he have allowed Sephiroth to not only approach an angel, but to touch it and to actually bite it?

Maybe Genesis was distracted because Cloud had been cuddled behind him on the rooftop, thin fingers laced over his chest and breathing against his neck. Or was he hungry himself, and letting his eyes cruise over the moving crowd to select his own dinner? Or maybe he was just too content in the routine of their lives.

None of that seemed enough to explain why he hadn't recognized an enemy when he saw it. An angel should have stood out to him like the sun itself. Even the younger vampires should have been instinctually wary of her, especially Sephiroth who was so close to being inducted into Hell. They had all been foolish that night, and it was an ugly mark on an otherwise spotless record of discretion.

It made Genesis very carefully consider each member of his family, what their strengths and weaknesses were and how to better train them.

He had to drag some of Zack's psyche back from the other side, he would not survive for long if he didn't get some common sense into that chaotic pea brain of his. But on the positive side, Zack was physically powerful and very empathetically in tune with others.

When considering Cloud, Genesis couldn't deny that the smallest vampire was far inferior in physical strength to any of them, but he had managed to wake up the demon living in Zack. It was an interesting talent, and just a glimmer of what Cloud might someday be able to do... when feeding on humans, he might be able to wake up more demons. If there was more to this strange talent it had yet to show itself, but Cloud was going to be a late bloomer. In that, Cloud reminded Genesis a lot of himself.

Sephiroth didn't have any weaknesses that Genesis could classify as detrimental. He was always in control of his emotions, actions and thoughts. He was also strong, quick, and his elemental control of fire was a marvelous talent. Genesis wanted to push for Satan to initiate Sephiroth in Hell quickly, and hopefully break him further out of his shell of shyness. The prospect excited Genesis, and it would make their lengthy relationship a little more solid to know that they were going to be truly together forever, and on the same social level in Hell as they were on Earth.

When light flirted with the horizon, Genesis brought the horses to a stop near a public well with the intention to let them have a drink and rest for a moment before getting right back on the road. They weren't far enough, yet.

Before he even came down from the driver's seat, the door to the carriage flew open and Zack came spilling out.

"Where do you think you're going?" Genesis called with no intention of chasing him.

Zack was so excited to be free from the carriage that he lost the ability to speak, and instead began running in frantic laps around the entire well site. Cloud was next to emerge, and began to inspect the area in a calmer, but no less youthfully energetic fashion. He trotted over to the resting horses and immediately gave both of them a hug.

"Draw some water for them, will you baby?" Genesis asked, too weary to manage the task himself as he stiffly slid out of the driver's seat. "There's also a little box of produce under the seat if you'd like to feed them."

"Okay!" Cloud chirped, attacking the task with vigorous glee.

Sephiroth came down from the carriage last and approached Genesis with open arms. "Are you alright?"

"Are you?" Genesis smiled, running his hands all over Sephiroth's broad back and strong arms through his clothes. Once he'd felt enough of his body, he grabbed Sephiroth into a tight hug. "I missed you."

"I've been right here all night."

"Knowing you're only a few inches away isn't the same as touching you." Genesis then kissed Sephiroth as deeply as his gratitude to everything in the Universe that they were together again safely. It took a few moments for him to be satisfied, and even then it was hard to pull back. He asked again, "Are you alright?"

"Of course," Sephiroth told him, trying to both be tender and to worm out of his lover's embrace. Even though he was just as relieved to be close to him, he wanted to spare Genesis the unpleasantness of a person who hadn't been able to practice any real hygiene in three days. "My ass is killing me, though. This carriage has no fucking suspension."

"Best I could do in a hurry, love," Genesis cupped his lover's sore ass tenderly and pulled him closer, breathing in his scent and not giving a fuck about his hygiene.

Cloud watched with a silent smile as his lovers properly reunited. He was gingerly feeding the horses little over-ripe bits of carrot and celery as he called to them, "Where are we going?"

"That way," Genesis answered, sleepily pointing to the darkest part of the sky. On the opposite end, purplish light was quickly gathering. "We're going southwest. We'll lose some of our dark hours, but I'm so tired of snow ten months out of the year."

"Hungry!" Zack cried in passing, galloping in laps around the well and carriage before he stopped and sniffed the air. He dropped down to his hands and knees and began to burrow in the ground.

"What are you doing, Zack?... ah fuck it." Genesis flapped a hand in his direction, giving up. "We can worry about baths when we stop tomorrow night. For now we have to keep going."

"All day?" Cloud's breath rushed out in excitement. "Really?"

"We're going to have the human drive?" Sephiroth assumed.

"Why not? He didn't put up much of a fight, did he?" Genesis observed.

"None at all," Cloud agreed, wiping his saliva-slick hand off on the horse's hide. "He seems excited about all of this, and says he's never had an adventure before. I like him!"

"When are we going to get rid of him?" Sephiroth asked.

"For the time being, we should think of him as... our assistant." Genesis took Sephiroth's hand and drew him closer to Cloud, lowering his voice. "I think if that angel cunt is allowed to pull humans into some ridiculous witch hunt after our kind... we should be able to use a human for our purposes, too. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a real house, for once? Not some stinking hole somewhere that we make tolerable."

"How?" Cloud asked.

"He's a human, and he's got a profession. When we find a place to settle, it can be underneath his new shop with no chance of being discovered. I see some stability with a human's help. And of course, Zack's coming a long way in his progress towards becoming a sentient being, again..."

Zack was currently eating earthworms out of the ground.

Cloud giggled and called to him. "Do those taste good, Zack? You're going to make yourself sick!"

The demon popped up to his knees and shrugged with a smile, letting his tongue hang out to show insect remnants.

"Well, right now is not the best time to illustrate this point, but you know what I'm saying. The human helps Zack," Genesis continued. "It'll be like having a nanny live with us. And if for some reason things become uncomfortable and it doesn't work out... we get rid of him."

"It's a lot of trust to put in someone we don't really know," Sephiroth sighed, crossing his arms as he watched Zack play in the dirt. "I don't like trusting anyone but you two. Nobody else is worth the time."

"How would you know?" Genesis asked. "You don't even deign to speak with humans, even when it's polite."

"I don't have to be polite."

"Of course you don't, beautiful." Genesis told him through pursed lips and baby talk, pressing them tenderly against Sephiroth's chin. "I wouldn't suggest this plan if I thought Angeal presented the slightest threat to you or our little ones. What do you think of all this, Cloud?"

Cloud smiled softly, twirling his long fingers through the horses' mane. "He might be the perfect human for us to keep."

"You just wanna see him naked," Genesis accused.

"As soon as possible!" Cloud bit his lower lip against a fierce smile. "I had no idea he was so handsome! All this time I was picturing a gross, hairy, icky caveman."

"I told you he was hot. You don't trust my judgment?" Genesis huffed.

"You're from an era when cavemen were hot," Cloud giggled, ducking a good natured whack from the ancient redhead.

"He's too accepting of the situation," Sephiroth narrowed his eyes in thought. "It makes me wonder - "

Genesis couldn't stifle a loud yawn. " - Oh. Excuse me, darling but let's debate later. Driving took a toll on me tonight."

"Let's wake Angeal up and get back on the road so you can rest," Sephiroth said, pushing some red hair from Genesis' tired eyes.

"I don't want to get back in there, already!" Cloud complained, kicking some grass as he followed them around to the other side of the carriage. "And I'm hungry, too!"

Genesis chuckled, "I'm sure Zack will share some of his bugs with y..."

He trailed off as they rounded the carriage, and came face to face with a small gang of amateur highwayman. There were five very young men, all brandishing makeshift weapons and doing their best to appear threatening.

"Put your hands where I can see them!" The one in the center ordered. He was barely an adult, and wearing a larger man's hand-me-downs. There was a scar in the center of his face that probably earned his respect from the younger ones, but his voice cracked when he shouted, "Did you hear me? I said hands up! This is a robbery, and I'm in charge!"

"Well I must say that it's about time, we're starving here!" Genesis complained, finally getting a good look at the lot of them. "You've been tailing us most of the night. I thought you cowards might never approach."

"Cowards?!" The little blonde one with a bad facial tattoo howled in offense, and broke a wine jug against his boot to create a crude blade.

The leader sneered. "Empty your pockets and your bags or we'll kill you!"

Cloud turned to Sephiroth and Genesis with large, pleading eyes. "Oh please. Can I play with him?"

Genesis shrugged at Sephiroth, who shifted his weight to the other foot. "Make it quick. Sun's about to rise."

"Well?" The leader demanded, a dirty saber quivering in his unsure grip. "Do you think we're joking?! We want your money, your weapons, and your women!"

"But there are no women here for you." Cloud pouted apologetically, making his way toward the young man. "How about me?"

"You? Well - uh..." The leader groped for a dignified response as the blonde vampire approached him, hips swinging inside tight leather. He glanced at his posse, who were all gawking back at him, waiting for him to make some sort of reply. "But you're a boy."


The young man seemed baffled. "... I suppose you're certainly pretty enough to do. B-but you have to do all of us!"

"I'm only interested in you." Cloud paused just short of touching the boy. He hesitated with breathless anticipation before he molded his touch to the boy's sturdy chest, feeling his heart thunder against the palms of his hands. "I don't mind if they watch us. I'd like it if they did."

"... What about those guys you're with?" He wondered, involuntarily arching his body toward Cloud's.

"Theyliketo watch, too." Cloud purred up at him, pinching slightly at the raised points of nipples beneath the boy's cloak. "So what's your name?"

"Why?" He sneered.

"Because I wanna know what to scream while you're fucking me," Cloud answered, staring confidently up into the boy's gray eyes.

"Umn," the young man answered stupidly, seemingly having forgotten his name. He then quickly sheathed his saber and answered, "Squall."

"Is that your real name?"

The teasing touch and unexpected questions enflamed that special brand of indignant outrage that only teenage boys possessed. He grasped Cloud's arms tight, "Listen here! You're mine tonight, so don't you dare question me. Squall is my name so make sure you scream it properly while I'm f- fucking you!"

"I will!" Cloud promised, giggling with very genuine glee at the young man's quick temper and cracking voice.

"Say it," He demanded, loosening his grip on Cloud's arms and slipping them down his waist.

"Squall," Cloud obeyed, lifting his hands to his messy, dirty hair. When it was pushed out of his face, the young man was rather handsome. "Do you like to kiss?"

"W-well," The boy tried for arrogance, but couldn't hold back a gulp of nervousness. "I suppose."

"My kisses are unlike any you've had before," Cloud pressed his body against Squall's, one leg lifting slightly to nuzzle at the fierce, pulsing line of the boy's erection.

The teenager shivered out a confession, completely dazed by the contact to his groin. "I've never kissed a boy before. Or a girl..."

"No?" Cloud wondered without any actual surprise, glancing at the group of younger teenagers who were all nervously transfixed by this display. "You men are all professional thieves, but you've never stolen a kiss?"

"This is our first robbery..." The boy confessed, unable to lie with Cloud's thigh pressed tight and rubbing gently against his cock. "I've never stolen anything before."

"And you were hoping for some women, so you could...?"

Squall nodded.

"Are you a virgin?"

Squall nodded again.

"Oh..." Cloud whispered, "I like that."

Prior to this little intrigue, Cloud had absolutely zero intention of kissing this rude boy, not with his scarred, ruddy face and dirty hair. But he was kind of cute in a nasty way, and the quivering virgin hands on his body felt nice. And it seemed like a hysterical shame that his very first attempt at crime happened to be upon a resting carriage of vampires, and that his very first kiss would be the one that would kill him.

The group of rowdy robbers had lost their steam, and were now simply watching with fascination as Cloud wooed their leader. Some looked afraid, while others seemed eager for the possibility of having a turn themselves.

Cloud had no idea how his lovers might react, but the pink light on the horizon told him to hurry up and get it over with. He pressed his lips to Squall's and let the angry young virgin dominate his one and only kiss.

It was messy, long and exploratory, and the boy's hot tongue was unwashed and tasted utterly human as it slipped into his mouth over and over. Cloud was stricken with a hunger he didn't want to control, and pulled back from the kiss with a feral growl. He let Squall continue to kiss the side of his face as he zeroed in on the hard pulsing vein buried in his neck.

"What's your name?" Squall gasped, shuddering at the sensation of a tongue running along his skin and greedily clasped his hands over Cloud's ass to draw their groins together. He had no idea that his friends were already dead.

Blood sometimes told a story about a person, and Squall's was clean; no drugs, no booze, no tobacco, but rather the taste of a well fed and healthy young man. Cloud guessed that he was a recent runaway, a misguided Peter Pan who only wanted some respect, and maybe a piece of ass before he was doomed to a dreary adulthood. Cloud was happy that he'd given him a tiny bit of both in his final moments, and even swatted away the pesky ordeal of adult life.

The hands on his ass went slack, and Squall became too heavy to hold. Cloud let him drop to the ground, and licked his lips with a giggle at the fact that the boy still carried a hopeless erection in death.

"Who taught you to eat like that?" Genesis scolded in feigned distaste. "Young man, you're well on your way to becoming a common incubus."

"What?" Cloud cried.

"You're nasty," Sephiroth agreed, affectionately squeezing the back of Cloud's neck.

"I don't get to play that often, okay?" Cloud shrieked. "I'm so tired of mean, cranky old whores and opium fiends! How often do I come across a decent looking, delicious virgin boy who lets me seduce him a little bit before I eat?"

Genesis patted his head. "Once we settle, we'll make sure to get you better variety in your diet. How do university boys sound? You can enjoy a smug conversation before you eat."

Cloud cooed in appreciation.

The ragtag group of unwitting sidekicks were not nearly as lucky to be kissed and devoured so sweetly. Zack had stopped eating bugs when he realized there was real food to be had, and they'd made quick work of them while Cloud made out with the leader. They dragged the bodies to the well, and dropped them all down into their watery final resting place.

Sephiroth called to Zack, who was still hungry and had gone back to digging in the ground. "Zack. Come on now, that's enough."

The youngest one seemed to have burned off the more frantic edges of his energy, and got up and walked over to the carriage almost like a person. Zack grinned and flung his arms around Sephiroth's waist. "More food?"

"No more," Sephiroth kissed the one clean spot on his forehead that was free of dirt, blood, and worm guts. "Time to go."

Genesis was reluctant to return to the dreaded carriage, but was out of time with unforgiving light peeking over the horizon line. He flung the door open and was surprised to find Angeal wide awake and waiting with one leg crossed over his knee.

"You're up," Genesis observed. "You're awfully quiet."

"It sounded like there was a mild bloodbath happening outside," Angeal replied calmly.

Zack went clamoring into the carriage to plop across Angeal's lap. "Its morning Angeal, and we're still together! You always said you wanted to spend a morning together, and now we are! Let's do morning sex with Cloud and Sephiroth and Genesis! Let's all do it together!"

"Shhhh," Angeal cupped the side of Zack's filthy face with a grin, and spoke to Genesis. "So, what's the plan?"

"The plan is you drive today and keep us steered West," Genesis told him. "Make as few stops as possible. Get us the hell out of this country, or as close to the border as you can."

"Alright," Angeal agreed, and set Zack on the seat beside him before shifting up to exit the carriage.

"Morning sex!" Zack bellowed.

"... Next time. Promise," he said, avoiding Zack's bloody and buggy mouth and kissing his shoulder instead on his way out.

Genesis didn't move to let Angeal immediately pass. "Cloud discussed our nature with you last night in great detail. You know who we are, what we are, and what we need to survive."

"Yep," Angeal nodded.

"Do you believe him?" Genesis asked carefully.

"It would be difficult to believe if I hadn't spent so much time with Zack already, but everything Cloud told me makes sense. I saw Sephiroth eat. I heard you all eat just now."

"Sunlight," Genesis specified. "Do you believe that it has the power to destroy us?"

"I have no reason not to believe that."

Genesis stared into his eyes, holding them. "I want to like you, and I want to trust you. But until tomorrow night, we are defenseless and at the mercy of your care. The curtains will be drawn and the door to this carriage will be locked... but we both know this structure is far from impenetrable. If you even so much as consider exposing us to the daylight, I will know it. And if you do expose us... I'll claw my way up from Hell and drag you back down with me."

Angeal just smiled at him.

Genesis' cheeks gradually shaded with a flush. "Yes, I know I'm sexy when I'm being severe. But it doesn't make my threat any less serious."

"So you do read minds," Angeal marveled. "Don't worry about today. Get some rest, I like driving."

Genesis's eyes warmed, and he gave the human a smile. "Thank you."

Angeal slid past him and let his feet hit the ground with a groan. "Is the well water fit to drink?"

Sephiroth ignored the question and climbed up into the carriage. Cloud was left looking sheepish, "We threw some garbage in there. You should wait for the next well."

"Cloud," Sephiroth called, scowling at the sight of purple horizon light bouncing off of Cloud's hair.

Cloud paused, and lifted up onto his toes to press a kiss against Angeal's scratchy, stubbled cheek. He spoke softly to him, "I can't wait to thank you properly for all your help."

"You really are a common incubus," Angeal observed, having overheard the entire conversation from inside. "Hopefully I'll get more than a kiss before you devour me."

Cloud blushed hot. "It's not like that!"

Genesis sighed, "Cloud, stop flirting and get in here. He's not going to be able to pummel your ass tonight if it's charred to the bone."

Cloud gave a thoroughly embarrassed squawk and flew into the carriage to hide. Angeal flashed a smile at all of them before closing the door and latching it from the outside. He waited until he heard an answering lock snap from the inside, and ensured that every window had the curtain drawn tight. He walked in a circle around it, inspecting every seam in the material for holes or signs of wear. He even stood up on the driver's seat to determine the roof was sewn tight and secure.

Angeal wasn't doing this exclusively for Zack's benefit, even though he was closest to the handful of a brunette. He wasn't doing it because he was scared, either.

Frankly, he was just bored. Driving all day alone in the sun to some unknown destination was far better than building tables, chairs and coffins in the same city, for the same people, for the same amount of pocket change.

He wasn't living, he was simply existing. Much like his short marriage wasn't exactly a romance, but rather two people going through a set of motions to appear normal to the outside world. If he could wed a lesbian and allow her to be happy for a small part of her short life, he considered that a worthy contribution to the universe. But she was gone, and now what?

He'd found a little bit of happiness himself, in the arms of the strangest man he'd ever met. Zack had shown him what it was like to love with his entire heart, and it was the easiest thing he'd ever done. Zack's family treated him more like a beloved pet, but to Angeal he was everything. Zack was the only thing he looked forward to, because sleeping and eating and breathing and sanding down wood wasn't the stuff that made a life feel full.

Angeal fell for Genesis, Cloud and Sephiroth instantly. Not because they were all physically beautiful, but because they were sure of themselves, confident and had strong direction in every action they took. For someone directionless, he was drawn to them like a plant to sunlight.

Maybe it was more like a bat drawn to the darkness... but at least he knew which direction he was headed. Angeal knew these vampires were going to kill him. But in the meantime, he'd have the time of his life for what little he had left.

This last adventure would be enough to erase all the monotony.


Just after sunset, Angeal stopped briefly on the roadside to knock on the carriage door.

Angeal was achingly tired and needed some food, some beer, and a fucking place to crash. He didn't want to be bold enough to stop in a town or city until ensuring the men were alright, and that it would be acceptable to stop. He didn't know what sort of budget the men were working with, but once he saw how fatigued the group looked, he proposed getting a hotel room for the night and taking the next day for rest.

"A hotel!" Cloud immediately began to bounce in place on the carriage seat beside Sephiroth. "Can we? Can we please?! I've never stayed a hotel before Genesis, please!? I can't sleep in this thing, and I'm super tired!"

"Yeah, you look tired," Genesis remarked to the ecstatic blonde.

Cloud squeezed Sephiroth's arm. "Look at him, then! He looks tired!"

"Get me the fuck out of this carriage," Sephiroth mumbled, drained of any humor.

"Find us a decent place to stay," Genesis sighed. "Are we out of the country?"

"Not yet. Perhaps another half day's ride."

The thought of spending another moment in the fucking carriage made Genesis sick. If he was restless, the younger boys had to be ready to drop dead - even Zack wasn't reacting to Cloud's excitement at the prospect of a hotel stay, and was simply frowning at the carpet while leaning his head against the back of his seat.

Genesis gave a pitying coo, and curled an arm around Zack's shoulder to pull him close for a quick kiss. "Let's have two days of rest, then. We'll get back to traveling morning after next. It'll give us all a chance to settle down... maybe get to know each other."

Angeal gave him a small half-smile. "Hopefully I've earned a little bit of trust today."

"A little bit," Genesis smiled back in full. "Now get us to a hotel so we can get Sephiroth the fuck out of this thing. My dearest has had the hardest time of all, lately."

As they rolled over the cobbled streets of the next town, their asses almost couldn't take it. Sephiroth was practically hovering over his seat, while Cloud's excitement had infected Zack as they pressed against the windows to take in the sights of a new city, wishing to drain every person they saw.

Angeal pulled their carriage to a stop in front of the only hotel in town that seemed reputable, the lobby brightly lit by candles and torches and the steps free of loitering whores. The vampires spilled from the carriage with very little dignity, all hissing in relief to be standing and out of the bumpy, hard seated torture device.

Genesis needed to get to a bathtub, and focused hard on that goal as turned to Angeal. "Take the horses to the hotel's stable, and go get something to eat at your own leisure. We're going to check in."

"How will I know what room you're in?" Angeal asked.

"You'll just know," Genesis promised. Once the others were out of earshot, Genesis pulled Angeal close. "After you drop the horses off, feel free to use this opportunity to leave. We won't chase after you."

Angeal frowned. "Are you telling me to leave? Because I'll go if you want me to, but... don't you think you need my help?"

Genesis watched the human's saddened and desperate thoughts play out like a mini tragedy behind his dark blue eyes. "... We don't need your help, but you're welcome to continue to volunteer your time."

Angeal's thoughts were centered on how Sephiroth had looked so satisfied as he'd killed the woman in the carriage, and the lovely death the blonde vampire had given the wannabe highway robber. He thought back to the dozens of times Zack had come close to doing the same thing to him during the course of their love affair, and wondered what had held the demon back. He'd always known something was strange about Zack, but now that he knew his secret it all made sense... and it made Angeal feel strangely inadequate.

Wasn't he good enough for them to eat, too?

Genesis' face slowly went slack. "Angeal, I'll ask you a very personal question."


He already knew the answer, but asked out of curiosity for what Angeal would admit out loud. "Do you want to die?"

Angeal gave him a half smile as he turned to tend to the restless and hungry horses. "I'm going to get something to eat. And when I'm done... I'll just somehow know what room you're staying in?"

"If I want you to know, you will."

It struck the hotel as odd that four seemingly fashionable (if a little dirty) young men had no luggage at all. And even though they had no money, Genesis somehow oozed an aura of affluence. Satan always provided whatever he needed anyway, so he never had to think much about Earthly currency. With a little persuasion and a short discussion about local politics, the hotel was happy to rent them a suite on credit.

Cloud was the first to run into the upscale series of rooms, eager to experience everything that it had to offer. There was a sitting room with a roaring fireplace, two large bedrooms and an elegant bathroom. Zack was happily following a heartbeat behind him, and the two rolled across the large beds, sat in every chair, laid on the couch, picked up the quills at the stationery table only to put them back down, and then pranced into the bathroom. It came with its very open water pump, which was the very height of modern luxury.

"Can't we just live here!?" Cloud cried, already filling the tub and lighting the furnace to heat the water.

"I'm having the first bath!" Genesis announced. "Don't you dare let that filthy little demon get into the tub before I do!"

Zack barked, "I don't want a bath!"

Cloud was laughing. "There are roses in here. Want them in your water, Gen?"

"Don't bother with the romance, I just want to be clean. Sephiroth and I have some work do to tonight."

Sephiroth remained quiet as he peeled his clothes off and draped a robe over one of the chairs before sitting down. Nude and tired, he sagged down low in the chair and looked as though he might fall asleep sitting up.

Genesis tilted his head a bit as he went over to his beloved. "Too tired to go find some businessmen with me? We need the cash."

Sephiroth sighed, rubbing his forehead. "I'm alright, I'm just tired."

"That's because you've been up all day," Genesis frowned, caressing Sephiroth's smooth face. "I'm sorry for all of this."

"Don't be. We're going to a better place... I'm tired of the snow, too." Sephiroth said, giving a hint of a smile.

"I love you."

Genesis had uttered the words thousands of times during their centuries together, and it hadn't felt so acute in a long time. Sephiroth swallowed a lump in his throat, feeling his eyes mist over with unshed tears as he returned the little phrase that still carried so much meaning after all this time. "I love you, too."

"If I ever lose you..." Genesis mused softly, holding his first love's face with both hands, "This life will be over for me, and that's a promise. I'll follow you home to Hell, and bring the babies with me."

It should have been a morbid statement, but it filled Sephiroth with comfort. He kept his voice low to remain out of Cloud's earshot. "It's a good plan in the event that everything else fails. If we have to go, let's all go together... but not if there's anything else that can possibly be done."

"I couldn't make it without you," Genesis confessed, a quick breath and a quiver of his lip threatening to spill out all the fear and anxiety he'd been holding in for the past few days. "If you were really, really gone from Earth... I wouldn't have a reason to be here."

"What would Satan say?"

Genesis' face went blank, and he finally scrunched one shoulder into a shrug. "Eh. He'd get over it."

"You don't have to think about it anymore." Sephiroth smiled, as it was a novelty to be the one comforting Genesis. "Go have your bath so I can get in."

Genesis smoothed the top of Sephiroth's head before marching to the bathroom, where he found Cloud fawning over the tub full of hot water while Zack was naked and lying on the cool marble floor.

"You brats get out of here, I need time to get this travel funk off of me," Genesis went to the mirror and shuddered at what he found. "This is an emergency! Get out!"

"Can I take a bath with you?" Cloud asked hopefully.

"I used the plural, didn't I?" Genesis pointed to the door. "All brats out!"

Reluctantly, Cloud pulled Zack up from the floor by his arm and dragged him out. Zack went into the bedroom and flopped onto the bed. Sephiroth was still stretched out on the chair in the sitting room, too tired to fight for his turn in the bathing line.

Cloud approached him gently, leaning over his chair from behind and kissing his face. "Are you going out tonight?"

"No. Gen thinks I am, but I'm really not."

"Then neither will I," Cloud decided, nuzzling him. "When he's out of the tub, let's get in together."

Despite his body's soreness and his fatigue, a bath close to Cloud sounded very appealing. Sephiroth reached back to touch him, and gently grabbed onto his collar to pull him down for a kiss. "You really like all this traveling, don't you?"

Cloud nodded with bright eyes. "This is exciting! I've never been so far from home! Well... where I was born."

Sephiroth gave a small smile. "It's okay to think of Yaroslavl as home."

"That's just the place where we met. Home is wherever you are," Cloud told him. "You know, I'm not complaining, but I think that this hotel might be the only actual room I've ever been in with you. Not that the places we've lived aren't nice... but a bunker or a cellar or an empty old place isn't the same as a real home."

"I'm used to it," Sephiroth thought aloud.

Cloud continued with his own thoughts. "Imagine it... we could make a real home under Angeal's next shop, and never worry about being found, or about the integrity of the structure, or about Zack somehow getting loose. It would be so nice to feel secure. I think I need that, just for a little while."

"Not so happy about the condition of living with a human."

Cloud rolled his eyes. "You were just as reluctant about Zack, at first."

"I'm still very reluctant about Zack," Sephiroth teased, a flash of humor lighting his features for a moment. "Cloud, this is hard to tell you... but I don't see him being able to actually sire Angeal. And I know that's where this is going."

Cloud shrugged a shoulder. "I don't see Zack doing it, either. But it'll be okay... we'll get the help we need from Angeal while we can. Then... we'll eat him."

"And that will be easy for you?" Sephiroth asked.

Cloud was a little taken aback by that. "Why shouldn't it be?"

"You're not being the better person by using someone you ultimately find disposable," Sephiroth told him. "I know you think I'm being rude or standoffish to Angeal, but I think that you're being short sighted and cruel."

"I'm just living in the moment," Cloud said, coming around the chair to sit on the floor by Sephiroth's feet. Cloud laid his head down on his bare thigh, tired from the ride and the topic of conversation. "It's not a bad thing to just take things for what they are."

Sephiroth ran a hand up into Cloud's spikes and ruffled them lazily. "I probably overthink."

Genesis emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of steam. His hair was slicked back and a towel hung on his hips. "I am a new man! Sephiroth you're up, go get ready."

Sephiroth didn't move a centimeter.

Genesis paused. "Really? You're not coming?"

Sephiroth just stared at him.

"But we have work to do!" Genesis argued with his silent partner.

Sephiroth sighed, still saying nothing aloud.

"Oh whatever. Cloud, you go get ready then."

Cloud blinked up at him from his resting place by Sephiroth's feet.

Genesis didn't even need to be able to read minds to figure out that he was being ditched. "Oh, that's nice. Am I supposed to go out in a new city by myself and bring you assholes takeout?"

Zack barked from one of the bedrooms, "I wanna eat! I wanna go!"

Genesis' shoulders tensed before he grumbled, "Fine then, but wash your face! Be quick about it."

Zack galloped naked into the bathroom carrying his clothes, and they all heard a splash.

With a sigh, Genesis dropped down into Sephiroth's lap and draped one leg over Cloud's shoulder. Cloud was inches from the part in Genesis's towel, and sneakily nudged his nose underneath it.

"Hey!" Genesis crowed. "Get out of there if you're not going to come out with me."

Cloud ignored him and burrowed further up into the towel. When a wet tongue met his freshly scrubbed body, he couldn't find the will to shoo him out. Instead Genesis turned his face to look at Sephiroth. "I don't mind if you want to stay in. But Angeal's probably coming back... so do whatever you think is best. The decision is up to you."

"What decision?" Cloud asked from under the towel, his words slightly muffled around Genesis' balls.

"Whether or not you kill him," Genesis answered.

"Mmph," Cloud responded around the tip of his cock, and then reappeared with a slightly flushed face. "Why would we kill him so soon?"

"Because you're good at it," Genesis told him. "And you're good at sucking cock too, but I need to get dressed."

"But what about living in a home?" Cloud whined as he moved to allow Genesis up. "And he needs to drive us. I'm not killing him tonight."

"He expects you to," Genesis told him, dropping the towel and exposing the carved ivory complexion of his lovely ass as he stepped into his pants. "When he comes back, he may even want you to."

"But... what if I'm not ready to?" Cloud frowned.

"Then the decision is made; don't kill him yet. That was easy," Genesis said, buckling his pants before pulling on his shirt. "When I come back, I expect to find three naked, available men in my bed. Zack! How big of a mess have you made of yourself?"

Zack reappeared with his hair wet and neatly parted and combed, and his face scrubbed fresh. He'd even tucked one of the roses into the collar of his cat suit. With three shocked men gawking at him, he clasped his hands behind his back shyly and smiled with bright teeth. "Am I pretty? It's a date with Genesis!"

"Well it's certainly a date now!" Genesis wailed in disbelief before kissing Zack's clean face all over. "Let's go have some fun, these two losers are tired and boring!"

Zack nodded, waving to the pair of them before following Genesis out the door. "We'll bring you something yummy!"

In the quiet that the other two left behind, Cloud rubbed his face against Sephiroth's leg. A taste of Genesis' cock had woken his body, and he went up between Sephiroth's legs with a purr. "Let's go have a bath."

Sephiroth was so stiff that he needed time to pull the clothes off his body, so Cloud emptied the water and replaced it, still giggling over the novelty of not having to share bathwater. Soon steam was puffing up and soap was waiting, making it look so enticing that Cloud was nearly ripping his clothes off in his haste to get in. He paused before splashing into the tub, and instead waited for Sephiroth to get in and enjoy it first.

Sephiroth made a sound almost like an orgasm as he dropped down into the simmering water. "Holy shit. This tub is awesome."

"I know!" Cloud agreed, sitting on the edge and watching his long-limbed partner stretch all the way out. "... Do you mind if I come in with you? Or would you rather have a moment alone?"

Sephiroth answered by outstretching his arms and accepting Cloud as he rolled into the water. He laughed as some spilled over the edge and onto the floor, and kissed Sephiroth's wet lips.

One roll of Cloud's body made his intentions perfectly obvious, but Sephiroth groaned in his throat regrettably. "I can't right now."

"I'll do the work," Cloud promised, bumping his groin against Sephiroth's which was helpless against the assault of a firm touch in hot water.

"I hurt everywhere."

"Let me make you feel better," Cloud whispered, the water lapping at the sides of the tub as he sat up on his knees. He put his hands on Sephiroth's shoulders and let his fingers dig in to soothe sore muscles.

Sephiroth obeyed, and half smiled at the feeling of Cloud's attempt at a massage. "You're so bad at this."

"Shut up, let me try," Cloud said, digging into the flesh and trying to give Sephiroth the kind of deep tissue massage he liked getting from Genesis.

There was a knock at the door to the room. Cloud's eyes shot up as his fingers went still. "... Think that's Angeal?"

"Go let him in."

Cloud's pupils contracted in animalistic glee. "I'm gonna fuck him. You don't mind, right?"

"Go have fun."

After a very quick once-over with a bar of soap, Cloud splashed out of the bath, slipping all over the marble floor without bothering with a towel. He was painfully erect, and flashed a sultry smile at Sephiroth before running to answer the door.

"You're going to answer the door naked?" Sephiroth called.

"Hi!" Cloud gushed from the foyer, answering Sephiroth's question.

Angeal stumbled over his words, and then spoke softly. Cloud talked back to him, his voice dipping down into seductive cadences. Sephiroth realized he was desperately trying to eavesdrop, and instead traded his anxiety for indifference as he dipped his head below the water line. It didn't matter what Cloud had to say to Angeal... they'd get tangled up with each other and leave him alone.

On the contrary, Sephiroth came up from the water to find Cloud sitting on the tub's edge and happily chatting away. Angeal was standing in the doorway looking like he was about to run.

" - they'll be back later. For now we're just trying to clean up! You wanna join in? There's room in the tub for one more..." Cloud said, glancing over his shoulder at his soaked lover.

"Get the fuck out!" Sephiroth yelped uncharacteristically as he jerked his knees up to his chest.

Angeal turned red and vacated immediately.

"Hey!" Cloud called after him, "Get back in here, we need you!"

"What are you doing?" Sephiroth hissed.

"Getting you a decent massage," Cloud answered easily. "If I can't do it, Angeal can."

"Will you take it easy?"

"Will you lighten up? Have some fun with him, he really likes you!"

"How do you know?" Sephiroth shyly dipped lower into the water.

"Because I just answered the door naked and fucking threw myself at him, and all he did was ask where you were!" Cloud laughed, not at all negatively affected. In fact, he kind of liked that someone else had it in for Sephiroth the way he did... he wanted to watch someone new relish the pretty, silver haired vampire.

Genesis and Zack had sex with humans. Cloud had often kissed or rubbed up on prey casually, but had never had sex outside of their clan. To his knowledge, Sephiroth never had strayed outside of their comfortable warmth, either.

Cloud was hungry for a new experience with Zack's thick human man, and it was made even sweeter by the inclusion of Sephiroth. "If nothing else, just let him worship you!"

Sephiroth's eyes darted nervously to the open door. "I don't know him like that."

"Neither do I. But he's pretty much our human pet now, right? Let's use him like one!"

"I can hear you," Angeal called helplessly from the other room.

"Get back in here!" Cloud giggled. "I command you!"

Angeal reappeared in the doorway, blushing and sheepish as he met Sephiroth's glare. "I didn't mean to disturb you."

Sephiroth relaxed a bit in the tub, his legs sliding down away from his chest. "My back and shoulders are killing me."

Angeal realized what was being suggested, but still had to ask, "You want me to...?"

Sephiroth nodded, but his face remained a calm mask of eyebrow-raised indifference.

Angeal approached the head of the tub behind Sephiroth, respectfully keeping his eyes above his waist. He reverently touched the back of Sephiroth's hair and helped him move the heavy mass of soaked silver over one broad shoulder. Once it was out of the way there was nothing but the creamy expanse of Sephiroth's back, and Angeal observed the play of water droplets on his porcelain skin.

"So... where does it hurt most?" Angeal asked, his hands hovering over the quiet angel.


Angeal's hands slid down Sephiroth's neck before cupping his shoulders and digging his thumbs in to caress away any discomfort. "How's that?"

"If you're going to be so gentle, you might as well stop."

Angeal took the invitation to go a bit harder, and suspected he began to do well when Sephiroth shuddered a little under his attentions. He worked hard to hit every point on Sephiroth's shoulders, spine and back that might be holding onto tension, and felt the man go boneless under his touch.

Cloud slipped back into the tub, and was washing his hair while watching his lover get caressed by the caring human. He smiled softly, "Is that nice?"

"Yeah," Sephiroth answered, distracted and far away as he enjoyed the way Angeal's thick fingers tirelessly twisted against the bumps of his vertebrae. They traveled across his shoulders and upper arms, never dipping far below the water line.

"Where else?" Angeal asked, sensing that he had soothed every area he could respectfully reach.

Sephiroth's glowing green eyes slitted over his shoulder, glaring at the handsy man. "Nowhere else."

"Do his feet!" Cloud suggested, pulling on Sephiroth's hands. "Lay against me and let him do your feet."

"Stop bossing," Sephiroth complained mildly.

"This is what relaxing is! Now do it!"

Sephiroth obeyed, only because his feet were an area Genesis never wanted to touch or massage. He put his weight against Cloud's narrow chest, and lifted one foot out of the water.

Angeal surprised him by grabbing his ankle and dragging him forward a bit, and reaching down into the hot water to take the other one out as well. Sephiroth didn't complain, and readjusted himself against Cloud as the man began to rake his fingertips up his shins and over his calves, and finally down to his feet. From behind, Cloud began to massage shampoo into his scalp, and pleasant shivers spread through Sephiroth's body as they worked him from opposite ends.

"Sephiroth? May I ask where you're from?" Angeal inquired respectfully. "Your accent is intriguing."

"It's sexy," Cloud smiled in agreement.

Sephiroth almost didn't answer, but considering what an extraordinary job the human and his blonde lover were doing, he didn't mind conversing a bit. "It's a little hard to explain, maybe another time."

"I'm listening now," Angeal smiled, raking his hands back up Sephiroth's calves.

An answer shivered out of Sephiroth. "I grew up in castle west of here, you don't know the place."

"A castle, huh? I knew you had to be nobility!" Angeal smiled, pleased with how accurately he'd pegged the regal vampire.

"I was born there as a slave."

"So... where'd you meet Genesis?" Angeal inquired, attempting to change the subject.

Sephiroth rested his head against Cloud's collarbone. "I don't feel like getting into it."

"Oh please, I love this story!" Cloud begged, kissing the side of Sephiroth's face sweetly.

"You've heard it a hundred times."

"I like hearing it over again. Every time you tell it there's a different detail you forgot."

"Where exactly, west of here?" Angeal asked, supporting Cloud's inquisition.

"The castle was called Poenari. The land was Wallachia."

Angeal gave him an apologetic shrug. "You're right, I don't know of it."

"It was a long time ago. I don't know what you would consider me in terms of like, my heritage. I'm something that doesn't exist anymore."

"So I guess you're just... beautiful?" Angeal supposed, pressing a scruffy kiss to the soles of both feet in turn.

Sephiroth arched up involuntarily at the odd sensation. "How old are you?"

"I'm thirty."

Sephiroth pulled his feet back into the water, "You realize that I'm over fifteen times your age?"

"And you're gorgeous." Angeal grinned as he reached in to take those feet right back out, not at all put off by Sephiroth's age or dubious heritage. "So you must have lived in this castle hundreds of years ago... what was your life like?"


Cloud continued scratching gentle fingertips across his scalp, but gave a soft cluck of disapproval. "I'll beat the story out of you if you won't tell it willingly."

"It's not even that great of a story..." Sephiroth gave a long sigh. "I was born at Poenari as slave stock. You want to talk about a stinking hell hole? That jail I sat in was paradise in comparison. When I was a little boy I worked outside, and then when I was maybe eight, I got pulled into working in the dungeons."

"What kinds of things did you do?" Angeal wondered in awe, picturing the exotic beauty as a hooded executioner.

"Cleanup. I was on a shift of twenty other guys who removed bodies and assisted the dungeon master in carrying out sentences. When I was about nine, my mother had the opportunity to join a slave group getting shipped to Transylvania and got the hell out of there."

"I still can't believe she left you," Cloud hissed.

"I don't blame her. She had to make the decision on the spot, there wasn't time to find me and take me with her... and she would have been stupid to pass up on the chance to leave. Anything you did drew negative attention... if you looked at someone wrong, you were beaten halfway to death. If you spoke out of turn, you got punished with burning or cutting or taking off toes… and if you fucked up at your job, you were hung the next day. When mom left, I quit speaking for the most part. I don't think I said more than a handful of words in my entire mortal life."

"You didn't talk to your friends?" Angeal asked. "No lovers, either?"

"There was no such things as friends. No relationships or communication at all among slaves. If they found slaves having sex outside of breeding season, socializing, celebrating, or doing anything outside of work and sleep - they were executed."

Angeal shook his head. "You are way too beautiful to have been isolated like that."

"I didn't look so pretty then. I had an awful haircut, I weighed fifty pounds less, and I was dirty and covered in infected discipline burns. I looked like hell."

"That's so not true! Angeal, he's being humble! All the girls had crushed on Sephiroth, they begged the slave masters to let him be their sperm donor, but he refused to do it!" Cloud teasingly sang, splashing a little in the water.

Sephiroth made a dreadful face of humiliation, and it was bright and vivid on his normally even features. "They tried to make me, but I... couldn't. That's all I'm going to say about it."

Cloud smirked at Angeal. "He pretended to be too stupid to know how to make babies."

"I honestly didn't know. I thought women shat them out occasionally until I was an adult, that's how simple I was back then. And being homosexual didn't really help the situation." Sephiroth began to laugh softly, and it was a hitched little wheezing sound. "I was in a room full of women and just kind of... stood there and cried until the breeders let me go back to the dungeon."

Cloud was laughing even harder behind him. "I think seeing you cry like that would just make me want you more!"

"These memories... they don't hurt to recall?" Angeal asked, finding Cloud's teasing to be in poor taste.

"My failed breeding day was not a major event for me; just the one Cloud likes to make fun of." Sephiroth lifted a hand out of the water to clasp the side of Cloud's neck and tug him into a tighter embrace. "Besides. If I'm not over my shitty mortal life by now, when will I be?"

"You're over it," Cloud grinned, and hugged Sephiroth back with both arms.

"You've certainly had the time to get over it... it's fascinating." Angeal remarked as he continued to work on Sephiroth's heels. "Tell me more?"

He watched him for a moment before responding, "You're easy to talk to."

Angeal's eyes lifted. "... So how'd Genesis finally come into the picture?"

Sephiroth smiled and offered an unedited, unfiltered, truthful version of the events. "When I removed bodies from the dungeons, they were never dead. To prolong the suffering to the final second of their lives, I helped impale them and set them outside. The spikes were about fourteen feet high, and the person was seated at the top with the sharpest end shoved up their ass while gravity pulled them down slowly. Meanwhile, they froze in the snow or burned in the sun, and it took days for them to die. The other guys seemed so used to it, but I never got numb enough not to feel anything. I didn't have the opportunity to like or dislike my orders, but they weren't easy to carry out.

"When I was about twenty, the dungeon master began finding people dead on the spikes far sooner than they should have died. They were drained of blood, and the master guessed that someone was doing mercy killings. We were all beaten and questioned about it. I didn't know anything... but inside I was relieved that someone was helping these people. So we began to do a night watch on the killing field, making sure nobody was snuffing out the prisoners. And even though people were dying too soon, nobody came forward to report seeing anything.

"When it was my turn for night watch, I saw Genesis come over the wall of the field. I remember thinking he was so damn clean. And I know that sounds funny to point out, considering I'm sitting here in a tub, but being clean was extraordinary in Poenari. Even the nobles were filthy, and they had access to all the water they wanted. Slaves only got three tins a day with meals for drinking, and I'd never even heard of soap. But Genesis was so clean and pretty, his clothes were spotless and his hair was so bright and red in the moonlight... I thought he was an angel.

"He looked right at me, and I think he was just as surprised as I was that I could see him. Genesis was something different back then... most people couldn't see him at all. He hesitated for a little while, probably waiting for me to do something or try to stop him. I only watched him though, even as he climbed up a few of the poles, drinking whatever remained of the people. When he was done, he looked at me again. I didn't know he could read thoughts at the time, but in my mind I was thanking him for bringing some peace to those people.

"Now, keep in mind that I was completely ignorant in those days, and lying would never have even occurred to me. After Genesis left, I did the stupidest thing possible: I went to the dungeon master and told him I'd seen an angel, and that it had pardoned a few of the prisoners from their suffering. They assumed that I was the one doing the mercy killings. There was no use for a dungeon slave with an ounce of compassion towards prisoners, so they made an example of me for going soft.

"There was no beating, no time in the dungeon, no trial or investigation for a person like me. They took my clothes and sat me on a spike on the killing field."

Angeal looked sick. "You were impaled?"


There was no worse death on Earth as far as Angeal was concerned and looked over Sephiroth's bare skin for any sign of that kind of traumatic damage. "How did you survive it?"

"Working in the dungeon, I've seen people survive so much worse when they go into shock. I know for certain that I went into shock - I don't remember the process of being put on the spike, I just remember kind of... coming awake upon the reality of it. I thought I was dying after the first minute, I mean every single second was like a lifetime. I kept thinking to myself - this is it. This is the moment I die... over and over. But I wasn't dying yet, not even close. It was designed to be a slow death. After a few hours I remember looking down and seeing the outline of the spike through my lower stomach, and tried to force myself down further so I could just finally end it... it was useless, all I did was make it harder on myself.

"So the night I saw Genesis, I was impaled. The following day was a blur. Then when night fell on the second evening, I tried to fall sleep, hoping I just wouldn't wake back up. Some of the other people there were talking... taking their minds off of it by giving each other confession or just telling stories about their lives and what they'd seen or done. I didn't have anything to talk about. I was twenty... which was well past my prime in terms of being a slave at Poenari, and I'd never left the castle grounds in my life. I had nobody. All I'd ever known was loneliness and death. I was worthless as a human, and I was ready to die."

Angeal had long since stopped massaging Sephiroth's feet, and instead was just listening in awe while letting his thumbs rub gently against his toes.

Cloud was looking at him from up close, waiting for the best part of the story to begin. He eventually pressed a kiss to Sephiroth's cheek. "Then what happened?"

"During the night I felt the pole move. I thought maybe they were taking me down to play with me in the dungeons before putting me back up again, which was something they often did. But instead it was Genesis. He didn't say anything to me; he saw I'd been suffering so long, and he took me with a quickness. Then he gave me some of himself. We'd made the pact, but I never made the conscious decision to go with him. I'm glad he didn't ask me and just pulled me into it, because I probably wouldn't have answered the right way. I wanted life at Poenari to end, and in my mind there was no other option.

"If Genesis had asked me if I wanted to live, I'd have said hell fucking no. But I really, really wanted to live... just not like that. When it was done, I died temporarily. Genesis influenced some of the dungeon workers to bury me instead of just burning my body. He kept me safe until I woke up again."

"What happened when you woke up?" Angeal asked, moving to stoke the coals a bit beneath the tub to keep the water warm.

"Genesis took me home. The first place we lived was in this rotted out old cottage in a forest close to Poenari. I couldn't be seen near there anymore, so we had to travel a long way at night to eat. Sometimes we'd go for animals if we couldn't find anyone. Even though life was really fucking hard in that cottage, Genesis was so patient and sweet to me. If I made a mistake, he'd go especially out of his way to be kind about it, when I'd naturally expect to get burned, or at least screamed at. That was the communication I was accustomed to. Genesis treated me like I mattered to him, and nobody ever had before."

Angeal thought to his own common life, and his own internal dissatisfaction with how things had turned out. But he'd always at least had warmth from a family, had a kind carpentry master, and an amicable companionship from his wife when she was alive. They might not have been able to give each other the love they both needed, but at least they knew what love was and how to reach for it.

It was humbling. Angeal pressed his lips to the soles of Sephiroth's foot again. "So how does somebody grow from an upbringing like that into what you are now? You're very modern and educated... you don't seem like a slave at all."

"Slavery isn't a personality trait. Real, individual, complex people are born into slavery without any other option." Sephiroth shifted in the water, readjusting against Cloud's frame. "Genesis had to teach me everything. How to think, how to read, how to talk, how to feed myself, how to be a person. How to even see myself as a person."

"And then you fell in love!" Cloud cried out merrily, lifting the spirit of the conversation up.

Sephiroth cracked a smile. "Very slowly. When it occurred to me that I had love in my heart to give to someone and that they might give it back to me, twenty years had gone by. And a hundred more went by before I imposed myself on Genesis like that... I don't think either of you could understand, but I saw him as a God. We didn't talk the way we do now... we lived and hunted together, but we weren't very close. I didn't feel worthy of a conversation with him, let alone to touch him. I wasn't clean enough. I still don't feel clean enough."

Cloud hugged Sephiroth from behind. "Genesis says he sired you because even caked with filth, you were the most gorgeous guy he'd ever seen. And you had the sweetest thoughts he'd ever heard."

"Please," Sephiroth rolled his eyes.

"Tell him about your trip!" Cloud cried.

"Jesus Christ, do I have to spill my entire life story?"

"I'm entranced," Angeal said, and it was true. If Sephiroth wanted to talk forever sitting in that bath, Angeal would have been glad to listen and touch wherever he was permitted to. "Tell me everything."

"... After we'd been together for a while, Genesis asked me where I wanted to go most in the world and what I wanted to do when I got there. It took me days to answer, but after looking through every thread of his Atlas, I asked him to take me to the Black Sea and to teach me how to swim. It would have taken a day, maybe two to get there. But Genesis being Genesis, he led me on a journey all the way east, to the fucking South Sea instead. It took us about fifteen years to get there, and we stayed there for fifty more... and we went swimming almost every night. It was the first good time in my life. When I became comfortable enough to really talk to Genesis, it was as though our conversations never ended. I wanted to know everything about him. He could just look at me and know what I wanted to say to him, but made me say things out loud anyway. Because saying things makes them real... so if I had a need, or an opinion, or an observation he made me tell him and make the thought real.

"And it's weird to say it, and I can't really explain it properly... but Genesis became real, too. Other people could see him all the time, not just some of the time. I saw him as more of a person and less like a God because that's what he became. We had one particular conversation where he thanked me for helping him, and called me his family for the first time. I fell in love so hard, you don't even understand. Just when I realized how I felt and what I wanted from him, he suggested we turn around and make our way back to Europe."

"Here comes my favorite part!" Cloud announced. "The story of your first kiss!"

"This I'm interested in!" Angeal agreed.

Sephiroth sank a little lower in the water, flushed from talking for so long about matters so personal. But Angeal was so kind. His eyes were gentle and understanding, and he hadn't judged him for coming from such miserable roots. "Genesis knew how I felt for him long before even I knew. But he played dumb... we'd just left the South Sea and moved into a new place with one bed to sleep in. I'd been in a bed with him before, but it was different then with these new feelings. He was so close to me that I was dying; I couldn't sleep or even close my eyes. Genesis had lovers, but I'd never done anything like that before and I was nearly two hundred years old - "

Angeal sputtered.

Sephiroth narrowed his eyes at him. "What?"

"You weren't kidding about being a slow mover."

Sephiroth's mouth curled to the side. "Anyways. During the day I gathered my courage and moved up behind him. I asked him if it'd be alright to lay closer to him. He agreed, and he pushed back against me... we just sort of locked together. We almost didn't eat the next night because neither of us would get up. I couldn't let him go, and he didn't want me to. Genesis eventually turned his head to look at me, and I stole a kiss without asking. That was my first ever."

"So sweet," Cloud cooed, hugging Sephiroth from behind in the water with both arms and legs.

"And when'd you finally fuck him?" Angeal asked, getting right down to it.

"Don't laugh," Sephiroth warned. "I um - well, you know how I died? I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of putting anything inside Genesis. He wanted it and I knew it would feel good for him, but I could never manage it. We took our time, and it took me a while to work up to ... the love making part."

"Five more years," Cloud supplied, knowing everything about their past. "Frankly, I feel lucky that it only took you one year to make a move on me. I think I would have lost my mind if I'd had to wait another second."

"Genesis is a saint," Angeal chuckled.

"He really is," Sephiroth smiled. "I got pretty lucky."

Angeal tilted his head. "And how long did it take for you to let him fuck you?"

Cloud widened his eyes at Angeal and shook his head a little. Sephiroth seemed just as shocked at the suggestion. "He hasn't. No one - I mean - I don't - "

"I understand," Angeal acknowledged, shutting off the subject.

"So when you were slaving in Poenari did you ever imagine you might be here someday? In a bath with me? Getting a foot massage from a handsome guy like Angeal?" Cloud cooed, happy as he always was hearing the fateful meeting of his two favorite people. It was wrought with pain, but that just made it all the more lovely.

"No... Considering I didn't even know what a bath was," Sephiroth admitted, looking up at Cloud from where he rested against his shoulder. "But I have a feeling you might have imagined being naked in a tub with me a few times during your little mortal existence."

"You have no idea," Cloud licked the side of Sephiroth's face, his eyes catching Angeal's. "My story of meeting them is not as grand. Sephiroth had a big crush on me, and pretended to be interested in the newspapers I sold. We talked every single fucking night! Every goddamn night he'd come to see me and then I had to watch him leave... much worse torture than getting impaled. It took him a whole year to finally ask me out! And when he did... ah, our first kiss was like magic."

Sephiroth threw a doubtful look up at him. "I bit you and you ran like hell."

"A minor miscommunication," Cloud dismissed. "But starting my life with you was so worth it. And then a long time later, I met Zack. Who used to be a very sweet natured person, by the way! The psycho monster you know isn't really the same guy I fell in love with."

Angeal leaned on his palm. "He's told me, actually. He remembers everything about it... being sick and falling for you. Then getting set free and beginning a new life with you. Now that I know what you guys are, it makes a lot more sense. Though I can't imagine why he'd start anything with me when he's got you boys at home."

Sephiroth's toes curled slightly. "Because you're sexy."

Angeal's eyes widened and his chin rose off of his palm to gape at Sephiroth. "Thought you were a slow mover?"

"I didn't say I was going to have sex with you," Sephiroth said, his long legs extending a bit. "... But you're sexy. Anyone can see that."

Angeal's eyes bounced down to the bath water, which obscured details but still painted a lovely portrait of long limbs and a virile body. Sephiroth swelled a little with pride under the human's lustful stare. Cloud's teasing touches from behind were always a source of arousal, and Angeal's hard, calloused hands on him was a new one.

Cloud bit his lip as he watched the sexual tension tighten between the two. "I'm turning into a prune. We should get out."

Sephiroth pulled his feet back into the water before he shifted up to his knees, just little shy about standing nude in front of Angeal as he rose to his feet. But Sephiroth wanted to gauge the other man's reaction to his naked body, and wrung the water out of his hair as he stared down at him.

Angeal gawked up like he was observing art, eyes mesmerized and traveling over the length of his limbs, and of his cock as it hung soft, meaty and thick between his legs. Suddenly it was all covered in a towel, and Cloud peeked around Sephiroth with a cheeky smile.

Sephiroth held his nose in the air as he secured the towel at his waist and accepted another one for his hair. He stepped out of the water and went about shaking his hair dry, not so much as glancing back at Angeal all the while. Cloud wasn't nearly as interested in keeping a towel on or a forced show of disinterest, he merely rubbed it over his skin and let it fall to the floor as he followed Sephiroth into one of the bedrooms.

"So!" Cloud said, rubbing his hands together eagerly as Sephiroth rounded the other side of the bed. "Angeal, there are two naked men before you. Why are you still wearing pants?"

Angeal had been a delicate shade of pink for most of their time in the bathroom, but now that he was confronted with the sight of Sephiroth putting a knee on the bed and arranging his wet hair over one shoulder, he became beet red.

"Uh-I... well it's hardly polite to disrobe - Hey!" Angeal squawked as Cloud attacked his belt buckle with both hands.

"Enough of the pleasantries! You're mortal! Let's not go wasting what little time you have left!" Cloud grinned and threw Angeal's belt across the room before sliding to his knees and quickly unbuttoning his trousers. He caught a glance of dark hair and a whiff of masculine deliciousness before he glanced up. "I realize I'm your second choice in the room, but I do have permission to suck your cock, don't I?"

Angeal gulped, making awkward eye contact with Sephiroth. "Aren't... aren't you two together?"

"We're all together," Sephiroth said, making himself comfortable on the sheets.

"And you're okay with him - " Angeal began wildly pointing down to Cloud, who had buried his nose against Angeal's hipbone. " - Right in front of you?"

"I've fucked him more times than days you've been alive," Sephiroth said. "Do you think it's going to make me insecure if he sucks your dick?"


"And do you think it's immoral of me to want to watch?" Sephiroth asked.

Angeal shook his head, becoming impossibly more blushed. "Of course not! I just... I think we should all..."

"We should all!" Cloud agreed, popping up from his knees to tug Angeal to the bed.

Angeal allowed it, smiling a little at the blonde's eager nature. "You're not my second choice in the room, by the way. Just... look at him..."

"I know!" Cloud smiled over his shoulder at Sephiroth, who was lounging like a beached merman. Cloud wiggling closer to him to leech off some of that ethereal charm, and attached his open mouth to the side of Sephiroth's face.

Sephiroth's expression warmed at the touch of Cloud's lips before his head dropped against the pillow. "Go back to Angeal. I'd prefer to watch."

"Why?" Cloud became a bit more serious, and twisted his fingers into Sephiroth's damp hair. "Let's have fun with him together."

"I'm too hungry."

"Oh, whatever! You had two of those jerkoff robbers on the highway!" Cloud argued, turning back to Angeal to make a conspiring face. "Sephiroth's such a pig."

Sephiroth made an indignant sound. "I'm twice your size. I need more than a couple of little asshole kids."

"What about someone my size?" Angeal asked.

Sephiroth's eyes shot up, burning bright at the mere suggestion. He then flicked a wrist in his direction. "No."

"Why not? I'm not good enough?" Angeal challenged, becoming a little offended that they were quick to eat a couple of dirty boys off the side of the highway, but not him. They were just like Zack had been all year, holding off from something they obviously wanted. "It's freely given. Just take me."

Sephiroth leveled a glare. "You really do want to die, don't you?"

"He won't die if..." Cloud piped up, but became a little bashful when Sephiroth shot him a harsh look. "I mean, he should be okay if you take just some."

"I've never taken just some," Sephiroth growled.

"We take from each other all the time," Cloud pointed out. "And he's so huge, he's got it to spare. It's not like either of us can accidently sire him, I mean - "

"It's not about siring," Sephiroth frowned.

Angeal let out a low, bass giggle. "You sound like you're trying not to knock me up."

Sephiroth let out a huff, "You're handsome. You made me talk to you. You're kind of making me like you. Why do you want to make me kill you? If that's what you wanted, you could have spared yourself all the effort."

"It wasn't an effort at all," Angeal said, sitting on the bed and reached behind his head to pull his shirt and vest off. He let it drop to the floor before tucking his hair behind his ear. "I'm big enough to lose a little blood. Do it. I want you to make you feel good... even if I'm just something to nibble on."

Sephiroth's eyes were wide as they raked hungrily over Angeal's thick, well fed body. "... It's dangerous for you. You don't know how it feels."

"I know how it feels to want somebody," Angeal offered, turning away from Sephiroth for the first time to lay a heavy hand on Cloud. He grabbed two handfuls of his naked ass and pulled him close. "... How about you? I know you want some."

Cloud reached out a hand to feel over one of Angeal's pectorals, which was large and round from a lifetime of manual labor. "I wouldn't mind tasting, since you're offering."

Angeal closed the distance between their mouths. Cloud was instantly charmed by the feeling of coarse stubble against his skin, and stretched his fingers to sink into his dark hair. He let out a little gasp when those lips parted to suck his tongue down deep. The delicate sensation went straight to Cloud's cock, and he shifted anxiously on the bed as he felt a long drip tickle down his length.

Angeal glanced down, giving a short sigh at the well of moisture pooled on Cloud's cock. He stared at that salty, needy little drop as he kicked his boots off and let them fall to the floor. Angeal lifted his hips to let his trousers follow after, and his hands bumped into Cloud's as he eagerly ripped them off down Angeal's thighs.

Cloud let out a bird-like noise. "Oh my God! Zack wasn't exaggerating!"

One of Angeal's arms went self-consciously between his knees to cover himself. "He has such a big mouth."

"He must, if he can deep throat that thing!" Cloud remarked, and dive bombed into Angeal's lap. "Let me try!"

Angeal hissed as Cloud's warm hands shot out to touch him, and he gave Sephiroth a sideways smile. "Is he always like this?"

Sephiroth gave a warm smile back, "Yes."

"Sure you won't take a small bite of me?" Angeal asked. "At least enough to join in?"

"Come here then, if you're so determined." He did his best attempt at remaining aloof despite his eyes being glued to Angeal's bare lower body.

Cloud rode Angeal like a barnacle as he crossed the short distance, reaching where the lounging angel was waiting. Angeal let Cloud scamper out of his way before he laid against Sephiroth's side. "Won't do anything you don't want me to."

"Try not to die," Sephiroth suggested.

"He'll be fine," Cloud was still marveling at the growth between Angeal's legs with both hands, testing out the buoyancy of the situation by dragging his finger along the tip and letting it bounce.

"What's it like?" Angeal smiled, pushing Cloud's hands away from his cock so he could focus on this experience. "Does it hurt?"

"Yeah," Sephiroth told him honestly.

"I'll get over it."

Sephiroth turned towards him then, and attentively touched Angeal's side. He seemed to be embarrassed of touching there, and immediately moved his hand to Angeal's arm instead. He leaned closer, his green eyes watching Angeal's as he gently tugged him closer.

He felt lips brush his neck, and Angeal smiled. Sephiroth hadn't been such a dainty eater with the woman in the carriage, or the highway boys. He almost wanted to tease him about being so gentle, until Sephiroth's fingers clamped down onto his arms and thick razor-edged teeth sank into his flesh.

It came as a shock to feel Sephiroth drool out against his skin like an animal, and a low growl hummed from deep in his chest. Angeal didn't have much time to reconcile with this helplessness before he felt a sucking, throbbing pulse beat against his neck, and he felt his very life force get sapped away rapidly.

Angeal's breath came harsh and short, and his heart pounded as mortal fear presented itself. It came as a sudden surprise to truly feel lower on the food chain than another creature, and every hair on his body stood up. Cold lapped at the edges of his of being as his vision blurred and his ears rang hard.

"Seph," came a sharp whisper. "Stop."

Sephiroth's fingers gripped Angeal's arms even tighter then, digging into muscle as he expended a tremendous amount of energy just unlatching from his neck. He was clearly not finished, and nearly quaking with the desire to finish.

Angeal caught a glimpse of blood soaked teeth as Sephiroth's jaw clamped shut. His lips pushed together as he swallowed one last time, giving a look of both gratitude and resentment. Angeal found himself far more enticed by the fierceness of the man than the dreamy, vacant mask he wore to cover up his hunger.

"You can finish if you need to," Angeal told him. "Don't stop. Just do it."

"No, don't let him kill you!" Cloud whined selfishly.

Sephiroth pushed on Angeal's chest. "I won't."

Angeal's cock was throbbing against his stomach, so hard from the experience that he was shivering. "You sure?"

"You can't die yet!" Cloud lost patience and fell to his elbows over Angeal's hips. He dropped an equally sharp toothed, salivating mouth onto his groin, slurping noisily at the thick, hard length.

Angeal's mouth dropped open as Cloud's lips parted greedily brush his tongue along the veins that lined his cock. He became a little nervous of just how eager Cloud was to suck him off. "Cloud... please don't bite there."

"Nn-nn!" Cloud protested, coming up off of it with a long stretching lick of his tongue. "I've been sucking cock with these teeth for almost a century. You won't feel a thing."

Sephiroth tsked. "Slow down."

Cloud's eyes lifted to regard his lover. "Why?"

"He's about to come. Make him work for it," Sephiroth purred as he withdrew all contact from Angeal. He collected his long limbs and sat beside them, watching in fascination as Cloud ran his tongue across Angeal's balls.

Angeal's hips jerked off the bed as Cloud teased him. He let his tongue savor every ridge and bump in the long stretch of taut muscle, then over his thighs and down over his ass. Angeal realized he was a bit more lightheaded than he'd originally thought, his vision clouded over and cleared as Cloud smiled up at him before filling his throat with cock.

Angeal smiled back, biting the inside of his mouth against groaning in the otherwise quiet room. He didn't even need much stimulation to steadily seep precome into Cloud's mouth, he was so utterly aroused by the notion of nourishing Sephiroth's beautiful body, even just a little bit. He couldn't help gazing at Sephiroth, who was running his hands over Cloud's ass.

With an especially wet pass down Cloud's throat, Angeal regarded the outgoing little vampire's splayed body. He wouldn't mind getting consumed by him, either. If Sephiroth were nowhere to be found, he could easily amuse himself with the blonde's willing body. He wanted to prove that he wasn't last choice, not when he was giving such an outstanding performance.

Angeal pulled away from Sephiroth's soft lips to run a hand through Cloud's unique hair texture. He took a moment to run his fingers through it a second time, amazed at how it retained those soft spikes just like Zack's did. Angeal pushed it up off of Cloud's forehead, and smiled as those pretty eyes met his own. "Do you like that?"

Cloud nodded around his cock, his eyes narrowing in desire as he forced his throat to accept it deeper.

"Think you can take it?" Angeal asked, admiring Cloud's narrow hips and round little ass from the obscene angle.

Cloud giggled through his full mouth, and shook his head. He came up off of Angeal's cock and allowed his saliva to spill messily out of his reddened mouth. "It'll be hard, but I'll try."

"I'll help you work at it," Sephiroth promised, taking the opportunity to reach between his own legs. A taste of blood had replenished his energy, and the sight of Cloud gagging on the thickest cock he'd ever seen was more than enough to stir his body.

Angeal peeked down at Sephiroth's thick arousal doubtfully. "Don't see why it should be a concern if he's accustomed to you."

"Cloud's tight," Sephiroth told him as though it was a secret.

At this mention, Cloud lifted his mouth off of Angeal and stretched his neck out to reach Sephiroth. He was far more practiced in the nuances of Sephiroth's cock, and was able to suck it down his throat without really trying.

Sephiroth ran a hand through Cloud's hair and abruptly pulled him closer. Cloud's nose was smashed against Sephiroth's pubic hair, and he effortlessly swallowed around his cock.

Angeal watched in wonder. "Does he need to breathe?"

"None of us do," Sephiroth answered, not letting Cloud move despite a desperate wiggle through his thin frame. "It's just... more comfortable to breathe."

Cloud squawked until Sephiroth loosened his grip to allow him room to move. Air whooshed noisily in through his nose, but he didn't back off of Sephiroth's cock. He closed his eyes and set to work, his ass lifting into the air as he found a comfortable position that might also appeal to Angeal.

Angeal was feeling a bit better and less lightheaded, and slowly moved up behind Cloud to get a better view. Cloud's body type was different than Zack's or Sephiroth's; he was clean, smooth, tanned and almost hairless. Angeal took the chance to touch his upturned ass, spreading Cloud's cheeks apart to rub his thumb over his puckered hole and down the seam of his smooth, tight balls.

"He has a great ass," Sephiroth murmured.

Angeal glanced up almost guiltily. There was possessiveness in Sephiroth's eyes, and it was difficult to gauge how he was feeling about another man touching Cloud. Angeal barely knew the two of them, and wasn't sure if they were trapping him in some sort of death game.

It was a nice game, though. Angeal leaned down to push his face against the soft gap of Cloud's ass, fully expecting Sephiroth to reach down and snap his neck.

He jolted when he did feel a touch on top of his head, but relaxed when it was Sephiroth's hands gently sifting through his dark hair. He pushed Angeal's face in, and a low growl came from the older vampire. "Eat his ass."

Angeal's tongue lapped against Cloud's hole, and a charming squeak came from his throat in response to the sudden sensation of facial scruff and a soft tongue against his sensitive ass. Cloud arched up to offer more to Angeal, who grabbed onto his thighs to hold him in the provocative position.

Sephiroth gazed down at Cloud's round ass wriggling against Angeal's handsome, chiseled face. He felt his balls tighten, and his cock ached to unload down Cloud's throat. But this was new and fun and different, and although he was a little weary of Angeal... he wanted to see more of him. Cloud was a nice buffer between them, and the slutty streak in the blonde was beautiful as he reached back to pull on Angeal's hair and rubbed his ass eagerly against his tongue.

Sephiroth pushed back on Cloud's forehead, groaning a bit as his cock bounced from between his lips. "Get on your back."

Gasping with saliva drooling down his chin, Cloud nodded and rolled over. Sephiroth shifted backward and put a foot on the floor, standing as he pulled Cloud to the edge of the bed by both arms. His head was hanging off the side, at the perfect height to accept Sephiroth's cock right back down his throat.

Angeal could see the outline of Sephiroth's length push against Cloud's throat from the inside. "He likes this."

Cloud made an affirmative noise and arched on the bed, his legs lifting desperately to invite Angeal to do whatever he wanted.

Angeal pushed on Cloud's thighs to spread the wider, inverting his pretty ass to drive his tongue back inside. He dragged it all around the edge of the puckered little hole, tasting him hungrily before pushing it deep inside. He planned to fuck this little body hard, because Cloud so obviously wanted it.

Sephiroth began to growl above them. The view of Cloud getting his ass viciously eaten plus the sight of his cock pushing against the inside of his long, narrow throat was too much to handle for long. He was wound up, and this evening had been a rare treat after the hardship of the previous few days.

Cloud's cock was bucking against his tight stomach, and Angeal's hand wrapped around it to begin stroking steadily. Cloud writhed up into his rough grip, seeping steadily and making his fist wet while Angeal shook his head against his ass like a hungry dog. Cloud was so close, everything in his body gave signs that he was going to come any moment.

"Cloud..." Sephiroth warned, and it was almost too late. He was already there.

Cloud trembled, his jaw working hard to comfortably handle the hot liquid spurting deep down his throat. His entire body coiled in response, and then abruptly released as streaks of semen shot up over his chest.

Angeal worked him through the entire climax, eager to get on top of the little vampire and see what else he could make him do. But instead, Cloud sleepily withdrew and crawled off the bed to give Sephiroth a brief, sleepy embrace.

Angeal sat up on his knees. "Well... what now?"

"Seph and I will take the other room with Genesis. You can sleep here with Zack," Cloud answered with a raw, raspy voice while trotting back into the bathroom.

Sephiroth stretched, popping his spine before he followed Cloud to clean up. "They're bringing us back some food. We'll try not to wake you."

Angeal was dumbstruck. "But... what about me?"

Sephiroth gave him a wide smile. "Thanks."



1 - Yay a new chapter of the gay vampire story! Angeal's a regular fangbanger isn't he?

2 - Years ago I did a shit ton of research on Vlad the Impaler for my high school dissertation on being a Hot Topic sucking loser goth, and there's a lot of possibilities of where he did all the grossest vampiric-lore shit. There are three main castles that Vlad made appearances at during his life, and my personal opinion was that the bulk was carried out at Poenari, and that being anywhere in the general vicinity during the time he was alive would SUCK ASS. There's a story that everyone was SO FUCKING SCARED at that time that Vlad put a wallet full of money in the middle of the street. Nobody took it, because if they were caught they'd be put in the dungeons for stealing. Threatening to stick a giant sharp pole up people's butts leads to peace and low crime rates, apparently.

3 - Just to clarify, Vlad the Impaler doesn't make an appearance in Sephiroth's past lol. I don't think he ever would have met the guy personally. I just kind of saw Sephiroth in that time and place when he was alive. Genesis had been around for much, much, much longer.

4 - Someday I'll go to Poenari and Bran and see it all for real. I almost went to Romania once, but my roommate at the time had just gone and hated it and talked me out of it. I kind of regret not going, because it's always been my goth dream. Plus there are some geocaches there. Someday I'll go. Let's all go.

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