The Recruiters

BY : sephcounttheways
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Another year slipped by. Time passed at different speeds for each of them.

Even though he couldn't verbally express it, Zack still remembered what it was like to fear death. He woke up every night with intense jubilation at the gift of eternal life. He was barely nineteen when Cloud adopted him into the family and was still a boy at the age of twenty-five. His energy was not waning in the least. Zack felt every second and every minute tick away like a small child, eager for existence and whatever it entailed.

Cloud was now ninety-five-years-old, and time was starting to turn into something that he could mentally stretch out and play with. Everyone he knew in life was now, without a doubt, dead. The fact that he still looked like a boy once disturbed him, but now he'd settled into a smug sort of pride. When he actually was tender and young and working in the print shop, Cloud never spared a moment to look in a mirror or think about his appearance. But when compared to what he should have looked like – decaying in a box somewhere underground – he admired his boyish, doll-like appearance. The world was slowly, gradually changing round him, and he was suspended in an eternal prime to enjoy it.

For Sephiroth, time had stopped mattering long ago. Even when he was alive, Sephiroth had only been concerned with the immediate present because he didn't have the opportunity or desire to look forward to the future or reflect upon the past. He didn't have the freedom to feel anything at all, nor was he educated enough to know that he had no freedom. Freedom was forgetting all about time, and turning one's back on it permanently. His eternal life was punctuated by sleeping, eating, loving, and learning. He moved through his nights unhurried and confident that when the next one came, everything would be as he'd put it the night before. His latest book, his favorite people, and an ever changing backdrop of cities and cultures to slowly investigate at his own leisure – if he felt like it. An outsider might have looked upon this introverted existence as a waste of eternity, but it was the ultimate use of endless life.

And for Genesis, time didn't exist at all. He was a creature that was slightly different than his family members, slightly more evolved. It came with the territory of transcending dimensions. He'd been away on business, visiting Hell, Satan, and the people that he'd known in other incarnations that were technically long ago, but didn't feel that way. To someone as old as Genesis was, a friend met a thousand years prior was just as precious as any of the members of his clan on Earth.

He felt the strings of reality as they slid past his face, and he settled into his home. In the hour before nightfall, his family looked relaxed.

Sephiroth was reading the newspaper as though he had all the time in the world. Zack was lying on his back with his feet on the door, counting the minutes until he could visit his hunky carpenter. And then there was little Cloud, preening his feathery hair in the mirror.

Genesis sucked in air to let out a booming greeting, delightfully startling his lovers. "Hello, boys!"

Three sets of pretty eyes shot to him, and three gorgeous smiles lit up the room.

"How'd it go?" Sephiroth invited Genesis in for a kiss by tilting back his head in his lounge chair. Genesis leaned over and kissed him with languid ease, marveling at the fact that a set of lips could remain so tempting and delicious after over four hundred years of kissing them. He'd never, ever get tired of kissing Sephiroth.

Then the wind was knocked out of Genesis when Zack came running at him, bawling in happiness, "Presents?"

"Not this time, doll," Genesis apologized, kissing Zack as well. The frantic demon's spirits didn't seem dampened by the absence of a gift as he hugged him tightly. Genesis slipped from Zack's grip and crossed the room to his blonde haired, blue eyed prince, "Although… I do have something for Cloud."

Cloud's features rippled with an expression of intrigue. "For me?"

"A gift," Genesis thought about his next words carefully as he approached Cloud and accepted an embrace. "Well, an… experience."

Cloud's eyes blinked slowly as he tried to dissect the phrasing. "An experience?"

"A new kind of torture," Genesis clarified, and uncurled his arms from around Cloud to dig into his pocket. He then took out a small sack, unknotted the tie, and shook out a small white pill. "This is the latest craze where we come from."

Cloud leaned in for a closer look. "…What is it?"

"What is it!" Zack parroted. Both he and Sephiroth were also in rapt attention, but Sephiroth restrained the reckless demon from bounding over by a quick arm around his waist. Zack whined, but since it was a rarity for Sephiroth to hold him so close, he cuddled in on his lap and relaxed into his confinement.

Genesis didn't usually wish his other lovers away, but he had a feeling that Cloud was the only one in the family who could truly appreciate what he had in his hands.

It was nirvana in pill form, "You swallow this, and everything your brain knows about sensation is reversed. Everything. Soft becomes hard, hot becomes cold… pleasure becomes pain…" Genesis waved the pill around, laughing softly as Cloud's eyes followed it. "…And pain becomes pleasure like you can't even imagine."

"You've got my attention," Cloud murmured, and carefully took the pill from between Genesis' fingers to study it closely. "How long does it last?"

"Until you breach the crest of euphoria," Genesis smiled, oozing seduction. He desperately wanted Cloud to just swallow the damn thing, but Genesis knew that the key to luring him would be tight, controlled self restraint. It was always a difficult battle to maintain self restraint when dealing with a tempting little masochist like Cloud.

"So the drug stops when you have an orgasm?" Cloud clarified.

"When you have an orgasm," Genesis grinned, leaning in close with a sly gleam in his eye.

Cloud blushed slightly, "…Th-then it stops?"

"Then it stops."

"Do you promise?" Cloud looked back up at him, gauging the redhead's eyes for any hint of deception.

"I swear. I did it myself."

"With who?" Sephiroth interjected.

Genesis threw a smile his way. "Daddy."

Sephiroth was beginning to sulk, which was the last thing they needed in the atmosphere for a satisfying session in pleasure perception. Genesis sighed at him, "No penetration, just straight up torture."

"I'll never understand you people," Sephiroth grumbled and pointedly went back to his newspaper while cuddling Zack. But as much as he wanted to project his disinterest, he still hadn't left the room.

Zack was puzzled by everything that was going on, but remained on Sephiroth's lap, who wasn't about to let him free. The very last thing he needed was Zack getting excited and swallowing some stupid hallucinogenic fad drug from Hell.

"It's not required that you understand everything in life, Seph," Genesis retorted, then turned to watch Cloud's inward battle between temptation and fear. He stroked Cloud's bouncy hair like a kitten's fur, gentle and coaxing, and let his fingers trail down to chin. "Cloud understands this, though. Don't you?"

"They torture souls with this? In… Hell?"

"Yes. But only the really, really naughty ones…" Genesis whispered, fanning Cloud's curiosity.

"Wow!" Cloud whispered with genuine fright. "This is a little bit more serious than spanking."

"We've done far more than just frivolous spanking," Genesis reminded him, building his confidence. "You've soared on torment that makes lesser men crumble. You've spilled your seed while enduring the exact same type of torture that undid Christ Himself."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes and sighed loudly, noisily turning his paper over to read the other side. Zack blinked stupidly, "Who's Christ Himself?"

Cloud ignored them, intent on studying the plain white pill, "But that wasn't like this."

"Don't let that fact that it's from Hell intimidate you. You know what you are, Cloud."

"…I'm a demon?" Cloud questioned.

"Don't be humble, Cloud Strife. You know that you are so much more than that," Genesis' fingers dug into his palms, so eager he could barely contain himself. He wanted to just shove the pill down Cloud's damn throat, already. Restrain… restrain… He reminded himself, and spoke with an even calmness. "You created a demon. One day you'll command demons."

"Yeah?" Cloud considered this, regarding Zack with a prideful nod of his head. "Yeah. Yeah!"

"Yeah!" Zack bounced on Sephiroth's lap, who grunted under his weight and jostled him slightly to calm him down.

"Are you ready?" Genesis hissed, close to getting on his knees and begging the blonde to just put it in his mouth, for the love of God!

Then, in an abrupt move that honestly shocked everyone in the room, Cloud slapped his palm against his open mouth and swallowed the pill dry. He gasped from the natural adrenaline that came with such a bold act and looked around the room, expecting an instant change of some sort.

Genesis knew he had a few moments before it hit him. Maybe less, considering his small frame. Sephiroth was looking at them over the top of his paper, not even pretending to be reading. Zack wiggled even harder to be free. "Candy? I want candy!"

"Next time, Zack," Genesis crossed his arms, waiting for Cloud to speak.

Cloud lurched suddenly and sucked in a quick breath. "Oh, wow… I feel… wet."

"Fucking weird, isn't it?" Genesis grinned.

Cloud nodded, deliberately touching nothing and holding his arms away from himself, "Yeah it is… I feel numb and wet. I'm… afraid to move. "

"Keep talking to me," Genesis murmured, and stepped closer. "I'm going to touch you... very gently."

"Okay," Cloud nodded.

Genesis wickedly ran feather-light fingertips down Cloud's face. It took Cloud a moment to register what he was feeling, and horror slowly widened his eyes into perfect blue circles surrounded by white. Cloud was not at all prepared, but his system eventually caught up with the sensation and allowed him to react.

He opened his mouth several times before he could finally gasp out an, "Ow!"

Cloud then jerked away from Genesis' touch and cupped his own face to ease the pain, only to shriek again at his own touch. Pain was everywhere, at every single touch. Even his clothes moving against his skin felt like the threat of death itself.

Cloud quickly became hysterical, "Oh God! Oh fuck it hurts! What do I do? Help! Genesis! SEPHIROTH!"

Sephiroth shot up to his feet. Genesis snapped his fingers at him and pointed to the chair, and even though he was slow and reluctant to obey, Sephiroth slowly sat on the edge.

Zack stayed in the circle of his arms, but fought to get near Cloud. "Cloudy Cloud! Cloud needs help!"

"Hold on to him," Genesis said to Sephiroth. He then moved closer to Cloud, but didn't touch him, "Calm down. We're all here and you're safe. Come back to me, Cloud. Right now."

With those strong words from his elder, Cloud's breath slowed down and he calmed just a little bit. But it was enough to steady his body beneath his clothes.

"I'll touch you again– "

"NO!" Cloud cried, taking a step away and wobbling a bit under the disorientation of the drug. He groped for anything to lean against and found their dining table. He didn't feel like there was anything under his feet, like he was suspended in thick, soupy water that electrified him with every tiny move he made. He was starting to drown in the pain of just existing.

"I'm going to touch you, Cloud," Genesis declared, and gave Cloud a clear indication of his intent as he raised his hand. "Do you trust me?"

Cloud only hesitated a moment before nodding. In one swift movement, Genesis backhanded him across his face.

Cloud cried out… and the cadence of it was unmistakable. It was not the sound of pain, not shock, not surprise, and not even indignation that escaped Cloud's throat. The blow had somehow led to very real pleasure.

The strangeness of the feeling, along with the disorientation of his limbs made Cloud sag against the table. Nobody in the room moved, and the only sound was a low moan from Cloud as that addictive pleasure continued to pulse from the wound Genesis had given him. It was the only refuge from the torment of his clothes tickling his body.

He instinctively went to cup the gash in his cheek, but his own tender touch made it explode in unfathomable pain. Instead, he dug his nails into the cut and groaned again.

"Isn't that nice?" Genesis purred, stepping closer.

"Yeah…" Cloud sighed, his entire body going loose with desire.

"You want more?"

"Everywhere…" Cloud hissed and bit back another moan as Genesis sunk rough fingers into his hair and yanked his head back. Cloud whispered, "Gen… how do I get my clothes off and… make it hurt?"

"You can't," Genesis told him with false regret. "… It's gonna be hard taking them off. So do you want me to undress you slow or fast?"

Cloud continued to dig his nails into his bleeding face. Now that he understood the game, he was a bit more open to experiencing the full spectrum of sensation. "… Slow to start."

Genesis raised his hand to the zipper of Cloud's leather jacket. He slowly pulled the zipper down, and the light tickle against Cloud's chest had him whimpering in blistering hot agony. His teenage voice cracked and dragged through the air in a thin wail.

The pain was like a rumbling, bubbling sickness underneath his skin. The speed of it was completely jarring; it came immediately and left twice as fast. Every tiny pull of the zipper tickled Cloud's skin and ignited a new wave of fresh Hell upon his bones.

"God!" Cloud screamed uselessly.

"Want me to hurry?"

"No!" Cloud screamed out. If anything… he wanted it to last. It was a build up… it was a test. It was a bridge to be crossed to get to pleasure, and it was just as delicious.

With a smile, Genesis continued to tickle the zipper down to Cloud's groin, where it ended and opened, neatly exposing Cloud's growing arousal that was trapped in his thick leather pants. Genesis then took his nails and dragged them across Cloud's skin as he pushed the garment from his shoulders.

"Ooh…" Cloud gasped, twitching in the heavy mixture of sensations. "Genesis..."

Genesis slowly moved down to his knees, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Cloud wondered.

Instead of instigating more bliss with his fingernails, Genesis kissed Cloud's hip and handled his zipper delicately. The gentle tickle to Cloud's genitals proved to be a bit too much, and instinct forced Cloud to shove Genesis away. He pressed himself against the table, and very real pain was written across his face as he cupped himself.

He quickly remembered there was no relief or comfort to be found in his own touch. So he switched to his fingernails, trying to cause any sort of pain to the area that he could.

Sephiroth closed his eyes and hid his face against Zack's shoulder.

"Are you sad?" Zack asked him. "Why are you sad?"

Sephiroth explained it simply, quiet enough to evade Cloud's hearing. "I fucking hate seeing Cloud in pain."

Zack laughed as though Sephiroth was the biggest fool that had ever lived, "But Cloud fucking loves it!"

The pure truth in that simple statement drew Sephiroth's back up, and he forced himself to look at his Cloud. His bare chest was heaving, a blush enflamed his delicate face, and he clawed at his arousal in a violent, horrible caricature of masturbation.

And he was fucking loving it. Sephiroth felt his concern drip away to slightly frightened intrigue.

Genesis laughed and roughly pulled Cloud's hands away from himself. He pulled his pants down without bothering with the zipper. They were nearly skin tight, and dragged along his delicate skin, causing just enough rough friction to make the action bearable.

They finally bunched around his shaking knees and Genesis figured that Cloud was naked enough for what he planned to do. He then slapped Cloud's sensitive thighs, enjoying the way it made the blonde crumple in helpless sensation. He almost wanted to try sucking the blonde's cock, but that level of cruelty would be too much.

Genesis was not that sadistic. Satan was, though. High on the effects of the drug, Genesis had been shackled, bound, and forced to endure a lengthy blowjob. He had screamed loud enough for every circle of Hell to rejoice. Vincent was wonderful. Genesis couldn't wait for him and Cloud to finally meet.

That would be too much for Cloud at this juncture though, at least for now. Instead, Genesis spun him around, purposely using too much force and causing Cloud's tender skin to scrape against the rough, unsanded table top.

Cloud could produce the most pitiful, sweet, bird-like noises when he was being mistreated. But there was fire in his big blue eyes, giving away the fact that Cloud knew exactly what he wanted and was well settled into his role.

Genesis relaxed into his own role. Any desires he had, he reversed for Cloud's benefit. With that tight, round little ass trapped beneath him, all he wanted was to kiss it and lick along the soft, lovely curve. Instead, he used his teeth and scraped the skin, forcing red welts to bloom under his mouth. The taste of blood awoke his hunger, and he watched precious, sweet blood blossom from the welts like flowers, flickering in the candlelight.

Genesis then plucked the candle up, and dripped the hot wax into the fresh wounds.

It felt like ice cold crystal drops from heaven. Cloud went up on his tippy toes, presenting himself shamelessly and forgetting all about his innocent pretenses, "Mmm, more! More!"

Genesis almost threw an apologetic glance Sephiroth's way, but decided to save the guilt for later. He wanted to enjoy this because he knew for damn sure that Cloud would, even if Sephiroth had reservations about this part of Cloud's sexuality.

Genesis stood behind Cloud, and used both hands to pull his pretty ass cheeks apart. The tight hole waiting there was perfect. One of Genesis' hands pressed the back of Cloud's head into the table, pinning him in place. He used his other hand to yank his own pants open.

Genesis took his cock in hand, unable to resist pumping himself for a moment at the sight of Cloud so undone and needy. Then he lined himself up with Cloud's body, and gently brushed his head against the exposed little opening.

Cloud screamed against the sudden sick, consuming pain centered on such a vulnerable part of his body, "Genesis! Please!"

Genesis chuckled as Cloud's tiny little hole puckered in on itself, "…Doesn't that feel nice?"

"Genesis!" Cloud howled, one enraged blue eye peered over his shoulder. "Fuck me, you stupid son of a bitch!"

Genesis purred in response, and his eyes fluttered closed.

He always knew that one day he'd truly love Cloud. Not just fondness, not just lust, not just the pleasant convenience of having a cute, young boy around to touch, kiss, or converse with. The fact was that while he was a wonderful delight, he was Sephiroth's choice. But one day, Genesis knew that he'd come to truly love Cloud Strife.

He'd probably loved Cloud for quite some time. Years, probably even decades. He'd always been prone to saying it, but he never bothered to really examine his feelings. And to take a pause to realize love at this particular moment in time… it was an absolute perfect opportunity.

Genesis loved Cloud! Cloud was his partner in crime, his eternal teenage bitch, his angry little masochist, his insane demon wrangler, his beautiful blonde plaything… and Genesis loved him for everything he was and would one day become.

The moment of realization engulfed Genesis, and his heart swelled and sailed happily on this wave of euphoria. He gave in to Cloud with great pleasure, forcing his way inside the tight hole. Cloud was already in tears, but the pure heaven that Genesis thrust upon him had him bawling against the table, and it was beautiful.

The uneven wood marred Cloud's soft face, but in his warped perspective it felt like cool silk. Genesis fucking him dry and rough was like the culmination of everything wholesome and good and right in the entire world. And when Genesis moved… the friction tore his insides in the highest, most delicious sexual bliss.

"Genesis! Mm!" Cloud was crying gutturally and delighted when Genesis began to slap his upturned ass in lustful fury.

Genesis' blue eyes burned with real love, and he searched for anything nearby that he could harm Cloud's body with. His riding crop was sadly put away in the wardrobe, and the candle was spent for wax, so all Genesis had were his bare hands.

So he made use of them pinching, pulling, twisting, slapping, and scratching Cloud anywhere he could reach. His nipples, his balls, his hair, and his sensitive thighs were abused to perfection.

"I knew…" Genesis growled, reaching down to roughly jerk Cloud's head around by the hair. "I knew you'd love this shit."

"I love you," Cloud managed to gasp.

"I love you too," Genesis told him with utter truth on his tongue.

Cloud whimpered and followed his hair as Genesis pulled him into a kiss. The sweetness of it scalded his mouth like the flames of Hell until Genesis used his teeth to scrape and bite his lips and tongue. Instinct caused Cloud to claw and slap Genesis in return, only spurring the redhead on for more.

Genesis began to pump his hips behind Cloud in earnest, and made the mistake of aiming for the blonde's prostate. It only took one well-aimed jab to make Cloud shriek in pain, and almost scuttle away. "Don't do that!"

Genesis held Cloud forcefully, not letting him squirm away, "But it's your sweet spot, honey. Don't you like it?"

"NO! Please don't! Seriously!" Cloud begged and shivered as Genesis resumed beating into his dry ass.

Every so often, Genesis would, just to keep Cloud alert, to keep him lucid and keep the fear pulsing through his body. Then to Genesis' delight, Cloud began praying to him. He mentally thanked him when pain was delivered and begged for mercy when pleasure accidentally blotted the experience. It filled the redhead with unholy satisfaction to hear Cloud's beautiful, musical mental voice put him on the highest possible pedestal.

Genesis shot his load into Cloud as roughly as he possibly could and refrained from cuddling close to the panting blonde when he was done. Cloud had not come yet.

"Gen…" Cloud whimpered, content with feeling nothing but numbness for the moment while he collected what was available of his mind. "…Please…"

Genesis tucked himself back into his pants, and went to the wardrobe for his riding crop, Cloud's favorite accessory, but then stopped when he saw something better. Sephiroth's newspaper would be enough to deliver a solid thwack, while being gentle enough to tickle and torment. How delightful!

Genesis giggled as he pulled it right out of Sephiroth's limp hands and went back to Cloud and jerked him up off the table by his elbow. There was an audible pop in the blonde's shoulder, which had him writhing for a moment in sharp bliss.

Genesis laughed at Cloud's drugged up expense and tossed him onto the bed. It felt unforgiving and hard, a fitting surface for this experience. Cloud spread his legs as wide as his pants would allow, perfectly open to anything that might come his way.

Genesis rolled the newspaper and gave Cloud's cute little ass a smack. The blond moaned against the sheets, "Mmm, again…"

Genesis spanked him with the paper until Cloud's ass was flushed bright red. Then he used his hands, smacking each cheek in turn until Cloud was again shedding two waterfalls of tears. "Gen… I need you… fuck me… please, more…"

At that, Genesis glanced over to Sephiroth, "Can we invite someone else in to play?"

"Zack?" Cloud guessed.

"…Sephiroth probably likes the way you look right now," Genesis thought aloud, planting the suggestion in his other lover's silver scalp. "Such a bad, naughty, horny little boy. Sephiroth likes that…"

Cloud hesitated. "…No he doesn't."

"Maybe he would if he tried," Genesis suggested to both of them.

Cloud bit his lip and raised his head from the sheets, "Seph…?"

"Tell him what you want," Genesis quietly guided.

"Seph… Come here…" Cloud swallowed. "Hurt me."

The sound of Cloud in need had Sephiroth approaching the bed. Zack was on the back of his heels, eager for whatever piece of ass he could get and was immediately intercepted by Genesis so he wouldn't pounce on Cloud and spoil Sephiroth's opportunity.

But at the sight of Cloud's torn, abused ass, Sephiroth nearly turned and retreated.

"Seph," Cloud beckoned and rolled over onto his back. His body was painfully erect, glistening with his sweat and Genesis' come. A tiny trail of white fluid dripped out of his ass as his legs spread wide. "…Just try me. I can take it. You know that… and I really want you to."

It shouldn't have had to be any sort of internal struggle to give Cloud whatever he wanted, but in this way, it was. Sephiroth worshiped the ground Cloud walked on… to raise a hand and harm this flawless creature seemed unfathomable. He'd given Cloud a few taps before, but never anything like the beatings Genesis administered. That was their own private thing.

Sometimes, it almost sickened Sephiroth. But only almost. A tiny part of him was excited – thrilled. But it was such a small part in such a larger sea of worry and dread.

"Do it," Genesis urged, fanning the flames of Sephiroth's tiny spark of curiosity. "Just once."

"Please…" Cloud whispered.

Sephiroth then took a hold of one of Cloud's thin ankles and pulled him slightly inverted until the curve of his ass lifted off of the bed. He then raised his hand and slapped Cloud's ass as hard as he could.

Cloud never knew how much stronger Sephiroth was than Genesis. The shocking bolt of power had him up on his elbows on the bed. He gasped up at Sephiroth, and the expression on his face was of surprise but also new found respect. Cloud lay back against the bed and lifted his ass up prettily, begging for more.

Sephiroth gave him another, this time on the other cheek. He could already see bruises forming, but the smell of Cloud's excitement was enough to wash away any concerns he might have had.

Cloud liked it. He wanted it. And in his current mental state, he truly needed it.

"…I love you. God damn it, I love you…" Cloud purred up at him, and the purr became a yelp as Sephiroth dragged him to the edge of the mattress. Cloud moved against the sheets, forcing more pain into his system as Sephiroth untied the laced on his own pants. Cloud watched Sephiroth cock spring out and clawed at his own skin in anticipation.

Sephiroth approached, putting his hands lovingly on Cloud's thighs.

"Shit!" Cloud sobbed under the gentle touch. "Hard Seph, gotta be hard, please!"

To everyone's surprise, Sephiroth didn't adjust the pressure of his touch. He moved his fingers teasingly over Cloud's skin, up his legs, up his lean torso, and to his nipples. Cloud was nearly in convulsions from pain, but interestingly enough, his cock continued to pulse against his stomach. Sephiroth circled the tight, tiny nipples a few times, then harshly pulled on them.

Cloud growled, and Sephiroth laughed a little before he could stop himself. The drug's effects were… so very interesting. Tickles were bad, tugs were good, and harshness was best. Sephiroth continued to alternate between feather light brushes and brutal pinches on Cloud's nipples as he slid inside his come soaked hole.

Cloud trembled, not knowing whether the man would send him to Heaven or Hell with a well aimed thrust. Sephiroth, for the first time, was actually willing to tease. .

Then something pushed against the side of Cloud's face. He turned and found the dripping slit of Zack's cock. He looked up to see his demon grinning down. "Wanna suck it?"

Cloud grinned, then opened his mouth wide, eager to choke on it. He flicked his tongue against the slit, making Zack eager. "You wanna fuck my mouth, Zack?"

"Uh huh!" He answered with a very earnest nod of his head.

Cloud barely had time to close his lips around it before Zack's hips were moving, pushing his cock deep down Cloud's throat. Sephiroth took the opportunity to move inside him, working up to a quick rhythm while attempting to avoid giving Cloud any accidental pleasure.

Cloud's eyes rolled in his head. He was being fucked at both ends and it could not have been more heavenly. With all the physical restraint thrust upon him that evening, being forced to sit in sexy Sephiroth's lap while watching the artful way Genesis dominated Cloud, Zack couldn't last long with his cock being milked between Cloud's wet, pretty lips.

Zack moaned and fucked the back of Cloud's throat, sighing raggedly. "Yeah! … Agh, Cloud!… Mmm…"

Cloud let Zack's cock pop free of his mouth and stuck his tongue out, flicking it against the tip as it spat hot fluid. Semen looked so good splattered across Cloud's face that Sephiroth couldn't control himself and almost immediately throbbed out a climax inside Cloud's tight ass.

"Mmmm," Cloud smiled dreamily, enjoying the feeling of Sephiroth's hips jerked abruptly and the inner feeling of his release. It was different on the drug, but just as pleasant as it always was.

"I'm… oh," Sephiroth stumbled over his words as the last bit was milked out of him by coaxing movements of Cloud's hips.

"You didn't mean to do that," Genesis remarked with a grin.

"Thanks for announcing it," Sephiroth replied, blushing slightly as he withdrew from Cloud's body.

Cloud moved up to his knees. "Who's next?"

Until the early hours of the morning, Cloud was tormented to the brink of insanity. Nobody could be credited with making him finally tip over the peak of ecstasy. Zack was working hard behind him, as rough as he always was with his cock throbbing and heavy in his ass. Sephiroth and Genesis were both seating before him, kissing each other ravenously while Cloud mouthed their cocks in turn.

Zack came inside him in a hot wave, and a moment later Genesis' big cock erupted in his face. Sephiroth was pulling his hair, covering Cloud's cheek in semen while Zack's fingers dug into his ass. The smell of so much arousal, the delicious feeling of being so used, but so empowered by such surrender had Cloud trembling.

"I'm close, I'm so close please!" Cloud shouted, and all three of his lovers took the cue to hurt him, to spur it on. Zack pushed his cock back inside, sensitive and softening, but hard enough to work Cloud's abused ass. Genesis bit his neck, taking a taste of him. Sephiroth slapped his ass in a series of abrupt, punctuated blows.

Cloud was finally given enough violence and pain to unleash the heavy strain of arousal that had been suffocating him all evening. He soaked the sheets with his thick load over and over, not even caring about the wildness of his own cries. He'd lost himself in the sensation, and it just wouldn't stop. The pulsing aftershocks were almost too much to bear, and Cloud felt like he was dying all over again.

Then, as suddenly as the drug had entered his sense, it vanished. Pain was pain, again. And there was plenty of it. Passion induced injuries and wounds throbbed all over his skin, inside and out. Cloud had asked for them though; he'd begged for every single bruise, every single scratch and bite and blister. And like three good boys, his lovers had given them to him.

Cloud smiled in satisfaction. He continued to smile as his lovers scattered to fetch warm washcloths, fresh sheets, and clean clothes. He continued to smile as Genesis cleaned him up, Sephiroth coddled him while changing the sheets, and Zack kissed him repeatedly when he was laid back down upon them.

When he had the strength to lift himself up, he sought out his family for kisses and physical comfort. Especially from Sephiroth, who cuddled him the most fiercely of all. A new frontier had been explored in their relationship, and at over eighty years of loving each other, newness was difficult to come by.

Genesis was slithering around at the corners, touching and kissing parts of Cloud that Sephiroth neglected. Zack was at his feet, kissing and nuzzling the only part the other two men allotted him.

"I love you," Sephiroth told Cloud.

"I love you," Genesis declared to Cloud with all the poetic passion of a gusting ocean breeze.

"Heeey, I love you too!" Zack whimpered, finally squeezing past Sephiroth to kiss Cloud's face.

Cloud just kept giggling, "I love you all!"

Cloud wasn't up for hunting that night, but was ravenously hungry. Zack and Genesis promised to bring him back a meal, and Sephiroth stayed with him to offer him warmth and keep him company.

"Thank you," Cloud finally said out loud, after the others were gone. "… For playing with me tonight."

"I still don't think I get it… The whole pain being pleasure thing. But I'm willing to try and learn. For you," Sephiroth kissed his forehead.

"Oh come on, admit it! You like slapping me around."

"Maybe a little…" Sephiroth admitted.

Cloud snuggled in close, completely happy. Genesis was back home, Sephiroth finally hurt him, Zack was so well fucked that he would probably sleep the entire next day through without waking them all up… and he was going to be delivered breakfast in bed.

For Cloud, this had shaped up to be a perfect night.


Sephiroth curled around the side of the building. He reached back to touch Zack, making sure the demon was still there. He was being quiet, and after nearly seven years of constant noise, it still caught Sephiroth off guard that Zack was actually catching on to the basics of hunting and had gained some stealth.

The moment shattered when Zack tripped over a crate that was concealed by the shadows, and cursed on a shrill whisper. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Seph, why did they put fucking boxes right where people can – "

"Shhh," Sephiroth hushed him soothingly, turning back to give him a quick kiss on the forehead. He smiled at the brunette then, seeing something new beginning to shine behind his eyes. Maybe a playful intelligence was emerging, or maybe Sephiroth was simply getting used to Zack. It was hard to tell.

Whatever the reason, Zack was gradually becoming sexy, alluring… irresistible, actually. Sephiroth kissed Zack's forehead again, and then let his lips trail between his eyes, over his cute nose, and finally took his full, soft mouth.

Zack immediately forgot about the offensive boxes and melted into the brief, but passionate kiss. He pulled away with wide eyes, "Mm!… Sephiroth likes me…"

"Barely," Sephiroth grunted with a smile, and turned back to the woman they were following. She smelled decent and healthy. Her hair was short and blonde, and she carried herself well. Sephiroth had noticed her easily in the sea of late night hookers, pimps and opium fiends.

"Okay," He said, wanting to offer Zack the first bite of the evening. It was always easier to eat knowing the little ones had already been fed. "You know what to do, Zack."

Zack hesitated. "… She's pretty, though! I don't wanna!"

Again with Zack and his picky eating habits. Sephiroth actually preferred more attractive meals, whereas poor Zack still felt some form of guilt – but only for people who were physically beautiful, or children who were "cute." Throw ugly kids in his path and he'd consume them without blinking.

"She'll be good for you," Sephiroth encouraged. "There might not be an uglier one tonight."

Zack pouted childishly. "No!"

"I don't want to argue about it. Cloud and Gen are right up there watching over you. So just stay right here and wait for me, okay?"

Zack was still pouting as Sephiroth left him to emerge from the darkness of the alleyway. He set his sights on his target, and began to stride through the narrow, crowded streets toward her.

He was soon close enough to feel her living warmth. He had several options. There was always the amateurish move of getting her attention, wooing her, and then whisking her into the shadows for lovemaking turned deadly. Cloud still liked to play that game, and even Genesis found pleasure in tricking men and women into his clutches for a beautiful and poetic end.

But Sephiroth had been doing this for centuries, and any novelty there was to interacting with humans was long forgotten. His method was very simple: approach, cover the mouth, drag away, enjoy. With his tall, attractive, ageless appearance, anyone who might have seen them would think he was the victim's/target's lover with a romantic surprise, or perhaps an angry pimp, if they noticed at all.

Human eyes tended to slide right past the preternatural. It was a God-given survival instinct.

Sephiroth quickened his pace just a bit to match hers, then curled an arm around her waist while covering her mouth, and he turned on his heel and spun her into the darkness of an open doorway. The entire capture took two heartbeats, and then they were in the dark together.

She shivered in his arms when the initial shock passed. His teeth scraped against her skin, his mouth salivating in anticipation of nourishment – and then all he knew was very sudden, blind pain.

He looked down in total shock, completely unprepared for the disgusting fluid that filled his mouth. She tasted like death, and her blood burned all the way down his throat.. He immediately spat out as much of it as he could and glared at the girl, who was giving him the oddest smile he had ever seen in his life. She was almost... pitying him."We're gonna kill you slowly, in the sunlight of God. Then you're going to hell where you belong," She whispered, and there was holy condescendence in her voice, almost like a far away choir was chiming in agreement.

She was an angel. She had to be. Sephiroth had never seen one before.

He gaped at her in utter bewilderment before anger set in. He'd rip her apart, no matter how putrid her insides may be. Before he could even touch her, two men grabbed and held onto him. Another three came out of the shadows, one even bearing a crucifix to ward Sephiroth off. A voice murmured against his hair. "Gotcha, you filthy animal."

These man were different than the angel, they lacked that holy, revoltingly pure quality. This angel was leading humans in an attack against the wicked, and it was enough to make a vampire vomit.

Sephiroth was in shock, and it was an ugly, long forgotten feeling. He deliberately bit his tongue against saying a word, against letting these assholes know that he was drowning in panic. Not only for himself, but for his dear, beloved family.

Unable to help himself, Sephiroth's eyes flicked back to the alley where he'd left Zack, praying that the demon wouldn't try to come to his rescue.

The captors were watching Sephiroth's every move, and noticed when he subtly looked back into the alleyway he'd come from. The larger man asked, "What is it? You got some friends over there?"

"I'll check it out," One man said and left Sephiroth's custody up to the others.

Sephiroth and Genesis had planned extensively in the unlikely event that one of them would be apprehended by vampire hunters. Some humans rose to the occasion, but the vampires were able to shed doubt on their own existence. They human race liked to believe they were alone in this planet, and so they chalked vampires up to fiction or superstition. But once in a while, according to Genesis, the hunters got lucky. It was worth creating a plan for.

The vampire who had been caught would keep silent. No show of any otherworldly capabilities, powers, strength… the one who was caught had to go as quietly as possible. The others ran like hell, and stayed away until the time was right. If the right time came at all.

But with Genesis' mental abilities, they'd been able to steer clear of hunters. It was like picking out an undercover detective in a sea of prostitutes, they were as plain as day. But that angel was something different. She lured Sephiroth in on purpose.

Sephiroth breathed a heavy sigh of thanks that Zack refused to go after the angel bitch. That would have been a disaster. Sephiroth was grateful that it had been himself, as he was the very best one of them all to be captured.

If they played their cards right, Sephiroth would be able to make it out of this alive. In the event of his demise, Genesis could still lead the family safely, with his vast experience and ability to manipulate minds. Cloud would have been frightened if he had been the one caught; he wasn't yet strong enough to deal with this sort of thing.

The man who'd gone to search the alleyway returned. "Nothing there. This pretty boy's all alone, it seems."

"No friends, pretty boy?" The larger man taunted as he pulled him away. "Don't worry. You'll make plenty down in the town jail."

"On what grounds am I being taken in?" Sephiroth asked calmly, causing the others to cackle in amusement.

The angel approached him with an arrogant smile. She had a bandage against her neck, and momentarily lifted it to reveal two clean teeth imprints in her skin. Blood oozed out, and the sight of it was sickening. "Probable cause to believe that you're a blood sucking, child murdering witch."

Sephiroth chuckled despite his fear. Witches were apparently more believable to humans than vampires. "A witch, you say?"

"You know damn well what you are," The man declared. "And you're going to tell us where to find all the rest."


When Zack saw that there was trouble, he immediately tried to help Sephiroth. Genesis' quick reaction was the only thing that stopped the demon from exposing himself to the hunters. Genesis silently grabbed Zack with enough force to quiet him and yanked him back up onto the roof where Cloud watched in horror as humans put their hands on his lover.

"Genesis…" Cloud whispered. "Are they really hunters?"

"They got Seph!" Zack wailed and was abruptly cut off by Cloud's hand covering his mouth.

"Shut up Zack, I mean it," Genesis said then read the triumphant thoughts of the hunters as the gloated over their prey. "…They're taking Sephiroth to jail. And I can't read that woman's mind, anymore. I think she's a fucking angel. She fucking tricked us."

"Let's stop them right now!" Cloud whispered harshly. "We can just wipe them out right now and be done with it!"

"We can't do that," Genesis whispered back.

"Why the fuck not?"

"Because they're working in the name of God," Genesis grimaced, pointing out the crucifixes they were foolishly brandishing as weapons, and the smug angel leading them all away.

"We kill clergy all the time!" Cloud was shaking with fury. "Zack was a deacon for Christ's sake!"

Genesis seized Cloud's arm hard enough to drain the angry venom from his wide blue eyes and turn it to molten fear. "You know nothing."

Cloud quickly closed his mouth, but his eyes spoke without words, instead a colorful language of fear, dread, and crushed hope. Those gorgeous eyes were mourning Sephiroth already.

Genesis forced that notion from his mind. This was a real emergency. Sephiroth had been caught, and there were clear rules in place in this sort of predicament. Extremely clear rules. They were the same sort of rules that prevented Genesis and his clan from enslaving the human race, killing wildly, and ruining the balance of the world. Rules set up by God and Satan themselves.

Genesis wanted to just kill the fucking hunters, and waste that uppity angel. But he couldn't, and if he panicked or showed weakness, Cloud and Zack would lose faith in him and scatter to the winds. He'd need their help to get Sephiroth back in one piece.

"… What if the jail cell has a window?" Cloud whispered, trying to keep himself together and remain strong in voice and posture but entirely unable to stop his eyes from leaking tears.

"No cell they put him in will have a window, that I'm sure of," Genesis comforted, hoping he was right. He watched with narrowed eyes as a hunter darted into the alley below, looking for any other members of his family that he could reel into their clutches.

Genesis shook with outrage as they laughed in Sephiroth's face. And like an angel of sacrifice, a far more beautiful angel than that blonde skank could ever be... Sephiroth let himself be taken.


They couldn't eat that night. Instead they went straight home to plan their attack. Genesis was used to leading the clan, but not without Sephiroth's intellect and input. If anything, Sephiroth led the group while he mingled with humans and enjoyed the life of a socialite.

He sat on the bed, looking down at two tired, angry, confused, and frightened teenagers. The younger vampires peered at him, waiting for instruction and comfort. Genesis was at a loss for words.

He then came to the horrifying realization... I can't go on without Sephiroth.

Cloud spoke first, "So…?"

Genesis cleared his throat. "I'm too well known in this city. Society here knows my face well, so if I go to the jail to attempt bail it'll only complicate things further."

"Why?" Cloud asked stupidly.

"Because they assume I have money, Cloud. If they think I'm a relation or a lover of Sephiroth's, they'll charge a fortune that we don't have for his return, plus put too much of a spotlight on the situation. The key is to keep this low profile…" Genesis wrung his hands, wondering how much he could tell the baby vampires about the twisted balance of the universe. "It was an angel that took Sephiroth."

Cloud's eyes grew wider. "... An angel? Why?"

"Because it could," Genesis crossed his arms, drawing in on himself a little. "The reason we can't collect Sephiroth by force… is because we've been given a gift by Satan. In the eyes of God, we're an abomination, but we exist because we must to remain in balance with the angels of light that do God's work. They roam around, doing whatever it is they do in secret… and if they're caught in the act, humans consider that act a miracle. Do you understand so far?"

Cloud nodded uncertainly, and Zack chewed on one of his toes in mock pensiveness.

Genesis went on, "God hates miracles more than anything. He and his angels hate being caught in their work. They hate it because it gives faith in God to people who are meant to find it all on their own..."

"So why did the angel take Sephiroth? Isn't exposing a vampire going to help give people faith?" Cloud asked.

"I don't fucking know," Genesis told him. "Angels are assholes, they're the cruelest beings in creation, they only do good because they obsessively love God… but God obsessively loves humans, and God wills them to do good. Angels abhor giving humans any reason to be happy, to rejoice, to have any faith in love or God. But these miracles… they cannot be covered up by other angels to hide what they are. And we cannot simply bite our way out of a hard situation to cover up what we are. Doing so throws off the balance in an unfair way.

"Basically, if either side fucks up, they have to get out of it on their own. Angels can pose as skeptics and refute the miracle's validity. They can try to drown the act in doubt, but they can't erase it. So we have to do the same thing, just try to cover this horrible incident in doubt. We need to prove that Sephiroth isn't a vampire."

Cloud was silent for a long time, his blues eyes dancing around their room, searching for an answer. He finally whimpered, "How?"

"I don't know!" Genesis hissed, anger coming off him in waves. God and Satan really love this sort of shit. It's a show to prove which team is stronger, more clever. The fact I was blocked from reading that angel's mind and stopping Sephiroth from going after her-I'm sure they're watching carefully, but they won't fucking help."

"Are you sure you can't ask... Satan?" Cloud felt a chill just saying the creature's name. The chill wasn't an unpleasant one, either. He wanted to say it again, "Maybe... Satan could at least give some advice. I'm sure he doesn't want to lose a vampire... right?"

Genesis said nothing, only stewed silently on the subject.

Cloud eventually spoke again. "Gen… if angels exist to do God's work on Earth… why are we here?"

"I don't know," Genesis replied, and the words drew themselves out in a frustrated tone. He was tired of saying the phrase, and tired of not knowing the answers to these questions.

Zack whimpered; he'd been lost for most of the conversation. He didn't understand why they were talking instead of acting. "Let's just kill them! Sephiroth is mine! They can't keep him!"

Cloud put an arm around Zack's neck. "Don't worry. We'll bring him home."

Genesis blinked back tears. "Damn right. Now I'm positive they'll print this story in the paper tomorrow. Cloud, your job is to go into the jail and feed the poor thing. Try to give him hope, keep him calm. Think up some sort of alibi… say he's your brother perhaps. Try and collect any information you can about what the terms of his imprisonment are."

Cloud nodded eagerly. "No problem."

"I wanna see Seph!" Zack pouted.

"No baby. Your job is going to be… your job…" Genesis then began to laugh, and it bewildered both the younger ones into silence. "Zack's job will be creating total havoc in this city!"

Laughter was shocked from Cloud, "What are you talking about?"

"With Seph locked up, we've gotta prove that the 'witches' are still afoot, right?" Genesis nodded. "Zack, you think you can manage a killing spree? Eat as much as you want?"

Zack was pouting deeply. "…Fun? With no Seph?"

"It'll help get him home faster!" Genesis urged. "I want you to be as bad as you can be!"

Zack's features began to bloom in excitement. "Okay!"

Cloud waved his hands. "But couldn't it be a sign of anger or aggression from the rest of the 'witches' because Seph is captured?"

"That's a good point, but I think the people are going to respond more to a pile of dead bodies than an intricately laid out plan to bust him out. And I'm pissed off, I want to kill something. Time is crucial. I'd say we have… maybe three days before Sephiroth starts to get hungry."

Cloud's brow furrowed, as this was not an expected concern. A witch trial, a public execution maybe, but not simple hunger. "But I'll feed him, right? Why are you worried about him getting hungry?"

"You two haven't experienced hunger yet, real hunger. I truly hope you never do. You'll only be able to give him snacks, Cloud. A man his size needs a real meal, needs a hunt. I've only seen him get hungry once before …" Genesis frowned. "It will be very, very difficult for Sephiroth to hide what he is when he gets hungry."

Cloud had to ask, "What happened?"

"We were traveling by sea on a ship," Genesis scowled at the bitter memory.

"I like boats!" Zack interjected.

"You wouldn't have liked the boat we were on," Genesis sighed, seeming exhausted just from the memory of the trip. "We brought rations in a barrel, but you know how storing blood works… it doesn't keep. So we were already peckish, but then a small storm set us back about four days. I tried to keep him calm, to keep myself calm, but we were just… starving. If you can imagine a ship fleet's number being cut in half in one night… that was the mess we had to cover up. Compared to that? This should be cake."

Cloud was somewhat in awe of the thought of Genesis and Sephiroth, who were always so regal and dignified, reckless, murderous, and out of control. "How did you cover something like that up?"

"A little luck, a bucket of rat poison, and we fucked the captain," Genesis nodded. "Satan was very proud of the cover up. Now, I think we all should get some sleep. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow night."


Cloud pushed a handkerchief under his nose the moment he stepped into the jailhouse. The entire place was festering with mold, human waste, and the rank stench of disease.

On the way there he'd picked off a commoner boy roughly his size and stolen his clothes. They reinforced his innocent and young appearance: just a modest dark robe and hood, stockings, and simple brown commoner shoes. He held the day's newspaper in his hand, thumbed open to a large article about witch hunting and a small description of a man recently apprehended for the crime.

Cloud approached the warden's desk, taking the hankie off his mouth to regard him as respectfully as possible. "Good evening, Sir. I believe my elder brother has been wrongfully arrested."

"His name?"

Cloud begged fate that Sephiroth had not given a false identity. There was no need to hide his name, but who knows what panic had caused his lover to say? "His name is Sephiroth Rhapsodos. He has very long, silver hair, and I believe he's been mistakenly arrested for witchcraft."

The warden was smoking opium, and blew a little from his mouth as he spoke. "Might have a gentleman that fits that description. You got money?"

Cloud blinked innocently. "Just a little, Sir."

"I'll take you down into the pit to see him, but I'm not getting up off my fat ass for nothing," He grumbled.

Cloud gave him a handful of copper coins that his victim had been carrying in his pocket, hoping that he'd take it as a worthy payment and let him see Sephiroth. The man counted the coinage, put it into his purse, and then hefted his muscular frame up off his stool. Without saying anything else, he took a torch from the wall and led Cloud through the cramped, stinking prison.

As disgusting as it was, Cloud's eyes were everywhere, memorizing the layout, obstacles, prisoners, and guard posts-any information he could get might be crucial to getting his lover out of this place.

Finally, when the filth couldn't seem to get much deeper, darker, or bleaker, the warden stopped and tapped the handle of his sword onto the iron bars of a cell. "Hey, pretty boy. You have company."

Cloud curled his hands around the bars and peered in, trying to make sense out of the pure blackness of the cell. He called softly, "…Sephiroth?"

Pale hands encased his own from the other side and electricity ripped through Cloud's body. He lunged at the bars and reached through to pull Sephiroth into a hug, "Seph! Are you okay?"

The light of the warden's torch barely illuminated Sephiroth's gorgeous face, such an odd juxtaposition in this hideous setting. Cloud nearly kissed him, and Sephiroth looked like he wouldn't have hesitated to kiss him right back, but they had to do things exactly right.

So Cloud pulled away, "My dear brother, I'm so glad you're safe. Mother was so worried when you didn't come home last night."

Sephiroth played his part perfectly, and improvised so well it took Cloud aback a little bit. "You all must be so worried, I'm so ashamed. Please tell Mother that I'll never, ever be going after whores again after this fiasco."

Cloud managed to fake a brotherly laugh, "Your wild oats have gotten you into trouble in the past, but never like this!"

Sephiroth held Cloud's eyes. "I wish I could confess my sins. Is our priest doing alright?"

Cloud nodded, knowing he was probably worried about Zack. "The priest is fine, he's with Mother right now so don't worry. As soon as we get you out of here… you can confess all night long."

The warden lit a new torch and handed the other to Cloud. "I need to make a quick round. I'll be back in ten minutes."

Cloud's heart leapt in gratitude at the chance for privacy. "Thank you, Sir."

They continued to converse jovially about some made-up brotherly existence as the man left them, and then Cloud reached in to touch Sephiroth. With the extra light from the torch he could see that the poor man had accepted a beating from mere humans. How humiliating that must have been.

Cloud didn't ask him about it, but instead pressed his fingertips to Sephiroth's mouth, "Eat, quick."

"Are you sure?"

"I ate before I got here, and I'll eat again before I go home. Just hurry."

Sephiroth kissed Cloud's hand several times, pressing his lips to each little fingertip before nipping his wrist and drinking deeply. When Cloud's arm became a little numb, he gently pulled away and offered the other hand. Sephiroth was gentle and knew just when to stop. Before Cloud even became light headed, Sephiroth licked the wound clean and released Cloud's hand.

Cloud whispered, "What did you tell them? I want our stories straight."

"Just that I was drunk and thought the angel was a whore. Nothing else. The family bullshit works fine."

Cloud nodded, looking at Sephiroth's scraped face and black eye. "…Why did they do that to you? Trying to get you to talk?"

Sephiroth nodded. "It hurt my pride more than anything else, believe me. I'm so sorry, Cloud. I can't believe I did this to you guys."

Cloud hushed him, "You didn't know. Not even Genesis knew. It's not your fault… we're going to get you out of here."

"What's the plan?" Sephiroth asked, his fingers winding around the metal to keep in contact with Cloud's. Their fingers wove together and gripped tightly.

Cloud doubted Sephiroth knew how vulnerable he looked behind bars, or how defenseless it made him feel to see his hero in such conditions, but he tried to be strong, and spoke evenly, "Gen thinks it's best if you don't know what's going on outside."

Sephiroth nodded. "He's right. I shouldn't have even asked."

Cloud petted his lover's face and hair soothingly. "It's going to be okay. I promise."

"It might not be. I want you to be prepared for that–"

"Shut up," Cloud hissed.

"I need to say something to you, just in case I don't get the chance again…" Sephiroth kissed Cloud's hand again before continuing. "You're a gift to me. You have made me a better person. I could barely speak before you came along, and I… It's not enough to say I love you. I adore you."

"I love you too, Seph. You chose me. It's been a long time, but that honor hasn't been forgotten. I'm not giving you up without a damn good fight. Besides, I need you around… you're the best cuddler in the house. Zack's too squirmy and Genesis is too skinny."

The tiny joke hung in the air, easing the tension just a notch.

"Kiss me?" Sephiroth whispered, his forehead hitting the bars as he gazed out at Cloud.

Cloud pressed his face against them, and could just barely touch his lips to Sephiroth's. It made him want to scream and shout, to just kill the damn warden, steal the keys, and get him the hell out of there. So what if they pissed God off? They'd just fucking run, they'd run away until they left this miserable country and find someplace new to haunt.

He was going to do it. Sephiroth was coming home.

Cloud trembled as he heard the footsteps of the man approach, and slowly backed away from Sephiroth. He was plotting, ready to attack when he felt a sharp mental stab. He knew it was Genesis, warning him to remain calm, to keep his cool and stick to their plan.

They had to release Sephiroth the right way, or else it could mean disaster. He'd be putting them all in even more danger if he acted recklessly.

Cloud whimpered with the effort to stop his tears before the warden saw them. "I'll come back and see you tomorrow. Don't worry, okay?"

Sephiroth nodded. "I'll be alright."

The warden tapped on the bars, "Follow me, please."

Cloud reluctantly backed away, and had to watch Sephiroth retreat into the filthy blackness of the cell. He calmly told him, "I love you."

"I love you, too," came Sephiroth's voice softly from the dark.

Cloud followed the Warden, switching gears in his mind with the hopes of getting some sort of information from the man. "Sir, is there a bond for my brother?"

"Nope, no bond. None that you could afford, anyway. He's accused of witchcraft, so he must be put on trial."

Trial my ass, Cloud sneered. He further pressed, "When do you think that will be?"

The man shrugged carelessly. "Few days, few weeks, few months. Depends."

"Months?" Cloud cried, and walked faster to look up at the man. "Why so long? Surely you realize that this is all a mistake!"

"It's not up to me. Unless the accusers decide to drop the charges, pretty boy's gotta go through the system just like everyone else."

Cloud felt a triumphant jolt through his body, which he knew was a mixture of both his own relief and Genesis's. All they had to do was make the hunters think they were wrong. This would be easy.

Cloud smiled up at the man, "Thank you for letting me see my brother."

"Come back with more money tomorrow. You can see him again," he promised, and let his hefty frame fall onto his wooden chair. A thoughtful look crossed the man's face, as though he were listening to a voice. "I get thirsty at night. Bring by some ale, too. I'll even let your pretty brother have a mug or two."

"I will!" Cloud nodded. Genesis' mind manipulation was so fucking handy sometimes. Sephiroth wouldn't have to do with just a snack tomorrow night; he could have a couple of cups. Anticipating giving his beloved that small comfort was enough to make Cloud go running towards home once he hit the fresh air of the street.


Back in the dark stench of the prison, Sephiroth sat in the far corner of the dark cell, trying to catch a moment of rest. The tiny cell did indeed have a small opening in the center of the ceiling. And with the nature of the sun, he'd had to remain awake all day to move out of the sun's ray.

What an inconvenience. He was tired, and Cloud's sweet blood was only enough to put the growling of his stomach at bay for the time being. They'd given him a weevil infested crust of bread and a cup of water for the day, which he'd hidden in a corner to at least keep up the appearance of eating.

Staying calm was the most important thing. Sephiroth laid his head against the wall and brought his knees to his chest. If he had to die, he couldn't think of a more worthy cause than keeping his family safe, but it killed him to know that he could break free of this cell at any moment he chose to. He could easily murder his captors and burn this entire facility to the ground.

Watching Cloud leave was one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do, but it was only the second night in this place… if he got impatient he might just lose control of himself.

Besides, if Genesis had a plan, he'd trust him. Trusting Genesis had never been an issue in the past, it should be even easier now. They wouldn't leave him in this place…

Sephiroth breathed shallowly to avoid inhaling too much of the foul air that permeated the prison and tried to sleep despite his hungry stomach.

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