The Recruiters

BY : sephcounttheways
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don't say anything bad about him!" Cloud begged, leading Sephiroth
and Genesis anxiously through the streets.
"Just don't say anything at all!"

we allowed to breathe?" Sephiroth muttered.

but nothing else!" Cloud whispered needlessly, and grabbed both of their
hands. "Be quiet!"

making enough noise for all three of us," Genesis grumbled.

had been terribly nervous to show off his crush. Sephiroth
had been suspecting it for a while, but Genesis knew for a fact that another
man consumed a portion of Cloud's thoughts. Cloud then began dancing around the
idea of talking to them about it, when Genesis finally brought it up for him.
What was the use of being able to listen to thoughts if you didn't cut through
some bullshit from time to time?

Cloud had been embarrassed about the entire thing, and they couldn't understand
why. Anyone who could catch Cloud's eye couldn't be bad looking himself.

the entire idea of siring had Cloud sick with worry. What if it was the wrong
person? What if they turned out to be someone completely different after a few
decades? And then they'd be trapped with them for eternity!

needed advice before he even considered it.

Cloud stopped walking and pointed up, a silent command to hop up on the roof.
The two older vampires did it with ease, but it took Cloud three tries to make
it up. Genesis and Sephiroth grinned and chuckled,
each grabbing an arm to help him on the third try.

silently pushed them away, and pointed to the door of the church.

this place is – " Sephiroth
began thoughtfully.

"Sh!" Cloud interrupted.

a few silent minutes, the door to the church opened. A young man with wild dark
hair came out, closing the door and locking it behind him. It was evident that
he was emaciated even through his long cloak, and he turned around to reveal a
sickly yellowish pallor. He began to walk slowly across the street, every step
seeming labored.

and Sephiroth both peeked at each other over Cloud's
yellow spikes. They looked down to find him staring at this ill young man with
the softest, most adoring look they'd ever seen him wear.

Cloud asked after the young man had disappeared.

the fuck is he?" Genesis attempted.

reared back and wagged a finger near Genesis' face, "Just because you
don't think he's ultra hot, doesn't mean he isn't a wonderful person!"

was just trying to find out more about him!" Genesis defended, lightly
smacking Cloud's finger away.

Cloud accused, and was right on the money.

Sephiroth tried another route, "What's his

Cloud answered, pulling his knees up to his chin. "We met about ten years
ago. And… I don't think he has much time left."

put an arm around him. "Cloud, feeling sorry for someone isn't a good
reason to sire them. Everyone dies someday."

rubbed the top of his head, indecision and worry playing over his delicate
face. "That's what I can't figure out. Do I just want to help him?
Or is it something more? I… just can't stop thinking about him."

Sephiroth tapped his fingers on his boot. "We
can't find that out for you. You need to go closer, talk to him, and figure it
out on your own."

looked at him with large eyes. "You're not… upset?"

Sephiroth blinked, surprised Cloud would ask that.
"Of course I'm not. Siring is something everyone wants to do. It's an
important decision, I'm proud of you for not taking it lightly."

gave him a warm, relieved smile. "You'll know I love you best,

Sephiroth rolled his eyes slightly. "You belong
to me. And whoever you choose will know that very plainly."

you both belong to me!" Genesis interjected smugly. "Cloud,
I'm going to say the same thing to you that I said to Sephiroth:
Talk to him tomorrow or I will."

grinned, blushing slightly. "Okay, I'll do it."




the time the sun was gone, evening mass had already begun. Cloud leapt his way
across the city, clearing distances he'd never been able to before. He was an
animal, and nothing got in his way of getting to that church.

didn't take the time to catch his breath before he dashed past the late comers
through the door. Cloud had to think quickly and look like he had a purpose,
lest someone try to lead him into the hall for mass. He didn't want to attend a
fucking mass, he wanted to find Zack.

tried several corridors and doors, finding most empty as most of the priesthood
were already in the hall. Cloud already had the sense of defeat, and decided to
familiarize himself with the cathedral in order to have a better idea of where
to run into Zack the next night.

was when he heard two voices. Cloud quickly jumped up to hide behind a row of
marble statues lining a shallow alcove. He peered out, and spotted two altar
boys walking together. One was wheeling the Eucharist, the other carrying a
cross and lagging behind.

up, David," the one with the cross called with a sigh. "My belt's
coming undone."

up, we're already late," was the curt reply as David wheeled his load
quickly around the next corner.

you…" the altar boy whispered as he knelt down, trying to retie his
loosened belt. "I hate this fucking gig – "

cross bearer was dead and naked moments later. Cloud quickly peeled off his own
clothes, leaving nothing but his leather pants and boots. He threw the dead
altar boy's white robes on, took an instant to adjust himself, and hopped down.
The body was concealed well, and he made a mental note to deal with it later.

took up the cross and followed where the other boy had gone through. He caught
up with David, and the boy did a double take. "Hey… where's John?"

fired him just now. He said John always making the two of you late, always
holding you back…" Cloud said vaguely, hoping to Satan that his lie
was good enough. "He said you'd be able to do a
much better job with a new partner. I'm Cloud."

smirked. "Fantastic. I hated that fucking asshole. Welcome to the

smiled broadly. "Glad to be here. Let me know if I'm doing things wrong,

easy. All we have to do is walk to the altar. When we get there, you go to the
left. A deacon will tell you what you need to do then."

nodded, and became a bit breathless when entering the main cathedral hall. It
wasn't like the little chapel he'd hidden away in those years ago; it was a
massive, ornate and beautiful place. It was the type of place Genesis would
enjoy spending time in, more of an opera theater than
a simple church.

kept the same somber pace with David down the
seemingly endless center aisle. He looked up, and
wide smile crossed his face despite how he tried to bite it back.

was waiting for him at the altar. Cloud couldn't help but gaze at him, likening
his slow trudge down the aisle like a bride's. His mind then filled with
notions of honeymoons and peeling away those robes to see what was underneath.

smile crashed across his lips again and wouldn't be bitten away. Zack smiled
back at him with a curious tilt of his head, and leaned down to whisper,
"Are you new?"

my name's Cloud," he answered softly. He then winced as he wondered if
Zack would remember that name from years ago. "I'm a last minute
replacement. Could you show me what to do?"

course, I'm Zack," Zack smiled, and put a warm, friendly hand on his
shoulder. If he recalled meeting Cloud, he didn't show it… which hurt Cloud
slightly. "During the second reading, go to the Bible and open it to the place
marker. Then during the blessing, assist with opening the Eucharist. If
anything else pops up, I'll let you know. Until then, sit with me."

Gladly, Cloud thought, his insides abuzz with churning nerves.

sat beside Zack, trying to appear interesting in the music and the readings.
Religion was drivel to him since Genesis had told him a little bit about how
the supernatural world worked. God and Satan existed in each other's company
and both loved each other deeply. The chess match of mortal life was merely
perfectly designed, self-regenerating entertainment for the two rulers of the

was nothing more than an inside joke. Cloud peeked at Zack's face as he
intently listened to the self righteous, power hoarding rubbish that the
Catholic church insisted to shove down society's throat far too long after
their relevance had faded.

Are you still angry about being ill? Are you afraid to die? Cloud
wondered, again glancing sideways at Zack. The little boy version of this man
was terrified. But now, his icy blue eyes held an air of peace and acceptance
of his faith and his fate.

looked down at his hands folded in his lap. Were his feelings worth taking that
acceptance and faith from Zack? The truth would set him free… but would he be
resented? Would he really desire everlasting life when his entire actual life
had been building up to his early death?

Cloud was alive, he never paid much attention to religious affairs. His uncle
had been a science minded man, and he had followed suit. He sometimes wished he
could have known his uncle as a man and an equal instead of a child… then he
shook his head. Being in this church was making him think too much about a life
that was over.

sighed a little as Zack gently directed him to help
with the Eucharist. He somberly pulled open one of
the doors as David did the other. He crossed his hands in front of himself and
looked down respectfully as elder priests blessed the communion. He held trays
up while the churchgoers came up to eat their portion of Christ's body.

watched in disgust as each person stuck out his or her tongues and accepted the
stupid cracker. This gig really did suck.

finally, after what felt like hours upon hours, the mass was over. Cloud
immediately turned to Zack. "Thank you for being so kind tonight."

you enjoy it?" Zack asked softly.

swallowed honesty and spat out a lie, "I truly did…"

trailed off as Zack's eyes lowered to his sleeve and widened. "Cloud… are
you bleeding?"

stomach froze in horror. He looked down, and swallowed as the dead altar boy's
blood tattle-tailed across the edge of his sleeve. "I…"

with me, let's get it cleaned," Zack said, taking his hand. Even with his labored
walking, he attempted to hurry Cloud to the
cathedral's kitchen room.

it's really nothing," Cloud protested yet again as he was pulled inside
the large, dark echoing room. "I'm fine, please slow down."

was winded, but refused to acknowledge it. "That's a fair amount of blood.
We need to get you bandaged up."

lit a candle, and turned away to open a cabinet door to locate a cloth to clean
Cloud's wound. Cloud took that opportunity to create said wound, and dug his
teeth into his forearm.

sleeve effectively soaked with even more blood, and Zack turned back to tsk
at it. "Cloud, what happened?"

the corner of the Eucharist," he explained softly, showing his shallow,
but messy scratch. "I didn't want to say anything."

Zack shook his head, smiling as he dipped the cloth he'd found in a basin of
water in the sink. He held Cloud's arm in one hand and gently wiped away the

long have you been working here?" Cloud asked as he watched Zack's long
fingers work. The sight of those fingers touching him sent his brain flying in
sexual directions, and he needed a distraction.

I was little," Zack said dismissively. "It's my life."

examined Zack's face close up. He was a handsome man, no matter if his
complexion was sallow, or that his cheekbones were far too prominent. His eyes
were a blue that only existed on winter days, and his hair was gorgeously
thick, sleek, and gravity defying. Cloud wanted to bury his face in that dark
hair and smell it.

a long silence, Zack peeked up at him. He noticed Cloud was staring intently,
and reddened slightly as he looked back down. His fingers slowed as he lost
concentration once he realized that Cloud had not looked away.

better," Zack finally said, releasing Cloud's arm. "But you probably
want a new robe, huh?"

nodded, and without being asked he whipped it up over his head. He felt smug
when Zack's eyes widened at his shirtlessness, and
his immodest attire. Thigh high boots and leather were common in Cloud's home,
and he knew he looked good in them.

he'd been on the floor doing crunches all damn day in hopes of being naked with
Zack. It wasn't naked, but it was close enough. He tightened his stomach and
cocked his hip a bit, blatantly posing for Zack's visual pleasure.

was frozen in shock, and blinked rapidly as he accepted Cloud's soiled garment.
He threw it in a laundry bin and motioned for Cloud to follow him. They went to
a wardrobe room and Zack lit a small torch on the wall. "You can come in
here if you ever get your robes dirty…"

smiled and raised an eyebrow. "I hope I don't get scratched again…"

smiled too, and it was slightly strained, "Ah, yeah. That's no good. But…
you can always come in here for a change of robes if you need it."

accepted a fresh white altar boy's robe, but hesitated in putting it on. Zack
watched him, and Cloud stepped a bit closer. "…Thanks for helping

was one more moment away from passing out. His blood was doing things and going
places that it normally never went. He was critically anemic,
and a sudden rush of blood to his lower regions made him grow dizzy.
"Cloud, it's no problem at all. I'm here to help."

smiled, and Zack's eyes zeroed in on the way that his fingers brush against his
chest as he shrugged into the clean robe. "…Are you going to be here
tomorrow night?"

nodded. "Yes, I'm here every night. Well… almost. But… tomorrow…

left his robe open, and came a little closer. "I'm glad. I was worried I
might not make any friends on my first day. We are friends, right?"

throat bobbed as he swallowed down a wave of nausea as his weak heart began to
pound quickly. "Of course, Cloud."

smiled, and rose up on his tiptoes. He kissed Zack's hot cheek, letting his
lips longer a moment too long. Zack suddenly slumped against the wall and slid
down into a heap.

Zack opened his eyes, he was looking up into Cloud's terrified ones. "Zack!"

embarrassed, Zack raised up onto an elbow. "Oh, man. How long was I

a couple of seconds, but are you alright?"

I'm fine," Zack gladly accepted Cloud's help standing up. "I think
it's just late, I need to get home."

nodded, and blushed deeply as he quickly tied his robe closed and put an arm
around Zack's waist. "I'll walk you there."

Zack shook his head, blushing as much as Cloud was. "I'll be fine,
I live just a few minutes away."

no prob – "

Zack said, his gentle voice suddenly stern. "I can get home fine on my
own. I'll see you tomorrow."

both quickly parted ways, both thoroughly embarrassed. Zack was kicking himself
for not even being able to get a chaste kiss on the cheek without swooning.
Cloud might have been too naďve to realize what kind of look he was giving him…
and even if he wasn't, it was more than welcome. Nobody had ever looked at him
that way, and nobody had ever dared to kiss such a sick boy… he wished
he could have at least enjoyed it. Especially when it was
coming from such a beautiful, sexy, confident person.

knew what some of the other altar boys, priests, and deacons did. He heard
them, walked in on them, was well aware that it went
on. He didn't know Cloud's motives for initiating such a thing with him
of all people. This body he was trapped inside wasn't good for anything.

there was energy inside Zack, and it never had anywhere to go, anything to do.
He wanted to sing, to babble, to scream at the top of his lungs, but he didn't
have the breath. He wanted to run but he would only hurt himself. He wanted to fuck
but he couldn't even receive a small kiss without making a charity case of

he were healthy, he would have thrown that blond boy on the ground. Ripped a
tear through the seam of his tight pants and fucked him with them still on.
Cloud was so gorgeous … Zack would have sold his soul for the chance to make
him moan, and to be able to moan right along with him.

closed his eyes and prayed for forgiveness… and help. If only he could… if he
was just for one moment able to…

leaned against a building when another bout of dizziness hit him. Frustrated
and confused, he shook it away and kept walking, knowing that praying to be
different never did him a damn bit of good. He was sick, and was going to die a
virgin – and soon.

for the courage to cope was the only thing that ever worked for him.

Cloud was nearly crying in frustration as he cleared away the dead altar boy's
body and redressed in his own clothes. He folded the clean white robe under his
arm and made his way home, unsure if he should ever go back.

course you're going back," was the first thing Genesis said to him when he
walked through the door.

frowned and slowly undressed himself. Sephiroth was
already in bed, his head propped up and smiling. "So? What happened?"

recounted the entire event, stopping to assure both of his lovers that he had
properly disposed of the body, and then led them through his embarrassing
attempt at seduction.

a little easier next time," Genesis suggested. "You're really hot.
Let the poor boy catch a breath, at least."

Sephiroth snickered. "And make sure you wear
something a little more… altar boyish."

frowned and curled up against Genesis. He said nothing more, and dipped into an
uneasy sleep.




the next evening's mass, Cloud avoided looking at Zack. It was another deacon
that he was paired with, and he tried to be friendly and conversational with
Cloud, border lining on flirtation. He remained in control of the situation,
considering maybe even using it to make Zack jealous before he realized what a
cruel thing that would be to do.

there was one thing living almost 100 years had taught him, it was that it was
always better to be direct.

the mass, Cloud lingered on the altar while Zack spoke with several people, his
demeanor calm and personable. It was clear that
everyone favored Zack, not only for his illness but
also for his positive attitude about it. People were also interested in Cloud,
the newcomer. He made up a fake life on the spot, unconcerned with what these
people thought about him, or if they even believed him. He was there for Zack,
and only for Zack.

Zack said softly when most of the priesthood has dispersed.

I'm sorry if I made you feel bad last night," Cloud blurted. "I don't
know what got into me, I should have… well, I should have asked first."

Zack blinked.

I could," Cloud clarified. "If it was okay for me
to kiss you."

smiled brightly before he tried to hide it. It was too late, and even if it
wasn't, Cloud could plainly see the delight in his eyes behind his sleeve.
"No harm done, Cloud."

bit his lip under a grin. "I think I actually did quite a bit of

lowered his sleeve, still smiling with a mixture of shyness and excitement.
"Well, no long term damage, then."

was made aware of the other people around them. "Hey, do you have to go
right home? Would you like to talk?"

parents were expecting him, but… "No, I can stay longer."

led Cloud up into the bell's tower, only actually walking up a step or two
before plopping down. "Ah, it's a lovely view up there, but I can't

sat beside him, adoring how narrow the steps were, providing him with plenty of
opportunity to be close to Zack. "Can I be honest?"

a sin to lie," Zack smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

really like you," Cloud gushed, pressing a bit closer. "Is that

mouth tensed, "Well, not exactly Cloud. I don't mean anything against you,
you're… wonderful. But I think you can do way better than me."

frowned. "Why do you say that?"

shook his head with a suspicious smile. "Isn't it obvious to you that I'm
not well?"

I ask what's wrong?"

leaned back on a higher step with his elbow with a smile. "Nobody's sure.
My blood's like water and I'm always tired. Can hardly walk.
Can't catch a breath… Can't
do much of anything, really!"

nodded, his fingers folding and unfolding between his knees. "You're so
cheerful, though."

drummed his fingers in thought. "Cheerful, but I'm not happy. Happy
is something that comes and goes. I think I've just accepted what I am because
a lot of me is already dead."

looked at him with large, caring eyes. Zack bit the inside of his mouth, never
ever before having been so rudely frank with anyone. Part of him trusted Cloud
for some reason, and the other, larger part of him was trying desperately to
push him away, make him disinterested so neither would get their hopes up.

seem alive to me," Cloud finally murmured, looking away.

blushed. "I'm sorry I said it like that. That wasn't fair to you. What
happened last night wasn't fair, either."

leaned forward, pressing against Zack's side. Zack let out an airy breath, and
Cloud felt it warm against his face. "…You could make it up to me."

eyes widened. Cloud remembered Sephiroth's advice to
go easy too late. He couldn't help but be forward, though. Every minute with
this man made him more certain of how he felt… and he didn't have time to beat
around the bush.

Cloud's surprise and delight, Zack leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek,
near the corner of his mouth. It felt warm and sweet, and lingered for a

laid a hand on Zack's knee and kissed his soft cheek in return, trailing kisses
across his jaw and chin. He felt one of Zack's hands on the side of his neck,
and leaned in to capture his lips.

moment they touched, the door to the belfry opened, and an elderly priest stood
silhouetted. He stopped for a moment, then scolded the
boys. "In the house of God, no less! You two go
do that somewhere else! Go on now, run along!"

and Zack sheepishly edged their way around him, and quickly made their way
outside. Once they hit the night air, they shared a brief laugh. Zack couldn't
laugh as hard as he wanted to, and had to settle for a short chuckle followed
by heavy gasps.

Zack smiled when he could speak again. He took Cloud's hand and kissed his palm.
"See you tomorrow."

Cloud smiled.




life, much like Zack's, soon revolved around church. Sephiroth
and Genesis recognized the symptoms of young love and were more than willing to
accommodate it, but missed their small lover in the nights. Once Sephiroth's
possessive tendencies got the better of him,
and he checked in on Cloud at the church. He wasn't sure what he saw in this
ill boy, but knew if Cloud loved him, then so would he and Genesis.

progress was made, from lingering touches during mass to kissing afterwards.
Zack had initially been afraid of kissing Cloud with his mouth open, not
wanting to transfer anything that was wrong with his body to the strong, lithe

had a veil tucked into the sleeve of his robe, and brought it out after mass
when Cloud had made his usual advance. They put it between their faces, lips
and tongues caressing through the cool, thin fabric.

is, until Cloud lost patience and cast it aside. Zack had balked, but the
feeling of Cloud's hot mouth and tongue against his made him forget. Kissing
Cloud was unlike any other feeling in the world.

made him hot, dizzy, needy and full of admiration for his sexy… boyfriend? It
also made him endlessly angry and frustrated when he had to constantly stop to
catch his breath, to let his heart slow down, to control his painful erections.

was understanding, almost saintly in his blindness of
Zack's disabilities. Zack expected him at any moment to turn his romantic
attentions to someone more deserving and capable of receiving them. But like an
angel, he came every single night after mass to kiss him, hug him, hold him,
caress him through his robes, accept him.

Cloud, every single kiss was a gift from the brunet. Every fleeting touch of
his thick, hard cock through his robes was just another reason to pursue this,
to give him life and make him well. To live it with him and
make him happy.

turned into a month. One month with Zack in his life, and Cloud was ready to
take it further. He wouldn't risk sex with his frail new lover, but wanted more
than just a touch through layers of clothes. He planned on doing whatever he
had to do to see more of him.

when he entered the hall, he didn't see him at all, clothed or not. Zack was
absent from mass.

quickly found an excuse to slip out of the service, feigning a stomachache
. He didn't care if they put two and two
together that Zack was also missing.

decided to go straight to Zack's front door. He'd walked home with him a night
or two, not wanting to miss out on any kisses that were available to steal. He
knocked on the door, and waited.

woman who was unmistakably Zack's mother answered. She had the same icy eyes
and dark hair as her son. Cloud smiled. "Hello. I'm Cloud, Zack's friend
from the cathedral. Is he in tonight?"

she stated bluntly. "And he's extremely tired."

love to say hello to him," Cloud pressed, not at all intimidated by a
little brat who could be his great-granddaughter. "And I'm sure he'd
appreciate a visitor."

son is very ill. I will not have people taxing his energy and bringing in dirt
from outside. See him at church, if he's well enough to go. Good night."
And then, she closed the door firmly in Cloud's face.

plan B. Cloud hopped up onto Zack's windowsill. It was narrow, but a quick grab
of the frame settled his feet. He gave a small knock and waited.

cleared the curtain, confusion written on his face. Then it turned to delight
at seeing Cloud, and then horror to see him on his windowsill of all places. He
slid it open. "What are you doing here? Come in right now!"

smiled and put a finger to his lips. "Your mother turned me away. But I
wanted to see you."

mass," Zack frowned, closing the window against the outside chill.
"You should be there."

walked forward and wrapped Zack in his arms. "I should be here."

sighed and then held him back. Cloud was very aware of the enticing bedclothes
Zack was wearing, feeling more of his frame than he could in his robes. Cloud
licked his lips and felt for the hem, and hinted at tugging it up.

Zack snickered, quickly closing the curtain.

you have a lock on your door?" Cloud whispered into his ear.

Zack whispered back.

it," Cloud breathed to him. "I'm gonna suck
your cock."

went rigid with shock, and blinked down at Cloud with wide eyes. "Wh

finally in a room with a bed… let me touch you." Cloud pressed against
Zack's body. "I'll go crazy if I don't."

kissed Cloud before backing away, and quickly bolting his bedroom door. He was
so anxious he was shaking. "Um, I… I don't want to disappoint you Cloud,

no," Cloud shook his head, finally lifting the hem of his lover's sleeping
gown. "I already know I'm not disappointed."

shivered as his legs felt the cool air, and then his swollen erection. Cloud's
eyes fluttered at it, but then narrowed in worry of his too-lean frame. Zack
wouldn't meet his eyes, but let Cloud rub his hands over his soft skin, and he
hated the feeling of his bones poking from underneath his flesh.

then surprised Cloud by swiftly pulling off his altar robe. He unbuttoned his
shirt with quick fingers, greedily touching Cloud's chest and abdomen before it
was even fully undone. Cloud giggled and took it off, then assisted with the
ties of his pants.

never wear leather anymore," Zack commented.

grinned. "How would you know? You only see my in
my robe. I could be naked under there."

leaned down and kissed him. "I just know."

Cloud's body was bared, Zack was finally able to look into Cloud's eyes. They
both sighed quietly as they pressed together. Stomach to stomach, chest to
chest, cock to cock, then reveled in the feel of each
other's nudity. Cloud shifted his hips knowingly, and Zack muffled a sharp,
inexperienced whine into his hair.

too much," Zack gasped, gripping into his short lover for support.

immediately took his cue to back off, letting Zack's poor heart catch up with
the action. He guided Zack to sit, urging him to lean against the headboard of
his bed. He sat next to him, gently rubbing his thigh. "…Feel

gasped again and nodded, "I think…"

quickly resumed and kissed his slender neck, letting his lips glide wetly over
baby soft skin. His fingers were restless and hungry, and they danced over his
ribs, down his sides and back up. "You feel good, Zack."

knew this was a halfhearted statement, because he'd
seen the look of worry on Cloud's face when he first saw him. He was skin and
bones and not much else, but wanted to believe – just for a moment – that he
was as sexy and desirable as Cloud made him feel.

instead of arguing, Zack purred softly, "You feel good, too."

kissed his mouth then, slowly to allow him to breathe easily. As their tongues
touched, Cloud slid his hand around Zack's weeping cock. "It's big."

swallowed, reaching out to touch Cloud in turn. "Yours

Cloud accused with a small chuckle. Zack wished he could fully express with
laughter how funny he thought Cloud could be, but settled for smiling into the
kiss and pulling on his lover's erection.

it is breathtaking," Zack whispered into his mouth. Then
pulled back to smile.

pulled back and licked his lips. He kissed Zack's shoulder, spreading his legs
and going onto all fours on the bed. He leaned down, kissing a path down Zack's
body. He was torn between looking at Cloud's pink lips on him, and gazing at
the curve of his ass as it rose behind him.

wanna fuck you so bad," Zack blurted, spreading
his legs to give Cloud full access to his body.

lapped his tongue across his lower stomach. He knew Zack couldn't, and didn't
want to tease the young man too badly. He quickly propped his heavy erection to
his lips, and licked the salty slit. "Fuck my mouth."

eyes fluttered, and his chest rose and fell rapidly. He was utterly immobilized
by disbelief and lust, and dumbly answered, "O-okay."

licked it again, and let his tongue play across the brightly blushed surface.
It was darker than the rest of him, hinting at a tropical heritage. Cloud ran
his fingers through his dark, thick pubic hair that thinned and reaching up to
his belly button. He tongued the slit until another dewy drop pulsed out, and
opened his mouth to accept the silky head.

moaned, but it was a breathy sound. Cloud stopped, and looked up. "Tell me
if you need time."

didn't wait for an answer before dipping his head down, letting the thick
length fill his mouth. Zack was as delicious as Cloud dreamed he would be, and
felt his own cock pulse with need between his legs. He wouldn't dare ask this
precious, fragile boy to reciprocate, but dreamed of Zack's wide, plump mouth
working him over too.

moaned and sucked up, creating a pull of wet friction around Zack's cock. He
was rewarded with another rasped moan, and another
drop of bitter salt on his tongue. Cloud moved his hips in time with his mouth,
fucking air while he continued to suck.

eyes lost focus, and he saw two succulent mouths sliding up and down on his
erection. He was dizzy, and his heart was aching, but he wouldn't ask Cloud to
slow down. He looked so sexy with his ass wagging and his hair bouncing… his
mouth felt so fucking hot. Never in his life had he ever felt this good, and he
didn't want to catch his breath.

he was going to die, so be it. He felt pressure build and build, not knowing if
it was death, or just the magic Cloud was working. He couldn't breathe, his
eyes were hot in their sockets, and his heart felt like it would soon burst.

rang in his ears as Cloud's bobbing mouth stole his seed, milking him for
everything he had. It had been years since Zack had had an orgasm, and the
pulsing heat felt endless. Zack was silent throughout his climax, but finally
inhaled a huge burst of oxygen, and gasped sharply as he came crashing back

let his cock go with one more lick of his pink tongue, and held it out to show
Zack's load splashed in the center in a small puddle.
Zack hissed a bit when Cloud closed his mouth and swallowed it, then stuck out
his tongue again to show that it was gone.

reached for him, and impaled his mouth with his tongue. He kissed Cloud so hard
that the blond became breathless for a change, writhing next to him on the bed.

Zack whimpered when he had the strength to speak. "I want to give you

down," Cloud gasped, and Zack did as he was told. Cloud straddled his hips,
gently grinding his ass against Zack's spent erection. The visual was a treat,
and Zack bit his lip as he thought about all the ways he'd love to see Cloud
moving like that with him buried deep inside.

Cloud slowed, and took himself in hand. His cock was perfect and beautiful,
proportionally suited to his lean, athletic body. Cloud worked it with one
hand, and used the other to rub over his own chest.

lifted his hands from the bed and put them on Cloud, gently touching his pale
nipples, rubbing over his stomach and thighs, and hovering over Cloud's as he

then let himself go, and put his hands on Zack's thighs, leaning back like some
sort of godly offering. Zack moaned as he took Cloud in his hand and tenderly
worked him, moving faster and faster as Cloud's hips pushed up at his fist.

was keeping himself quiet, only letting out a series of sharp, shallow gasps.
He tried not to, but when his cock twitched hard and pulsed to completion,
Cloud couldn't help but whisper Zack's name.

felt his vision blur, and very nearly cried. Even in the midst of orgasm, Cloud
was connected to and thinking about the person giving it to him, as ill and
imperfect as he may be.

the last of his load had dribbled out, Cloud slowly opened his eyes and smiled
sweetly. Zack narrowed his eyes and smiled back, wondering how such a young
thing could be so confidant, so experienced in this. Following Cloud's example,
Zack used two fingers to scoop up some of the mess he had left on his stomach
and pushed them into his own mouth.

was a taste unlike anything else, and one Zack knew he'd never forget. Cloud
seemed stricken with the image of what Zack had done, and leaned down to kiss
him, tenderly battling with his tongue as their naked bodies pressed close

pushed Cloud onto his back, using whatever strength he had left to assert this
small act of possession and dominance. Cloud allowed it, and kissed him from
beneath until his lips hurt.

you stay with me tonight?" Zack whispered into his hair, his words slow as
he continued to kiss Cloud's face.

knew it was still early in the night, he had time to
stay with Zack. He actually found that the thought of getting up, getting
dressed and leaving him to be damn near impossible to fathom. He sent a thought
to Genesis, and then nodded at Zack. "Yeah. I'm
sleepy too."

smiled brilliantly and leaned over to blow out his table lamp. He didn't quite
make it however, and dropped to the mattress with a grunt of pain. Cloud
touched his shoulder, and leaned forward to blow it out himself.

then settled into Zack's arms, feeling warmth and security there that neither
knew was possible. They were both asleep in moments. One was content to never
wake again. The other never wanted his lover to need sleep again.

passed, and shortly before dawn Cloud shot awake. He looked all around the
room, until his eyes landed on Zack's pretty, sleeping face beside him. Another
sharp poke to his psyche made him smile, and he squirmed gently out of Zack's

quietly opened the window, and found his two favorite
people squished close to share the narrow perch of the windowsill. Genesis
reached in to poke Cloud's nose, and it somehow felt exactly like his mental
pokes. "Come on, loverboy."

grinned and turned back into the room. He began to gather his clothes from the
floor, then stopped when Zack's nude form shivered on
the bed. He crawled up onto the mattress, pressing close to light kisses across
Zack's face. In his deep slumber, Zack draped an arm over Cloud's hip. It hurt
to do so, but Cloud had to pull away from the unconscious embrace. He kissed
Zack one more time, then draped his quilt up over him.

sight of the two teenagers naked, kissing and pressed together made both men on
the windowsill raise an eyebrow. Although one form was unfamiliar and sadly
unhealthy, it was a beautiful and extremely tempting sight. If Zack was able
to, Genesis would have been perfectly willing to ream his skinny little butt
all day and night.

you're thinking, knock it off," Sephiroth
murmured with a wry smile.

you can't read minds," Genesis reminded him childishly.

can read yours," Sephiroth argued. "No
touching until it's official."

shuffled quietly across the wooden floor, throwing his clothes on quickly. He
began to climb out of the window, before he winced. "Mm.
One more minute."

up," Genesis sighed. They watched as Cloud snatched a quill and ink from
Zack's table and used it to write on the inside of Zack's palm. He then blew
into it to dry it, and kissed the other teen's fingers before gently placing
his hand back on the pillow.

Cloud smiled, giving him one last look before he shut Zack's curtains and
pulled the window quietly down. When they were outside and safely out of
earshot, Cloud wrapped an arm around both of their waists. "I'm so
happy! Tomorrow night is the night!"

Sephiroth actually gasped in dishy excitement. "Really?"

doing it," Cloud nodded, squeezing both of them tighter. "I'm bringing
him home with us."

both wrapped an arm around Cloud's neck, and smiled at each other. For the
first time since the beginning of this endeavor, they
were seeing the possibility in it.

into the next morning found Zack waken rudely by a pounding on his door. His
mother was on the other side, frantic. "Zackary!"

got up, then quickly realized he was nude, and why. Cloud's semen had dried in
flakes on his chest, yet the blond was nowhere in sight. He frowned, and
quickly pulled his nightgown over his head. When he pulled his arms through, it
was then that he noticed writing on the inside of his palm.

snatched it closed, and then unbolted his door. His mother burst in with a cry
of worry, "Zackary Fair! Why did you lock your door?"

was sleeping naked," Zack answered honestly when he couldn't think of a
lie quickly enough.

mother paused. "Oh. Well, I wish you wouldn't do that, it's getting cold


mother sighed, and wiped her hands on her apron. "I want you to pack a
bag, and come downstairs for breakfast."

a bag?" Zack asked.

all going on a trip to the countryside. We have a lot to do before… well, your
father wants to begin a family cemetery, and we don't have much time to select
our location."


leaned against the doorframe and smiled sadly. "It's going to be very
special, sweetheart. We have a few different offers to look at… one's next to
an apple orchard. Wouldn't that be nice?"

it isn't nice!" Zack shook his head in disgust. "Why now? I feel
okay, you know I feel okay!"

put a hand over her mouth, her eyes seeing none of her son's beauty and all of
his yellow pallor and frailty. "Zack. You know
that isn't true."

not dead yet…" Zack tried to shout, but it ended up more of a
soundless wheeze. He coughed, and his mother helped him back to his bed. She
knelt on the floor next to him, rubbing his back until he caught his breath

the last time you ate, baby?"

had a little trouble keeping it down," Zack acknowledged, but rebellion
and stubbornness burned in his blue eyes. "But I'll try harder. I
know I can start eating again if I could just…"

trailed off, because he didn't know what to say.

couldn't remember the last time he actually kept his food, let alone had an
actual bowel movement. He would chew and swallow, and try desperately to keep
it inside, but couldn't. Eating food eventually began to repulse him,
it was a painful and frustrating experience to add to
all the other frustrations of his existence.

never told Cloud just how bad it was because he never fully accepted it, but
his body had simply…stopped. He'd seen it in animals,
he'd seen it in the elderly. He'd seen to other patients like himself at the
doctor's clinics. When people were going to die… their bodies just stopped
accepting food.

wouldn't have been surprised if the semen he'd spilled the previous night was
the very last his body would ever produce.

mother petted his hair, running fingers through it affectionately. "We're
going to visit a few sites… but we want you to choose it. And maybe we'll pick
some apples, visit the horses. I think it'd be nice for you to get some fresh
air, don't you…? One more nice trip to the

had helped him manage to forget about his illness, and it had been wonderful…
to feel the touch of passion and completely forget that he was on the brink of
death was something Zack would never be able to repay to him.

their night was over, and now it was time for Zack to face reality.

closed his eyes and prayed, asking God to bestow favor
on that beautiful boy… because Zack knew there was a chance that he might not
see him again. No more kisses on those small, soft lips. No more jokes he
wasn't physically able to laugh at. No more messy blond hair or long,
unwavering gazes from those deep ocean blue eyes. Not another chance to see him
transported by pleasure, with the ability to only moan and whisper Zack.

prayed that Cloud would remember him, because he had so profoundly changed the
final month of his life. That final month might not have even happened at all
if Cloud weren't there to give him something to hold on to. But he couldn't
live forever, and it was time to make peace and let go.

he was finished praying, Zack opened his eyes to see his mother staring back at
him, mourning written on her face ever since he could remember. Maybe she'd
been mourning his death since the day he was born with a weak heartbeat.

pack," Zack nodded.

the bell if you need help," she said, tears dancing in her eyes as she
touched his cheek.

left the room, closing the door gently behind her. Zack sat on his bed,

opened his palm and read what Cloud had written.

was magic. I didn't want my family to worry, so I had to leave early. I have
something important to talk to you about tonight, and I'll be counting the
minutes until then! I hate to write it, but I just have to say it ~ I love you,
Zack Fair. I love you.

didn't cry for himself, he cried for Cloud and the love they might have shared.




was elated when he passed by Zack's house and found no light in Zack's window.
That meant he was feeling well enough to go to church! And secretly, Cloud was
almost hoping to sire him there of all places.

and Sephiroth had agreed to come, but not to
interfere. They would only watch, and make sure that Cloud was doing it
properly. Genesis had a feeling that drinking Zack when he was already so ill
might have been difficult, but Cloud was willing to do whatever it took.

Sephiroth was certain to remind him that he give
Zack the opportunity to say no. But Cloud knew Zack would say yes, he just knew
it! The possibility that he would decline the offer and Cloud would have to
simply put him down wasn't an option in his mind.

he made his way quickly to the church and took up his usual duties, but felt a
shiver of dread when he realized Zack wasn't there. Being that tonight was the
last night he would be an altar boy for better or worse, he stopped halfway down
the aisle, dropped his cross, and left.

he scoured the cathedral for Zack. When he was nowhere to be found, Cloud
quickly ran to his house and knocked on his window. Then entire house was too
dark and still. After another minute of waiting, Cloud broke in and searched
the house.

was there. Cloud sat on Zack's bed, his thoughts jumping in all different
directions. Zack's parents never let him go anywhere but church since he was a
child. Surely they wouldn't choose tonight of all nights to take him out

he have passed away? Cloud's throat cracked and tears filled his eyes at the
thought that maybe he put too much stress on Zack's fragile body the previous
night. Maybe it was all more than he could handle in his state… maybe Cloud had
been the final push towards total heart failure.

Please, please, please, Cloud prayed to God and Satan.
This isn't funny. This isn't funny at all, you assholes. Please don't take
Zack away.

Cloud was finished with his threatening prayer, he thought about the options.
If Zack had passed on before he could take him… surely a life with Sephiroth
and Genesis wasn't a bad thing. He had plenty of
love, more than enough.

couldn't he be just a little selfish in wanting Zack, too?

was so looking forward to taking him home, cuddling him in their bed and
waiting for him to come back to a life as a healthy young man. To see Sephiroth's
lips on Zack's… to see Genesis' hands on him…
Cloud wanted that more than anything. Zack was going to be so loved, and he was
going to be able to do whatever he dreamed of… he deserved that chance.

found the quill and pen where he left them, and a piece of scrap paper. He
wrote, Zack, I broke your window. I'm sorry, I was
worried when I couldn't find you. I promise I'll fix it. I'll be back tomorrow
night. I love you.

Cloud left it folded beneath Zack's pillow, hoping it wouldn't be intercepted
there. He left Zack's house to find Genesis and Sephiroth
waiting for him outside.

took Genesis' hands. He didn't like asking his redhead for favors
when it came to his vampiric abilities, but he
blurted, "Read his thoughts, Gen. Tell me where he is, please?"

hugged Cloud close. "I tried already, honey. His signals are weak… he
sounded quiet even when I was close to him. I can't do it for you, but I wish I

Sephiroth kissed the top of Cloud's head. "If
something had happened, Zack's family would all be congregated here. Don't

Cloud couldn't help but worry. The next night, the house was still empty, the
note was unmoved, and the church held no sign of Zack. None of the priesthood
knew where Zack had gone, either.

was how it was for the next several days. Until finally, Cloud came by and
there were lights on in Zack's home. He stopped and stayed back when he
realized there was a police officer on his front porch. He listened carefully,
and realized they were discussing the broken window in Zack's room.

jumped up to the windowsill and peeked inside, and found no sign of Zack other
than a travel bag sitting on his bed. He grinned in relief and moved his
pillow, and almost cried when he saw that the note had been taken away.

Zack were deceased, the last thing they would be worried about was a fucking
broken window.

a giddy shout, Cloud high tailed it to the church. The main hall was full of
people for mass, but no Zack. Cloud went to the second hall to find it dark and
empty, and then to the chapel in the back where he and Zack had met over ten
years ago.

he shouted in joy when he saw a familiar mess of shooting dark hair. Zack was
sitting in one of the front pews, and Cloud ran down the aisle and fell into a
pile at his feet. "Oh God, Zack! I was so scared
when I couldn't find you!"

didn't immediately react, but eventually slid his fingers into Cloud's hair.
"…It's alright, Cloud."

"Yeah!" Cloud agreed, looking up at
him with pure admiration. "It is… but where were you?"

tried to smile, but couldn't. "Just on a little trip.
My parents wanted to go visit an apple orchard. I brought you one."

held out a shiny red apple, and Cloud took it from him with a warm smile. But
Zack wasn't smiling, and he wasn't looking at him, either. His pale face
wasn't as open as it usually was, and everything seemed all wrong.

rolled the apple between his hands. "…Are you alright?"

forced himself to breath steadily and evenly. "As alright as I can

got off his knees and sat beside Zack, crowding him closely on the pew.
"…You got my notes, didn't you?"

Zack nodded.

looked at Zack's face, hating that he wouldn't meet his eyes. In both notes,
Cloud had taken the risk to write that he loved Zack. Now… something was
different. "Why aren't you talking to me, Zack?"

I can say is thank you," he answered quietly. "You've been so much
fun this past month. You made me feel more alive than anything ever has."

Cloud cooed with a soft smile, leaning forward to gently bump foreheads with
him. "… I have something I want to talk to you about."

rather not," Zack said, still not looking directly at him even though he
was only inches away.

froze. "…Why?"

whatever scheme or plan you have isn't going to work," Zack said bitterly.
The past few days had been full of frustration and disappointment. He'd
desperately tried to keep food down to no avail. He wanted to live for Cloud,
but his body was telling him no.

chosen the place where his body was going to be buried. He'd seen his own
coffin. He'd picked out his own burial clothes. It just drove home the fact
that any day could be the day that he was not going to wake back up. Before he
could stop himself, his eyes filled with tears and escaped.

little fingers wiped them away, and Cloud's lips were on his ear, his cheek,
and eyebrow. "Zack, just listen. I can help you – "

"How?" Zack sobbed. "God won't,
and I've dedicated my entire life to him! How are you going to help

tried to speak, but Zack cut him off, brushing off his embrace to cross his
arms. So angry that he was unable to stay seated, Zack picked himself up and
walked towards the altar. He wanted to tear the room apart with his wrath, but
had to settle for dropping to the step in defeat.

watched as his terminally ill lover stared up at the grand chapel, covered in somber
and melancholy depictions of heaven. He wanted to
give Zack the choice to accept or decline the life he wanted to give him, but
simply taking him without asking was becoming more and more tempting.

finally asked, "Do you love me?"

would if I could," Zack answered softly.

couldn't stand it anymore. The sadness, the melodrama – he was finished with
it. He got up and approached Zack, taking his beautiful, stubborn face between
his fingers, and forcing him to look straight into his eyes. "You and I
are both here right now. I love you. Do you love me?"

wet eyes glistened as more tears slipped free. He
tried to speak but had no breath, and settled for nodding.

fingers loosened on his face, and he petted his sallow skin and then his shiny
hair. Zack cupped his hands over Cloud's and pulled him closer until he sat
beside Zack on the step.

leaned into him, pressing wet kisses into his neck. He managed to whisper,
"I wish I could be with you, really be with you."


and ever," Zack replied, a smile creeping its way into his voice.

if you could live, Zack?" Cloud whispered. "With
me, forever?"

would be a dream come true."

Amen, Cloud thought to himself victoriously. He produced a dainty shiver
and leaned against Zack. "Hold me?"

gladly did as he was asked, holding onto Cloud like he'd never let go. Cloud
barely registered that there was a redhead and a silver headed man sitting
together in the last pew. Their presence eased some of his nerves, and he very
gently pressed his teeth into Zack's skin.

blood tasted diseased and bitter, thin and too cold. Cloud swallowed a small
amount, but let the rest dribble down his chin, tears spilling from his eyes as
he wasted it. He wanted to be strong enough to drink the liquid that fueled
his lover's body, but it tasted of nothing but

moaned, shifting in his arms. Cloud petted his hair, calming him as he drained
what little life he had in his body. He sucked and spat as though Zack's blood
were snake's poison.

was a terrible mess, and soon Zack lay limp against his shoulder and hung onto
life with a terrifyingly slight grip. Cloud remembered being in this state, of
being fearful and panicked but with no energy to even blink. He remembered
being in Sephiroth's arms, defenseless
as a baby.

he remembered Sephiroth's lips, and the taste of his
rich blood. He remembered feeling warm and loved as he drank in that sweet

bit his bottom lip open and kissed Zack, urging him to swallow. Zack did,
utterly melting into Cloud's embrace.

held him tighter as what little life he still had in his body left him all at
once. He pulled back, licking his lips as Zack's ice blue eyes stared up and
saw nothing.

gently laid him back on the altar steps, running a hand through his hair. He
smiled and used his fingers to close Zack's eyes, knowing that when they opened
again, Zack would be healthy, virile, and well.

Cloud's lover forever.

stood up and began approaching Sephiroth and Genesis,
and called out. "Well, it's done."

they weren't looking at him, they were staring at
where he'd left Zack. Sephiroth looked horrified, and
Genesis was wearing a manic smile.

slowly turned around, and nearly screamed when he saw Zack standing.

the fuck?" Cloud balked. Zack was already up? But it really... really
didn't seem like Zack.

skin wasn't the yellowed hue of disease, but a rich honey color.
He wasn't slightly hunched, but standing straight, tall and confident. Zack was
looking down at his own hands, and he flexed each one carefully.

to the world, Zack continued to explore himself. To Cloud's astonishment, he
shamelessly stripped off his robe and shirt in several fluid motions, and was
toned and healthy underneath. Zack touched his own chest in disbelief, and ran
his hands down his own stomach. He poked at each one of his muscles, surprised
to feel flesh instead of bones.

Zack giggled suddenly. And when he realized he could actually laugh, he
let out a stream of uproarious laughter. He twirled in a circle, then kicked
over the altar stand and sent it crashing to the floor. The sound seemed to
wake up something inside of him, because he began to knock over everything in

ran around the altar, banging on the piano keys and destroying anything in his
path while laughing his head off. Cloud had been watching on in silent shock,
but finally joined in and laughed with him.

sound made Zack stop in his tracks. He then approached Cloud quickly enough to
make the blond shrink back a bit in fear, and his blue eyes popped open when
Zack covered his mouth in a sudden, fierce kiss.

yelped when Zack all but tackled him, and sent him crashing to the floor of the
aisle. Zack panted above him, and Cloud was slightly frightened to see an
almost entirely different soul looking back out through Zack's eyes. They'd
become cat slitted like his own, and literally pulsed
with energy and life.

"Zack?" Cloud managed to say through
kisses, and yelped again when Zack ripped his pants in an effort to get them
off. Cloud laughed nervously, "Christ Zack, let me help."

licked his lips when Cloud's lower body was finally bared, and he stood on his
knees to swiftly unbutton his own pants. Cloud laughed a little bit in complete
shock at the entire situation, then bit his lower lip
as Zack's stiff cock bounced up from his pants. Cloud reached a hand down and
touched himself, suddenly fearless and incredibly turned on by Zack's rough
treatment of him.

smacked Cloud's wandering hand away with a snarl, and replaced it with his own.
Cloud's hips bucked up, and he raised his knees up when Zack's fingers began
searching for his hole.

put his hands beneath Cloud's knees and shoved them back, almost inverting him.
Cloud squeaked as he was shoved up and spread open, and then groaned when
Zack's mouth began to devour everything it could reach.

nipped at Cloud's ass, licked his opening and balls, and sucked the inside of
his thighs, seeming to want to taste everything all at once. He snorted on air
and groaned against Cloud's most sensitive parts, shoving his tongue against
everything in his path. Cloud kicked his legs a little, helpless to move even
if he wanted to.

had been reborn with enough strength to totally overpower him. Cloud didn't
know how or why, but apparently he had created a monster.

monster made his tongue long and hard, and dug it into Cloud's hole
mercilessly. He smacked Cloud's overturned ass, making him squeal and call out
in blissful agony.

Zack took a hard hold of Cloud's thighs, and used them to flip him over onto
his stomach. Cloud grunted as he was pressed into the hard floor, then shouted
as Zack began to press into him.

"Zack!" Cloud cried, pushing back
against him with a howling whine.

was all but snarling behind him, and snapped his hips forward until he was
buried inside Cloud. He grabbed his shirt in handfuls, pulling until he'd
reeled Cloud's upper body off the floor, and began to pound into him.

body burned with pain as sharp as the pleasure. There was so much friction that
Cloud could barely get a breath, he felt every single inch as it edged in and

two boys' moans crashed around the enormous stone room. Sephiroth
and Genesis began to inch closer, wanting a better look of what was happening.
When it became clear to them that some of the blood on Cloud's body was his
own, Sephiroth lunged forward, only to have Genesis
catch him by the back of the coat.

hurting him!" Sephiroth hissed.

isn't saying no, is he?" Genesis whispered. Indeed, Cloud was literally
drooling as he bucked his hips back against Zack's. "Let them have at

Sephiroth shifted on his feet, wanting to put a stop
to this, and trying to convince himself that Cloud was making those noises
because it hurt, not because it was exactly what he'd always asked for…
and never what Sephiroth could give him.

a resigned sigh, Sephiroth took a seat. Genesis sat
beside him, patting his thigh in encouragement.

went up on his hands and used the leverage to push back against Zack. He
couldn't hold on to a single thought in his head, let alone enough to form
words. He had so much to tell Zack, but he couldn't verbalize anything other
than his name.

ripped himself free from Cloud's tight ass, and gripped it between his fingers,
so full of lust that he could barely function. Cloud hiked it up, pressing his
cheek against the floor. "C'mon, Zack…"

licked him, swallowing the small amount of blood that had trickled from Cloud.
He then spat generously between his cheeks before pressing back into his tiny
opening. They moaned together as Zack's fat head slipped past the tight
barrier, and established a slower rhythm that quickly increased.

punctuated smack of Zack's hips against him made Cloud scoot forward on the
stone floor. He dug his hands into the floor and pushed back, not wanting to
miss a single press of Zack's cock against his most sensitive point.

felt beneath Cloud's hips and began to stroke him off steadily. Cloud arched
into the touch, quaking with the desire to show Zack how good he felt and spray
the inside of his fist with proof of how much he loved him.

orgasm approached quickly, and crashed over Cloud like a tidal wave. He kept
everything inside his closed mouth until the pressure in his lungs broke free.
Zack silenced himself to hear it play out, a deliciously guttural scream to go
with the pulsing pressure of Cloud's body around his cock.

gave Cloud's sweet ass a slap before yanking himself
out and pushing him over onto his back. Cloud was rosy cheeked and sweating,
and Zack licked his way up his lithe body, and straddled his neck. Cloud
immediately began to suck on Zack's tight balls as he fisted himself. Cloud
reached up to move Zack's hand away, and replaced it with the heat of his

chest heaved as he watched Cloud swallow him. It felt so good that he never
wanted it to stop, but the climax of Cloud's expert attentions came anyways. He
spurted across his pink lips, and instead of a wordless wail, Zack proclaimed,

giggled at the very first actual word Zack had said after awakening, and
finished him off, sucking the final drops down as Zack shivered above him. The
dark lust evaporated from Zack's tanned, handsome features, and he let out a
whoosh of air.

are those guys?" he asked, idly pinching his own nipples as he enjoyed the

looked up to see Sephiroth and Genesis sitting in a
pew not even four feet away. He bashfully smiled, and urged Zack to move off of
him. "Zack, this is Sephiroth and Genesis.
They're my husbands."

snorted at that, and Sephiroth continued to sulk.

continued, "You live with us, now. We're a family."

hot!" Zack exclaimed.

took a good look at Zack's face, his eyes were darting
all around the room as though he'd never seen it before. They finally landed
back on Genesis and Sephiroth, and he gave them both
a smile that could have ignited a supernova.

smiled back. "Yes, we are. Come here."

immediately went to them, not paying the slightest heed that his genitals were
still hanging out of his open pants. He went to his knees in front of Genesis
and hugged his waist tightly.

chuckled and stroked his hair. "Nice to finally meet you Zack, I'm

he introduced himself, nuzzling against Genesis' chest. Then, in case Genesis
had missed it the first time, he told him his name again, "Zack!"

was collecting his clothes. "Gen… what's wrong with him?"

laughed as Zack leaned up and began to kiss his cheek. "Well… to put it
bluntly, Zack has lost his mind."

frowned, dropping his clothes to come closer. "What? How did this happen?
Did I do something wrong?"

not sure. He was probably so excited at the prospect of living forever with
you, he hopped right back into his body and… forgot to bring a few things back
in with him. His mind, for one."

frowned. "Is he still the same Zack?"

course," Genesis nodded, smiling as Zack turned back to Cloud and ran to
scoop him up into his arms. Cloud laughed as Zack flung him like a ragdoll and
brought him back to the pew to plop down between Sephiroth
and Genesis.

smiled as Cloud leaned against Zack's now solid and strong chest. "Well,
he's awfully happy like this."

think he's adorable," Genesis agreed, grinning as Zack sweetly kissed the
side of his mouth until he stopped talking and kissed him back.

probed Genesis' mouth with his tongue. "Genesis…!"

chuckled and released the brunet's lips. "Enthusiasm is appreciated, but
let's go home first."

go!" Zack suddenly turned his head to Sephiroth,
where his green eyes were burning into him. Zack was oblivious, and grinned.
"…You're hot!"

just charming," Sephiroth muttered
moodily. "Let's get the hell out of here."

laughed as Zack came rushing back towards him, lifting him off the floor and
began to run towards the door with him. "Let's go!"

squealed and kicked his feet to get away. "Zack!
I'm naked!"

Zack's haste to get out into the world, Cloud had to settle for being nude
underneath his altar boy robe. They just barely got Zack tucked back into his
pants before he marched out of the church.

"Hungry, hungry, hungry!" Zack
chanted as they made their way home.

and Genesis were able to make Zack sit still long enough to put his attentions
on a single lady that was walking alone. Genesis murmured, "Cover her
mouth, and don't give her a chance to scream. Bite for the vein, drain and dump
her. Got it?"

nodded. With absolutely no tact, he went up to the woman in question. "Hi!
I'm Zack!"

stumbled in surprise, and nodded to the shirtless man, "Hello… my name is

look yummy!" Zack grinned, and scooped her into his arms. She giggled, and
then was stifled by Zack's hand as he suddenly remembered Genesis'
instructions. He then bit a chunk of her neck off, and spat the torn flesh

this time, Elizabeth was in hysterics, while Genesis, Sephiroth
and Cloud were frozen in horror.

laughed as the lady's blood began to spurt from the deep wound he'd created,
and flicked out his tongue to catch it. Genesis growled and quickly jumped in
to assist in damage control, pressing Zack's mouth over the blood fountain,
"Finish it!"

drank deep, and within moments, the lady had departed. He dropped her and
squeezed Genesis into a hug. "Still hungry!"

pushed him off and pinched Zack's ear. "You'll get nothing more if you
don't do it properly!"

"Ow!" Zack pouted, and followed Genesis or else lose
the ear.

was guided to a derelict orphanage that was a few blocks away.

should be the easiest meal ever, they won't even wake up," Cloud
instructed, pointing into the open window. "Just pop in, grab the first kid
you come across, drink, and leave them in their bed."

don't make a sound!" Genesis warned, tapping Zack on the nose.

nodded, and quietly slipped into the room. It was something Cloud had done a
hundred times over when he was new, orphans were practically a mercy killing
anyways. Zack crept inside, and passed up the first sleeping child. He then
went to the next one, and the next one, seeming to inspect each one and decide
they weren't good enough.

the fuck is he doing?" Sephiroth growled.

came back to the window and whispered loudly, "No ugly ones!"

Genesis hissed.

all too cute to eat!"

Sephiroth seized a handful of his hair, and jerked
his head in the first bed's direction. "I don't care what it looks like.
Drink that one and let's go."

pouted, but approached the bed carefully. He pulled back the child's blanket,
and it was a small girl. He looked at the others sadly, and then quickly drank
of the child before she had a chance to even realize what had happened.

he was done, he came back to the window and pouted at them. "I want an
ugly kid next time!"

then had a meal, attempting to demonstrate the proper and discreet way to
handle a victim. Genesis and Sephiroth had to
restrain Zack from jumping in to "help", because apparently Cloud
"wasn't doing it right". Then Genesis ate, and then Sephiroth
– even if he complained that he had no appetite.

made their way back to the wine cellar that they were currently roosting in. It
was inside an abandoned pub, and one of the more secure places they'd found.
Once inside, Zack made himself at home by removing his clothes and jumping into
bed. Genesis took the opportunity to reinforce the cellar door with a lock and
chain, and hid the key safely away inside of a book. It wouldn't do to have
this unstable new vampire trying to run outside in the middle of the day.

had already stripped Cloud and had him in a bodily grip. Cloud was giggling,
kissing him lightly and enjoying his nudity and closeness. Sephiroth
was slowly, begrudgingly removing his own clothing, trying not to look at the
happy little pair in bed.

decided that Sephiroth would get over the new baby
syndrome eventually. He was interested in looking at the new addition to their
little family. He approached the two teens on the bed and smiled when Zack all
but pushed Cloud away to roll towards him.

Zack grinned, pressing up against him.

there," Genesis purred, tilting Zack's face to press a kiss onto his lips.
Zack was the most eager person he'd ever been with, and seemed to be using his
entire body down to his toes to seduce Genesis.

pushed Genesis onto his back and smiled, and began to kiss his way down to
Genesis' groin. For a first timer, he was incredibly confident… probably due to
a complete lack of humility. He licked at Genesis' cock, his inexperience only
making it that much more enjoyable to watch.

laced his hands behind his head and savored it,
turning to kiss Cloud when he came near. Cloud worked his jaw with wet kisses,
down to his nipples where he showed each one some attention. He licked the pale
trail of hair down the center of Genesis' stomach and
began to help Zack, putting his mouth on the areas of his cock that were

grunted, and gave Cloud an uncaring shove to the side. Cloud laughed, smacking
the back of Zack's head and forcing him to choke. Zack gargled, and came up
with a pout. "Quit messing me up!"

don't mess him up, please," Genesis purred.

sighed, and rolled onto his side to enjoy the show from afar. It was then that
he realized Sephiroth wasn't taking part in the fun.
He was sitting up on the farthest inch of the bed that he could fit on and
angrily turning the pages of his book. He was even wearing sleep pants, which
he almost never did.

crawled over to him, and was pointedly ignored. He then laid his chin on Sephiroth's
shoulder. "What are you reading?"

humor me," Sephiroth
said, turning the page again even though there was no way he could have read it
that fast. "Go play with your new toy."

frowned. "…Sephiroth. Be happy for me."

gentle words made Sephiroth look away from the book
he wasn't reading, "…I am happy for you, baby. I'm proud of you. I just
don't know how I feel about him."

grinned. "He'll normal out. Nobody can be that crazy forever…right?"

Sephiroth rolled his eyes. "Really, I'm fine. I
want you to enjoy him."

can't enjoy him if you're not, too," Cloud purred, and began to rub his
hand over Sephiroth's chest and stomach.

soft touch brought Sephiroth out of his childish
jealousy, and he slowly closed his book. Cloud smiled and pulled on his arm,
and he walked on his knees over to Genesis, and the spiky, unfamiliar brunet
head bobbing between his legs.

the shifting of the sheets, Zack looked up. He immediately abandoned Genesis
and crawled to Sephiroth with enough speed and
determination that the silver haired God was a bit taken aback. Zack then
popped up and wrapped his arms around Sephiroth's

Sephiroth froze, unsure of what to do with someone
so fucking forward. His own innate shyness crept up on him, until Zack
pulled back and asked, "Do you like me?"

really," Sephiroth smirked, and tentatively
brought his hands to Zack's sides. "…but you're alright."

"Alright!" Zack smiled and leaned up to
kiss him. Sephiroth's eyes widened slightly, and he
shivered as the teen's tongue rubbed against his. The kiss was shockingly
sweet, and tinged with the flavors of Cloud's mouth
and Genesis' cock. Sephiroth closed his eyes and
settled into it, encasing Zack's skull with both hands.

brunet shivered a little, and submitted immediately with a tiny groan. Sephiroth
gave him a small, low sound in return, letting
the teen know he was enjoying the kiss as well.

grinned at the display, and wanted to break it up and get between. But Genesis
was lying there with his cock wet and neglected, so he turned to him instead.
Their eyes met, and Genesis could tell how utterly content Cloud was to finally
have Zack in bed with them – even if he wasn't exactly the same person he'd
meant to bring home.

could tell that there was a coherency in Zack's mind; it just was being
overpowered by chaotic urges he wasn't able to act on before. He was confidant
Zack would chill out… hopefully.

settled on his elbows between Genesis' thighs and began kissing his hipbones.
He felt a heavy weight pounce onto his back and yelped, and turned over his
shoulder to see Zack grinning happily.

you!" he declared, kissing Cloud's neck as he shuddered. Sephiroth
was behind him, and had begun to work him over

nuzzled his face against Genesis' erection and relaxed when he felt Zack
impatiently push inside. Silver hair trickled over Zack's shoulders and tickled
Cloud's neck. He was sandwiched between all of his favorite
people, and it felt exactly right.




That child done lost his mind. Who in the world will they recruit
next to help control Zack's craziness…?Unnnnfff
I love writing this. Thanks for all the glorious feedback, guys!

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