Goodbye is only the Beginning

BY : Madisuzy
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A/N - This is a sequel to 'Corpse in the Cupboard'.


Laguna had to bite his lip to stop himself from laughing at Vincent’s childish pout. The expression looked so out of place on the gunman. Completely adorable, but clearly out of place.

Kiros, forever the peacemaker, was talking to him quietly in an attempt to convince him to see Laguna’s point. The President had given up himself. He’d tried everything from logical argument to seduction in the last two weeks but all had failed. They only had twelve hours until they were supposed to leave for Winhill, so in desperation he’d turned to Kiros. His assistant had a knack with getting through to Vincent’s stubborn side that Laguna could never replicate. The gunman just had too much power over his heart.


He was aware of the fact that he was being selfish and childish but he couldn’t help it. There was no way that he could possibly spend a week in a cabin with Squall Lionheart, even if Laguna and Kiros would be there with him.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go to Winhill. He’d love nothing more than to spend the time with his two lovers, learning all about Laguna’s past. At first he’d been touched that the President wanted to include him in the yearly trip to honour the memory of Raine. Then he’d found out Squall would be joining them and it had changed everything. He knew the young commander had a right to be there. Raine had been his mother after all. Vincent just didn’t want to be in such close proximity to his lover’s son.

Laguna may have forgiven the boy, insisting that Squall was sorry for what he’d done and that he understood Squall’s reasoning, however misguided and twisted it had been but no matter how hard Vincent tried, he could not find that forgiveness within himself.

“Vincent, I’m not asking you to like Squall or forgive him. Laguna and I both understand why you can’t. We’re just asking you to tolerate him for one week,” Kiros pleaded, looking at Vincent desperately. “It would mean the world to Laguna if you came along.”

“I don’t think I can do that, Kiros. The boy hates me. He feels regret only for what he did to his father, not for what he did to me,” Vincent answered, gazing back stubbornly.

“Vin, the boy’s so messed up it’s amazing that he’s sorry for hurting Laguna,” Kiros muttered. “Look, you don’t have to talk to him. Just say you’ll come with us. I’ll be there to help out and I’ll even drag Squall away to give you and Laguna some alone time. Both of you could do with a holiday. Come on, could you do this for us, just this once?”

“I would of preferred time alone with Laguna and you,” Vincent growled. Kiros smiled broadly at the gunman, a slight redness colouring his cheeks.

“I’m sure we can arrange that too,” he responded softly. “Please, Vincent? Say you’ll come with us?” The gunman looked into Kiros’ brown eyes and sighed deeply, hanging his head in defeat.

“I’m going to regret this,” he mumbled.


Kiros put the last of his luggage next to the door, smiling and excited. Tomorrow morning they’d be on their way to Winhill and he couldn’t wait. A whole week away from Esthar with Vincent and Laguna was just what he needed. Even the fact that Squall would be there didn’t dampen his mood.

He was headed for bed when a knock on the door turned him back. Opening the door, he was surprised to find Vincent standing there, peering at him darkly.

“You owe me,” the gunman growled. Kiros stared at him, a little startled. Despite the fact he trusted Vincent, the gunman’s moods could be unpredictable. He backed away as Vincent entered, flinging the door closed behind him. The gunman continued to advance on him, his eyes burning.

“Vincent, what…..what are you talking about?” he spluttered, putting up his hands defensively. “And where is Laguna?” he added nervously, hoping to distract him.

“Laguna is in bed. He told me to tell you that he will see you in the morning,” Vincent murmured. A feral grin spread across his face and Kiros shivered. “You owe me because I have to go on this trip.” Before Kiros could respond, Vincent grabbed him and began devouring his lips. Kiros squawked and flailed like a startled chocobo, trying to dislodge the gunman. Vincent pulled back from the kiss but didn’t release him.

“Is there a problem?” he purred. Kiros gaped at him, trying to get his brain to work.

“Does Laguna know why you’re here?”

“Of course,” Vincent answered as he leaned forward to nip and kiss his throat. “He wasn’t in the mood. I was hoping you would be.” Kiros felt one of Vincent’s hands move down to grab his backside, pushing their hips together as the gunman lightly bit his ear. How anyone could ever not be in the mood for Vincent was beyond him.


Kiros’ unending loyalty to the President only made the gunman want him more. He felt his own erection rubbing against Kiros’ swollen length through their clothes and heard the whimper that escaped Kiros’ lips. He took both as a sign of acquiescence. Vincent quickly undid his pants with one hand, letting them fall down and be kicked off his feet.

As he continued to kiss and lightly bite Kiros’ neck, the need to take him aggressively grew and Vincent decided to take a chance. He pushed the smaller man backwards until they hit the wall and bit down hard on his neck. Kiros moaned and arched into him, one hand on his shoulder while the other hand grabbed a fist full of Vincent’s hair and pulled it. Chaos flared hungrily inside of the gunman’s head, loving the more violent foreplay and Vincent began to lose control.

His clawed hand tore away Kiros’ pants before his normal arm swept under the smaller man’s butt and lifted him. Kiros responded by tightening his grip in Vincent’s hair and bringing their lips together, biting the gunman’s lower lip before thrusting his tongue into his mouth. The low growl that erupted from Vincent’s throat was half him and half Chaos. Never before had the demon been so close to the surface but not broken through.

Warning bells were ringing in Vincent’s mind but his passion drowned them out as Kiros tightened his legs around the gunman’s waist. Vincent’s claw hit the wall beside the smaller man’s head, digging into the plaster and leaving deep grooves as it dragged down the wall. Vincent was thrusting against Kiros, pushing their erections together as he returned the hungry kiss.

Kiros was whimpering and the sound made Vincent remember the other man’s birthday, just weeks before. A vision of Kiros, tied up and thrusting back onto his cock, flashed through his mind and Chaos began to roar. The demon was trying to force Vincent to take Kiros, dry and unprepared but the gunman refused to allow it. Vincent’s thoughts began to blur as Chaos began wrestling for control and the gunman realized he had to end this quickly or risk his lover’s safety.

He quickly swapped hands, using his clawed arm to hold Kiros up while his normal hand wrapped around both of their erections and began pumping, hard and fast. Kiros released Vincent’s lips, throwing his head back and moaning the gunman’s name with his release. Vincent followed him over the edge just seconds later before falling to his knees.


Kiros’ senses kicked in slowly, returning one by one as his orgasm ebbed away. Vincent was on his knees with his eyes closed and Kiros was on his lap, his legs still wrapped around the gunman’s waist. Kiros began to get up but Vincent embraced him and rested his head on his shoulder.

“Please. Can we stay like this, just for a moment longer?” Vincent whispered.

“If that’s what you want. Thought I might be getting heavy,” Kiros replied softly. Vincent just hummed and gripped him tighter. Kiros relaxed into him, caressing the gunman’s back with his hands. He felt hair tickle his fingers and it reminded him that he’d yanked hard on Vincent’s hair in the throws of passion. He blushed in embarrassment when he realized he’d also bitten the gunman’s lip.

“Vincent, did I hurt you?” he asked nervously. The gunman lifted his head and looked at him, one eyebrow lifted in question. Kiros winched as he saw the tear on Vincent’s lip.

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” he blurted out, reaching out to gently touch the damage. In response, Vincent smiled broadly at him and Kiros stared back, confused.

“Don’t be sorry, Kiros. I love it when you lose control,” Vincent replied, bending forward to rub their noses together affectionately. Kiros couldn’t help but chuckle at the gunman’s polarities.


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