Goodbye is only the Beginning

BY : Madisuzy
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Disclaimer: I do not own FFVIII, FFVII, Laguna, Vincent, Kiros, Cloud or Squall. If I did they would be naked more often. I'm not making any money from this and all rights remain the property of the original owners.

Title- Goodbye is only the Beginning
Author- Madisuzy
Characters- Laguna, Kiros, Vincent, Cloud, Squall
Warning- Yaoi, angst, swearing
Thanks- Calvi-sama for editing
Disclaimer- Don't own Laguna, Vincent, Kiros, Cloud or Squall. If I did they would be naked more often.
Square Enix owns all their asses, I’m just playing with them. Nobody gave me any money either, damn it!

A/N - This is a sequel to 'Corpse in the Cupboard'. Thank you to all reviewers and silent readers and my humble
apologies that this took so very, very long.

Chapter 11

“Cloud, please!” Laguna yelled, trying desperately to get through to the irate blond. The young man’s eyes were glowing with his rage, the unnatural fluorescence only adding to the intimidating sight of the warrior in full battle mode. “Do you think this is what Vincent wants? Don’t you think if he wanted Squall dead, he already would be?”

Cloud’s eyes flickered away from Squall’s, resting on the President as the older man trembled and held his gaze. Laguna’s question somehow got through his burning rage and made him pause in consideration. What exactly would Vincent want him to do? Why hadn’t the gunman already put a bullet into the Commander of SeeD?

“Vincent wouldn’t kill Squall because he’s in love with you, Laguna. I don’t have that problem,” he finally hissed, wishing the older man would just get the fuck out of the way.

“Cloud, I know what he did was wrong. Gods, it was so, so very wrong. I love Vincent, and to find out what my own son had done nearly killed me,” Laguna continued, pausing at how true his own words were. “But he’s my son, Cloud. Honestly, the whole incident was my fault anyway. Everything that caused this, every step up to that point was my fault.”

“It wasn’t your fault. It was mine and mine alone,” Squall cut in, making the blond’s eyes swing back to him. Squall’s eyes locked with Cloud’s as he tried to gather his words. The Commander was never good with words, but right now his needed to be clear and concise. He had to somehow make Vincent’s friend understand, despite the fact he’d only just begun to understand the situation himself. It was the least he could do...

“No, I’ve never been punished,” Squall murmured, holding Cloud’s eyes, even though he wanted to look away in shame. “But it’s up to Vincent what my punishment should be, not you.” He ignored Laguna’s mumbled words of surprise, keeping his eyes on the blond.

Cloud scoffed before answering, his whole body still poised to attack. “He will never harm you because he loves Laguna. Besides, knowing him and how fucked up his reasoning is after Hojo and Lucrecia, he probably believes he did something to deserve it. To him, it would just be more penance, more punishment for his own sins.” Cloud’s anger flared even hotter at the thought and he stepped forward once more, clinging to his self control. “Vincent has already suffered so much for others’ sins. An arrogant, selfish little prick like you could never understand what he’s been through or his reasons for sparing you when you don’t deserve it.”

“You’re right, I couldn’t,” Squall responded, knowing that if he’d bothered to just ask Laguna about Vincent when he’d discovered their relationship, none of this would have happened. “I have no excuse for what I did as there is no justification for my actions. I would only ask that you let me say what drove my actions and then you can judge me as you see fit. I understand that I don’t deserve it, but could you wait, at least until Laguna can here from me why?”

Cloud stared at Squall, his mind trying to work out what the Commander was up to now. Flicking his eyes over to Laguna, he saw the older man’s look of pain and saw his eyes, begging Cloud to stop. He couldn’t promise the President he would stop, but he could at least let Laguna hear his son out. “Make it quick,” he muttered, lowering his sword to the ground but keeping his stance ready.

“Dad…,” Squall began, his words faltering as Laguna looked over and their eyes met. His father was in so much pain, so much hurt that was his fault. Taking a deep breath, the Commander steeled himself and began. “When you stopped calling every month, I got suspicious. When you did call, I could tell there was something you were hiding from me. I’d become used to your insistent affection and when it was gone…” Squall’s words tapered off again as he couldn’t verbally explain how he’d felt, the rejection too much for him to voice.

“I didn’t know what to do. I should have just called you and asked you what was wrong, but instead I sent a SeeD agent to spy on you. He reported back that you had a bodyguard, someone that nobody had ever heard of, who just appeared out of nowhere and became your shadow. I knew you hated bodyguards, as I’d tried to make you hire one many times and you had insisted that it was unnecessary. I had the SeeD look into where Vincent came from and that’s when I discovered that you’d brought him back from your holiday… and that his description matched the description of the creature that had come through the time flux and destroyed Odine’s lab with his bare hands. You told me that it was dead but here he was, returning with you from your holiday and suddenly becoming your bodyguard. That, coupled with you distancing yourself from me, led me to believe that you were in danger.”

“I still hesitated, wondering if there was some logical explanation, but then I got the news that Kiros was retiring at the end of the week. Leaving after all this time with no explanation and moving half way around the planet. Kiros would never leave you willingly. Without him there to watch over you…” Squall paused, running a hand through his hair. “I had to do something and that was when I decided to go to Esthar myself and try and work out what the hell was going on.”

“My contacts informed me that you and Kiros had a meeting with a Galbadian official and I knew that was bullshit because there was no Galbadian officials in Esthar that week. I took a chance and had a video device set up in the conference room to record what happened between the two of you.” Squall paused at the look of panic on his father’s face.

“Y… you saw?” Laguna blurted out.

“Yes, I did. I also heard the whole conversation. Kiros was in love with you, you were in a relationship with Vincent and that was the reason he was leaving. Kiros then said something along the lines of, What if one of the demons he’s carrying around in his head makes an appearance and destroys the city?

“Fuck,” Laguna whispered, his eyes falling to the floor.

Squall ignored his comment and continued. “I proceeded to drink as I tried to work out how to save you from the stranger with the demons in his head that could destroy whole cities. Unfortunately, we are all aware of the solution I came to.”

Silence feel over the room as Squall’s words hung in the air. “Why didn’t you just try to kill him?” Laguna asked, looking back up into Squall’s eyes.

“It was my first reaction, but I knew you would never forgive me, so I tried to come up with an alternative. I was far too intoxicated by the time my so called ‘solution’ came to mind and it seemed like a good alternative to drug him and make him think I was you. Afterwards, I realized the error of what I’d done, but by then it was too late. You had the video and I realized that you would end up hating me anyway.”

“Enough,” Vincent’s deep voice interrupted from the kitchen. All three men turned to find the gunman standing in the doorway, looking back at them with a blank face. “I wish to speak to Squall alone.” Both Cloud and Laguna didn’t leave, the President taking a step closer to his son as Cloud lifted his sword again.

“Cloud, I said that is enough. I do not want Squall dead so stand down now or I will make you,” he growled deeply, catching the blonde’s eye and holding his gaze. A mixture of anger, hurt and confusion swam in Cloud’s blue eyes, making Vincent soften his tone. “Please, my friend. I appreciate your intention but it is unnecessary. Allow me to handle this in my own way?”

Cloud growled in frustration, finally lowering his weapon and turning away from the other men in the room. “Fine… handle it you way. I’m going back to town,” he muttered, leaving and slamming the front door on his way out.

Silence fell over the room until Vincent sighed, looking at Laguna sadly. “I will not harm him, love. I just wish to talk to him alone,” he tried to explain. “Please, trust me in this?” Laguna’s eyes darted from his son to Vincent, eventually running a hand through his hair as he slowly walked towards Vincent, his eyes pleading as he stayed silent. Vincent lifted a hand to cup his face, so very pissed off that again his lover had been thrust into the middle of a fight, his worry over the older man’s health tweaking his protective instincts. “You look tired. If would ease my worry if you went and rested for awhile and I will join you shortly, alright?” Laguna simply nodded, turning and heading upstairs without looking back.

Vincent looked around at the mess of the room and decided it was no place to try and have such a difficult conversation. “Come with me,” he said flatly, walking over towards the back door. Once they were outside Vincent glanced over, seeing the frown on the younger man’s face and enjoying the fact that for once, Squall was the one uncomfortable and unsure.

No words were spoken while they walked and around five minutes later Vincent stopped to sit under a tree facing back towards Laguna’s holiday house. It calmed him to still be able to see it, knowing that his lover was resting within its walls. The hills they had just crossed showed no sign of their passing, the long grass flowing in the wind like waves on the ocean in a hypnotic dance. Seeing the Commander out of the corner of his eye, standing a couple of meters away and staring at him brought Vincent back to the matter at hand. “Sit,” he murmured, turning to face the young man as Squall complied and gracefully sunk to the grass.

“How much did you hear?” Squall asked softly, averting his eyes as he sat with his legs out in front, knees bent up and arms folded over them.

“Enough to get a different perspective,” Vincent replied, looking over the Commander properly for the first time. Squall was so young, a child in many ways and yet he was the Commander of a whole organization of fighters. The gunman wasn’t naïve and didn’t think him any less of a threat because of his age. Rufus was of a similar age and so was Cloud, but it was a depressing thought that in this world too, childhood was so fleeting.

“I know words aren’t enough but I wanted to apologize for my actions that night,” Squall said, eyes coming up to met with Vincent’s. “I have been avoiding dealing with this too long and you should be the one to decide on how I can make amends.”

“There is no way to make amends. You can’t take your actions back or take away the damage they have already done,” Vincent said flatly, studying the young man’s face to see if these were just words or true sentiments.

“Then… if I can’t make amends, you should decide on a form of punishment. Something that will bring you justice,” Squall quickly added, eyes still meeting Vincent’s. He seemed to be sincere, even Chaos agreeing on his honesty inside of Valentine’s mind. The fact the demon had suddenly decided to comment intrigued the gunman. Up until now, his demon had been silent whenever the Commander was around, apart from the odd taunt.

Why the sudden interest? I thought you were happy to sit back and be quiet, enjoying my suffering in this? Vincent asked the demon, looking away from Squall as if thinking over his request.

It bores me now, my vessel. Forgive the boy and move on. He is a fool, like all the young, and acted to protect his sire. At least his intentions were sound. I was aware that night and he did ensure we enjoyed it… rode us so beautifully with that tight little ass of his, Chaos replied, his words ending in laughter as Vincent scowled at his taunting.

“You don’t have to forgive me. I understand that is asking too much. Just…,” Squall began, Vincent cutting off his words.

“Just punish you? So, is this punishment to ease my hurt or is it to ease your guilt?” the gunman accused, turning back to Squall.

We could punish him, vessel. Hold him down and sink into his body, make him cry and beg us to stop. Would his tears be the same as our heart’s or our ebony beauty’s? Would he scream or bite his lip to hold in the sounds? Chaos ranted, making Vincent put a hand up to his forehead as he tried to block out the voice and sudden images that accompanied it.

“Are you alright?” Squall asked, making Vincent glance over towards him.

“Yes, just a headache,” the gunman muttered, rubbing his temples and sighing.

“It’s your demons, isn’t it?” the Commander continued, voice a little unsure now, his previous confidence lacking. “Do they… can they hear everything that happens around you?”

“Yes,” Vincent mumbled, squeezing his eyes closed as Chaos tried to force his way up to the surface, the demon wanting to talk to Squall in person. “Enough!” Vincent hissed, managing to suppress the outbreak for now.

“Do they want to kill me?” Squall said softly, eyes showing concern when Vincent looked up to met them.

“No. Chaos is not that direct,” the gunman murmured, sighing as mental pictures continued to flash up in his mind of Squall, naked and on his hands and knees in the long grass. “He is more sadistic in his wants.”

Squall was quiet then, frowning in thought for a few minutes before finally continuing. “Why didn’t they appear that night?” he asked, eyes darting down to the grass.

“Chaos is the dominate one and controls the rest… and his sadism extends to me as well,” Vincent muttered, leaning back against the trunk of the tree behind him. Squall stayed silent then, seemingly mulling over the conversation as Vincent ignored Chaos’ continued picture show and thought over the young man’s words.

What the youth had said to Laguna in the house made sense to Valentine… his reasoning and actions up to drugging the gunman all driven by a desire to protect his father. As much as he hated what had happened that night, in his own mind it was still Laguna he saw when he recalled the fragments of what he remembered and the hurt was more of a throwback from his helplessness under Hojo’s hands than as a direct result of Squall’s actions. The sudden clarity of it all silenced Chaos, much to Vincent’s relief.

“I forgive you,” Vincent said softly, staring out over the hills at Laguna’s house and imagining his lover inside, sleeping peacefully. “I don’t want to punish you. I just want this whole incident to be over.”

The silence following his statement stretched on, a few random bird calls the only interruption. Finally, Squall shuffled where he sat, turning towards Vincent and uttering a soft, “Thank you.” Vincent simply nodded in recognition, letting the peace of the moment wrap around him and the breeze blow his urge for revenge away.


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