Goodbye is only the Beginning

BY : Madisuzy
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Kiros glanced over at Vincent when he heard him sigh and noticed him rubbing his eyes. He wished there was something he could do to ease the gunman’s discomfort. Unfortunately, he knew very little about what Chaos was doing to Vincent inside his head and the gunman wouldn’t elaborate any further.

Kiros was already worried about what had happened last night when the gunman’s eyes had turned yellow and his voice had changed. He was sure that Chaos had taken control of Vincent without the gunman’s consent and with what he knew of the demon, it was essential that they contain him. Apart from the destruction and loss of life Chaos would cause, the thought of having to hunt down Chaos, with Vincent trapped inside and maybe even kill them both, was not a path that Kiros could ever follow. The realization of how much he now felt for Vincent was a surprise to him considering he’d always believed that only Laguna could bring forth such desire in him.

A sudden flash of yellow startled Kiros out of his musings as it blurred past him. He turned to find Vincent, flat on his back with a blond man sprawled over him. The gunman’s eyes were wide and he was gasping for air as he was bear hugged by the stranger. Kiros was so shocked by the intrusion that all he could do was stare, frozen on the spot. Laguna appeared beside him and grabbed his arm, jogging him out of his paralysis.

“What in Shiva’s name is going on? I thought you were being attacked by a chocobo!” exclaimed Laguna, looking over at Vincent who was now trying to dislodge the man on top of him. Kiros’ eyes met the President’s and both began to laugh. Vincent growled at them, his face flushing red.

“Could one of you stop laughing long enough to assist me?” he spat out. Kiros swallowed and tried to contain his amusement, walking over and tapping the blond’s shoulders.

“Hey! You’re gonna suffocate him if you don’t let him go,” he said, trying to be serious. The stranger’s only reaction was to hang on tighter which made Vincent squeak in a high pitched and very un-manly way. The noise sent Laguna and Kiros into a fresh round of laughter, tears running down their cheeks as they both failed to contain their mirth.


“Fuck you both,” Vincent gasped out, his temper flaring. This was beyond a joke and was becoming painful. Whoever this person was, they were incredibly strong. In desperation he grabbed a handful of blond hair and pulled it hard. The man finally released him and sat back to stare into his eyes. Vincent’s anger disappeared as he sat up and gaped at the tear stained face before him.

“Cloud?” he whispered. “Is it really you?”

Vincent reached a hand up to wipe away tears and noticed the desperation in those big blue eyes. Cloud was biting his lip in an attempt to control his emotions and Vincent couldn’t help but smile. The swordsman may have been a hero to the planet, the mighty warrior who defeated Sephiroth when no other could but right now he looked like a lost child.

“Vin…Vincent,” Cloud spluttered out. The gunman pulled him back into his arms and hugged him, whispering comfort. His mind was spinning in shock as Cloud continued to weep.

Cloud was here.

Vincent realized that the blond had probably been here as long as he had. He was ashamed that he had not even pondered that possibility, in all the months he had been here. He had not even attempted to look for Cloud and the guilt of his selfishness made his chest ache.

In all the years he had known the swordsman, he had never seen him cry. Now the boy was in his arms, weeping his heart out and it disturbed the gunman deeply.
What in Hades’ name had happened to him in these months that they’d been apart?


Cloud finally got his emotions under control, only to realize he was sitting in Vincent’s lap, cuddling him like a five year old. He let the gunman go and stood up, muttering an apology as his face burned in embarrassment. Vincent stood up and put a hand on his shoulder, smiling warmly at him.

“Don’t apologize, Cloud. There is no need. I am just happy that we found each other,” the gunman responded softly. Cloud mustered up a small smile and Vincent chuckled at him. It was the first time he’d ever heard the gunman laugh.

Cloud realized that they were not alone and turned to look at the two men standing quietly and watching them. They were smiling and Cloud noticed Vincent giving them an odd look.

“This is Cloud Strife. He is a close friend of mine from home,” Vincent announced. “Cloud, this is Laguna and Kiros. Laguna is the President of Esthar and Kiros is his assistant. I work as Laguna’s bodyguard.”

“Nice to meet you,” Cloud muttered, keeping his head down to try and hide his red face.

“How are you enjoying our world?” Kiros asked. Cloud stared at the President’s assistant. After the townspeople’s reaction to him ‘coming from another world’ consisted of them ostracizing him, he was surprised that these two men seemed perfectly comfortable with the idea.

“Cloud, you do realize that we are in a different world, don’t you?” Vincent asked.

“Ah…Yeah, I worked that much out. Just nobody here would believe me. They don’t seem to be that open to…unusual ideas.”

“We’re not all like the residents of Winhill. This town is seriously lacking when it comes to forward thinking,” Kiros responded with a smile. “I hope they didn’t give you too much grief.” Cloud smiled at the remark, instantly relieved.

“Why don’t you come back with us to our cabin? It’s not far and we can talk in comfort,” Laguna added. Cloud nodded and they began to leave when he remembered he’d dropped his sword when he’d seen Vincent for the first time.

“Hang on. I have to get something,” he said quickly, running off to retrieve it. When he walked back he noticed Vincent whispering something in Laguna’s ear that made the President blush and smile up at the gunman. It made Cloud stop and stare in shock. Vincent was flirting with the President? Vincent knew how to flirt?

“Wow, Cloud. That’s one impressive sword,” Kiros said, distracting him from his surprise.

“Oh, this? It’s kind of an heirloom,” he replied softly. Kiros smiled and started chatting away to him as they walked towards the cabin. Cloud wasn’t stupid, though. He knew that the President’s assistant was trying to distract him from what he’d glimpsed but it only confirmed his suspicions about Vincent and Laguna. They both looked happy and the President was a handsome guy, even if he was older than the gunman. The blond chuckled to himself as he remembered that Vincent was far older than he looked which probably made him the older of the two.

Kiros announced they were approaching the cabin and Cloud looked up to see a two story house in the distance. This was their holiday cabin? He’d seen this house from a distance when he’d been out on his monster hunts and had assumed it belonged to some rich foreigners. It seemed Vincent had managed to get himself a handsome, powerful and wealthy boyfriend. At least one of them was doing well this new world.


Kiros was watching Cloud as Laguna rambled on about Esthar to the young man. The blond was listening politely but hadn’t said a word since they’d finished dinner over an hour ago. Cloud looked worn out as he sipped his coffee and reclined back in the sofa, sending a smile towards Vincent every so often.

“Do you have a place of your own in town?” Laguna asked. Cloud looked up and Kiros noticed the question seemed to sadden the blonde.

“The mayor organized a room for me at the Inn. I get free board and food for keeping the monster numbers in the area down,” he replied. “Which reminds me, I should be getting back. I have to get up early in the morning.”

“Tomorrow is Saturday. Don’t tell me that cheap bastard makes you work on weekends?” Laguna asked with a frown.

“It’s not so bad. I really don’t have anything else to do,” Cloud responded, looking down at his feet.

“Well, now you do. I insist you stay with us, at least for the weekend, so Vincent and you can catch up. I’ll handle the mayor if he gives you any trouble over it. That prick owes me and he knows it,” the President said smugly. Cloud looked over at Vincent and the gunman nodded in agreement.

“Ok. I’ll just crash on the sofa, it’s that’s alright with you.”

“You can have my room. I remember staying in that Inn and the beds were like concrete slabs. I’ll bunk out on the sofa,” Kiros interjected, smiling. Cloud looked like he was about to argue with him but didn’t get the chance as Vincent beat him to it.

“Kiros, you are not sleeping on the sofa. The bed in the master bedroom is big enough for Laguna, me and you. You would have ended up in there with us anyway,” the gunman casually responded. Cloud’s eyes widened as he processed what Vincent had said and he began to laugh. Laguna blushed at Vincent’s blatant outing of their unusual relationship and Kiros found himself choking on his drink.

“Who are you and what have you done with Vincent?” Cloud joked, ducking as the gunman through a pillow at his head.


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