Goodbye is only the Beginning

BY : Madisuzy
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Squall followed Cloud silently, staying well back but close enough to observe the young man. The blond disposed of the local monsters with no effort at all, his battle skills obviously far too high for him to find any difficultly in this area.

As Squall watched, he found his eyes wondering over the fighter’s body curiously. Cloud was deceptively thin. At first glance he didn’t look threatening in the slightest. Watching the young man in action quickly demonstrated how wrong that assumption was. The blond swung his huge sword around with no effort, showing that he had a strength which belied his svelte form. He moved with a grace that revealed many years of experience, cutting down his opponents with no hesitation.

Squall couldn’t tear his eyes away. To see such a pretty, innocent looking face attached to a deadly fighter was a huge turn on for the Commander. As hard as he tried to hate the newcomer, he found his thoughts travelling in the completely opposite direction.

The sun was high overhead when Squall finally tore himself away and headed back to the house. He was relieved to find it empty and grabbed a quick lunch before heading to his room. As he finished eating, he noticed his phone on the side table and decided to call his father and try to make amends for what happened last night. He’d said things to Laguna that he regretted and wanted to apologise and fix things between them. Every time he was in the same room as Valentine he ended up losing his temper and hurting his father’s feelings. The gunman somehow managed to damage their father/son relationship without even trying and it infuriated Squall that Laguna always took his side. He should have killed the bastard when he’d had the chance.


Laguna woke up alone, cold and completely disorientated. Glancing around at the tacky interior he sat up in shock before his neurons began to fire and everything came rushing back to him. He’d completely lost his temper last night and tried to hit his son.

Squall was probably already on his way back to Garden and would never speak to him again. Laguna felt tears well in his eyes at the thought. He’d made so much progress with Squall over the last month and he was disgusted with himself for letting one argument ruin it all.

Even worse, he’d done it in front of Vincent’s friend and the poor boy probably thought he was a complete lunatic. Considering Cloud was the only ‘family’ Vincent had here, he’d really wanted to make a good impression on him. Last night had certainly killed that idea.

Vincent’s anger at Squall shouldn’t have surprised him. The pain his lover felt at what had happened that night was far greater than Laguna had thought and he felt a deep guilt at his attempt to push the two together for his own selfish reasons. It was just that he loved them both so deeply and wanted to make his whole family a close unit but reality had finally come home to roost. Vincent would never forgive Squall for raping him that night and Squall didn’t really deserve to be forgiven. Laguna hated to admit it to himself but his son appeared to feel no guilt or remorse over what he’d done to Vincent and that hurt him deeply. Could Squall really be that twisted and warped?

Lying back down on the bed he sighed deeply. After stomping off into the night, he’d ended up staring up at the window of the room he used to share with Raine. He had missed her more at that moment than he had in years. Raine would have known exactly how to deal with Squall and would have never lost her temper. Not like him. Time and time again his son left him floundering and completely lost for words. The boy seemed to know just what to say to push all of his buttons and was one of the few people in the world who could make Laguna lose his temper.

Eventually he’d made his way towards the local Inn, drowning in memories as he walked the empty streets. When he’d arrived the new owners hadn’t recognised him, thankfully, and having left the house without any money, he’d had to use his watch as security to get a room. Now morning was here, he’d have to go home and get some money to get it back.

Sitting up on the side of the bed, he tried to talk himself into moving. Laguna just didn’t feel strong enough to face everyone yet. He needed more time to get his head together. A loud knock startled him upright and his leg cramped up in objection to the move. Rubbing the offending limb, he limped over and opened the door.

“Good morning, Laguna,” Kiros said softly, closing the door behind himself before wrapping his arms around the President. Laguna clung to him, needing the comfort more than he wanted to admit. After a few minutes, Kiros pulled back to hold up Laguna’s watch with a smile.

“Thanks,” Laguna mumbled. “Hey, how did you know where I was?”

“Well, when it hit midnight and you hadn’t come home, I called the Inn. They told me a man that matched your description had used his watch to hire a room under the name of Kiros Ward. I assumed it was you,” Kiros said with a grin. Laguna smiled back, leaning forward to rest his forehead against his friends. An idea popped into his head, giving him the perfect reason to delay going home and avoid thinking about the mess their lives had become, even if it would be for just a little while.

“Kiros, don’t you think it’d be a waste of money to leave here now? After all the room is paid for until twelve and it’s only just gone nine,” Laguna purred, trying his hardest to sound sexy. He began to kiss Kiros’ neck, nipping it lightly as he savoured the taste. His friend chuckled and grabbed his butt, squeezing it gently.

“I think you may have a point, Mr President,” Kiros whispered. “Although you can’t avoid going home forever.” Laguna stopped what he was doing and frowned at his lover.

“I was trying to seduce you,” he said indignantly, unable to stop the pout that found its way to his lips.

“And with that adorable expression, you have succeeded,” Kiros replied, capturing the pout and coaxing Laguna’s lips apart with his tongue. Laguna melted into his kiss, his annoyance instantly forgotten. He didn’t even notice that he was moving backwards until the bed bumped against his legs and Kiros lowered him gently down onto his back, not even pausing in the slow, languid dance of their tongues.

His lover’s movements were like liquid silver over him, sliding their arousals together in maddeningly slow movements. Laguna whimpered in response, his hands grabbing Kiros’ hips as he tried to increase the friction. Kiros released his lips and gazed at him with a look that took his breath away.

“Would you take me, Laguna?” he murmured.

“Take you where?” the President asked, his face clouding with confusion. Kiros began to laugh and sudden the penny dropped. “Oh! You mean…” Laguna’s voice trailed off and Kiros nodded in reply. “Are you sure? You’ll have to help me out because I’ve never done it like that before and I don’t want to….” Kiros cut off his babbling with a deep kiss. He felt a hand undo his pants and slip under his boxers to take hold of him, sliding gently up and down with feather light touches that made him moan into the kiss. Kiros moved his lip’s caresses along his jaw and down his neck, nipping lightly as he went.

“Too many clothes,” Kiros growled, moving his head down to undo Laguna’s shirt buttons with his teeth, his dexterous tongue making short work of them as his hands went to work on the President’s pants. The thought of what else that tongue could do made Laguna bite his lip. Kiros sat back to remove his pants, pausing to look over his lovers body when he’d finished. Laguna blushed back at him, feeling a little too exposed with Kiros still being fully dressed. His lover smiled before leaning forward to kiss his cheek in an oddly chaste manner.

“Don’t move an inch. I’ll be right back,” Kiros whispered, getting up and disappearing into the bathroom. Laguna couldn’t help laughing when a now completely naked Kiros returned with a bottle of complimentary hand lotion and a cheeky grin.

Throwing the bottle beside him, he crept up the bed, starting at Laguna’s feet and laying kisses on his thighs that slowly trailed up to his already hard cock. As Kiros’ tongue lapped over the head in a feline like manner, Laguna softly ran his fingers along the other mans braids, twisting them around his fingers.

Kiros moved his licks up and down the sides of his shaft in a teasing manner before his mouth swallowed him, moving down slowly while sucking so hard that Laguna went cross-eyed. It felt so good that he had to move his hands so he could fist the bed sheets and control the urge to thrust up into the delicious heat. Kiros pressed a hand onto his hip to hold Laguna in place as his head began to bob up and down slowly, keeping up the suction and causing the President to make noises that would ensure that the owners of the Inn never rented him a room again. Laguna was far too lost in the sensation to care and threw his head back, continuing to voice his enjoyment. Just when the President thought he was going to lose it, Kiros lay a final kiss on his erection and sat up.

“Ready for me?” Kiros purred. Laguna nodded but as Kiros moved into position, the President grabbed his hips and stopped him.

“I…I need to prepare you first,” he stuttered out.

“It’s okay, baby. I took care of that while I was tasting you,” Kiros whispered. The thought of his lover preparing himself while sucking him off added a whole new level of desire to Laguna’s already overloaded senses. “Let me show you how much I love you,” Kiros purred as he began lowering himself down, slowly pushing past the initial resistance and not stopping until he was seated on Laguna’s hips.

The President was biting his bottom lip again, unable to take his eyes off the sight of his lover impaled to the hilt, dark eyes closed in concentration. When Kiros opened his eyes, they locked onto Laguna’s and he began to move. Lifting up slowly, Kiros rotated his hips in a circular motion as he descended, giving Laguna the most amazing feeling along the length of his cock. Kiros continued repeating the motion until Laguna was begging beneath him for mercy.

“Gods…Laguna…you feel so good inside me,” Kiros moaned, running his fingers over the President’s chest.

“Kiros…please…faster,” Laguna panted out in desperation. Kiros leant back, moving his hands to rest on either side of Laguna’s thighs as he abandoned the swiveling in favour of slamming down hard and fast, breaking eye contact to throw back his head. Laguna kept his eyes open, memorizing the sight of his lover impaling himself on his cock, over and over in the most wanton display.

“Amazing…uh…so good,” he muttered, reaching a hand up to wrap around Kiros’ erection and pump it in time to the thrusts.

“Laguna…fuck…yes…oh Gods,” Kiros moaned out as he clamped down on Laguna’s length and shot his load across the President’s chest. The sight of Kiros’ climax pushed Laguna over the edge and he came hard, jerking up erratically into his lover.

When Laguna came back to his senses, Kiros was licking his chest clean with the President’s softening cock still inside of him. Laguna pulled him up for a kiss, lazily rolling their tongues together as his hands caressed down Kiros’ back to rest on his butt.
Kiros broke the kiss to gaze down at him with a grin.

“I can’t believe we spent so long together without doing this. All that time wasted,” Kiros mused out loud. Laguna reached up to cup his lover’s face with both hands.

“We’ll just have to make up for lost time,” he replied with a smile.



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