Goodbye is only the Beginning

BY : Madisuzy
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“We’re leaving first thing in the morning. You are still coming this year, aren’t you, Squall?” Laguna asked, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. He’d taken the opportunity to call his son while Vincent was busy with Kiros.

“Yeah, I am. I’ll be a day late though. Something came up at work that I have to handle first. Dad, who else is coming to Winhill?” Laguna flinched at the question, despite knowing it would be asked.

“Kiros and Vincent will be coming with me,” he answered cheerily, glad that his son couldn’t see him through the phone, chewing on his lip. The silence grew uncomfortably and Laguna began to worry that Squall was going to pull out of their annual holiday.

“Whatever. Well, I better get back to work. I’ll see you there.” The phone went dead and Laguna released the breath he’d been holding in. At least that was one more hurdle cleared. Now they just had to survive the next week without any fatalities.


Kiros awoke early the next morning to find himself on his side with an arm wrapped around his waist and a prominent erection being pushed into his butt.

“Morning, Vin,” he mumbled.

“Good morning,” Vincent purred, biting and kissing his neck. Kiros whimpered and pushed back against the gunman sleepily.

“Shouldn’t you…be getting back…to Laguna?” Kiros stuttered out.

“He is aware of where I am, should he need me,” Vincent answered, moving his arm down to grasp Kiros’ cock and stroke it into hardness, flicking over the tip with a fingernail teasingly. Kiros was trying to get his mind to focus and argue with the gunman’s logic when he was flipped onto his back with his arms pinned above his head.

Vincent kissed him gently, lightly brushing their lips together in a sharp contrast to his usual roughness. The gunman was a walking contradiction of gentle touches and intense sexual aggression. Kiros never knew what would happen next and it made his blood burn.

He ran his tongue over the gunman’s lips, begging for entrance boldly as he bent his knees and used the leverage to thrust up into Vincent’s stomach. The gunman growled in response and opened his mouth to him and Kiros thrust his tongue inside. Their tongues danced together, each one vying for dominance over the kiss as their bodies grinded together.

Vincent eventually won the battle, claiming the smaller man’s mouth with a growl of victory. Kiros conceded by whimpering in return, simply too turned on to argue any more. The gunman still held his wrists firmly with his clawed hand while his other hand rifled through the bedside drawer.

Kiros heard a click and then felt a moist finger slide down between his cheeks to circle his entrance. In the back of his mind Kiros was impressed with Vincent’s one handed dexterity but the thought was extinguished when the finger entered him. He moaned around the gunman’s tongue and pushed his hips up wantonly. A second finger joined the first, scissoring and stretching before thrusting in and out, nudging his pleasure spot and sending jolts up his spine.

He couldn’t draw enough breath through his nose and Vincent was still plundering his mouth, unaware of his need for air. In desperation, he bit down on the gunman’s tongue and Vincent finally pulled back. Kiros gasped in air and stared into red eyes tinged with a yellow glow. He got a sudden flashback to the day on the hospital rooftop when he’d come face to face with Chaos and seen the demon’s yellow eyes.

“Vincent?” he whispered, unable to keep the fear out of his voice. A decidedly sinister smile spread across Vincent’s face and Kiros swallowed nervously.

“Do not fear me, little one. Your pleasure is my only aim,” the gunman purred, resuming the movement of his fingers. Kiros was momentarily disturbed by the difference in Vincent’s voice, but his fears where washed away in a flood of desire. The gunman was hitting the spot inside of him with every thrust of his fingers and was sucking and biting his throat. Kiros’ body relaxed and he lifted his legs, wrapping them around Vincent’s waist and pushing his aching member against the body hovering over him. It felt so good but it wasn’t enough.

“Please…I need to feel you inside,” Kiros whispered hoarsely. A deep chuckle tickled his neck.

“Your wish is my command.” Vincent’s fingers withdrew and Kiros felt the hot tip of the gunman’s cock nudge his entrance. He closed his eyes as it entered him slowly, feeling it throb inside deliciously. When Vincent was fully sheathed inside of him, Kiros didn’t wait. He began thrusting up and down awkwardly, trying to pull his wrists free. The gunman’s grip only tightened and Kiros’ whimpered in frustration.

His frustration fled when Vincent began to push in and out of him roughly, setting an incredibly fast pace. Kiros could only moan loudly as he was fucked hard, the bed crashing into the wall with every thrust. It only took about a minute for his orgasm to explode through his body. He was still riding the intense wave of it when Vincent followed him over the edge.


Vincent was frightened. It was a foreign feeling, one he hadn’t experienced in as long as he could remember. Chaos had taken control over his body during sex and he’d been pushed to the back to watch helplessly. Usually, he could feel the demon attempting to take control and could either contain him or end things quickly, as he had last night. It had never happened without any warning before and he’d been completely unprepared.

Luckily, Kiros hadn’t been harmed. He’d been a little sore afterwards but a potion had quickly healed any discomfort. Vincent was about to discuss with him what had happened when Laguna had knocked on the door and hurried them off to the Ragnorak. The President was so happy and excited, that Vincent had decided to leave his own problems unspoken for now. This holiday was about Laguna and Raine, not Vincent and his curse.

The gunman had spent the whole trip to Winhill listening to Laguna reminisce about his past and he’d been thankful for the distraction. Now that they’d arrived Kiros had gone to organize the delivery of their luggage to the cabin on the outskirts of the town and Laguna had fallen silent. They were sitting on the lush green grass, looking out over the rolling hills spotted with flowers, waiting for Kiros to return so they could visit Raine’s grave. The beautiful scenery and cool breeze should have lifted Vincent’s spirits but it couldn’t ease the fear growing in his chest.


Kiros returned to find Laguna and Vincent sitting silently and staring off into the distance. They both looked miserable and it pained him to see them both so distressed. He knew why Laguna was hurting. Every year the President reacted the same way until he’d visited Raine. Afterwards, he would perk up and his usual brightness would return.

He was worried about Vincent though. He had an idea what was bothering the gunman but understood that now wasn’t the time to discuss it. Putting the topic on the backburner, he mustered up a smile.

“Ready when you are,” Kiros announced. Two faces turned towards him and both tried to smile in response. Laguna managed a little grin but Vincent failed dismally, his smile looking more like a grimace. They stood and all three headed out across the fields without a word.


Chaos had reacted instantly to Kiros’ return by flashing up images of Kiros, naked and in various positions on the windswept hills. Vincent hoped Kiros hadn’t seen him flinch when he’d attempted to smile. The demon couldn’t care less how disrespectful of Raine his behaviour was, only having one thing on his inhuman mind. Vincent refused to pay him any attention, falling back as Laguna walked on ahead. Kiros fell into step beside him, glancing at him curiously.

“Vincent? Everything okay?” Kiros leaned in to whisper. Chaos increased the ludeness of the slideshow playing in his head and he growled in annoyance. Kiros’ smile disappeared and Vincent instantly regretted making the sound.

“My apologies. That growl was not directed at you. Chaos is being difficult,” the gunman answered quickly. Kiros’ smile returned and he reached out to squeeze Vincent’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry. Anything I can do to help?” The question set Chaos into an even worse display of filthy images in the gunman’s head. Vincent stumbled on a passing clump of grass and swore quietly as he stopped to regain his composure. The demon was enjoying his distress far too much.

“Unfortunately, no. I would ask a question though. Does Laguna always become this quiet?” the gunman asked, trying to block the demon out.

“Yeah, he does. Don’t let it worry you. Once he’s visited her grave and talked to her, he’ll be back to his old self again.” They began walking again and as they crested the next hill, they saw Laguna, kneeling down and studying a stone plaque on the next rise. It made Vincent think of Lucrecia and the fact he would never be able to visit her mako entombed form, ever again. He thought this should have made him sad but instead it just filled him with an odd kind of numbness.

Chaos didn’t appreciate him thinking of Lucrecia and responded by giving Vincent a clear image of Kiros, on his knees and sucking him off. Vincent sighed and rubbed his eyes. The demon was giving him a headache and a hard on simultaneously. It was not a pleasant sensation.


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