Prophecy's Refrain

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Chapter 14

Harmony was warm. Warmer than she had been in a long time. It wasn’t a physical warmth; it was something deeper. She felt…safe. She groggily opened her eyes and took a deep breath, attempting to lift her arms and stretch. She was met with resistance against her arm. Confused, she looked down, slowly following the trail of pale skin that she knew did not belong to her.

She followed the arm until she saw the face of her bedmate, and almost couldn’t control the reflex to scramble out of the bed as she gasped. All at once, the memories of the night came flooding back and Harmony blushed.

Had she really been so forward?

Kadaj hadn’t seemed to mind. In fact, if she remembered correctly, he had lost his control over her for a moment there. A smirk found its way to her lips, which turned to a soft smile as she remembered how he held and comforted her after her memories over-rode her brain. She slowly turned her head to see him better. She cursed the fact that she had colored his hair, as now, out here at the cabin, it was unnecessary. She really had liked the sharp silver color.

Still, the black color suited him. It complimented his pale skin and emerald-and-topaz eyes almost like it was natural. Harmony let her eyes wander across his face. His skin was flawless, his lips showing the slightest hint of pink. She remembered their softness against her skin, and felt her body heat rise. His eyes were slightly slanted, giving him a distinctive and exotic look. She remembered the hungry gaze shooting through her last night when he had her pinned to the floor and she shuddered.

“Are you going to stare at me all morning?” Kadaj whispered.

Harmony started and sputtered a little. “I thought you were asleep. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” She apologized, feeling strangely at-ease with him. She had expected to feel a bit awkward.

“I’ve been awake since you first started to move.” He said with a smile. He opened his eyes. “Good morning.”

Harmony smiled back at him. “Good morning.”

And suddenly, there it was: Awkward was inching its way in.

Kadaj didn’t give it a chance to take hold. He leaned over to place a chaste kiss across Harmony’s lips. However, rather than let him pull away, she caught it, and returned it twice over. Kadaj let out a sigh of contentment and rolled over, turning her onto her back and resting his weight over her.

“You’re quite the little seductress when you get over your nerves, aren’t you?” He growled into her ear. Harmony’s breath quickened.

“What…what do you mean?” she asked, breathless.

“I mean to simply greet you, and you turn it into a promise for…something else…” He kissed the skin behind her ear. “Let me touch you again. Let me see your face in the light of day when I make you come.” He crooned.

Harmony shivered and nodded her head to give in- when a loud banging on her bedroom door forced her to rethink her answer.

“Kadaj! Get up! I know you’re in there!” Came Loz’s voice.

Kadaj groaned in annoyance. “What the hell do you want, Loz?”

“We’re going to the meadow! I didn’t go yesterday and I wanna kick your ass again!”

Harmony giggled at Kadaj at his look of frustration.

“You too, Harmony!” Came the shout through the door. Her giggled ceased and she looked just as irritated. It was Kadaj’s turn to chuckle at her.

“Alright.” She let out a martyr’s sigh. “We’re coming.”

“Not anymore.” Kadaj sulked quietly.

“Good, Harmony!” Yazoo said, barely avoiding an open-palmed swing to his jaw. “You almost had me that time.”

Harmony growled. She knew that Yazoo was only being helpful, but damnit this was frustrating!

“Ever hear that saying - Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades?” She huffed, striking out to slash her fingernails across his cheek.

“Never. But I like it.” He smiled, avoiding her attack again. He lashed out with his own attack, kicking her feet out from under her and landing her on her back with Velvet Nightmare inches from her face. He moved the gun and helped her to her feet. “Again.” he said, falling into stance.

“No.” Harmony refused. He looked at her, curious and annoyed that his ‘student’ was defying him.

“You’ll never get it if you give up.” He retorted.

Harmony limped away holding her side to relieve the stitch that was buried there. “Forgetting something, Sifu?” She sneered. “Normal person. I don’t have that marvelous Mako or Jenova cells.” She knew she struck too far when he winced.

“You’re right.” He said. “I’m sorry.”

“What the hell?!” Kadaj said from the sidelines. “No way. No breathers.” He turned to Harmony. “Would the master you originally trained under allow you to speak to him that way?” He asked.

He didn’t wait for her to answer.

“Of course he wouldn’t, and you’re not going to talk to us that way, either. Maybe back at the cabin, but not here. Not in the meadow. Here, you are a student. Here, you listen to us.” He growled. He drew the Souba and forced it into her hand, grabbing the standard ShinRa sword that Zack offered. Apparently he agreed with Kadaj.

“Now,” Kadaj said, spinning the sword in a circle to loosen his wrists. “Again!”

Harmony looked like she wanted to tear his head off and scream down the hole. “Damnit Kadaj, I said-” She never got to finish her reply. Kadaj lunged in and took a swing at her that would have taken half of her face off. She reacted quickly, throwing the sword up and blocking him.

His attacks didn’t stop. He pushed her further and further, forcing her to back up with each lunge.

Without warning, he jumped away from her. She watched closely, trying to discern his next move, when she saw the air around his sword start to shimmer. A smoky grey-blue haze seeped from the sword, traveling up Kadaj’s arm to his smirking face. He leaped into the air, coming at her faster than even Loz had ever done.

Harmony reacted instinctively. She threw her sword up to block the blow, surprised and a little afraid as she felt the air around her stir. She felt as though static electricity was racing across her skin, making the hair on her arms and neck stand up.

She heard a collective gasp from those watching as a loud crackle sounded from the sword in front of her, but she dared not take her eyes from her opponent.

At that exact moment, Kadaj’s sword met with hers. It took all of her strength to hold him back, and it seemed like an eternity before anything happened. And when something did happen, it was huge. The crackle that Harmony heard was lightening as it surged into her sword, and everything seemed to happen at once.

The sword Kadaj was using shattered and the deadly double blades of his opponent slashed down his left arm. He snarled in pain for a split second, and then an explosion shook the meadow.

The next thing she knew, Harmony was on her back a good ten feet away, and Yazoo, Vincent, and Zack were trying to get her up.

“Are you alright?”

“What the hell was that?!”

“I’ve never seen anything like that!” They all rushed at once.

She allowed them to help her to her feet, swaying slightly.

“I… I don’t know. I didn’t do it on purpose. I’ve never used my magic to fight before.” She looked across the meadow and saw Loz and Cloud gently peeling Kadaj’s bloody shirt from his body so that they could get to his arm.

“Oh no!” She cried, trying to rush over and nearly toppling to the ground. Vincent quickly threaded her arms over his shoulder and helped her limp over to him. “I’m sorry!” She said when she got there.

Kadaj just grinned like a madman. “Are you kidding me?! That was amazing! The last person the knock me around like that was him!” He gestured to Cloud. “What was that, anyway?”

“Well, I think it was ‘cause I was pissed off.” she blushed. “And worried. It wasn’t intentional. I just… blocked, then I felt the static and heard the crackle, and then we made contact and it just… exploded. I think somehow I unconsciously infused lightening into the sword.” Harmony said, her voice full of wonder. “But I can’t do it again! It’s against the rules! I can’t use magic to really hurt people! I’ve already done it twice, not counting the glamours I’ve shown you guys.” She started to panic.

Yazoo put his hands on her shoulders, drawing her attention to him. “Hey, stop that. It’s alright. It was an accident. A very… powerful… accident.” He put a hand under her chin to force her to make eye contact. “Listen to me. I know you aren’t going to like it, but I think this is something you need to work on mastering. Only-” He said more loudly when she started to protest. “Only… so that if nothing else, you can stop it from happening. Do you understand?”

Harmony nodded reluctantly. Yazoo drew his gun and extracted his Cure Materia. “Here.” he said, handing it to Kadaj. The younger Remnant used it to close the cuts on his arm. He then stood and walked to Harmony, holding out his hand for her to take.

“Even though it wasn’t intentional, you’re still the only person who’s ever drawn blood, other than Cloud, and my brothers. Accidental or not, its something you should be proud of.”

Harmony pulled her hand out of his grasp. “I’m still really sorry. I could have really hurt you. We both could have been blown into unrecognizable bits.”

“Here,” Kadaj said. “Look. The materia fixed it. It’s fine.” He walked to the tree where their weapons were stacked and grasped Harmony’s sword, identical to his own. He handed it to her, and took his own from her hand. “Let’s start with what you already know. Katas. Both of us.”

Harmony nodded, glad that he wasn’t wanting to just jump right back into combat. The two of them made their way to a clear spot in the meadow and Kadaj fell into stance, motioning for Harmony to follow his movements. There were a few that she wasn’t familiar with, but Kadaj was pleased when she picked it up quickly and soon the two were caught in a deadly dance, swinging, slashing and jabbing at imaginary opponents.

“Your wrist is loose. Weak wrists are dangerous during battle.” He stepped closer to her. “Here. Like this.” He ran his hand down her arm to her wrist, straightening it out and telling her to create resistance when he tried to bend it.

She blushed at his touch, glancing at his still-bare torso. For a moment she was lost in thought, thinking about how amazing that bare skin had felt against hers. She jolted to awareness when Kadaj cleared his throat. His eyes were sparkling with amusement when she caught them.

“Be careful,” He warned. “I’m still your teacher, and I’m not above using your… distractions… against you.”

‘Oh yeah?’ Harmony though with an internal snicker, ‘Two can play that game, and neither am I.’

About an hour after starting the katas, Kadaj bullied Harmony into a sparring match.

“But I’m nowhere near as good as you are! You’ll beat me in a second!” She protested.

“Maybe.” Kadaj allowed. “Would you rather fight me, knowing that the worst you’ll have to deal with is maybe a couple of bruises, or would you rather hold off until a real enemy attacks you and you have no chance at beating them?”

Harmony scowled, but raised her sword in a defensive stance.

“Look,” Kadaj said. “You can learn from me kicking your ass, or you can learn from him kicking your ass.” He gestured behind her, and she turned. Sephiroth was sitting on a low branch watching the two. He smirked and made a sweeping motion with his hand, waving, it seemed.

“Okay.” Harmony said, laughing nervously. “Kick my ass, Master.”

Kadaj suppressed a shudder at her calling him ‘Master’ and caught her smirk. ‘Tricksy, clever girl.’ he thought. He smirked and nodded his head toward her, motioning for her to attack him.

Harmony took a deep breath and charged. At the last moment, she dove to the ground in a split, sweeping the blade low to connect with her legs. Kadaj jumped over, flipping through the air. When he landed, he immediately went for her. He drew his arm out, slashing sideways and listening to the satisfying ‘clash!’ of metal as their blades met. He held nothing back, spinning and slashing faster than Harmony could keep up.

A sudden thought struck her and she allowed a well-placed slash to tear her shirt at the neckline. Kadaj jumped back, fearing that he had cut her.

“Oh dear.” Harmony said in a sultry voice. “You’ve ruined my shirt, I guess I’ll have to take it off.” She did as she said, tearing the garment right down the middle and slipping it off of her shoulders.

She wore nothing but tight, black-glitter spandex capris and a pink sports bra.

‘Oh, shit.’ Kadaj thought. He began to sweat, but knew he couldn’t back out. The little minx knew exactly what she was doing.

She rushed him, throwing her blade out in a wide arc that came closer than she had ever before that. He spun around again, deflecting each blow with relative ease… until his supernatural eyesight caught a single bead of sweat disappearing into her cleavage. He was transfixed, going through the motions automatically, but not really paying attention.

This earned him a hard knock to the side of the head with the hilt of Harmony’s sword. The blow knocked him off balance enough for her to kick him off of his feet, but just as she was about to pounce on him, he lashed out and swiped her feet out from under her. Knocking her sword out of her hand, the two rolled in the grass, fighting for the dominant position.

Kadaj managed to roll her onto her stomach, mimicking the submission hold she taught Loz and pinning her to the ground before she could her away from him.

“Ow! Jesus Christ!” Harmony shouted.

“Give up?” Kadaj said, leaning down and nipping at her ear.

“Ugh. Fine. Get off me!”

“Hm. Says your mouth. Your body says otherwise.”

He was right, the bastard. She was wet, she could feel it.

“Get. Off.” She said through gritted teeth.

“With all these people around?” Kadaj teased.

Harmony spluttered, horrified. “Get off me Kadaj!”

He laughed and did as he was told. Helping her to her feet, he pulled her close so no one could hear him. “Its your own fault for taking your clothes off. Wicked little tease.”

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