Prophecy's Refrain

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A hush fell over the group. Sephiroth let a pained look slip over his features for a split second when he saw Cloud and Zack‘s hopeful faces, and then his mask of indifference was in place.

“Well, think about it. If Hojo never killed Gast, Ifalna and Aerith wouldn’t have been captured. If Hojo never experimented on Lucrecia, Sephiroth would not have had Jenova to drive him to insanity. Aerith would probably still live with her biological mother and father, and possibly have more siblings. She might be alive, but she wouldn’t know you. You would remember her. But for her, it would be as if you never existed. For other’s you have met as well. Those that aren’t here, anyway.”

“There are still flaws. Cid, they never would have taken that journey to Rocket Town, and most likely never would have met you. You would remember them, and they you, but in the timeline, you wouldn’t have met. You see? This is why this situation is so delicate. One wrong move, one wrong word, and the timeline could be changed for the better…or the worst.

“You have to decide what you want. Do you want to keep trying to understand yourselves and what you need to change, so that if you are sent back, the timeline changes? Or do you want to leave things as they are? Those alive here would still be given the chance at life there, but people would not trust them. Everyone would remember the pain they caused. It would be a hard life for a long while. If Hojo dies here, nothing will change, I think. It would be as it was when Vincent shot him on top of the ShinRa tower.”

“Okay, stop.” Tseng said, noticing the looks of confusion and frustration on all of the faces. “Its late. We’re all tired from the journey. Let’s rest and discuss this in the morning, when we are all refreshed and better equipped to understand this timeline you speak of.”

“I agree.” said Vincent. There was a chorus of affirmation and it was decided that a little sleep was a good idea.

“Goodnight, Yazoo. Thank you for telling me your story.” Harmony said as Yazoo entered the bedroom after giving her time to change in privacy.

“Goodnight, Harmony. And you’re welcome.”

“Please, Yazoo. Call me Hari. My friends do.”

Friend. Her friend. His friend. He smiled. “Alright. Goodnight, Hari.”

{The Next Morning}

“Harmony, this is not a good idea! This is not like sparring a regular SOLDIER! He’s a Remnant! He could hurt you!” Vincent argued as the group made their way to the field where Harmony and Yazoo were to spar.

The others had brought there weapons as well, as Harmony had assured everyone that there would be no one around to hear gunfire, or the sounds of metal clashing against metal. They were delighted, as they all had missed sparring. Zack particularly was excited to spar with Cloud now that the man was as strong as he was.

“Relax, Darkness. I’ll be fine. I know what I can handle. Its not like we’re fighting to the death. If it makes you feel any better, we can have a safe word. If either of us say it, the other is to stop attacking. How’s that sound, Yazoo?” Harmony turned to him. He smirked.

“Works for me.” he said.

She group reached the clearing, sounds of awe leaving the men’s mouths as they saw the sheer size of it. There would be plenty of room to train and spar. For everyone. All at once if they wanted.

“Alright, Yazoo.” Harmony said, taking her place a fair distance away from the group. “Same rules apply as they did with Zack. No weapons at first. And those better be blanks in your gun.”

Vincent came forward and dropped a handful of shells in Yazoo’s hand. “Those are blanks. I use them when I spar with Yuffie.”

Yazoo looked at Vincent, willing to try to be friendly as long as he was. “Thank you.” he said. He turned back to Harmony. “What’s the safe word?”

She tapped her chin in thought. “How about just ‘Time Out’?”

Yazoo nodded, and then rushed her.

Harmony was caught off-guard, expecting Yazoo to say ‘Go!’ or something, but she still managed to dodge his attack.

Yazoo smirked at her when she jumped back and fell into her stance. He rushed her again, throwing a barrage of strikes aimed for her chest and throat. She dodged most of them, but let out a soft grunt when one strike connected at her collar-bone.

It was her turn to strike. The other’s cheered for the one they supported as she threw her punches, Yazoo gracefully avoiding or blocking each blow. She swung around and managed to land a well-timed kick to the side of his face and he stepped back, shaking his head before shooting his leg out and connecting with her stomach. She flew back and landed in a heap in the grass.

“Oof!” she grunted. She smiled as she rose to her feet. This was actually kind of fun. As she dusted herself off, she heard the ‘click’ of a gun being loaded and cocked, and flattened herself to the ground just in time to avoid a blank that would have hit her square in the chest. As she rolled to her feet, she slipped her fans out of her sleeves, flinging them open.

More shots were fired and she flung them away with precision, each blank ricocheting off of the metal connectors. With every block, she stepped closer to her target, until she was able to strike out, attempting to knock the gun from Yazoo’s hand.

He blocked her, of course, using the gun as a shield before thrusting out to slam the weapon into her face.

What happened next was a blur of movement that Harmony could barely keep up with. It was all she could do to block his attacks, let alone strike at him at all.

She finally noticed an opening. When he attacked her, he left his right side unprotected, and after a few more blocks she struck, sliding a fan closed to tap his side with the blow that would determine her the winner.

He was expecting that. He had left that opening intentionally, and when she struck out, he used his free hand to grip her arm and twist, twirling around behind her and slamming his boot into the back of her knee, effectively knocking her to her knees. When they finally came to a stop, Yazoo was on his knees behind her with her arm twisted behind her back, and his gun was pressed to the underside of her chin.

“Click…bang.” Yazoo whispered into her ear, his tone smug.

Harmony laughed. “Damn, you’re fast!” she panted. Yazoo moved his gun and stood up, offering his hand and pulling her to her feet.

“You’re very good, though it seems you’re a bit rusty. Your attacks were hesitant, as if you were trying to remember how to execute them.” He said, using the back of his hand to wipe the sweat from his brow before holstering his gun.

“Well, I’ve done katas at home, but as I’m sure you know, it isn’t the same as meeting resistance, or actually being forced to think on your feet.” She answered. “And I have had no one else. No one at the gym will fight me anymore.”

“Well I’ll help you.” Yazoo offered. “I’ll clean up what you already know, and teach you some things that you don’t. That is, if you’re willing.”

Harmony’s smile was almost brighter than the sun. “Really?! That would be wonderful, Yazoo! Thank you!”

Yazoo smiled. It was strange. He’d been smiling a lot lately. And not the ‘Haha-I’m-going-to-tear-out-your-heart-and-eat-it’ kind of smiles. Real smiles. Happy smiles.

“That was great, Harmony!” Loz said, rushing to her in a flash of blue as they neared the group.

“Wow. Now that was fast!” She said. He grinned. “You’re next.” She added. “…After I get some water.” she giggled.

“I’ll fight you, Loz.” Yazoo said. “I’m still good to fight.” He smirked at Harmony. “Mako and Jenova cells.” he said to her. She rolled her eyes.


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