Prophecy's Refrain

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Chapter 27


"No, no stop it! Please Daddy, stop! I didn't mean to! I won't do it again!" The echo was deafening. The Remnant threw his hands up in an effort to stop the blows that relentlessly pounded into his skin.

"Wicked child. Evil child. You made him want you. Made me look like a fool!" With every other word, another merciless blow landed on already-bruised skin. "Witch."

Colors swirled, making the Remnant collapse in dizzy nausea.

"I want to die!" Kadaj found the thought floating through his panicked and pain filled mind. He watched in horror as his hand moved against his will, the razor blade pressing into porcelain skin, his senses both dreading and pleading for the metal's sharp kiss.

Suddenly, an image filled his mind. It was Harmony. A much younger Harmony, she couldn't have been much older than sixteen. She sat against her kitchen cupboards, the razor blade forgotten on the frigid tile.

The beauty of the tile caught his attention. It was white, so white that it was nearly blinding, splashed with dark, ominous red. The sharp red against the nothingness that was the tile was so lovely in its tragedy that for a moment, Kadaj couldn't react. Then he realized that the splattered red was blood. Harmony's blood. He followed the trail from the tile, up her pale thighs, and finally to the deep gouges and harsh slashes that marred and mutilated her wrists.

"No!" He cried, but it wasn't his voice. He recognized the panicked accent as Sassi's.

He heard himself pleading with Harmony, begging her to stay awake, to speak. He felt Sassi's panic, felt the desperation and the horror.

The colors swirled again, the scene changing once more. This time, Kadaj saw the scene as an outsider. Sassi and Harmony sat in the darkness of a deserted beach. He could actually smell the salty, fishy air as though it was really whispering against him.

"This is the first time I've missed her birthday, Hari. I can't believe I forgot her!" Sassi sobbed.

"She wouldn't blame you, Sass. You know that." Harmony soothed, her hand rubbing comforting circles on Sassi's shoulder.

'Who?' Kadaj asked himself as he watched the scene unfold.

"I know, I know. I just feel so… so… so useless right now. Like I can't do anything right." Sassi interrupted his thoughts

"Well that's what y9ou have me for." Harmony said, her voice thick with resolve. "If you don't think you can handle it, you just give it over to me and I'll handle it for you." Conviction hardened her stare, though her eyes never lost the soft warmth and sympathy.

Sassi smiled. "Thanks, Har."

'I get it.' Kadaj thought, 'I understand.'


"Oooooowwwww!" Kadaj groaned as he tried to steady his shaky body. "What the fuck was that?" He said, swinging unsteadily to look at Sassi/

She was panting, her hands held up defensively. "How are you not crazy?" she said, angry awe in her voice as she said "You should be halfway to insane right now."

"What?" You were actually trying to hurt me?"

"Hell yes… I mean no, not really hurt,but…yes…but… I wanted to make you see the line you crossed, damnit!" Sassi stuttered out, her Irish accent to prominent in her anger, it was difficult to understand her rant.

"So…" Zack said after a few moments of silence, "What the hell did you just do?"

"She projected." Came a call from the treeline. The group turned to locate the owner of the voice.

"Hari!" Sassi cried, rushing to her friend. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm staying at the waterfall for now. Just for a few days." She replied.

Kadaj noted that she utterly refused to even look his way.

"Are you sure?" Sassi asked.

"Yeah, I need some time to myself. You know, to think about… stuff. I just wanted to maybe train some more and I needed some ceremonial tools. I couldn't have Yazoo grab them, they'll lose their power if you touch them, sorry." She turned to Yazoo as she finished.

"Uh, sorry to interrupt, but… projecting?" Reno cut in.

"Oh, sorry." Harmony turned back to Sassi. "May I?"

"Go ahead."

Harmony nodded. "She projects her thoughts and emotions onto whomever she touches, if she chooses to. I'm kind of shocked she did it… Why did you do it? Weren't you afraid of what he'd see, or that you'd kill him?"

Sassi was silent for a moment before shocking Harmony right out of her skin.

"I controlled it."

Harmony stood speechless, her mouth hanging open before shaking her head to jar her senses back into place. "You… controlled it?"

Sassi nodded. The conversation became hushed as Harmony leaned closer. "What did you show him?"

"Well, Loz told me about what happened. I wanted to make Kadaj see. I wanted him to know why you and I are so important to each other.

"And it worked? Just like that?"

"Well, does he look crazy to you?"

Harmony shot Sassi a dry look. "You mean 'more than usual'?" Sassi snorted. "No, he seems normal."

"Harmony?" Came the timid voice of Aerith. "Are you okay?"

Harmony smiled at the Ancient. "Yes, I'm okay." She then turned to the trio of SOLDIER Firsts. "Who wants to spar?"

And just like that, everything seemed to go back to normal. However, everyone could feel the tension in the air between the youngest Remnant, and the dark haired Witch, even if said woman failed to notice the man's eyes following her every movement as she did her best to dodge Angeal's attacks.

"You." Came a voice from Kadaj's right. He turned to find Sassi glaring at him.

"What?" He sneered.

"We are overdue for a match." She said haughtily.

"Damn right we are." He replied, his voice carrying a dark, malicious edge.

"Don't hold back." Sassi taunted.

"Oh don't you worry, I don't plan to."


"Ouch! Angeal! You don't have to tap so hard!" Harmony whined as the flat side of Angeal's sword bounced off of her hip.

"Hey, the harder I hit, the harder you try to avoid me, right?" He chuckled, still swinging.

"Well… Yeah. Point taken-Ouch! Damnit!"

Angeal stopped, laughing. "Okay, take five and calm down. Getting yourself frustrated isn't going to do you any favors."

"Yeah, yeah." Harmony grumbled. She thanked Zack as she passed him when he handed her a bottle of water. The swishing whistle of metal slicing through air caught her attention, and she spotted Sassi sparring with Kadaj. A sick feeling lodged itself in her stomach when she realized that Sassi wasn't holding up very well. She could tell that Sassi was using heavy magic to aid her in dodging his attacks, and it was all she could do to finish the spells before he was on her again,

Hermony let ouot a sound of concern and started forward when Kadaj landed a kick that sent Sassi flying backward. Zack's hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Let them. I have a feeling that this is a long time coming. He won't really hurt her. You know we wouldn't let that happen."

Harmony growled in annoyance, but nodded, stepping backward to stand beside the SOLDIER once again.


Kadaj noticed Harmony watching them, looking concerned, and he smiled internally at his victory… until he noticed that she wasn't watching him. She was watching Sassi. Always Sassi.

Enraged, he let out a vicious snarl and charged his opponent.

If Harmony was so worried about her precious Sassi, he'd give her something to be worried about!

With a fierce battle cry, he leapt into the air, noting with smug satisfaction the look of horror covering both girls' faces as they realized that Sassi would not be able to dodge him.

His blow never landed.

One minute he was flying toward Sassi, the next there was a sharp 'clang!' and Sassi was nowhere to be seen.

He stared into the livid eyes of Harmony as she pushed her sword against his with all of her strength.

"I told you not to touch her!" She hissed in a voice not her own. "You leave her alone!" With that, she shocked him by throwing him back and rushing him, a deadly fire raging behind her nearly-glowing green eyes.

Kadaj was amazed and -if he was honest with himself- a little aroused at Harmony's show of force. Amused, too, until he realized that she didn't plan to stop. He rolled away just in time to avoid her lethal blades, and only vaguely noticed how the grass seemed singed, as though she had infused her attack with fire.

Over and over he bent and dodged, twirling away from Harmony with his awe inspiring acrobatics. That is- until he misjudged a jump and found his back pressed to the rough bark of a large tree, Harmony's sword pressing into his neck. Harmony paused when she felt the double blades of the Souba pressing threateningly against her abdomen.

"Someone should stop them. This is ridiculous." Sephiroth said from the sidelines, though inside, he was slightly impressed by the ferocity of the small woman's attack.

Everyone nodded, but no one made a move to step between the feuding lovers.

"Oh, don't everybody rush off at once." Sephiroth drawled, irritated. He stepped forward and cautiously made his way to the couple, Kadaj glancing at him and then quickly back, not wanting to take his eyes off of his opponent.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

Sephiroth reached out and gently laid his hand on Harmony's shoulder, intending to pull her away from Kadaj.

Harmony felt the hand on her shoulder and reacted, swinging around with a wind-infused fist and literally flinging the Great Dread General across the meadow.

The group stared in absolute shock, deathly silent. Even Sephiroth looked positively brain-dead with confusion as he sat up and gazed at the girl.

The spell was broken when Kadaj used Harmony's distraction to push himself away from the tree, and then vaulted high into the branches.

Harmony was angry at losing her prey, and she stretched her hand out with a low snarl. Turning her palm up, she started chanting, dark clouds forming above the tree and lightening flashing in furious arcs.

"Shit, she'll kill him!" Sassi cried. She ran to the enraged woman and threw her arms around her shoulders. "Hari, stop! You'll kill him!"

At her voice, the storm abruptly stopped, not even a trace of the deadly lightening remained.

"Sassi…?" Came Harmony's weak voice. She stumbled, and Sassi was quick to lower her to the ground. "What… what happened?"

"I… I don't know… I've never seen you like that before."

"I have." Vincent said, stepping forward. "It was when Kadaj grabbed you and demanded you tell him what you saw when you touched him."

Sassi's eyes widened. "You did!"

Aerith was still reeling from the intense power that had rocked the meadow. She brought her hand to her brow and struggled to form a sentence.

"I think I know why… but… its not possible…that's just a story…" She muttered, stumbling.

Zack caught her. "What Honey? What's not possible?"

She shook her head to clear it. "There's a Cetran legend. It speaks of what were called Guardians. The legend says they were our protectors, that shortly after Jenova attacked and poisoned the Cetra, the Lifestream sent one line of Guardians, and one line of Cetra to a different world to be protected. It is said that the Guardians were the Cetran's ultimate defenders. That when fighting to protect their chosen Ancient, they were nearly unstoppable. But those are just stories! There's been nothing in the past two-thousand years to even suggest that it might be true!"

"So you're sayin' Harmony's a Guardian?" Cid asked, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"I… I think she might be…" The Cetran answered.

"But… that would mean Sassi-" Loz started.

"Sassi is an Ancient." Yazoo finished.

Sassi chuckled nervously. "No, that can't be-"

"Think about it," Yuffie cut in, "You said that you are capable of performing spells that the rest of your coven are not?"

"Yes, but that's because they don't effect me-"

"Like they effect everyone else. I know. I our world, we use Materia to cast spells, but I am the only one who was able to do it continuously without becoming too weak to even walk." Aerith said, taking Sassi's gloved hands. "The Cetra are different from others. Others may use magic, but the Cetra are magic. Others live because of a part of the Lifestream inside of them, but the Cetra are a physical manifestation of the Lifestream. That's why we are so powerful. In your terms, normal people are the physical part of the Earth, and the Certa are the spirit."

"But what about me?" Harmony asked, weakly. "That doesn't explain what's happening to me, and why its just starting to manifest now."

"Well, there is one person I know of that has studied the Cetra and our legends enough that he might even know more than me." Aerith said reluctantly.

"And who is that?" Harmony asked.

Vincent cut in with a vicious snarl of the one name they all hoped not to hear.


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