Prophecy's Refrain

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Chapter 36

Harmony stayed still in Kadaj's embrace for a long while, her only movement being to wrap her arms around him and return his near-painful embrace. After a while though, it changed from near-painful, to near-excruciating.

"Kadaj, you're crushing me. I can't breathe." She managed. He relaxed his grip immediately, moving to lay down on the dusty bed spread, arranging Harmony so that she lay atop him.

"What are you thinking?" Harmony asked, lifting her hand and twirling a lock of his hair between her fingers.

"That I don't deserve this." Kadaj answered honestly.

"Don't deserve what? to be loved?" At his nod, Harmony gave a sad smile. He really was broken. "Kadaj, everybody deserves to be loved. You feel regret for the things you've done, right?" He nodded again. "Then you deserve this. And I'll decide who is worthy of my love, thank you very much!"

Kadaj smiled. "You're amazing."

Not the words she wanted to hear, but it was a start. He stole her attention again when he lifted her to meet his eyes. For a moment he only stared, searching for something, it seemed. Then he lifted his head and kissed her. Harmony nearly swooned at the difference in this kiss. Unlike their previous encounters, this kiss was soft, searching, aching.

She pulled away and squirmed around until she was comfortably straddling his form, listening with dark joy to the moan he emitted at her movement.

"Be careful." He warned. "Don't start something you don't intend to finish."

Feeling empowered by the state she had him in, Harmony grasped the Remnant's wrists, lifting them until she had his hands pinned to the mattress above his head. Knowing that he allowed this, that he could easily break her hold at any time, sent a warm thrill through her. She leaned down slowly, letting the anticipation build until her lips were no more than a breath away from his.

"I love you." She whispered, and then she sealed their lips together.

Kadaj's fists clenched at her second admission, and he fought the desire to roll over and pin her beneath him. She needed to have control tonight. He wanted her to make the first move, to go at her own pace. After hearing that she loved him, he refused to let her past experience rear its ugly head and ruin the moment.

Harmony didn't stay at his lips for long. Slowly, she gathered her courage and trailed her mouth from his lips and up his jaw line to his ear. She swirled her tongue just below his earlobe, and then gently down the side of his neck.

Kadaj sighed under her ministrations. There was definitely a reward for patience. He applied slight resistance against the hands holding his wrists captive and she released him, allowing him to thread his fingers through her hair, and then run his hands down the length of her back to cup her ass. He pulled her against him as he rolled his hips, letting her feel the beginnings of his desire and delighting in the soft moan that rushed across his neck.

Pulling away from him, she sat up, sliding her hands down and letting her fingers catch in the hem of his shirt. Slowly, she pulled the material off of his body, Kadaj sitting up slightly to make it easier for her.

"God, you're so hot..." she whispered, then flushed as she realized that her thoughts had actually been vocalized.

Kadaj smirked, and then mirrored her actions, grasping her shirt and lifting it over her head. He bit back a groan at the discovery that she wore no bra underneath.

"Fuck..." He hissed, cupping her breasts and giving a firm squeeze. Harmony gasped.

"Oh God!"

He pulled his hands away, smirking at Harmony's disappointed whine. "Kadaj."

"What?" Harmony said, confused.

"God isn't doing this to you. I am. Kadaj. Say it." He said, wrapping his fingers around her waist and pulling her against his groin once again.

"Kadaj!" Harmony mewled.

"That's right." He whispered with a sly smile.

With that, Harmony fell to him, attacking his chest with lips, tongue, and teeth. He hissed as her teeth caught on his flat nipple, squirming when she blew across it and then covered it with her hot mouth.

Slowly, she licked, sucked, and nipped down his torso, stopping at the point where skin met fabric. Boldly, hands shaking, she let go the button and pulled the zipper down one tooth at a time. She looked up to find Kadaj watching her, his gaze intense.

"Lift your hips." She whispered. He did as he was told and in one quick movement, she had removed his pants along with his boxers and now stared at his length. Glancing up at him again, she licked her suddenly dry lips, watching his eyes close and his mouth open with a moan.

Swallowing her reluctance, she leaned down and flicked her tongue across the head of his erection, smiling a bit when he flinched and his hands fisted in the bedspread. She blew across the tip and flicked again, and Kadaj let out a whine of frustration.

'Don't move!' He told himself. 'Don't move, don't move, don't move!'

Seeing his inner battle, Harmony took pity on him and in one move, engulfed him as far as she could.

"Harmony!" Kadaj shouted. His hands instantly left the sheets to fist in her hair, not pushing, but applying just enough pressure that she knew what he wanted.

Swallowing and earning herself another pleasure-filled moan, and began bobbing her head, swirling her tongue on the way down, and applying light suction as she pulled back.

"Oh gods..." Kadaj panted. He let out a desperate cry and then smirked when she pulled away.

"Who?" She asked sweetly, turning his own game back on him.

"Harmony..." He drawled, making sure to force as much of the lust he was feeling as possible into that one word. That lust magnified by what felt like a thousand when he saw the shiver run down her spine. He lunged for her, listening to her cry of surprise as he rolled her beneath him. He wasted no time pulling her shorts and panties from her body, tossing them over his shoulder.

He braced his hands on either side of her head and leaned in for a spine-tingling kiss, leaving Harmony feeling as though he had sucked the breath right out of her as he pulled away and trailed kisses down her throat. He lavished her breasts with attention, first kissing the underside and tweaking her nipples before taking one of the hard buds into his mouth.

He moaned against her and the sound sent vibrations racing through her, making her arch into him.


The Remnant smiled and switched to the neglected breast, giving it the same treatment before nuzzling into the valley between them and making his way lower. He smirked as Harmony's breath quickened and she began to shiver upon realizing his destination. Sitting back, he hooked his arms under her knees, spreading her legs apart to look at the pink, slick flesh between them. He slid his body lower, his gaze commanding Harmony to keep eye contact even as he leaned down and ran his tongue up her slit.

Her breath left her with a shuddering moan and she fought to keep his gaze when he closed his mouth over the little bundle of nerves above her entrance.

"Kadaj..." She panted his name over and over again while his tongue swirled around her clit. unwinding his arms from under ler legs, he ran one hand up her thigh, spreading her and slipping two fingers inside. His other hand pressed down on her abdomen, keeping her from bucking as she let out another loud cry. He started slow, his pace languid and maddening until his fingers hit a rough patch inside of her, eliciting a sharp cry from the young witch.

"There it is." He said with a smirk before taking her clit into his mouth and giving a hard pull.

"Kadaj!" She all but screamed. He quickened his pace. His fingers pistoned relentlessly as his other hand pressed harder on her abdomen, forcing hardher stimulation against that magical spot inside her. He felt her thighs shaking, closing in tighter around his head, and he forced his hand to move harder inside her. The hot silk walls surrounding his fingers tightened, acting as a vice as she climbed closer and closer to climax.

He knew the moment it washed over her. Her eyes left his, head tossed back and mouth opening in a deafening cry.

"Kadaj! Oh! I love you!" Harmony screamed as her orgasm crashed into her. Her hands dove into his hair and held him against her as she rode out the waves of pleasure consuming her.

Kadaj moaned as he heard her declare her love for him again, his fingers not stopping their perciless pounding of the spot inside her.

"Stop!" She whimpered. "Stop, please! I can't... I can't take it!"

He ignored her, still thrusting until she was thrown into another violent orgasm. This time he backed off, sitting up and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and staring into her nearly glowing eyes.

"That was... wow..." She panted as he lay down beside her.

He smiled. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." He leaned over her and sealed his lips to hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth and forcing her own taste onto her tongue.

Harmony moaned and pushed him away. I believe I was in the middle of something... but I can't remember what it was." She teased.

Kadaj raised an elegant eyebrow. "Oh? Perhaps I should remind you." He took her hand and pressed it to his chest, pushing it down until she was grasping his erection with is own hand wrapped tightly around hers.

"That's right, how silly of me to forget." She chuckled. Rolling over, and turned her body until she straddled his chest, giving him a perfect view of her still-swollen and glistening folds as she leaned down to engulf him yet again.

"Oh Shiva that's hot!" He whimpered.

This time he didn't stop her as she worked over him. Her tongue swirled in deliciously wicked patterns across his hardened flesh, cheeks hollowing to apply constant suction.

He lost control of his reaction for a moment and buck against her, hard. He froze, grasping the blanket again and dearly hoping that he hadn't scared her. He sighed in relief and moaned again when she swallowed around him.

Harmony felt him thrust up into her mouth and closed her eyes at the flash of memory that assaulted her.

'No!' She thought. 'Not this time!' Yet the memory continued to take over, given more strength when Kadaj released his grip on the blanket and wrapped his arms around her hips in a tight grip. She opened her eyes, pulling away to pant for breath before giving a determined growl (a sound that hopelessly aroused the Remnant) and swallowing Kadaj's length again.

'I am not there anymore! Its just a memory! This is Kadaj. Its Kadaj, and I love him!' She screamed internally, letting out a sound of joy when the memory immediately vanished, leaving behind only a writhing Remnant in her grasp. The sound sent vibrations through Kadaj's erection that had him crying out her name, and she shuddered when she felt his tongue once again tracing her folds.

Reaching slightly above her, she cupped his sac in her hands, rolling and squeezing softly, before pulling off of his erection to suckle the silky soft skin in her hand.

Her reward was the feeling of his hot breath fanning across her sensitive skin followed by his slick tongue pushing inside her.

Soon, the sounds of two voices letting out muffled moans filled the room, the only other sounds being the wet sucking noises that escaped Harmony's lips.

"Harmony..." Kadaj grunted in warning, "I'm close..."

"Me too." She broke away for a split second to answer before taking him into her mouth and down her throat as far as she dared, and screaming around him when not two, but three fingers slammed into her heat as that wicked tongue lapped at her clit. One bruising thrust against her womb had her screaming with the force of her climax, the vibrations rocking the Remnant and sending him to his own. He let out a cry of concern, wanting desperately for Harmony to pull off of him, thinking that she would be disgusted with him coming in her mouth.

She surprised him by letting out one final moan, her lips continuing to pull until the last bit of his climax was drawn from his body.

She collapsed on top of him, not even having the strength to right herself.

"Fucking amazing..." Kadaj panted, avoiding looking at her heat still spread before him. He just didn't have the strength for another round.

He gave Harmony a few minutes to calm her racing heart before reaching down and pulling her around to lay next to him. He let out an irritated growl, though, and stood, lifting her conmpletely off of the bed and pulling the covers down before laying back down and settling them both beneath the warm quilts.

"I love you." She muttered again, loving how liberating it was to actually be able to say it to him.

Kadaj pulled her against him and gave a tight squeeze in reply.

They lay in silence for a long time, long enough that Kadaj's breathing had evened and Harmony thought him to be asleep. Thus, she started a bit against him when he spoke.

"How did you meet Sassi?"

Harmony leaned up on one arm and looked at him, searching for the reason for his question. SHe found no jealousy, just reluctant acceptance. Giving him a warm smile, she snuggled back down into his warmth.

"It was the night I reported my rape." She said.

Kadaj tensed. "You don't have to-"

"No," she said, "its okay. So. It was the night I reported my rape. She was at the police station reporting the death of her father. Before I even went inside, I could feel it. I just... I knew that there was someone in there that was special. Someone important. I know it sounds cliche, but the moment I looked at her, the moment we made contact, I knew that she was more important than my own life. Níos mó ná mo shaol féin."

Kadaj traced the spot on her back where he knew those exact words were inked into her skin. "What does that mean?"

"Its Irish. It means 'more than my own life'. Sassi has one just like it, though the design under it is different. Mine is the Aiglin Tree, or Father Tree. Her's is her family crest. Its the same as the ring she wears."

Kadaj nodded. He could feel the warmth rushing through him as that soft blue light began to cover him. Sassi was important to Harmony, and Harmony was important to him. So, no more jealousy. Harmony was a Guardian. Sassi's Guardian. That made their bond something that he could never even come close to understanding, and that wasn't Harmony's fault. It wasn't Sassi's fault. Its just the way it was.

When the blue light receded, he saw Harmony's face smiling down at him.

"I love you." She said once again. She almost felt as though she had said it too much, but once she had let it slip, it was like she just couldn't stop.

He smiled back at her and rolled to his side, tucking her head under his chin and wrapping her into his protective embrace. It wasn't long before he felt her heartbeat slow and her breathing even out as she fell asleep. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead before hugging her body to his.

"I love you, too." He mouthed, not sure if he could actually say the words, yet. The last person he had said those words to had been his sister... and she had died not twenty minutes later.

If the same thing happened to Harmony...

'Jenova can have me. If I ever lost her... there would be nothing left worth saving.'

As he drifted off, it was to one final thought flittering across his mind. A memory actually, in the voice of Vincent Valentine.

'What makes this supposed devotion to her, any different from your devotion to Jenova?'

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