Prophecy's Refrain

BY : butabara
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“Okay.” Harmony said, sitting down in her living room and flipping the TV on. “I spoke to the High Priest of my coven.” That got everyone’s attention. “He said that he wants to look through all of the documentation available to him before we meet. He agrees with the spell that I cast on Jenova, but he wants me to keep you all away from the rest of the coven. He would prefer that I do the same to you, but I asked that I be allowed to just let you stay here, and he said that is all right as long as you don’t start trouble.”

“Okay. No trouble.” Loz said. “Do you have any food?”

“Hmph. How rude.” Genesis said, but it was clear that he was interested in the answer as well.

“Oh my God!” Harmony said, appalled, “I haven’t fed you all once since you got here!” She ran to her kitchen and started rifling through cupboards. “I am so sorry! I didn’t even think about it…now that I realize…I’m kind of hungry too…” She dug through her kitchen frantically.

“Okay…I have NO FOOD. Um…” she thought for a moment. “How about this: If you all SWEAR to behave yourselves,” she focused on Kadaj and Zack, “I’ll take you to a diner, then we can go shopping for stuff for the house after we eat.”

“That would be acceptable.” Vincent said. The others nodded.

“Yeah, now that you blend in, it will be easier to hide who you are.”

She made her way through the group to her bedroom, grabbed her purse, and returned to the living room. “Okay, there’s a diner down the street. I know the woman that owns it, so there’s bound to be some questions. What’s the story?”

“You could tell her I’m your brother and these are my friends from college?” Zack suggested.

“Good try but she knows that I don’t have a brother.”

“What about old friends from your time in state custody?” Rude asked. “A few of us look around your age, and the others could be friends of friends.”

Harmony smiled. “That actually sounds great. Good one.” She double checked each of her guests. “Okay, I won’t say you can’t bring your weapons, because we may run into trouble. Its only a matter of time before the cops find us. I will ask that you keep it strictly concealed. If its too big to hide, leave it in the attic here.”

There were a few grumbled protests, but they did as they were asked, and then followed Harmony out the door and let her lead them to the diner.

As Harmony had predicted, it was difficult to keep the women away from her guests. Especially Cloud, Vincent, and the triplets.

“HE’S GAY!” She shouted at a group of women that were pestering Kadaj from the booth behind them.

Kadaj smirked and looked at Harmony knowingly as the women behind him let out sounds of disappointment.

“Can we get to-go boxes please?!” she said to the waitress as she passed.

“Is there a problem, Harmony?” Reno asked in a smart tone.

“Shut yer face, we’re drawing too much attention.” She snapped.

“You didn’t feel that way until they started hitting on Kadaj.” Cid piped in.

She gasped and stuttered for a moment before scowling at the pilot. “You’re crazy. That was just my breaking point, that’s all.”

Almost every man at the table rolled their eyes.

Harmony scowled as she piled what was left of their food into the containers and stuffed them into bags. “Come on, we still have to go to the grocery store. Then I think we should probably pack up and go to my coven’s cabin. No one will be there, and Austin gave me permission to use it if I needed. We should be safe from the police and government there.”

“Well what does it taste like?” Loz asked as Harmony shoved a package of lamb into his hands and told him to put it into the cart.

“Hell, I don’t know…it tastes like lamb!”

“Oh! Oh!” Reno interrupted, “I had lamb at the diner, it tastes like Tonberry.”

“How the hell do you know what Tonberry tastes like?” Barrett exclaimed.

“Hey, when you’re on missions for days at a time in the middle of nowhere, you eat what you can kill.”

“Just like Tonberry, or kind of like Tonberry?” Loz and Yazoo asked at the same time.

“A little more gamey. Kind of has a natural kick.”

The clones nodded their heads.

“You too?” Barrett asked, disgusted.

“We lived at the Northern Cave you know.” Kadaj said.

“Enough! GAH! Just…enough!” Harmony said. She grabbed the cart and made a beeline for the check stand.

The men followed behind quietly, well aware that Harmony was struggling to control her irritation.

“So how do we get all of this stuff back, and how are we getting to this cabin?” Reno asked as they stepped outside the grocery store.

“I DO have a car you know.” Harmony said. “It’ll be crowded, and probably more than a little uncomfortable, but we’ll make it. It’s out-of-state, so we should be safe enough.” She stepped to the corner and let out a shrill whistle, waving her hand in the air as a yellow taxi van pulled to the curb. “Corner of Van Ness and Geary.” She said after sliding in the front seat while the others piled into the van.

“So you guys hear about that crazy alien monster floating up there?” The cab driver said, trying to make conversation. Harmony glanced at Kadaj and saw his eyes narrow dangerously. “What am I saying, you HAVE to know about it. And the psychopaths that were caught on the beach escaped from jail-”

“Your job is to drive. Not talk.” Harmony cut the man off. She felt guilty about being rude to him, but it was for his own good.

Two hours later, they were packing the coolers, clothes, and spare bedding into the back of Harmony’s Ford Econo Club E-350.

“This looks kinda like a Shadowfox.” Barrett said as he lifted one of the heavy coolers full of food into the storage compartment in the back of the van.

“What’s a Shadowfox?” Harmony asked, passing him some more blankets to pack.

“Jes’ a big truck. Only difference is there are actually seats in the back instead of storage space. And yours doesn’t hover.” Harmony’s eyes widened.

“Hover? Aw! I wanna go with you guys!” She whined.

“How many seats are there?” Vincent asked from behind her.

She turned to look at him while still holding travel bags for Barrett or Cid to take. “Fifteen. Like I said, it’ll be crowded, but it’ll have to do.”

“You live alone… why do you need a vehicle so big?” Tseng asked her.

“I am the one in charge of providing transportation for the rest of the coven when we go to the cabin, or out for over-night ceremonies.” She answered.

With all of the men doing what they could to help pack, it didn’t take long before the group was ready to leave. Hojo was forced to sit in the middle of the front seat, between Harmony and Kadaj.

“Okay boys, lets hit the road. It’ll take about twelve hours to get there, depending on how many times we stop. If I get pulled over, scatter. Got it?” Harmony said.

“Got it.” Came the chorus of agreement.


Kadaj stared at the dark forest flashing be around them. They had been driving for eleven hours straight, only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks, before turning off of the pavement and making their way through a dense forest road. He sat next to Harmony after Hojo had been forced to the very back of the van, squished between the massive Barrett, and the rather impressive built of Angeal. All were asleep, it sounded like. Although he knew that a few were not really sleeping. Loz sat in the row right behind them, leaning against the window. His eyes were closed, but Kadaj knew that he wasn’t asleep. Yazoo was in the front seat resting his elbow against the door and his head in his hand. His eyes were also closed, but he too, was indeed awake.

Kadaj couldn’t be sure, but he was willing to bet the Souba that Vincent and Genesis (seated next to Loz) were awake, too. His attention was stolen when Harmony let out a yawn.

“You’re tired. Let someone else drive for a while.” Kadaj whispered.

“I’m fine. We’ll be there in less than an hour anyway.” Harmony said, stifling another yawn.

“And in that hour, you could fall asleep and kill us all.” Kadaj argued.

“You don’t know how to get there.” She said.

“So take a minute and give me directions. You don’t HAVE to sleep, just let me drive so that if you DO, we won’t wreck your car.”

“Do you even know how to drive?” She asked.

“Well…I ride a motorcycle.”

“Can. You. Drive.”

Kadaj huffed. “It can’t be THAT hard!”

“Well you’re not finding out right now!”

“I can drive.” Yazoo cut in quietly, confirming that he was awake. “Just try to stay awake and give me directions.”

Harmony thought about it for a moment, before another yawn forced her to give in. “Okay. But if anything happens to my car, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life without fingers.”

“Chilling.” Genesis said from behind them, proving Kadaj’s suspicion that there were a few of them still awake.

Harmony smirked tiredly and drove slowly until she found a spot to pull over. Yazoo got out of the car and walked to the other side. As Harmony was opening her door to get out and walk around the van, Kadaj stopped her.

“Just slide into the middle.” He said.

Yazoo refusing to budge by the door seemed to second his brother’s suggestion.

“Great, sandwiched between the psychos. This is awesome.” Harmony said, rolling her eyes.

“You didn’t seem to have an issue with their mental stability last night in your bathroom.” Vincent pointed out.

Harmony gasped. “No one asked you, Darkness!” she choked out.

She glared over her shoulder at him. Vincent just lifted his shoulders in a shrug. Genesis was grinning at her, and even Loz pulled away from the window long enough to grace her with a lewd wink.

“Oh that is NOT to be discussed!” she said.

“The more flustered you get, the more you prove him right, and the more they’ll want to talk about it.” Yazoo said, slowly pulling back onto the road.

Harmony glared at the men behind her once more, and then turned back around. “Keep going along this road until you get to the top of the hill. You can go left, or straight and down the other side. Go straight, and if I fall asleep, wake me up when we get to an old abandoned farmhouse. I’ll tell you where to go from there.” She said, effectively ignoring the men behind her.

After a few minutes in silence, Kadaj leaned forward and turned the van’s CD player on, turning the volume down low enough not to wake those sleeping, but loud enough that his whisper could not be heard by those in the back seats.

“Did it bother you, then?” Kadaj leaned in and whispered to Harmony.

“What?” she said, feigning innocence.

Kadaj decided to be blunt and leave no room for misinterpretation. “When I kissed you. Did it bother you?”

Harmony flushed and turned her head away, which she soon wished she hadn’t as she found herself staring into the shocked eyes of Yazoo.

“Watch the road!” she grumbled. Yazoo snapped his jaw closed and quickly turned his gaze back to the road ahead of them.

“Well?” Kadaj asked again.

“No.” Harmony said, not looking at him.

“No?” He said, smirking evilly. “No what?”

“No it didn’t bother me!” Harmony hissed.

“What didn’t bother-OW!” Kadaj said when Yazoo reached across Harmony and smacked his younger brother on the back of the head.

“Stop it.” Yazoo said quietly.

“You wouldn’t have dared to do that a few days ago!” Kadaj mumbled, obviously upset by the lack of control he seemed to have over his brother.

“I dare now.” Yazoo said. “We’re coming up on the barn. Where do I go?”

“Through it.” Harmony said, smiling.

Both men looked at her like she was crazy.

“It’s a glamour. It hides the real path. Drive through it.” she clarified. Yazoo did as he was told, gritting his teeth and narrowing his eyes just as the van would have hit the barn.

They passed right through it. When Yazoo and Kadaj looked behind them, all they saw was the road, and the shocked faces of the other conscious passengers.

“We’re almost there.” Harmony said. “The cabin is exactly two miles from the barn.”

Ten minutes later, Yazoo slowly stopped the vehicle outside a very large, very old, very CREEPY log cabin.

“Its huge!” Loz said.

“Coven meetings are held here, along with meetings between multiple covens. We have to have room for them to sleep. There are eight rooms. We’ll have to share.” Harmony said. “We’ll figure that out when we get the stuff inside. Hey Cid?”

The pilot looked at her as he got out of the van.

“There’s a circuit box out back, think you can find it and get us some power?” Harmony asked. The pilot nodded and headed behind the large cabin.

They quickly toted coolers and bags into the cabin, all pausing to appreciate its size. There was a round dome in the center of the room, dropping down from the ceiling. It covered a fire pit, and gave the smoke a direct outlet through the roof of the cabin. There was a large couch and four smaller couches around it. Off to the right, there was a large empty space, only a rug on the floor. Just inside the door to the right was what looked like a small kitchen, and a coat closet on the left.

“You are each in charge of your own beds. Grab bed sheets and a blanket and get it done.” Harmony said.

“Where?” Reno asked.

Harmony sighed and mouthed something to herself as she counted out people in her head. “Okay, Angeal and Zack, you take this room.” She ushered them into one of the rooms. “Genesis and Sephiroth.” and so it went as she assigned the bedrooms.

“Reno and Rude. Tseng and Rufus. Cid and Barrett. Loz and Kadaj, I want you to room with Hojo: Keep him in check. Vincent and Cloud.” She paused a moment, going through the list again. “And I guess that means you room with me, Yazoo.”

The men went to their rooms, no one but Yazoo and Loz noticing the icy glare their youngest brother directed at the middle sibling and the woman he followed.

After readying her bed and helping Yazoo with his, Harmony made her way to the kitchen and began putting their food away. She finished quickly, leaving out only what she needed to prepare a quick meal before sitting down to look through her book.

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