Prophecy's Refrain

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Chapter 34

"What happened before we met up? When we got on the plane in New York, you looked like you were about to kill someone." Sassi said as she handed Harmony's bag to her. The large group had just landed in Belfast and were irritating the other travelers as they all waited in line at the same time for their bags.

"Trust me, Sass. You do not want to know most of it. It was an irritating flight." Harmony answered, sounding annoyed and exhausted.

At that point, Sassi decided it was probably a good idea not to mention that she and the other girls flew first class...

(The Night Before, Virgin America Airlines, Flight 1976, LAS to JFK)

"Gin!" Harmony said excitedy. "Ha! In yo face! In! Yo-face!"

Yazoo rolled his eyes at her exuberance. "I was going easy on you."

This time it was Harmony that rolled her eyes. "Oh whatever, you just don't like the fact that there are some things I can do better than you!"

"Well, you are better at confusing Kadaj... feminine emotions and all..." Yazoo snarked.

"Hey! Its not my fault your brother is sentimentally retarded!" Harmony defended.

"I resent that!" Kadaj piped from the seat behind her.

"Can it, crazy!"

"Make me."

Yazoo watched the exchange, barely able to hide his smile. Though he knew that there were still problems that Harmony and Kadaj needed to work out, it was good to see them back to 'normal'.

"Miss, please, the other passengers are complaining about the noise," one of the flight attendants said, peaking around Harmony's seat. "This is the fourth complaint. Please keep it down?"

"I'm so sorry, Ma'am. It won't happen again." Harmony said, shooting Yazoo a glare and tossing another over her shoulder at Kadaj.

"See that is doesn't."

Harmony sighed as the woman walked away. She had known that traveling in a public setting was going to be rough, but had expected the problem to be Reno, not her own inability to put up with Yazoo's teasing.

She glanced at her watch and sighed again. 'Four hours to go. God give me strength. No! Don't! Don't give me strength, I'll kill someone!'

*End Flashback*

"What's the point in taking a private jet if you still have to fight your way through the airport?" Rufus grouched.

"Well sor-ry, Mr. I'm-the-president-of-the-baddest-company-ever-and-you-better-get-the-hell-out-of-my-way!" Harmony snapped. "News flash! Everyone is tired, everyone is irritated. Get. Over. It. And. Shut. Up."

Rufus's face turned a dark shade of red as he struggled with his anger at the small woman's insolence.

"Boss, she's right. Maybe you should just-" Reno started.

"Are you insinuating that I should tolerate this diabolical insubordination, from an individual whose mental capacity barely exceeds that of a Lima Bean?" He snapped.

"What?" Harmony screeched, causing several security officer's heads to turn their way.

"Uh... Hari..." Cid cut in, "Maybe we shouldn't get their attention... I don't wanna..."

Harmony's anger almost immediately lifted as she recalled the reason for Cid's wariness of Airport Security.

(Earlier That Morning, JFK Baggage Claim)

"Okay, everyone got their bags?" Cloud asked, giving Harmony a much needed moment to attempt a strangle-hold on her irritation.

"Yep. Now all we gotta do is go get Cid. They said we could pick 'im up here, right?" Barrett asked.

"Yeah. I think its this way." Cloud said, following the signs leading them to the Security desk. "Hi, I'm looking for my-" He started before a loud crash came from one of the nearby rooms.

"Hey! What are you... Don't touch me there! Get your...AH!" Came Cid's voice through the door. After what sounded like a small scuffle, the room went quiet, Cid emerging red-faced and limping a few moments later.

"Are you okay, Cid?" Harmony asked, feeling concerned for his health is a positive way for the first time that day.

"No I am not okay!" He pulled her aside and pointed an accusing finger at the imposing form of a security officer. "One of them stuck his finger in my ass!"

Harmony blinked owlishly, tilting her head. "...Did you like it?"

"Well, actually... wait! No! No I did not like it!"

Reno gave Cid a sly look and moved in closer to the pilot. "Fascinating!" He said.

"Don't go getting any idea's, Turkey!" Cid barked, backing away slowly.

Reno chuckled and said in what he must have thought was a seductive tone, "Gobble, gobble..."

"N-no... g'it away! I'll fuck you up, Turk, 'swear to God!" Cid said, pulling Harmony in front of him.

"Its okay." Reno said with a smile. "You're embarrassed, I understand."

"If you don't shut up, Reno, I'll fry you right here and now, even in front of all these people!" Harmony hissed. "Get the hell over there. We have to meet Sassi at the Bar here."

End Flashback

The group loaded into two seperate shuttle vans, Sassi giving each directions before hopping up front in the leading van.

'That was an interesting flight.' She though to herself. Letting one of Harmony's accidentally stolen memories flash before her eyes, she let out a sigh that could have been a chuckle.

(The Night Before, Virgin America Airlines, Flight 1976, LAS to JFK)

"Yazoo, trade me." Kadaj demanded as he stood next to Yazoo's seat.

"Why should I?" The middle Remnant shot back.

"Loz is bugging me! He saw a woman go into the bathroom, and then a man went in before the woman came out. I explained what was probably going on, and now he won't shut up!"

Yazoo hissed and stood, allowing Kadaj to take his place. "What are you, an idiot? You know how curious he gets! Now he's going to want to try it!"

Harmony was cackling maniacally at the two.

"What's so funny?" Kadaj snapped.

"Oooh, Kadaj! Sassi's gonna kill yooooou! Just who do you think he's gonna want to try it with?" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh shit." Kadaj pouted.


"Sassi? Are you okay?" Aerith asked as the redhead shuddered.

"Yeah... I feel a disturbance in the force... something has happened that I'm not sure if I'll like..."


"What is he doing?" Harmony hissed as she spotted Loz sitting in a vacant seat next to a couple that had just come out of the bathroom.

The Remnant had a pen and was furiously scribbling on the back of the emergency pamphlet.

"Uh-huh... and how do you work that position in such a small space? Oh I see! Genius! Okay... now... What, in your opinion, it the best position for foreplay? Oh, no foreplay? Well, I get it, but isn't the risk of getting caught part of the excitement? Oh I see. Now let's back up a bit. What is this con-dom you speak of and is it really safe to flush it? Is it some kind of ritual before sex?"

"Oh. My. God." Harmony and Kadaj said in unison as they caught bits and pieces of the conversation.

Kadaj stood and made a bee-line for his brother. "Loz, get over here!"

Loz looked over his shoulder and smiled impishly. "Coming!" He turned back to the giggling couple he'd been interviewing. "Thank you for your time, folks. I'll be sure to remember this con-dom." he said loudly.

Harmony gasped in mortification and Kadaj grabbed Loz's arm, yanking him away with enough force to nearly dislocate his shoulder. When they got back to their seats, Kadaj forced Loz into the seat between him and Harmony.

"Look at this! Do you think its enough to convince Sassi to-" Loz started, waving the pamphlet in Harmony's face before the woman snatched it and tore it to into pieces.

"Hey! I need that!" He said.

"Not unless you want to die!" Harmony snapped back.

"She wouldn't kill me!"

"You're right. She's not merciful enough for that. She'd just make sure you're not equipped to ever try any of those things!"

Loz winced and unabashedly cupped his loins. "You really think she would?"

"I don't know," Harmony sassed, thinking her sarcasm would discourage the Remnant. "why don't you ask her and find out?"

A mischevious gleam appeared in Loz's eyes and Kadaj gasped, flinging himself over his brother to grasp Harmony's arms and force her to look at him.

In the most dramatic voice she'd ever heard the youngest Remnant use, he wailed his question right into her face.

"What have you done?"

End Flashback

Well, Loz had certainly boarded the flight to Belfast with some... interesting new ideas... and though Harmony was sure that Sassi would be opposed, the redhead was actually curious and a bit excited to help Loz investigate this new area of intimacy.

Sassi shook her head, unwilling to let those thoughts through until she was behind locked doors, where no one could question her blush. Instead she focused on another memory, of the flight with just the girls to New York.

(Virgin America Flight 2679, SEA to JFK)

"This is nice." Tifa said, leaning back in her chair. "Free drinks and everything! And for once, I don't have to make it myself!"

"Yeah it is nice," Cissnei agreed. "I wonder how the guys are doing?" Though in truth, she was really only thinking about one of them. The middle Remnant had caught her attention from the first night she met him. He'd done a spectacular job taking her mind off of Zack, at first... but in the few days they had been around eachother she just knew there was more to him than what her fellow Turks had told her.

"Ha, fat chance they're having as great a time as we are!" Sassi said, interrupting Cissnei's thoughts.

"What makes you say that?" Aerith asked from the row in front of her.

"Do you really think I dished out the money for everyone to fly First Class?"

Her fellow travelers' eyes widened, and then the shocked silence was broken by Yuffie giggling madly.

"P-p-p-p-poor Harmony!"

Sassi snorted. "Poor indeed. This is payback. Remind me to tell you about prop planes, and pilot friends that cut the engine a million miles in the air... at Harmony's request."

"Never figured you for a vindictive one." Elena said with a sigh as she sank back into her seat.

"Heh, just don't do anything that would require vindication."

End Flashback

Sassi winced. Yeah, after the way Harmony looked when they met up in New York, she definately shouldn't say anything about her luxurious first-class trip.

After nearly an hour of silence, everyone in the two seperate groups praying that the trip would just be over already, Sassi let out a gasp as the shuttle driver cursed and slammed on his brakes.

The large, antique metal gate surrounding the Flint Family Estate was blocked by several Gardai.

"How... how did they know? They couldn't have... not that fast!" Sassi whimpered. Just as she thought they were doomed, she spotted an all-too-familiar face in the crowd.

Then she smiled.


"Who is that?" Angeal asked Harmony from the second shuttle. The look on the woman's face had him concerned, as well as the rest of them, he was sure.

"Its the Garda. Irish Police Force." She said simply, not taking her eyes off of Sassi's silouette in the van ahead of them.

"Sassafrass Flint and Lilith Maddox, step out of the vehicles, please." Came the call of one officer.

"Who is Lilith Maddox?" Kadaj asked, looking at his lover.

Harmony closed her eyes and sighed deeply. "Me. I changed my name when I was eighteen so that I wouldn't be tied to my family anymore."

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked, sounding almost hurt. Harmony couldn't believe it. Kadaj was choosing now of all times to get butt-hurt about something so trivial?

"Kadaj, can we talk about this later?" She said through gritted teeth as she watched Sassi slowly open the door and get out of the van ahead of her. Instantly the overwhelming urge to put herself between Sassi and the Gardai presented itself, and she was out of the van and next to her friend in under three seconds.

"Is there a problem?" Sassi said bravely.

"We have been given information from the United States Government that you are wanted criminals." The large man stated in what he obviously thought was an intimidating voice.

'Ha,' Harmony thought, 'After hearing Kadaj's voice when Jenova possessed him, no one else's attempt will ever scare me!'

"Don't try your scare tactics on me, Mr. I know that you can't possibly have the documentation you need to arrest us. If you did, you'd have done it already." Sassi snapped.

The man frowned. "We don't want trouble on our shores, nor do we want trouble with the U.S."

And then, the face that Sassi recognized stepped up behind the man.

"Garda Doyle, the lady is right. We can't do anything about them now." He whispered.

The man, identified as Doyle, frowned even harder.

"I don't want them here. Isn't there something I can arrest them for?"

"You could arrest them, but you know as well as I do from the reports that the San Francisco Detectives and their informant sent us, that they are different and could get out easily. No, when we arrest them, it has to be after we get the papers to send them back, otherwise they'll escape and we'll lose them again." The man reasoned.

Doyle growled and turned to whisper to the man. "I want a watch set on them. No one inside the gates, but I want this entire parameter watched twenty-four-seven. Got it?"

The man nodded. "Understood, Sir. I'll have a word with Miss Flint and Miss Maddox and meet you back at the station."

With that, the strange man made his way to the two women, his partner standing beside their patrol car as the other Gardai got in their vehicles and lets, Doyle sending a glare at the women that could have melted the Polar Ice Caps.

"Cormac!" Sassi said, restraining herself from tackling the man before in a hug. His partner might think that a bit odd.

"I'm happy ta' see ye home, Little Bird, but ye should have been more careful. That contact of yours in Seattle wasn't as trustworthy as ye thought."

Sassi gasped. "Kelly gace us up?"

"Yes ma'am. Sang like a bleedin' canary he did."

'So that's how...' Harmony thought to herself.

"Aye, and they'll be settin' up a watch around here. Might want te use some glamours. Well, get ye'selves inside afore ye freeze. Miss Lilith, it sure is good ta meet ye, Lady Guardian."

Harmony blanched and hurried to correct the man, only realizing after, what he had actually said.

"Its Harmony, I haven't gone by Lilith in-...what did you call me? How did you know?"

Cormac Brennan gave the young witch a sly smile. "I'm sure yer Ma' never told ye' abou' yer Grandmam."

"My grandmother?" Harmony gasped. "She said my great-great-great grandmother was, but-" She stopped when Cormac shook his head.

"Yer Ma's a useless Heiffer. No offense. Yer Grandmam was a great woman. Best I ever knew. She and Little Bird's Grandda' were nearly inseperable, they were. Even worse after they got married."

"She was a Guardian. And my family's not Romanian like they told me." Harmony said, not really needing confirmation, and agreeing whole-heartedly with the insult against her mother.

"Aye," He turned to Sassi. "And Yer Grandda' was an Ancient."

Then, once again, what the man said hit both women.

"Wait a minute... My grandmother was married to Sassi's Grandfather?"

Corman gave a wide smile and nodded.

"And Sassi's mother?"

Sassi mind was whirling. 'My... My mother was... a Cetra...'

"A result of that union. Yer' own mother was from a previous marriage, 'fore Miss Clarise knew what she was and where she needed ta be." Cormac interrupted her thoughts.

Sassi and Harmony turned shocked gazes to one another. "Then that means..." Sassi started.

"We're cousins..." Harmony finished.

The last thing either woman saw were a dozen sets of feet rushing toward them as they collapsed onto the muddy road.


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