Little Miracle

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Little Miracle
Sakurablossomhime, FaeaKai

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The darkness of night covered the land like a cloak, further darkened by heavy clouds and pounding rain. The only illumination was the occasional blinding flash of lightning. Inside the lab, a lone scientist stayed after hours, sitting a desk lit by just one lamp, the rest of the lab being dark.

Professor Hojo grinned maniacally. He had come up with his best idea yet, and he couldn't wait to put it to the test. He could make the perfect human! Even Sephiroth couldn't compare to this newest experiment. General Sephiroth was just about perfect; handsome, intelligent, powerful. But he had no allegiance to the scientist, only hate. Hojo needed something more docile around him, more submissive, something that would follow his orders. Sephiroth still had an independent mind and volatile emotions. And he had an affinity for people, always considering their safety and well-being. Hojo couldn't stand that.

This new experiment would combine the DNA of Sephiroth with that of another very powerful man. The combined DNA would be placed into an empty egg that had belonged to Lucrecia that he kept preserved in a freezer. The egg would then be surgically inserted into a surrogate who would carry the baby. Hojo smirked as he thought about the other powerful DNA donor's reaction when he learned he was pregnant. Priceless.

He had already prepared the DNA. By morning, the egg would be ready to implant.

The next morning, Vincent Valentine was unceremoniously awakened in his cell and prepared for surgery. He didn't really put up a fight because honestly, after decades of imprisonment, this had become simply routine, he no longer cared. He was put out for the process then woke up back in his cell. His miserable existence carried on.

In the days that followed though, he began noticing odd changes in his life. He was moved to a larger cell with a softer bed and more pillows and blankets. The lab workers stopped feeding him gruel and started feeding him more pleasant things with flavor. They started asking him if he wanted or needed anything. He briefly wondered if Hojo had died. He was sorely disappointed when Hojo came in and asked how he was feeling. Which was strange in and of itself.

“How are you feeling Vincent?”

“Why do you care?”

“Can't I just be concerned about your well-being?”

“You're up to something, what is it?”

“Oh, nothing really. No reason for concern. Are you comfortable? Are you being fed well?”

“Are you plumping me up to be cooked or something? I always thought you'd take me out with severe mako poisoning or rip out my internal organs while trying to get me to scream for mercy. What are you up to? Why do you have any interest in how I'm doing?”

Hojo gave Vincent a creepy smile.

“Tell me Vincent, do you have any children?”


“Do you know anything about pregnancy?”

“Not really. Where is this going?”

“Well, I suggest you start learning. I'll bring you some reading material.”

“What are you talking about?”

Suspicion tinged Vincent's voice.

“Vincent, why would I pamper you so if I wasn't getting anything out of it?”

Vincent sat confused for a moment, then his eyes widened with realization.

“You fucking bastard! You didn't! You're lying!” Though inside Vincent knew Hojo was telling the truth.

“You're pregnant Vincent. Congratulations!”

Vincent sat dumbfounded.

“Dear God, it's not yours is it?”

Hojo laughed. “No! Of course not! I'm trying to make the perfect being, and unfortunately my DNA just won't do. No, it's yours, and another... donor.”

“How is this even possible?” Vincent moaned, more to himself than Hojo.

Even so, Hojo answered. “It's easy. Though you wouldn't understand, I'll still give you a quick explanation for it. I cleared the genetic material from one of Lucrecia's frozen eggs, then mixed your DNA with the other donor's, after which I placed the new mixture of DNA into the empty egg and surgically placed the egg inside of you. You will be the surrogate mother and carry the child until birth. If you need proof, there's an incision on your stomach.”

Vincent checked his stomach and found a small incision about an inch below his belly button. By this point, all desire to rid himself of the unwanted parasite had drained from him. He had a piece of Lucrecia inside of him. Even if her genetic material was gone, it was still her egg and he wanted to protect it and nurture it.

“So it's Lucrecia's?”

“No, I simply used one of her eggs I was keeping frozen.”

“But I've still got some of her inside me?”

“If that helps you, then yes, some of her is inside you.”

Vincent smiled. “Alright. I'll do this.”

“Not like you ever had a choice. Is there anything I can get you?”

“No. Not right now.”

When Hojo left, Vincent lay back in bed. All he could think about was Lucrecia. He didn't really mind being pregnant, as long as it was for the sake of her. Briefly, he wondered who the other father could be, but then his thoughts went back to her. He remembered how beautiful she was, and wondered if his child would be that lovely, that graceful, that sweet.

Then, for the fist time in several days, he heard Chaos speak to him.

“I knew there was something wrong with you. The reason I couldn't quite identify it must be because it has part of you in it. Would you like me to destroy it? While it's this small, I'm sure I can.”

“No! It has part of Lucrecia in it!”

“Lucrecia? You need to get over that woman. I mean seriously, you're a PREGANANT MAN.”

“Well besides, what do you think Hojo will do to us if you destroy it? I'd rather carry a baby than face his wrath.”

“Well what do you think he'll do when you're done carrying the child? Things will just go back to the way they were, and it's not like he'll ever let you see your child. Your little one will just become another lab rat.”

“Sephiroth turned out okay.”

“You're a hopeless case.”

Chaos went silent after that little conversation. Vincent was grateful for that. He liked the company, but he couldn't take the criticism right now.

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