Little Miracle

BY : cherrygirlprime
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Chapter 2: Discovery

Sephiroth wandered down the empty hall to the lab. He knew that all the scientists were out for lunch, and even Hojo needed to eat sometimes. He silently snuck into the laboratory, like a ghost. He made his way to Hojo's office where he was hoping to find information on his mako injections. He was beginning to feel very ill and strange and he was starting to think his mako dose had been increased without his knowing.

Creeping into Hojo's office, he knew he only had about 15 minutes to work with. He quickly moved to the file cabinets, specifically the middle drawer. Having done this before, he knew there was a section of files devoted just to him. He opened the drawer and started leafing through the files, stopping when he reached the file with the most recent date.

He opened the file. He was confused to find, not his mako injection records, but another experiment entirely. He was listed as “Donor S”. He read through the details of the experiment. Apparently his DNA was used in combination with DNA from a Vincent Valentine, listed as “Donor V” to make “the Perfect Being”. Then this ball of DNA was placed into a surrogate... mother? Did that mean... Sephiroth had a baby?

Sephiroth sat stunned. He had a baby. With his back against a file cabinet, he slowly slid to the floor. He had put two and two together, but he just couldn't process that the answer was four. He stared at the open file, not really seeing it, the whole world just carrying on without him. What did he do now? He had never even thought to consider having kids, and suddenly he was being thrust into fatherhood. He didn't know what to do. He'd never really had a father, or a mother for that matter. What did a father do? He thought about it. He didn't know what a father did in this situation, but he wished he had had a father. That's where he'd start! He'd stick around, and take part in his child's life, even if just out of curiosity and his sense of honor. First, to find his baby.

It was being carried by a surrogate. He checked the file again. She was Donor V, Vincent, which was a strange name for a woman, and she was being kept in room 36. He had to meet the mother of his baby.

After stuffing the file back in the cabinet, he hurried out the back of the lab and into the hall where the test subjects were kept. He walked down the dimly lit hallway, underneath the flickering light fixtures and past the doors of darkened rooms from which various whines and moans could be heard through the dark. As he walked, his rage began to set in. Hojo had just used his DNA for an experiment of this caliber without even asking his permission! And what kind of sick fuck thinks up an experiment like this anyway? This was Hojo he reminded himself, that man could think of anything as long as it was awful. Was this Vincent even a willing participant? The thought of the surrogate carrying a baby against her will made him shudder. That was almost like rape. His rage flared for himself, the mother of his child, and the suffering of all the poor, wretched souls who were forever trapped here.

He reached room 36 and remembered he had not managed to grab a key. He tried the handle to the dark room anyway. It turned. He opened the door and stepped into the large room, then felt around for the light switch and flicked it on. He saw a sleeping figure wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets on the bed, and a foul smelling bucket on the floor next to it. The sleeping form emitted a groan.

“Turn off the lights!”

“Oh, I'm sorry! I must have the wrong room! I was looking for someone named Vincent.”

Vincent glared. “What do you want with me?”

Sephiroth looked into Vincent's eyes. “Um... nothing. I just read about some experiments down on you and I just wanted to meet you and check on you....”

“I don't believe that for an instant. What are you doing here?”

Sephiroth took a deep breath. “I read that you were pregnant...”

Vincent's eyes widened. “What?!”

“Is it true?”

“That's none of your business, you shouldn't be snooping around in other people's affairs.”

Sephiroth looked at Vincent. Vincent had long, pitch black hair, brilliant red eyes and very fair skin. The limbs that extended from his hospital gown were graceful and slender. He was very beautiful now that Sephiroth took a good look at him.

“Stop looking at me like I'm some freak!”

“I'm sorry! I don't mean to offend you, you're just... very pretty.” Sephiroth admitted awkwardly.

Vincent tilted his head forward so his hair fell in front of his face, hiding his flushed cheeks. He didn't know how he felt about being “pretty”, but it was the first compliment he'd received in years.

“What do you want from me?” he asked quietly.

Sephiroth couldn't make the words come out of his throat, they were stuck. He couldn't bring himself to tell Vincent the baby was his. “Nothing.” he said at last.

Vincent glowered. “Go away.”

Sephiroth turned and left the room, locking the door behind him. He was ashamed of his cowardice.


“What do YOU want?” Vincent asked Chaos.

“I think that was your baby daddy. I could feel it. His has a very strong, unmistakeable aura about him.”

“My baby daddy? I'm the daddy!”

“Vincent, my poor confused host, you are the one who is pregnant. You are most definitely the mother.”

“Shut up Chaos.” Then Vincent proceeded to vomit into the bucket besides his bed.

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