Little Miracle

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Chapter 4: In a Dark Room Chapter by Sakurablossomhime, FaeaKai Vincent rolled over onto his side to face the wall and thought about Lucrecia. He thought about her long, soft brown hair, her beautiful smile, and her tender kisses. He always thought she'd be carrying a baby for him, not the other way around. Instead she chose Hojo. Vincent would never understand why such a sweet woman would choose such a bad man. If she was looking for a man with sin to his name, she needn't have looked further than Vincent. He was the right kind of sinner for her, but she didn't understand that, and if she ever did, it was obviously too late. But he remembered how she was when Sephiroth was born. Neither Hojo nor Vincent could ever illicit from her the love she had for her green eyed baby. She couldn't cover up how much she loved her little science experiment. Even Hojo was jealous, which was impressive. Vincent had no idea Hojo could feel that way over a woman.

Lucrecia let Vincent hold baby Sephiroth a few times. He was a truly adorable kid, with such an innocent face, completely unaware of the horrors that awaited him in the lab as he grew. Once, as Vincent leaned down to get a good look at Sephiroth's glowing little eyes, Sephiroth reached out and grabbed Vincent's nose. Vincent and Lucrecia had a good laugh. Vincent hasn't laughed like that in years. Decades actually.

Vincent's thoughts turned towards Sephiroth. He had started out a happy, well-adjusted, normal child, but somewhere along the line, amidst all the shots and the conditioning, he became powerful and intimidating. Or so Vincent had thought. Lately, Sephiroth's insecurities began showing, as he stood outside Vincent's door without making any real motion to open it. Vincent found it somewhat endearing, but also very irritating. Their last meeting had been a miserable failure, but now the younger man had Vincent's curiosity.

Vincent was curious about the father of his child. Vincent had grown comfortable with giving up his masculinity and being the mother because at this point he was used to giving up his identity and frankly, Chaos was right, Vincent was the pregnant one. Vincent still considered it his and Lucrecia's baby, but he was slowly coming to terms with the addition of Sephiroth's DNA. Sephiroth was the father, whether Vincent was comfortable with it or not.

Vincent didn't know what Sephiroth's motivation to see him was though. He had to know they had a baby together. Was he trying to perform his fatherly duties? Was he fascinated by the idea of a man being pregnant? Why wasn't he coming in? Vincent was perplexed by Sephiroth's hesitation to enter the room, this brave war hero lurking outside of the door like a stalker... was he stalking Vincent? That was a weird thought. Vincent wasn't quite sure why, but he wanted Sephiroth to come in, if only to stop his weird lurking.

Vincent shook these thoughts from his head, and allowed them to drift off to Lucrecia again. He began to think about the things they used to do together, like when he'd pull her shirt up and feel her ample-

“Vincent, Sephiroth is at the door again.”

The voice of Chaos brought Vincent back to reality.



Vincent rolled over to look across the room and saw a shadow in the small window in the door.

“I've got to put a stop to this nonsense. But I don't know how...”

“Invite him in?”


“I'll leave that to you.”

Vincent thought for a moment. Then he decided to go for the most straightforward action he could think of and literally invite Sephiroth in. Vincent walked to the door. In the light from the window that shined into the darkened room, Sephiroth saw Vincent appear from the shadows and beckon him with one finger. As Vincent lay back down on his bed, he heard Sephiroth fumble with numerous different keys in the lock. Finally, the lock clicked and Sephiroth stepped into the room.


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