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Chapter 6: Pressing the Issue

Sephiroth was in an odd mood. He felt that things were coming along with Vincent better than expected but still felt overwhelmed with the aspect of being a father. The concept of 'family' was as ominous as it came to him. He wished he had at least known his mother Jenova. He knew Hojo as a father was a complete loss. As scientist, he was barely above the mad line. Sephiroth was so preoccupied in thought he almost ran right into a heated conversation between Hojo and Dr. Strange when clearing the corner. He instinctively slinked back to observe the odd heated almost lover's quarrel.

Hojo shook his head and rolled his eyes as he continued to voice his opinion to Dr. Strange.

"...he doesn't need friends or family, it’s hard enough that he has preconceived notions of bonding with my project V, outrageous" Hojo fumed with his arms crossed firmly and openly glaring over his rounded glasses at the beautiful scientist. Not deterred in the least bit, Dr. Strange rubbed one of her sanity hands along her face and the scowl the peered out to Hojo as she spoke almost made Sephiroth reveal his spot by a odd pull of laughter. Sephiroth was not so naïve to not know that his “father “wouldn’t monitor everything he did with Vincent but as always, he would do as his will.

"Look" she said not at all swayed by Hojo's pacing in place now, "to remain balanced, regardless if you want to accept his humanity or not, he needs this to remain whole and honestly so will your alleged "specimen V"...his name is Vincent, haven't you done enough by utterly emasculating him. Goddess I cannot believe I am saying this, but he is pregnant." Strange said glancing to the side and running her fingers through her side swept hair.

"You coddle him. He is almost a whole two feet taller than you and fancy treating my prized specimen as a swaddling baby. He is my offspring and I could care less" Hojo all but spit.

"And that is the problem, you need to care, though I know that it's not in your nature, I nominate myself to be a parental figure to him. You'll see, it will come back to haunt you" she said with just as much fire back.

Sephiroth stiffened at this notion. While it wasn't a secret Hojo was his sire, he could not place the curiosity he had for this woman. Why did she care so much? Who was she that she was allowed to talk such a way to Hojo and not made to 'seek out another career choice? (Meaning forcibly removed and killed) She'd been around for some time.

That question was answered blatantly when Hojo, Sephiroth's maniacal father reached forward and captured the still smoldering Strange in a fiery kiss.

Sephiroth would not have believed it had he not saw it.

It suddenly made obvious sense. The fair and intelligent Strange and the borderline schizophrenic Hojo...was a thing. They'd been arguing over his treatment and stability. And here she was also taking up for Vincent as well. He didn't know her well enough yet but would be more apt to observe her in their engagements. He had a meeting with her later.

Hojo almost looked irritated as if someone made him do what he did. Dr. Strange just observed him with an amused smirk. She came up and rubbed one hand on Hojo's cheek, making him more flustered and irritated and with that Hojo disengaged Dr. Strange and started to walk away from her briskly but before completely leaving he stated over his shoulder, the light catching his glasses "there is still much to discuss on this subject and feminine charm only bought more time away from it, for now" and with that Hojo disappeared around the corner and into the next hall leaving a smug Dr. Strange to walk away to the lab and Sephiroth to fall in place without her knowing following her to the lab for his treatments.

Doctor Strange entered the examination room and shut the door behind her with a groan. Hojo was a really stress inducing man.

Sephiroth had slipped into the room with ease with his otherworldly agility and speed, seated and awaiting her care.

She strolled over to where Sephiroth sat waiting for her with a smirk plastered to his face. Choosing to ignore the general's amusement, she began speaking.

“Hello Sephiroth, it's time for another blood draw to check your mako levels. Your last level a couple months ago was a little high, an 8.9, hopefully this time your level will be a little lower. Your target level is 7.”

Sephiroth grunted in response. He thought back on Strange's and Hojo's conversation and she wanted to mean to him. He was naturally wary of lab workers because of their affiliation with Hojo. She seemed to be even more than that, fancying being his stand in mother even. He watched as the doctor began unpacking her phlebotomy supplies. He pulled his arm out of his coat as the doctor started her process of blood taking. He was used to this process so as she worked on him, he all he'd been privy to of Hojo and Strange and her ins and outs as she puttered around the lab with her fresh blood samples from him.

“There you go sweetheart, all done” she stated.

Sephiroth tugged his sleeve back over his arm.

“I'll call you back in when the results are back” she smiled.

Sephiroth grunted. He would observe her more as they had dealings, she could be useful since anyone that could stand against Hojo immediately had a margin of his respect up front.

As Sephiroth walked out of her office, the doctor ran her hand over the freshly shaved side of her head. Where there had been cornrows, her fingers now brushed over stubble. She watched after the young man as he walked down the hall and frowned. She had missed her chance yet again to establish a connection with the lone wolf. But she just couldn't figure out how to reach him. If only the lab aids weren't so discouraged from communicating with the lad when he was a boy, she could have gotten to him sooner! The man needed a mother in his life, and Doctor Strange knew she could fill the role if only she could get the chance. She knew that Hojo was wrong and that he would need the stability if he indeed planned on having a family and being a good father for Vincent's child. Oh she knew something was right about those two.

As soon as he was out of the doctor's line of sight, Sephiroth made a dash to the specimen hall. He slipped the key out of his pocket and unlocked the door to Vincent's cell/ensuite and flicked on the light. Sephiroth could see Vincent's form curled up in a ball under his layers of sutprisingly plush looking blankets, facing the wall.


Vincent responded with a groan.

“Vincent, it is me, Sephiroth.”

“I know.” groaned Vincent, rolling over to look at Sephiroth, blinking the sleep from his vibrant ruby eyes.

Sephiroth strolled over to Vincent and carefully sat down on the edge of his bed. He reached into one of his trench coats inner pockets and pulled out a king sized candy bar. It was warm from being in Sephiroth's trench coat and his body heat, but not yet melted, and Vincent took it from him with much gratitude. Sephiroth watched him as he peeled down the wrapper and began nibbling on the candy bar. Sephiroth had made this a habit for the past few weeks of bringing Vincent sweets to satisfy some of his cravings, and then watching him devour them. It was usually very quiet, the two didn't speak much, but Sephiroth didn't mind, he enjoyed simply being near the black haired man. He was inexplicably drawn to Vincent, as if Vincent had cast a line and was reeling him in, each day he could feel his fascination with the man grow stronger and stronger.

Sephiroth watched as candy passed through Vincent's rouge tinted lips, watched as Vincent closed his eyes and chewed, dark lashes resting against porcelain skin. A lock of sable hair fell in front of Vincent's face and Sephiroth reached out, Vincent flinching slightly as Sephiroth tucked the dark strands of hair behind Vincent's ear. Vincent turned his face away as he felt a flush creep onto his cheeks, trying to fight back against the undesired feelings the silverette stirred inside him. He tried to tell himself it was only because the man looked like Lucrecia, but he knew it was more than that. He'd also tried the whole 'it is a hormonal thing'. No. It was something all Sephiroth and he knew it.

Sephiroth kept gazing and taking every single detail that was Vincent. It had been three months and where the completely flattened stomach laid now had the beginnings of slight swell. Vincent as a whole glowed with a strawberries and cream completion when he was flustered. It was so delicious to Sephiroth it was beginning to be hard not to reach out and just touch him, kiss him, do...other depraved things to him. Ah but first to get to truly know Vincent.

Vincent watched as Sephiroth's eyes all but devoured him. He knew this whelp from Adam from ant so to speak but something about those raw emotions in his eyes made him want to lie down and just submit to whatever this man would give. Sexuality wasn't an issue as bisexuality pretty much was the name of the game being a TURK, but his history and who this child, no father of his future child was, was the hard and bitter pill to swallow. Then there was the whole matter of his age or lack of ageing. Where did he start with his unnatural roommates in his mind? He was quickly getting nauseous.

Sephiroth broke Vincent out of his thoughts with what he felt was the worst question ever: "Who are you Vincent Valentine? How did you come to be on Hojo's radar? I know how I did I was conceived by his detestable self and my mother Jenova. But do not make sense, why a random TURK?"

He could ignore the question or attempt to play it down but he knew Sephiroth would be persistent, hadn’t he been already by bypassing his feelings on the matter and continuing to show up at his door?

Sephiroth saw Vincent paled at the question; he mistook Vincent ill from the child but that was only part of the problem now. Vincent stated that he would be fine but Sephiroth vetoed him again and quick went to find him broth and water and silently cursing himself for giving him candy before a decent dinner.

Vincent watched with awe as Sephiroth worked himself almost manic before Vincent assured him that he was just thinking how to answer the question and that was what brought the change in him. Sephiroth was now curious and concerned now really wanting to know. Vincent then became annoyed due to maximum nausea at this point and Sephiroth's constant babying. Sephiroth saw that Vincent was now unwilling to talk to him anymore now due to his stomach, left for the time being but he knew he'd return as soon Vincent allowed it.

As soon as Sephiroth was gone from his presence, he felt the need to speak to his friend and confidant Sai. He knew with their TURK mentality and dealing, she would set his mind at ease. His nerves were strained and his emotions for some ungodly reason were highly irrational. Pregnancy wasn't the greatest at this time. Bless females for their natural process of things he thought sullenly.

Almost as if she'd had heard Vincent's silent plea for camaraderie while being curled up in a ball in his bedding, Sai gracefully unfolded from the overhead vent, crisp dark blue suit and all.

She’d been on her way to check on him for as much as Tseng as her own peace of mind. She'd become attached to him now. She gently sat on the bed and rubbed a hand from the top of Vincent's head through his sable lengths. Vincent knew it was her and welcomed the touch where normally he would be stoic. Many a change was happening to him and he found he craved some contact and why not Sai as she'd proven herself an ally over the past few months via his true friendship with Tseng.

"Brooding about things upsets your stomach in your condition you know that" she stated with a slight amusement as she continued to caress his head of hair that had now migrated to her lap. Vincent lay with his head sideways in her lap, his glare looking to melt the metal of wall.

After rubbing a hand down his face, he released a bitter chuckle and spoke to her of the problems that were ailing him.

"Sai, if you truly know of me from my brother in arms Tseng, then what I tell you will not shock you but you will have a understanding of how I am thinking not to mention how utterly ludicrous this is!" he proceeded.

Of course Sai was versed on Vincent and that was exactly why she was there for the love and respect that was conveyed from her own Turk Commander and lover Tseng. He had a great respect for Vincent since he'd been saved by Vincent on a botched Turk mission that would have been certain death and they seemed to hit it off as comrades since.

"Sephiroth saw fit to ask me who I really was" Vincent stated a tad peevish. He knew he was being childish because of his natural safety mechanism. He was truly afraid of telling Sephiroth the truth. He had grown accustomed to him now and found that he didn't want to lose his company.

His emotions were done for the day. After he'd slipped into his normal stoic mask in Sai's lap while finishing his sentence, he suddenly burst out in bitter laughter but what was so tragic was at the same time the dry, breathy laughter continued to bubble up, truly pained tears trailed down his beautifully broken face.

Sai noticed the abrupt change in him and helped him prop his back against her chest and hugged him against herself with her head against his shoulder blade while he let the anger, confusion, and overwhelming loneliness of the situation wash from his vibrant crimson eyes. Slowly he came back to himself not before angrily batting at a stray tear or two on his face while his face was angled downwards with his hair framing it. Before he could lamely apologize for his outburst, Sai spoke.

"While I am definitely trying to imagine THE Vincent Valentine being brought to his knees by such a simple question, I will refrain from my giggles. You're a beautiful person, what is not to know about Vincent?"

"That's not the point! I am a male...pregnant male. I have convoluted and confounding emotions from and about this situation alone. And above all else, the 'father' of my child is my long lost lover's CHILD! The Goddess truly laughs at my luck" Vincent all but spit as he tried to sit up with anger but just successfully made himself have vertigo and have to weakly roll over and is ill.

While it was a dry heave, Sai's point was made and he was mortified.

Sai felt guilty for making light of the situation. She had no idea that it was upsetting him so badly. Vincent usually didn't bat an eye at any conflict so to see him this torn brought out maternal instincts in her.

She held Vincent against her chest with his back to her. He wanted to fight the attention he was receiving, claiming it intrusive, but he just couldn't. He really needed the hug and he just reclined into it.

There they sit for the longest time it seemed. It would have been an awkward view if Sai's lover hadn't been so similar well in just about every way. Vincent and Tseng were of same slight build with broad shoulders and seemingly endless legs. They sit in the bed with Sai against Vincent's back, her tightly grasping him with his head bowed and his human hand laying across her crossed arms, slightly clinging back.

Vincent finally lifted up a little and turned his head sideways reclining back to her lap facing the door glaring. Sai continued to caress his head and allow him his silence and spoke to him.

"You wouldn't be this upset if it were just the fact that he's her child. I know there is more to this than what you want to share but know I have a good feeling I know what it is, call it a 'female intuition'" she stated with a small smile.

Vincent grunted and blushed but neither confirmed or denied what her assumptions were-making him that more guilty based on his actions.

Sai just chuckled a bit and continued on. "You know we will get you out of here once everything is settled. Are you are certain you are still okay...with your current condition? I will support your decision either way.

Vincent clutched at his abdomen almost defensively giving Sai his most withering look.

Sai knew then this child would be loved no matter who or where it was coming from and who the sire was. Vincent wasn't being completely honest with his emotions but maybe if she could get them to talk, that would move things along. Sai put her hands up to indicate she understood his body language loud and clear and as of a sign of peace.

Vincent went back to lying down but his hands were still about his center as he spoke.

"I positively am going to see this through. Lucrecia" he said almost with a small sob, "has given me wonderful gifts, who am I to deny them? I would be loath to leave this child in Hojo's care. I will not have guilt when I can be here. Not another Sephiroth, never again..." he finished in a sad whisper.

Sai her him and understood why now that Tseng had been right, Vincent felt guilty for Sephiroth's treatment all of his life. She also caught his statement 'wonderful gifts’. Yes they would be fine once Vincent realized.

Vincent turned suddenly to the door and Sai saw a torrent of emotions cross Vincent's face: excitement, anger, slight fear, and finally slipping into a feigned disinterest.

She knew who was coming to the door she just remained just as lax as she was.

A slight rap at the door and Sephiroth was coming through the door with a look concern. Reptilian green landed on curly thick hair and a devil's smile that went all the way up to the dark eyes meeting him back. There was a frown and look of caution coming from Sephiroth.

Vincent watched as the two silently battled by sheer wills, finding it amusing. Sephiroth did not and let them know by his stance and arms firmly crossed across his chest.

"Why are you back?” Vincent greeted losing his amusement.

"Excuse me, I came to check on you again since you weren't feeling well earlier (and I couldn't stay away from you, which was withheld)...I'm sorry have we met?" Sephiroth all but growled out turning towards the female TURK in the room.

Vincent sit up on the side of the bed still lightly rubbing his abdomen glaring at Sephiroth at this point.

Sephiroth was thoroughly confused and with that he started to get angry. Why was Vincent output with him and why was woman in such an intimate setting with him?

She was too beautiful, too strong willed if she was able to meet his eyes, and definitely too TURK to have been there. He knew that Vincent was male and that had not shown any signs of liking either gender but that didn't negate the fact that she was there, he didn't know her, and she had been touching what was his.

Odd though that: his or mine when thinking of Vincent.

The woman stood up and walked forward and bowed to greet Sephiroth and spoke.

"I am Sai, mutual friend of Vincent via my superior Tseng. I am not a threat but an ally that can be used to continue to check on Vincent's wellbeing while he is gestation period, or pregnant. "

Sephiroth's eyes widened then narrowed. It was apparent that this woman knew a lot about the circumstances. He allowed her to continue.

"I come and go as I please as Hojo is not aware of my existence yet and hopefully forever more. I would ask that you leave me as an unknown ally so that you do not render me useless to Vincent and Tseng. For now that is all I will reveal, a girl has to have her secrets. Feel comfort in the idea that if you have to be away, I will always be your eyes in your stead and just like you, we look for a safe yet practical way to help him and even you escape."

Sephiroth was momentarily stunned by the revelation that they were trying to save Vincent. . .and him from the pain one could only know associated with Shinra, be it SOLDIER or TURKS. Both had been playthings for Hojo and his team.

With that, Sai was in front of Vincent with her hand on his shoulder as she looked at him with a small smile and small peck on his forehead, leaving him blushing and Sephiroth slightly growling. With that, she was gone back up through the ceiling and on her way out.

Sephiroth had serious questions. What else wasn't she saying? How long had she been coming here without his knowledge and what was the director of the TURKS, Tseng to Vincent that he had his own living, breathing surveillance and obviously someone very important, to check on Vincent? He was feeling a small pull of jealousy. Preposterous notion this was. The General didn't get jealous or insecure. Where did that other word and thought process come from he'd mentally groused. Vincent looked bored but still slightly flushed, as he still seemed to want an answer to his question. That irritated Sephiroth to no end. Here he was truly curious about the man's wellbeing.

Are you sure it's curiosity and not concern?

Sephiroth's conscience whispered.

"Sephiroth, how can I help you?” Vincent said causing him to come back to himself.

"I asked you before, who is Vincent Valentine? You seem well enough to entertain strange guest that obviously loves sneeking through air conditioning systems."

"Har, Har" Vincent stated dryly to Sephiroth's astute observation still wary of his question again.

Something is special about this one. I know that I jest but I think you all have more in common than you expect. Besides you can't hide your other feelings from me, I am you and you are me

Chaos suddenly chimed in Vincent's head slightly startling him.

Heathen be silent you can't know how I feel about this.

Actually I know a many of things. First and foremost, since I am technically asexual, and I have pull over your body, I could have gotten you impregnated if I chose with my will alone; that woman’s egg wasn't needed, just nostalgic for you. She is not special. Secondly, I know that you feel for the woman's whelp though you deny the pull. I. Know. You. Tell him who you are...who we really are.

Vincent wanted to be upset, he really did. All he could manage was a half hearted scowl on his face with his mind turning over what the evil one had stated. Alas Chaos was a many things. Dishonest was not one of them.

Sephiroth noticed that Vincent’s eyes had flashed the most peculiar golden color before settling back on the normal vermillion. Oh his interest was thoroughly piqued.

“What was that?”He as motioned at Vincent’s eyes.

“I don’t believe I know what you are speaking of” Vincent tried to pull it off stoically but he knew that Sephiroth had seen his inner dialogue with Chaos…via his eyes. He was going to have to explain this all for real.

Yes host you will, no more hiding

You did that on purpose so he’d notice didn't you, so I'd have to bear all my sins you vile creature? You know to explain you will greatly touch upon the subject of my father's death and self blame, his mother and I's almost love, betrayal ultimately, my almost complete demise at Hojo's hands and my resurrection by possession to save my life with you, all by her out of her last guilt! I don't want to keep reliving that! I'd just started making peace with all, why again? I truly abhor you sometimes demon!

Guilty as charged! Go for it. You say this now but it will free your heart of burdens of him not knowing her correct or are you fine with him thinking that Jenova in all her parasitic glory is his true mother? He will forgive you for his childhood. It’s not like we all are not terrorized by his sire…

“It did it again, I am waiting for an answer Vincent “

Sephiroth stated at his wits end and thrusting Vincent back into the now.

Vincent Valentine took the world's largest intake of breath and longest exhale of air in the softest resolved sigh he'd ever had in his natural or unnatural life. Chaos just rumbled laughter in his mind in the distance as he began this answer: Who truly was Vincent Valentine?


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