Little Miracle

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Chapter 3: Irrational Fears

Chapter by Sakurablossomhime,FaeaKai

Over the next few days, as Sephiroth went about his usual duties of offering subtle hints of praise to his underlings when they did something particularly spectacular, making women squirm in their panties, and generally being all around awesome, his mind was completely preoccupied by Vincent and the baby. All he could think about was his newly discovered occupation as a father, the beautiful ruby eyed prisoner in which his baby grew, and his failure to properly introduce himself as the baby's father. He wasn't used to failure.

If the other SOLDIERs noticed, they didn't let on.

Sephiroth viewed this as a mission, and he had never failed a mission. He had to learn more about Vincent, if only to keep track of his baby. As much as he didn't want a child, he was determined to make sure that the welfare of his was not put in danger.

Sephiroth thought about his baby. Hojo was clearly trying to replace him. Somehow, this didn't really bother Sephiroth as much as he knew it should have. This was just more incentive for him to work and train harder to stay ahead of his offspring. He didn't mind the competition. He welcomed it. He wondered how powerful the kid would be. That Vincent must be pretty powerful if Hojo thought his DNA could be used to make Sephiroth's replacement.

But Sephiroth found himself welcoming his offspring for other reasons as well. He would never admit it, but he liked the idea of having a blood relation to someone. He'd never had a family before and he was curious about the prospect. A part of him wanted to raise the little one in his image, if only to have someone else like himself around. Though he realized Hojo would never allow him near his child. But Sephiroth was crafty, he knew he could find a way to insert himself in his child's life somehow.

He wondered what his kid's personality would be like and found his thoughts wandering to that beautiful man, Vincent. Their child would certainly be attractive, although possibly rather standoffish. But there are always benefits to keeping others away from you. He wanted this raven haired beauty to open up to him though, despite how unwelcome he made Sephiroth feel. Though that just made Sephiroth even more curious, he wasn't used to this feeling of rejection, he was never rejected and always got his way, no matter what he sought. Vincent was unfriendly, but it was alluring to Sephiroth.

He had to get Vincent to open up to him if he was going to keep track of his baby, not to mention he was simply curious about the lovely man. He wasn't sure how he was going to do that, but the first thing he needed to do was make sure he had access to Vincent's room. He knew that the door being miraculously unlocked was a one time event and he needed a key to ensure he could get in in the future.

He solved this problem by taking a knock-out drug (essentially ruffies) and crushing it into a fine powder, then, when a lab aide was away from her tea in the break room, he poured the powder into the drink and sat back and waited. As she stepped out of the room, after allowing her tea some time to cool, she took a few sips. Fifteen minutes later her cup was empty and she was passed out on the floor of the lab with Sephiroth crouched over her. He couldn't figure out which key to take, as none of them were labeled, so he took them all and dragged the woman into a broom closet. After having copies made of every single key, he returned the original ring of keys to a random table in the lab. When the woman woke up, she thought she had just left her keys on the table. She had no idea how she ended up in a broom closet though.

A few days later, Sephiroth found himself in the hall outside the door to Vincent's cell, ring of keys in hand. But he found that as hard as he tried, he couldn't bring himself to open the door. He would stand there, contemplating entering. But somehow, he couldn't open the door. Sephiroth, the great war hero who never felt fear... was afraid of the test subject, Vincent. He was ashamed of himself.

“This is stupid. What am I afraid of?” thought Sephiroth.

“But what if I can't get him to open up? What if he doesn't let me near him or the baby?”

Sephiroth was confused. He didn't really know why he wanted to be a part of Vincent and the baby's lives other than his honor and curiosity, though he felt there was something else he couldn't quite place.

He didn't think Vincent felt the same. And what was Vincent getting out of carrying the child anyway? Would Vincent still be willing to hang around and help take care of the little one after it was born? Sephiroth couldn't do this alone. He needed Vincent to cooperate. What was he to do with the child while he was away on missions?

So many questions and worries plagued Sephiroth and he didn't know how to go about asking the recluse in the darkened cell. He sighed and turned away from the door, heading back to his own quarters.

For the next couple weeks, he continued the same routine almost every day, hanging around the door but never going in. He thought he'd never have the courage.

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