Little Miracle

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Sephiroth turned the lights on as he entered Vincent's domain and saw Vincent lounging on his bed, watching him intently with vermillion eyes. Sephiroth stepped into the middle of the room.

“Good afternoon” he said.

“Hello” Vincent replied coolly.

“How are you feeling?”Sephiroth pressed on regardless of the unwanted feeling emanating from Vincent’s vicinity. “I wanted to introduce myself officially to you” he stated a little more sure of himself.

“Why, who sent you, and why have you been loitering either on my hall or at my door these last couple of days?”Vincent asked with narrowed red eyes that seem to burn a hole through Sephiroth’s head; if looks could kill…

“I…”Sephiroth’s speech came to an abrupt halt. Though he was a complete mess inside of different emotions, he wore his indifferent mask well, his halt in his speech his only give away that this could possibly be getting to him at all. Well touché Vincent, way to try to derail my newly acquired confidence in talking to you, Sephiroth though. “Honestly, I was curious about you” Sephiroth answered in the breath he was unaware he’d be holding. It was all so very true, though Sephiroth wasn't yet ready to disclose to Vincent that he was the father of Vincent’s child.

“Nobody ever just wants to get to know me” Vincent said bitterly looking down at his hand and gauntlet in his lap and then to anywhere besides Sephiroth’s unnerving, piercing stare.

“Please, let me-”

“No.” Vincent glared at Sephiroth.



“I really want to-”


“I'm here to-”



Vincent paused and with eyes closed to the man in front of him as if that could somehow whisk him magically away from his sight, with barely a whispered sigh and slightly embarrassed, irritated blush dusting the bridge of his nose and tops of his cheeks lets the words “I know” drop heavily in the room from his lips, all the while Chaos is quite getting a kick out of this drama.

“You know, how? Who has told you?”Sephiroth’s emerald cat eyes widen slightly. At this point several questions are going around in his mind but he decides to take it one step at a time, let Vincent lead him since he is truly volatile. Its clear this is out if each man’s comfort zone when it comes to talking, but it must be done.

“My demons told me.”Vincent says rather nonchalantly.
It’s Sephiroth’s time to narrow his eyes at this statement but he made a mental note to revisit this subject at a later time. It’s apparent that Vincent was an experiment, to what degree he would need to know not only for Vincent’s health but now this new life as well.
“Are you truly fine with your situation? Does it bother you to be with a child of another male?” Sephiroth asked. What he really wanted to ask is if he minded if the child was from him. He knew that was his own insecurity talking. There was no way that Vincent could know how badly he thought of himself outside of his obvious strength and value to Shinra as a biological killing machine. Vincent was just so beautiful and just didn’t want to ruin that. If only Vincent knew all about Hojo and what he’d done, he was more than sure he’d care then.
“Not really, no” Vincent said rather matter-of-factly. Vincent of course had his own reasons why this pregnancy was near and dear to him, even if alternate DNA had been used. The original building block so to speak, the egg, had been Lucrecia’s and he had loved her so. Anything of her, even that last obscure part was enough even if it was for a fleeting memory. The more he thought of Lucrecia the more he thought of all the things that happened after they had been discovered by Hojo, leading up to his eventual capture and torture and experimentation making him the host of the demons he held and how he had been rejected for the very one that did this to him. Vincent’s attitude was abruptly changing and his fuse was very short now.

“I would like to take responsibility for the child as well and help to rear it, including assisting you in any way I can” Sephiroth stated, giving himself a mental pat on the back for staying the course and saying what he really came to say.
With Vincent’s nerves frayed and Sephiroth overstaying his welcome in his opinion, Vincent was a hairbreadth from transforming into Chaos and mauling this whelp if he wasn’t certain that would damage the child within him.

“I don't care, get out. I never asked for your assistance. I only invited you in to have you leave me alone and stop darkening my doorstep” Vincent said with a slight hiss and glaring a Sephiroth while clenching and unclenching his fist as a means of attempting to calm himself. It wasn’t working and his killing intent was rising. Sephiroth wasn't a General just for no reason; he picked up on the change in atmosphere quickly. Make no mistake Vincent was well and thoroughly getting pissed off but there was something else underlining the anger and that made him all the more irate all the same. Something about this boy was drawing him. Oh he had noticed right off his masculine beauty, several of his aspects coming from his mother that he was certain if Hojo had anything to do with, he had no knowledge of. No matter he didn’t care. He needed to get away from him and he needed to be away from him now.

“Get out. I'm warning you. I have perfect aim from my time in the Turks. I could make your evening end very badly” Vincent all but growled his anger showing in his voice. Great... Sephiroth thought, that would explain why he was so anti-social and attempting to get on his nerves, if only he wasn’t so beautiful he secretly mused. Zach had said something about the beautiful ones were always crazy, or was that deadly. He would have him clarify that statement later when they met up.

Sephiroth looked around the dimly lit room and then with a dare in his eyes, looked straight back at Vincent with his arms crossed across his chest and smirked and stated with an almost grin his voice “You have nothing to throw or fire and I don't take orders from test subjects” Sephiroth said not missing a beat but quickly regretted the last statement when he saw the near imperceptive flinch from his wording as it registered in Vincent’s ears. Ah and things were going so well earlier.

Sephiroth closed his eyes and rubbed his hand down his face then pinched the bridge of his nose in the most human display the man had shown in the whole of the conversation. Vincent looked deflated on his hovel of a bed where he sat. Okay time to correct this. Somehow it truly bothered Sephiroth for Vincent to lose his fire almost immediately and him again draw into himself, as if he was mister talkative beforehand. Neither one of them were. Gaia-bless this child with more personality a few steps shy of Zachary’s own rambunctiousness.

“Fucking prick...” Vincent mumbled.

Choosing to ignore Vincent's words, Sephiroth asked, “You were in the Turks? That explains a lot...”

“What do you mean?”Vincent said not looking from his hands becoming upset due to a nagging hunger rising and his annoyance level still being exceeded for the day.

“You're an untrusting asshole” Sephiroth verbalized what he had just thought to again test the waters at this point. He wasn’t sure if it was to state a fact or to get a rise out of Vincent. Whatever it was it was having a different effect on him than he was wanting. It was...refreshing.

“I'm just trying to protect myself!” claimed Vincent defensively. That hunger was still growing in his gut and he was starting to get a headache talking to this, whatever he was at this point!

“You're doing a terrible job” Sephiroth’s old smirk was back again. Yes, yes he was definitely trying to get a rise out of this one. Something about that fiery personality just, he could not verbalize it.

Vincent thought for a moment. No, he was doing a perfectly acceptable job. He hadn't been hurt emotionally in years. Not since he lost Lucrecia.

“No, I'm doing just fine” Vincent quickly amended defensively.

“You like alienating people and being alone?” Sephiroth countered, now slightly grinning like a Cheshire cat. Vincent wanted to punch him in the face. Vincent didn’t like where this was going. He was never one for word traps.

“...yes.”Vincent stood his ground though he knew what Sephiroth was doing and how ridiculous his answer might sound. Chaos was just cackling away at their banter the whole time. He imagined if the demon could he’d be crying tears from the howling laugher being bellowed.

“You don't sound too confident.”Sephiroth goaded again with a small false pout on his lips and his head cocked to the side letting all that beautiful silvery hair sway almost chuckling while trying to finish his sentence.

“I am.”Vincent stated vehemently though he was really starting not to believe himself. He didn’t know what to believe anymore. He was this weirdo, in his room asking to play “mom and dad” to a mutant child between two men that he could only imagine must be something extraordinary if Sephiroth’s looks and track history from what he’d heard had been true and of course his own true strength that could bend the metal food trays that they bring to him daily. This was ludicrous.

“I don't believe you.”Sephiroth said while fake yawning and looking away from Vincent while lounging against one of the walls closest to the door.

“JUST GO AWAY!”Vincent yelled nerves well and truly frazzled for the day and that hunger now a full blow out and out raging war in his gut along with a migraine the size of Midgar.

Sephiroth quickly straighten back to his full height and looked at Vincent and walked right up to Vincent, few inches from where his knees touched the leather of his pants and he bent down to look Vincent right in the eye. “Fine, but I'll be back, know this.” said Sephiroth, who had already begun plotting another scheme in his head as his glided through Vincent’s door and closed it behind himself.
The next day, before visiting Vincent, Sephiroth visited his secret stash of sweets he had hidden under the floorboards in his room. If Hojo ever found it, he would surely confiscate as he always stated it was a waste and that sweets were considered unhealthy and unnecessary in his diet. He watched everything he ate like a hawk.

The first time he had ever experienced the wonders of candy, he was a little boy living in the lab, back before the lab aids became wary and terrified of him. After Professor Gast disappeared, leaving him again without a positive father figure/friend, he had no one to show him kindness for a time, but then there was a ray of hope. He had received perfect scores in all his studies and a rather strange lab aid gave him a lollipop as a reward. She was peculiar in that she had piercings and a head of long black hair that was cornrowed on one side. She was also much less strict than the other aids and although he had no idea how she ever got her job, Sephiroth had to admit she was friendly and likeable. She was severely reprimanded though, but Sephiroth knew she kept her job because she was the woman Sephiroth had drugged for the key to Vincent's room. Sephiroth felt a small twinge of guilt for that, hoping he didn't get her in any trouble.

Sephiroth reached under the floorboards he had pulled up and retrieved an unopened bar of chocolate. He had discovered chocolate just a few years prior when Zach had offered him some. It tasted liked heaven. Ever since then he had been hoarding chocolate in various secret places around his apartment. Anything that tasted that good had to win Vincent over!

He then went to Vincent's territory to deliver his offering. He was determined to win over the moody, anti-social, ex-Turk and even he really didn’t know why but just felt he wanted, no needed to.

“Vincent?” Sephiroth called as he stepped into Vincent's room and switched on the light. “I brought something for you.”

In acknowledgment, Vincent rolled over in bed to face Sephiroth, squinting as his eyes grew accustomed to the bright light.

Sephiroth stepped closer to Vincent and offered the candy bar. Vincent turned his face away in refusal, his stomach had been on a chocobo ride all day but kept watch on the treat out of the corner of his eye. He hadn't had chocolate in so long, he was sure he'd forgotten the taste.

Sephiroth was not deterred. As Vincent watched, Sephiroth slowly started wrapping the bar of chocolate and held it back out for Vincent. Vincent continued his silent boycott. Sephiroth then broke off a piece of the chocolate and popped it into his mouth. Vincent could feel himself salivating, wanting the chocolate so bad. Sephiroth broke off another piece and waved it in front of Vincent's face, Vincent's hungry eyes following the candy back and forth until finally he could take it no longer and snatched the chocolate from Sephiroth's fingers and began nibbling on it. Vincent had forgotten how damn orgasmic chocolate tasted, and he let an unrestrained “mmm” leave his throat as he enjoyed his treat.

Sephiroth smiled and offered up another piece, then another, each one getting snatched away as quickly as the first. Finally, the entire bar was gone and Vincent looked up at Sephiroth and asked quietly, “Is there any more?”

“Not for today. That's all I brought with me. I had no idea you were such a voracious eater.”At this statement, Sephiroth did outright smile. Vincent flushed lightly and looked at the floor, glaring slightly. God’s but he was adorable Sephiroth thought as Vincent tried to feint disinterest and failing miserably.

Sephiroth didn’t want to lose his win for the day and with that thought in mind closed with “I’ll bring some more tomorrow or the next day.”

Vincent looked up and watched with a mild, new found interest as Sephiroth left the room. Then he curled back up in his corner and fell asleep.

Miles away in his apartment, Tseng wrapped an arm around his favorite Turk and drew her closer to him. Sai smiled and nuzzled her face into his bare chest, placing a hand on his muscular torso as he laid his chin upon her head, his hair spilling over her shoulders and bare back.
“Have you found him?” Tseng asked.
“Vincent? Yes. I can't believe it took us so long. He's in a bad way though.”
“What do you mean?”Tseng asked while lifting his head slightly to look down into his loyal lover’s equally deep brown eyes with one elegant brow raised showing his concern on his otherwise unshaken countenance.
“That lunatic Hojo seems to have found a way to impregnate Vincent with Sephiroth's child. Vincent is about 6 weeks along now.”
At this Tseng’s beautiful almond eyes did widen and show shock and then narrow in confusion and wariness immediately.
“So the good Doctor thinks it wise to play Leviathan and create another Sephiroth. I know I will regret this question but, I assume the “father” role we know, and the “mother” DNA, would that be Vincent’s as well?”Tseng said thinking all the more of all the ways he could send every one of his Turks, including his Sai after the good doctor and no one would really know what happened to his remains, besides maybe Rufus. He too had a hatred for the doctor but other reasons as he abhorred anything that his father was fully vested in.
Sai looked at Tseng and saw that he was in thought and gently crawled closer and held him close, smoothing his dark silken hair that had fallen over his shoulder. Tseng milled over the information. Hojo had to be stopped. What this new…abomination was going to be for no one knew for sure. And for him to purposely take the two most formidable men he’d ever known and somehow combine their DNA to make a child, that was truly worrying.
“Yes, you're correct. The embryo is of Sephiroth’s and Vincent’s DNA” Sai said with a shake of her dark chocolate curls. “I have been frequenting since I have found them and the most peculiar thing; Hojo is allowing for Sephiroth for lack of a better word to attempt to build a strange type of relationship” she continued.
“Elaborate” Tseng said now completely confused as that was not like Hojo to be that courteous.
“For the past couple of days, Sephiroth has either stood by, near, or in front of Vincent’s cell. Actually at this point, Sephiroth has the keys to the cell after procuring them through some very rudimentary means but it got the job done, but hadn’t brought himself to go in…until being invited by Vincent today. They actually…just talked like people” Sai said with a crooked smirk that bordered a smile.
Though the situation was outlandish, unorthodox, and just screamed mad scientist, Tseng snorted a little covering his mouth with his fist to muffle a rogue laugh visualizing that conversation between Vincent that he knew firsthand was not known for being a master conversationalist and Sephiroth…he was beautiful. Both Sai and he had unanimously agreed to that if the opportunity arose he would be welcomed as they were both bi-sexual; Elena had shared their bed time to time. But personality wise, Sephiroth needed to grow by leaps and bounds. It was all so ludicrous.
“Really, is this so? Keep track of him. Vincent, I mean. I want to know how this is going to play out. I do not want Vincent hurt more than I know he has already been. He is one of the greatest Turks we have ever had in history and I will be damned if some freak experiment accost him further than what he’s already been through by our extreme lateness in finding him” Tseng said with a smooth neutral face that only the sadness in his voice betrayed his true feelings.
Sai picked up on the sadness in his voice and answered with a quick “Yes sir” all the while pulling him down into a deep, comforting kiss and holding him close to her as his arms closed around her crossed her back pulling her close and on over on top of him into bliss into the next day began.

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