Living the Dream

BY : Dalie
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Living the Dream

Chapter 1

The sun shone through the curtains, hinting at the bright morning outside. The silver head burrowed deeper into the pillow as the mobile phone on the table sang. A groan was emitted as the man tried to ignore the noise.

The room was silent again, and the man snuggled back down into his duvet. His phone began singing again, and a curse was mumbled. Sephiroth staggered out of his bed and grabbed his phone.

"Hello?" he coughed to try and clear his throat as he languidly stumbled over to his kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Seph? Didn't wake you, did I?"

"Zack... What is it?"

"You said you wanted to know as soon as we got a lead so... this is me... letting you know."

"Oh... Oh! Right... Give me 10 minutes and I'll be on my way."


The tall man dropped his phone on the counter and hurried into his bedroom. He pulled on the deep blue of his police uniform and scraped his thin shoulder-length hair into a bobble. Most of his stuff was in his bag already, but he pulled the sandwiches he'd prepared the night before out the fridge along with a bottle of water and packed them in too.

A quick stop to the toilet, a brush of his teeth and the young officer left.


Zack ran his fingers through his dark hair and continued to squint at the screen. He scribbled down the relevant number and spun around to his phone. He twirled his fingers in the wire as he waited for the other side to pick up.

"Hello. Ah, this is Midgar Central Police Force. Can I speak with Sergeant ... Lockhart, please?"

Sephiroth stood silently and watched his friend.

"Yes, I'll hold." Zack huffed lightly and rolled his eyes.

Sephiroth moved over to the kettle, flicking it on and grabbing to mugs.

"Sergeant Lockhart? This is Chief Inspector Zack Fair. I need to have a rather lengthy word, if you have time?"

The mug of steaming coffee smelt divine to the young man and he placed a mug in front of his friend. Zack looked up and pointed over at a folder which lay on his desk. He smiled, grabbed the folder and took it, with his coffee into his office, leaving the other to his conversation.


Grimoire Valentine was his lead. The man was a controversial scientist who had a son with a large amount of shit following him. Zack had scribbled a note that Sergeant Tifa Lockhart had been recommended to interview him, as her cheery disposition and gentle, inquisitive nature tended to get her the answers she was after. They needed to ask the man about Vincent Theodorus Valentine, his only son and leader of a group known as 'The Turks'. Assassins, thieves and spies for hire, but not for just anyone. They had to be found through connections. You couldn't just phone them up. Unfortunately.

He knew they'd been searching for the young man's father, but he always seemed to be away 'on research'. They'd received information that he was returning to his home, to get his notes typed up, and his thesis sorted. They planned to have Sergeant Lockhart stop by for a friendly visit.

Sephiroth sipped his coffee as he read through the notes. If they got something out of Professor Valentine then he was going to find this kid.

He stared at the photo of the young man. Pale skin contrasted chin length black hair, soft mahogany eyes gazed off at something off to the side of the camera. Pale pink lips were pulled into a grimace, his nose slightly wrinkled. With his brows pulled into a frown, the photo didn't show a happy man. But it showed a beautiful one.

All of Valentine's employees, or gang members, or whatever, were beautiful. Tseng Suwabe, according to their gathered information, appeared to be his 'right hand man', he was reported to have been working closely with Valentine for a good few years the length of time they knew about The Turks, though it was probable they had been in business for at least 6 years. He had dark eyes, dark hair and wore a talika on his forehead. He was attempting to receive spiritual enlightenment from Lifestream, or that was Sephiroth's understanding.

Reno Flynn was one of the lackeys. He was not as well groomed, going for more of a casual look, but still beautiful when he put the effort in. There was one photo of him with his hair shiny and smooth, his face clean and his suit immaculate. From what Sephiroth knew, he did the dirty work.

Rude Kusunoki was a silent man. He was partner to Reno, and was far tidier in his appearance. If Sephiroth went for talk, dark and handsome, he would have found it in Rude.

There were undoubtedly others, but as most of them were trained as spies, it was only those who equated to leaders that were known to the authorities. Unfortunately, that meant they could have infiltrated the different areas they were gathering information and then those who knew anything there would stay mum. Sephiroth was fairly certain it had happened in a few places where he'd gone to follow up leads.

"Morning Sir."

"Strife. Everyone in yet?"

"Umm... Elena is in, so is Reeve. They both need to see you. Don't forget you've got a video conference with Police Commander Shin-Ra and Deputy Commissioner Lazard. Zack is finished with Sergeant Lockhart, he's typing up a quick report. I've nearly got that database finished, just waiting for an email."

"Ah, shit. Is that conference today? Here, get me another coffee. And send Reeve in."

"Yes sir."

Sephiroth grinned as the young, blonde receptionist took his mug and disappeared. He started up his computer and leaned back in his chair. A light knock rapped on his door, and Reeve poked his head in.

"Reeve. Take a seat. What you after?"

"Informal as ever, I see. This won't take long."


Sephiroth sighed and pushed his hair out of his face. It had been a long day, the kind where he seriously missed patrolling the streets. He was the youngest Chief Constable for a long time, just 26. He had devoted his life so far to his job, but he couldn't help but wonder why he spent most of his time in an office.

Silver bangs were gripped in a tight grasp and sweat was rubbed off his forehead. He was looking forward to going away. Lockhart had gained hints that Valentine was up near Modeoheim. The town was currently in winter, which would be a blessed change from the sweltering heat that currently hung in Midgar.

Zack had contacted the force up there to inform them he would be visiting. He'd email the basics of the mission plan, but details couldn't be sent through wires. Sephiroth seriously hoped that there base wasn't any further north. He had only been to Icicle a few times, but the biting wind and frozen lands made it one of his least favourite regions.

He glanced over Elena's holiday request form as he thought about his trip.

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