Living the Dream

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The cold air of the village had not bothered him before, but now it seemed as though it was chilling Sephiroth to his bones. He shifted his arms from around Vincent to pull the blankets up higher. It was their final few hours together before the other left. Once that occurred, the next time Sephiroth saw Vincent... he would have to try arrest him. The silver haired cop squeezed his eyes shut and tried not to think about that. He was growing horribly attached already.

When Sephiroth had been 23, he had been solely focused on his career. Well, almost solely. Visiting bars was part of maturing, so going out and having a good time had to occur. He smirked, his eyes still shut. He’d gotten drunk a fair few times, but a lot less than most of his peers. During these times, he had discovered he was a very loud drunk. It was highly embarrassing, but seemed to get him laid with no problem.

It was definitely a shame Vincent was the bad guy in this... Sephiroth felt ready for a proper relationship, and his heart was trying to tug him in the direction of the younger man.

Vincent Theodorus Valentine was 23 years old now. As far as Sephiroth could tell, his thoughts did not solely rotate around his career. He really did seem to be here to enjoy a holiday with his friend, regardless of the constant phone calls. Sephiroth had managed to pick up that this Azul was really causing a problem; If only he could remember where he’d heard the name. It was really starting to get on his nerves.

He ran his fingers through raven hair, wondering how long he should wait till he woke the other up. He wasn’t used to waiting to get up. The young policeman usually had issues with getting up. His work was normally the only thing that could get him up before noon; though this holiday he’d gotten up in time to eat (he’d promised his uncle he’d take care of Aerith.)

However, he’d pulled himself away from the tug of sleep to think. Though, he also chose to stare at Vincent. The outlaw looked so peaceful in his sleep, but watching him made the cop feel disgustingly romantic. It wasn’t just the fact that he was enjoying waking up with the feel of a warm body pressed against him, but that this wasn’t even an acceptable person to try court.

As he pushed his bangs out of his face, a thought struck him. Azul; the man used to be a detective. He shot up, dislodging his companion, but he barely even registered this.

His knowledge of the detectives was not amazing. The whole section was nicknamed The Invisibles, and it was only because Sephiroth was so high up in the policing ranks he was better informed of them. Most police officers got to know their names, and had a basic awareness of what they looked like. This was a strategy to try and avoid impersonators without giving too much away about the section’s employees.

They had lost the best of their team over recent years. Azul; Nero; Weiss; Rosso and Shalua, who had quit after the unsolved disappearance of her sister. There were a few others as well, but their names escaped Sephiroth.

“What’s wrong?” groaned Vincent softly, lifting as hand to rub the sleep out of his maroon eyes.

Sephiroth shut his eyes and rubbed them, trying to make it seem as though he too had just awoken, though possibly from a nightmare.

“Nothing... I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Vincent sat up and gave the man a sleepy smile. “Is it time to eat yet?”

“Umm... my watch is... it’s half 8.”

With a sheepish grin, Sephiroth swung his legs out the bed and staggered to his feet. It was nice to have gotten somewhere in his investigation, but disturbing the sleep of people was not in his plans.

He grabbed his clothes, a towel and headed off for a quick shower.


As the two men ate their cereal, Vincent’s phone buzzed. He gave Sephiroth a light smile before going to stand by the door.

“What?” It wasn’t too difficult to hear, thankfully.

“Shelke, you let the Tsviets manage alone. We are not getting involved with this. Understood?”

Sephiroth quietly scooped another spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

“Another one? ... Nero? That guy who used to follow my Dad around everywhere?... No... I thought he’d taken to bugging that Hojo.”

Hojo? Sephiroth looked up, but only briefly. He didn’t want to be noticed. He pulled out his mobile phone to mess with while he waited. Hojo was Sephiroth’s surname, though he wasn’t sure if the other knew that. He was fairly certain surnames hadn’t been covered in their introductions.

“Weird how? ... Ah, you mean more than a little insane... I wonder about that bit of the police too. Half of them seem to have come from there.”

Sephiroth frowned slightly. Police? It was true there had been an Azul and a Nero in the police force’s detective section, but that could easily be coincidence.

“If I find which scientist is doing this... I am going to take him down, Shelke... blunt, but yes, even if it is my father. He’s still obsessing with crystals right now though.”

Sephiroth stood up and went to get a cup of coffee. He’d finished his cereal and couldn’t sit there with just an empty bowl. Vincent had gone back to hissing, and Sephiroth couldn’t hear him well at all.

He sat back down and sent Zack a quick text. Nothing important, just to remind him know they would be coming back tomorrow. Vincent came back over and sat down.

“Sorry.” He sighed, and silently returned to eating.

“Are you ok? You said this is a holiday, but you look exhausted.”

Vincent slowly munched on his mouthful as he thought.

“I am tired, but it’s just stress. I can’t seem to leave work behind. I don’t think it’s actual exhaustion though. I’ve slept better over the last few days than I have in ages.” He gave Sephiroth a soft smile, before dropping his spoon. “I’m not hungry. Let’s go.”


Once the men returned to Sephiroth’s room, the young cop turned to his companion.

“You should rest some more.”

“What? No way. I’ve got to get packed. I’ll never wake up in time.”

“I can pack for you.” Sephiroth watched Vincent frown at this. “Or, I can wake you up an hour before your taxi is booked.” The frown disappeared.


“Yeah. Lay down for a while. I’ll let Aerith know, and she can tell Cissnei. Get some more rest Theo.”

The man nodded, and kicked off his shoes. Sephiroth turned and dialled his cousin’s number, mentally congratulating himself on using the correct name. He pushed Vincent’s shoes against the wall before turning back around. He watched the dark hair flow beautifully over slim shoulders as Vincent wriggled into a comfortable position.

He softly explained to Aerith that Vincent was really tired, so they were staying here a while, and she simply agreed to tell Cissnei.
Glancing over to the bed, he noticed Vincent’s eyes on him.

“You ok?”

“Come here. You’re more comfortable.”

Sephiroth grinned before removing his shoes and his jacket. He slipped in beside the man and wrapped his arms firmly around him.


Watching the black haired outlaw leave was far harder than Sephiroth had expected. He had wanted to ask about keeping in touch, he knew if he could this investigation would be easier in the long run. He didn’t ask though. The idea of Vincent saying no was strangely concerning. The thought of using this connection to send the other to jail was not a pleasant thought either.

Vincent had pressed a chaste kiss to Sephiroth lips, ran his fingers thought silver shoulder length hair and whispered good bye. Sephiroth had experienced a fairly unfamiliar stabbing pain in his chest as the other had turned and moved out of his arms.

Aerith had held his hand tightly, and he felt a need to cling tightly to it, to try keep his world with himself. To keep it where he was, not in a taxi moving rapidly away.

“I didn’t expect you to cry...”

“Neither did I.” But Sephiroth could feel the tears welling up. He took a deep breath. It was silly to get so upset over someone who was not important. He was a murderer. He was a thief. He was a spy. He was not a lover of any kind... if only he could convince the rest of his body of this.


The next morning was horrible. The cold air penetrated his blankets. The grey sky did not let the sun shine. The wind was harsh and bitter.

Sephiroth was decidedly glad when he climbed into the taxi beside his cousin. He was ready to return to routine. He had a lot to do when he got back. Paperwork... visiting schools to explain their work... more paperwork... hopefully some time out on the beat too. He liked going out and doing something active.

Then he had research into ‘Tsviets’, ‘Azul’, ‘Nero’, and his father.

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