Living the Dream

BY : Dalie
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Sephiroth yawned. Work had been long and gruelling, and it appeared as though most agreed. He'd not had a desk job today, deciding instead to patrol the streets again; a task he usually left to the lower ranks. He'd been travelling with PC Warren, with whom he'd spoken twice- once on the kid's interview and once when he was writing up some paper work to accompany an arrest.

He'd forgotten how many idiots roamed the streets. He pushed silver strands out of his face and glanced at the clock. 10:30pm. He was still uncertain of whether he should go out or not. Aerith wanted to go out to different pubs; she would already be out with a few friends. Sephiroth promised he and Zack would join them, but he was tired.

"Seph? You nearly done?"


"Still awake?"


"Let's go. I bet a few drinks and loud music and dancing... that'd wake you up."


"C'mon... Won't Aerith be waiting? You don't have work tomorrow. Let's go!"

He'd forgotten how bad Zack's nagging got. He stood up and grabbed his coat. Zack whooped and hurried off to his car. The young Chief Constable accepted he was going out and went to bid goodnight to the 2 members of staff who'd gotten stuck with the night shift.

When he reached the car he found Zack was on the phone inviting Elena and a few other friends out.



Zack mouthed something at him again.


Zack gave him an exasperated look and dragged him off to a corner. He put his mouth to his friend's ear and shouted.

"Where's Aerith? You said she'd be here."

Repeated the process to Zack, Sephiroth replied, "She'll be here in about 10 minutes."

He held up his mobile, figuring it'd be easier to show the text message than trying to be heard over the loud, pulsing music.

'Meet you by the bar at The Jockey. Be there at 00, I've got a surprise. Aerith. Xxx'

It wasn't quite midnight, but Zack and Sephiroth had been sat at the bar taking shots. His nerves had suddenly pushed their way forwards, ignoring his wish for calm. Similar to Zack in that way, he decided. Pushy, and making him uncomfortably tense.

As he settled back into his stool by the bar someone tapped his shoulder. He spun around and gaped.


The young officer released a sigh as soft hands crept up inside his shirt. Equally soft lips pressed into his neck and fluttered kisses over his pulse. Strong legs wrapped around his waist and squeezed a moan out of the man.

Sephiroth breathed another sigh as he clung to the pale body held tightly to his own. He ground upwards, desperate for friction. In his arms, Vincent began to strip. The young man's shirt was unbuttoned and pulled off awkwardly as he didn't move his lips from the neck he suckled upon.

"Ahh..." he hissed, enjoying the feel of the other's skin.

"Shhh..." he felt more than heard the whisper. It didn't little to change his volume, though he was already aware of his thin walls.

In the back of his mind, Sephiroth was aware they should move from the sofa, but the thought of detaching the other he had missed so greatly felt impossible. He was immensely grateful to Aerith for finding the other, but conversation concerning his reasons for being here hadn't occurred.

Vincent clearly had a similar thought, as he stood up, dragging the other to his feet. Rapidly re-attaching his lips, Sephiroth began to push the dark haired man towards his bedroom. He managed to push Vincent into the doorframe, and he tumbled slightly on shoes he hadn't bothered to put away but they made it.

Sephiroth threw off his shirt and jeans before he was pulled down to the mattress. Vincent scrambled on top of him and straddled his hips, still pressing heated kisses over his skin. Sephiroth arched up as the other nipped his skin, tugging at his nipple gently as he held the man's shoulders down.

He moaned softly and struggled to hold his arms still. Vincent lay on top of him as his kisses moved up to his face. Sephiroth took the chance to move and rolled the dark haired man onto his back. He sat up and looked over him as he lay, sweating and panting, flushed deeply but still too dressed. He unfastened Vincent's jeans and peeled them off, bringing his boxers down at the same time.

"Gorgeous..." He grinned as the flush deepened. He leaned forward and pressed their lips together. He shoved his tongue into his mouth while he removed his own boxers. "I'm so looking forward to having you again."

He ground hard against Vincent and moaned loudly at the contact. The dark haired man released a breathy groan and wrapped his long legs around Sephiroth's waist again.

"Want you... Seph..." he whispered, and Sephiroth replied with another groan. His brain made a vague attempt at reminding him to use Theo rather than Vincent before Sephiroth was lost in the throes of passion.

With Vincent's hips pressed fully against his pelvis, Sephiroth began to hunt blindly under his bed with one hand, determined to find the lotion he kept there. He hissed again and Vincent bit his neck before he pulled up slightly.

With the cool substance running over his fingers, he pushed them into the other. The heat caused him to stop a moment and catch his breath. He'd missed this. He'd missed the beautiful man, the intelligent mind and the tight body.

Below him, his lover was hot. His lover was eager. His lover was impatient. Vincent glared as best he could while in arousal's grasp and demanded Sephiroth made his move. Spreading the lotion over himself, Sephiroth followed his commands. He desperately clung to his self control as he waited for Vincent to adjust but was soon moving.

Vincent was tight. He was hot. And utterly amazing. Sephiroth leaned in and bit lightly on his lips before pressing them into a harsh kiss. Vincent moaned and shifted to try and take his lover deeper.

Sephiroth fucked Vincent hard. He'd wanted this, he'd dreamt about it most nights since he'd come back from Modeoheim. He'd been unable to focus just from hearing the name Vincent, even when it was referring to another person. His mind went blank as he dug his fingers into his hips, probably leaving bruises. He felt the scraping of fingernails down his back as Vincent bucked into him. He rubbed his lover roughly and felt a blissful numb sweep through his systems as he came.

Sephiroth collapsed on Vincent, and rolled to the side. He panted heavily and shut his eyes. Sleep was seconds away.


In the morning, Vincent made no attempt to leave quietly. He sat on the sofa in a pair of the man's shorts and one of his larger t-shirts, having showered.

"Here." He handed Vincent a hot mug of tea.

"Thanks." Sephiroth dropped his plate into the sink, having finished his toast and took a seat next to Vincent.

"I ... didn't think I'd see you again. It really surprised me when you turned up with Aerith."

"Ah..." Vincent flushed slightly and looked down at his drink. "Cissnei kept in touch with Aerith, you see... so..."

"She did? Oh..." Sephiroth felt a strange stab of disappointment, but ignored the feeling.

"It's not that I didn't want to keep in touch... I just... wasn't sure. Ah, I wasn't not sure about you; more having your number could be... umm..."

"Don't worry, I'm not insulted. I didn't think to ask yours either." Maybe Vincent was worried what would happen if others found his phone or something weird like that. Sephiroth knew he didn't want Vincent's number because he should have a criminal in his contacts and have no intention of arresting him.

Vincent sent him a soft smile and took a sip.

"How long you here for?"

"Not sure. I won't leave and not tell you though."

Sephiroth smiled slightly and gazed at his hands. He'd never been this comfortable after sex. Though, usually the other party left pretty quickly, and it was a while since he'd been so interested in someone.

Sephiroth mentally berated himself for falling for the leader of The Turks.

"I don't really want you to leave, so thanks... Theo..." He whispered, unsure of why he was releasing this information.

The raven haired man looked up, startled. A blush spread over his face as quickly as the wide grin. He leaned over and snuggled into Sephiroth.

The silver haired Chief Constable pulled him close and settled down.

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