Living the Dream

BY : Dalie
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The sheer amount of concerning information that Sephiroth had dug up was staggering. The young cop sat at his desk with a mug of lukewarm coffee beside him as he languidly clicked his way through different windows on his laptop.

The police station was quiet due to the late hour. It was nearly 1am and everyone except Elena had left. The young blonde insisted she helped him sort out anything that needed sorting. The appreciation the other felt couldn't be expressed. Sephiroth didn't think that in anytime in his 26 years he'd worked so hard. Not even during his exam periods in school.

Elena was curled up in the staffroom, under a blanket and with her own laptop. She was researching Hojo. Sephiroth refused to tell her why, so after the initial question and refusal she hadn't asked again; she simply sat down and scanned for anything interesting or unusual.

Sephiroth was searching through the databases of the main HQ. To be completely honest, he was hacking. He was not supposed to be in these. They were password protected and very confusing. He had turned up some useful information though. The Invisible section of the police force had been subjected to certain experiments.

The main information was on Weiss and Nero. Apparently Grimoire Valentine had been present at their birth, though the notes he'd written on the birth certificates were verging on illegible. He had printed copies out so he could decipher them later.

From what he could tell, they had received injections of treated Lifestream. Stagnant Lifestream. Currently, he was researching how it was different to mako. The idea seemed the same Lifestream that is excavated then mixed with a particular solution, then watered down and given to the subject. He was trying to find the makeup of the different solutions.

He rubbed his eyes and sighed. The thought of bed was tempting, and he really should go so Elena could get to bed too. However, his mind was racing. Sleep would be impossible. A fresh mug of coffee would be wonderful though.

The silver haired man stood and made his way to the small kitchen in the station. He flipped the switch on the kettle and slowly added the coffee beans into his mug. A moment's thought and Sephiroth made his way to the back room where Elena was.


"Hmmm... Oh, hey..." her voice was hoarse. Guilt stabbed lightly at him, but he paid it no mind.

"Want a hot drink? Or do you want to go home. I can finish here alone, it's fine..."

"Tea please." She gave him a look that wiped out any argument. He felt his lips tug up into a grin. His staff was amazing. He really didn't tell them often enough.

Elena's phone began to buzz, making the two jolt slightly from the unexpected noise.

"Aren't you going to answer it?"

"I'm working."

"I'm off to make tea, so I don't know anything about this."

They exchanged grins and she picked it up. Her soft voice was clearer now and her tone decidedly brighter. Sephiroth smiled as he walked back to the kitchen. Out of the way, as promised so she couldn't get in trouble for using her mobile phone while at work. The kettle was silent, so the man flicked the switch back on waiting a short moment as the water quickly reheated.

He poured it into his mug and gave it a stir. He then pulled out Elena's light blue mug and dropped a teabag into it, filling it with hot water and adding a drop of milk.

"Leave the bag in for it to brew a bit..." he muttered. Was it too soon to go back? It was hard to deny his curiosity at who was ringing her at this time.

He grabbed their mugs and a packet of biscuits and proceeded back to the room. He could hear her voice as he got closer, and froze as he heard his name.

"He is a good man!... I know. Don't worry. No, we're just doing some research."

He wondered if he should make himself known. It felt weird to listen into the conversation of one of his officers.

"What happened? Is she... I thought you said she'd get out of there when things got bad! Vincent!"

Sephiroth felt a stab of pain. Vincent. It felt typical that she was talking to someone with the same name. He missed Vincent terribly. Concentrating on his work was hard when the young man occupied his every thought but the decision to do this was for Vincent. Not that anyone could know that. He'd told his superior he thought it was dangerous to just pull the leader out this group, due to the way the structure worked. It had bought him plenty of time to figure out what was going on with the ex-police detectives. And his father.

He'd not mentioned this to Shin-Ra though. His boss may have knowledge about these experiments and he didn't want to get in trouble for prying where he wasn't meant to be... hence the hacking.

He opened the door to find Elena on the verge of tears, her phone still against her ear.

"Are you ok?" he breathed as he placed the drinks down. He wrapped an arm around her and sat her down on the old sofa. She wriggled against him and curled her free hand into his uniform shirt.

"Just Sephiroth my boss. Keep going?"

He realised he must have been loud enough in what he had hoped was a whisper for the other to hear. He leaned back, his young worker still accepting his comfort and he listened to the soft tones of the man she was talking to; wishing vaguely that he could understand what was being said.


It was when Zack came in at 7am that Sephiroth stirred. Beside, but no longer against him, lay Elena. She was curled around a cushion. He sat up and twisted, sighing slightly in relief as the discomfort left with the cracking of his spine. On the table in front of them sat two half finished mugs of now cold drinks and an empty packet of biscuits.

Sephiroth stood up quietly and made his way out of the room. The dark haired figure followed him, keeping his silence till they reached the man's office.

"Elena? You got to sleep next to Elena? Do you know how jealous I am?"

Sephiroth smiled at his friend. "I didn't exactly mean to. We were taking a break from our work and dozed off."

"I guessed as much. You've been lovey-dovey about someone else every since you got back from Modeoheim." Even though the man was just teasing Sephiroth felt his face heat up. He felt grateful for the mild sunburn he'd suffered while away which hid the flush though.

"I think I might get a bit more done then go home for a real sleep. You'd better get to work. Can you imagine what the boss would do if he saw you slacking off like this?"

"That Sephiroth guy? Ha! Who's scared of him? I'm not."

They laughed as they bantered, and Sephiroth felt his spirits lifting even though he hadn't realised they were low. His best friend was a total ass, but a lot of fun.

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