Living the Dream

BY : Dalie
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Sephiroth woke up tired. It was a strange feeling; he knew he should be far more relaxed. The sun cut through the gaps in the curtains, casting bright rays into the room. The man turned and burrowed his face into the pillow. That wasn't as relaxing as he'd hoped. Sephiroth hated waking up in a bed that wasn't his own, with the smell that wasn't of his room invading his senses.

He was alone. It was hard not to notice that. The man he'd fucked into the mattress last night had left. Wonderful... Vincent Theodorus Valentine was top of his wanted list right now. They'd chatted quietly in bed last night, in between rounds. The young man was 3 years younger than Sephiroth. Cissnei was his best friend. Beyond that, he hadn't told the officer much.

He sighed and climbed out of his bed. Pulling out a notebook, he wrote a quick account of things, up to the point where they went back to his hotel room. No one really needed to know about that. He included the information he'd gathered, and added Cissnei to his list of Turks before faxing what he had to Zack.

Checking he was awake in time for breakfast, the silver haired man slowly made his way down to the restaurant. He rubbed his eyes sleepily as he stared at the food set out. He really wasn't awake yet.

With a bowl of cereal in front of him and a cup of coffee, Sephiroth felt a little more human. He cast his mind back to last night, trying to think of any details he'd need; useful details of course as the way the young man gasped and moaned while writhing underneath him would not help this investigation. He was sure a location had been mentioned at some point. He could remember thinking 'Best remember that, I'll have to check it out.' Maybe next time he should think the place name over and over again.

The milk was warm, and his coffee cooled quickly. It wasn't an amazing breakfast, but he had gotten up just before 9, which was when they stopped serving. He wondered if he should make a move to get his cousin up. She'd sleep till noon if he didn't give her a knock, and he actually planned on getting some skiing in while he was here.


The slopes were cold, and the wind was harsh, but it felt great. Aerith was still over by the nursery slopes, still not feeling up to going down anything too steep yet. He headed over to another black run and grinned. Skiing was great.


A muffled voice called out, and Sephiroth spun around. A figure in light blue and red ski gear was walking over to him. The person pushed his goggles up his face to reveal maroon eyes, and yanked down his scarf. The man he had planned on looking for later.

"Um... Theo. How you doing?" 'Don't call him Vincent... it's Theo, not Vincent. He'll know something's up.'

"What's the hesitation for? I'm sorry I left in the middle of the night."

"Hmm..." He was admittedly very curious why the young man had felt the need to leave like some sort of thief.

"Really, I am. But I share a room with Cissnei, and she always freaks out if I don't get back at a decent time."

"A decent time? And you share a room?"

The young man let out a soft laugh. "This holiday is expensive enough without adding extras onto the cost."

He smirked and nodded his head, while trying to ignore the need to see if the young man's lips tasted as sweet as they looked. This was a murderer and a thief. Little better than a monster. It was a shame he was so beautiful.

A piano tune drifted through the air, and Vincent smiled lightly before pulling his phone out.

"Wow, I have still got a signal up here... hello?"

Sephiroth could hear a man's low tone respond.

"As in...? Ah. Shit... can't you deal-"

Sephiroth tried to listen to the interruption, but Vincent had taken a few steps away from him.

"Well, tell him I'll-"A glance over in Sephiroth's direction. "I'll get him sorted when I get back. Keep him... safe. Right?"


"Yeah, I'll get it... Nah, Cissnei's more than capable... Well, what the hell is Reno doing?"

Vincent had now turned away and was hissing quietly. It was getting difficult to listen to this end of the conversation.

"Tseng, don't you think about it. Don't think I won't make you regret it."

Sephiroth shuddered at the barely audible threat. He turned and looked out over the slopes. It wouldn't do to be seen listening in to a conversation.

"I don't care. If he sends Azul anywhere near us I'll break his face! That beast shou- ... I know!"

Azul? He'd try remembering the name. Something about it rang a bell.

"What does Shelke think? ... If she thinks they have found about her, then tell her to get out. I'm not getting her killed over this."

A flare of pride swept Sephiroth veins before he could stop it. Not that the man had spies somewhere, but that he valued their lives. He wasn't even sure why he felt pride, and he quelled the feeling quickly. He was only making out words now. A glance over his shoulder showed Vincent Theodorus Valentine had stepped even further away.

Maybe arresting him straight away wasn't a good idea. He really should try and find out about the different colleagues he had.

"Hey, I'm done."

"Oh, sorry. I was miles away." Not really, but better the other thought that.

"Heh, well... you planning on getting some skiing done?"

"I'll be waiting at the end for you."

Vincent 'Theo' Valentine smirked and tugged his goggles over his eyes and re arranged his scarf, before grabbing his skis and poles.


"What is it you guys do for a living then?"

Sephiroth would have cringed if he wasn't a good actor, with quick reflexes. He had wanted to fill his cousin in on bits of what he was doing here, but beyond he was working undercover, and so she had to pretend he worked in an office, not a police station she couldn't know anything.

"Umm... I'm just a waitress." A nervous smile joined the false claim.

"Just a waitress," scoffed her friend. "You're one of the best at what you do."

Cissnei smiled at Vincent. They were sat in the hotel restaurant eating their dinner, slowly. Apparently the other two were in the same hotel, and when Aerith had commented on that, Vincent had sent him a wink. Aerith had giggled, as Sephiroth had been unable to deny her suspicions of what happened when the two men had left together last night.

"What about you?" Aerith sent a soft smile at him, but Sephiroth knew she'd try and grill him because they had slept together.

"I work in- Oh, excuse me." his phone was playing that sad piano tune again. "Just in an office though... Hello?"

Cissnei was quick to distract them as Vincent went to stand in the corridor. "I've been looking forward to this holiday for ages, you know. It's not easy saving your money up."

"Oh, tell me about it!" Aerith was quite happy to respond. "Especially when you see a nice dress, or top, or shoes... or anything else really!"

"I know. I nearly had to skip out on this night out my friends were planning. V- Umm... Theo had one of his friends pay for him. But I found someone. There is this guy who think likes me, though it's pretty hard to tell with him... he paid for me."

The girls happily chatted away, and Sephiroth felt his eyes wandering. Gossip about personal affairs wasn't an interest to him. He resisted the urge to sigh loudly, or to go drag Vincent back.


Vincent had spent the night in his bed again. He lay comfortably pressed against Sephiroth's chest.

"I go back in two days..." he said quietly. Sephiroth looked down, frowning at the miserable expression on the other's face.

"Oh..." he slipped a hand into inky locks and rubbed his head soothingly.

"Is it weird? I think I'll miss you..."

Sephiroth rolled them over and stared through the darkness at the younger man's face. It seemed strangely honest. "I don't think that's weird."

He pressed his lips softly against Vincent's soft ones. It was gentle, brief, and he rested his forehead against the other's, unable to think of anything else to say.

Vincent simply pushed him back over and settled against him again. Sephiroth had two days to come up with an amazing plan on his own. The only reason he'd faxed Zack was because what he sent was so ambiguous to anyone who didn't have their understanding. Unfortunately, planning could not occur over wires. Sephiroth didn't trust them.

Shutting his eyes and tightening his grip, Sephiroth willed sleep to come to him, regardless of the cold feeling that had just seeped into his stomach. A holiday romance was not what he was aiming for, but it was exactly what this was starting to feel like.

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