Living the Dream

BY : Dalie
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Chapter 2

The town was cold. Chief Constable Sephiroth sighed and watched his breath curl in the air. He had just arrived, and now had the task of finding a hotel. He was here under the pretence of a skiing holiday, which was a bother. He'd never been skiing before. Beside him stood Aerith Gainsborough. She was his cousin, but they had always been quite close. She was taking a few weeks off work, so Sephiroth had decided to invite her along. It looked less suspicious if he brought someone along with him. Plus, she had done first aid, so she'd be a help if anything went wrong.

He tugged his coat tighter, pulling the sleeves further down and looked around. Aerith had already gone to ask someone where the inn was. Her language skills were amazing. He quickly followed the girl down the icy street. She stopped in front of a small building, with a sign on the front. He scowled. It was in Northern Tongue. He could speak several languages, but not that one.

They stepped inside, a held still for a moment as heat invaded their senses. Aerith stepped up to the counter and spoke to the women as the young police man looked over the notice board. He looked at the general decor, and the state of cleanliness, feeling pleased to find it all quite nice.

His cousin came and slipped his wallet out of his pocket, before grinning at him. She paid the receptionist and took the 2 keys that were being held out.

"Right. We're just up these stairs. Here's your wallet back."

"Wow, thanks."

Aerith giggled, but didn't say anything. She grabbed her suitcase and headed up the stairs. Sephiroth stuffed his wallet into his pocket and followed.

"Right, you're Room 113, and I am 114, just on the opposite side to you. I am going to bath, relax and shall come find you when I'm done."

He grinned and nodded. That meant he had several hours to himself. They often went away together and her baths could go on for ages.

He unlocked his door and walked in. The room was the same lay out as many inns had. A bed next to the window, a desk and a bathroom and toilet separated off.

He hunted out a towel and his shower bag, before going to wipe away the exhaustion of a long journey.


Sephiroth was pleased to find there was more than just skiing here. There were also lengthy mountain trails, which meant that if The Turks had a base around here; it was away from the town.

He and Aerith settled down for dinner, a hot steak with salad and a potato. As he dug his fork into some lettuce he grinned. He could easily imagine coming here for a real holiday. That would be amazing. Everyone so far (that spoken the same language as him) had been really friendly. The food was great, and the scenery was breath taking.

He was glad Aerith knew why he was here. He would have to be getting work done and couldn't spend all his time with her. She understood and claimed she'd be a better skier than he could ever hope to be if she had too much more practise.


By the end of the next day, Zack phoned. He was checking up on how things were going, and filling him in on what was happening at the station. Elena hadn't come in that day, but she claimed to be feeling sick the day before. Reeve was starting work on his new monitoring system and Zack had spilt coffee down himself. The few others that worked for them had managed to avoid any problems and they had one new man in their cell for killing someone while driving drunk.

He grinned. His staff knew fine well how to come without him there... with the possible exception of Zack, who reminded him of a puppy at times, but one that really needed watching. Luckily, Elena had no issues with clipping the back of his head when he got distracted.

Sephiroth listened to his friend talk for another 10 minutes, before excusing himself. He was going for a walk around town.


It was in the grocery store that Sephiroth caught first sight of him. Dressed in a light blue and red skiing outfit, with his skis in his hand, he was sat on a bench outside. The beautiful young man strongly reminded Sephiroth of Vincent Valentine, but he wasn't sure. Quickly paying for his stuff, he decided to try and strike up a conversation with him.

"Hey, lovely weather we're having."

The young man gave him a strange look, but nodded his head.

"I... suppose."

"You on holiday here?"

Another nod.

"Where do come from?" Sephiroth shifted to look into the young man's strange brown eyes.

"I live in a small village near Cosmo Canyon. I like to get away, it's pretty dull."

"Oh? I was born in Nibelheim."

"My Father lives there." A lock of black hair was shoved back into the hat he wore.

Sephiroth grinned. He still wasn't sure if it was the man he was after, but he couldn't quite quell the hope he could have someone to hang out with other than Aerith on this working holiday.


"Theo" the young man shifted to hold out his hand. As Sephiroth shook it, he caught a musky scent, and couldn't help a smile.

"You here long?"

"Not really. You?"

"Got about a week and a haft left."

"Don't want to be here during the busy season?"

Sephiroth shook his head. "I'm here with my cousin, but she doesn't really like crowds."

"Unlucky. Oh, there's my friend." He stood up. "Cissnei! I'll see you at some later point, Sephiroth."

Sephiroth inhaled a deep breath that allowed the smell Theo left behind run through him.

He drifted quietly back to the inn, desperately hoping that 'Theo' wasn't really Vincent.


He saw him again in the pub. It was late in the evening, and the wind brought a flurry of fresh snow into the town. Sephiroth was sat by the bar, staring quietly at his drink. Aerith was beside him, happily humming along to the jukebox.

"Fancy meeting you here."

"Oh. Hey."

"Cissnei, this is Sephiroth. And I'd guess the young lady is his cousin...?"

"Yeah. Aerith, Theo."

Aerith smiled happily at them. "Hi."

It didn't take long till the girls found some lads to dance with, and Sephiroth sat beside Theo.

He tried not to stare, but the man looked amazing. He had black hair that fell half way down his back, beautiful big eyes and lightly flushed skin.

"What is it you do for a living, Sephiroth?"

"Nothing exciting. I feel like I spend all my time in an office."

"Ohh, how exciting." Theo leaned against Sephiroth, resting his head on the man's shoulder. Sephiroth nearly jumped at the contact, then focused on his breathing.

"It's not too bad. But my best friend works there, and we can't seem to get the same time off."

"That why you brought her." Theo waved his hand in the general direction of Aerith and Cissnei.


"Won't your girlfriend be jealous?"

Sephiroth felt his skin flush at the mention of a girl friend. He wanted the sort of friend who would press a little closer to him, and he wanted it out of this young man.

"I don't... have one."

Theo made a noise in the back of his throat that sounded distinctly pleased.

"Theo is an odd name."

"What?" Theo laughed. "Blame my Father, but it's better than Theodorus, which is my actual name."

"Sound like some sort of action hero."

"Hmmm... what sort of action hero do you want me to be?" the other was suddenly in his face, staring deeply into his eyes.

Sephiroth felt his heart jolt as he realised he'd seen these eyes before. In a photo, in a file, in his desk. Vincent Theodorus Valentine. He knew he had to do something, but as the young man's lips sealed over his, his objections were quickly forgotten.

"Ahh, T-Theo ... ohhh"

The dark haired man kissed a trail over his jaw line and down his neck. Each kiss left a burn that had Sephiroth wanting. He fastened his arms around the other and pulled him fully into his lap.

Their tongues battled as clung to the other, hands roaming over clothes. Sephiroth soon stood, grabbed the hand of Vincent, or Theo, and led him back to his inn room.

The walk back was cold, but worth it. Once in Room 113, Sephiroth unfastened his boots, tugged off his thick ski jacket and smiled as the other did the same.

Pulling the younger man to him, Sephiroth ran his fingers through long black hair and pressed their lips together again. Arms locked around him, and Theo wrapped a leg around his waist.

"Ah... I never do this. Never."

Sephiroth smirked as he licked a path down his neck. "Neither do I. Don't worry."

He moaned as Theo's other leg wrapped around his waist. His shirt was getting tugged off pretty quickly and he tried not to shout as the other bit into his shoulder. The heat left burned through him, making his blood course.

He dropped Theo (Or Vincent) onto the bed and crawled in between his legs.

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