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Title: Pet 1/?
Author: Malfoy
Archive: Absolute Yaoi, Noire Sensus; if you want it, lemme know
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seifer x Zell
Warnings: S/M, Yaoi
Notes: This is a result of a quiz I took on Quizilla that resulted in Se/Z and lots of bondage!
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my hentai mind. All characters belong to their rightful owners.

Friday night and I’m here again. I could kick myself right now for even having the slightest thought of returning here. I look at the sign that hangs over the tinted glass doors, “Paradise.” The word flashes in bright pink letters and alerts memories that I don’t even want to know existed. But, even after I thought I’d convinced myself that I’d kicked this awful addiction, I’m standing here.

I close my eyes to temporarily shut out everything and allow my mind to argue with itself for the final time. What would I gain? A night or more of meaningless sex. What could I lose? Everything. I take a deep breath and realize this is not where I want to be right now. Shaking my head, I turn and begin my escape but only manage a step before:

“Mr. Almasy, Sir, it’s been a very long time.”


I spin around to face him. He’s the one who did this to me. Him and his oh-so persuasive ways. I remember the night he dragged me into his world and made me want nothing less.

It was the night of Rinoa and Quistis’ wedding, right after graduation, seven years before now. (1) On the way home, I’d decided to stop into work and get my paycheck since I hadn’t been able to get it earlier.

Walking into the bar, I was basically assaulted by my boss who wanted me to work the “‘Til the crowd died down” shift, meaning I’d be spending five more hours in the place than I’d planned and not return home until two something in the morning. I still don’t know why I accepted. If I hadn’t, it probably would have solved a lot of problems.

The night turned out great, however. Gorgeous guys swamped the bar, most of which seemed single. Well, for the most part single, with their little one night stands clinging to their arms.

I was making “screaming orgasms” and “screw up against the wall”s out the wazoo and enjoying every minute of it. I was enjoying it because a cute, spunky guy kept hitting on me and was almost begging to take me home with him. That guy happened to be Alex and I went home with him at two o’ clock in the morning.

As soon as I entered his room, I was caught aback. The numerous erotic things that lined the walls and filled the room got me going. Assortments of flogs, whips and paddles were everywhere I turned. He knew I was curious and so he convinced me into letting me “control” him. I have to adthatthat it turned me on more than anything. I came so hard that night I was surprised to find out I could go a second round in the morning.

In the morning, he gave me a card for this place, “Paradise,” and told me if I wanted to expand that night into more that I should come to this place. So I did. Since then, I’ve owned five pets, each one worse than the last.

“It has been quite a long time, hasn’t it?” I agree with a nod. Alex wraps an arm around one of mine and leads me into the building.

I take one glance around the lobby. Just as I remember it. Red and black color the place. Red light bulbs color the already blood red walls. The ceiling and floor are still the same black they were when I was last here, roughly two years ago. Black she-devils decorate the walls. Other Doms and Dommes litter the floor as they browse through the pets for sale, hoping to take one home.

Faint cries echo through out the building. Cries from punishment or from being used for the first time. The all too familiar noises fill my head and I know why I came back to this cursed place . . . I came because even after the horrid things that have happened in the past, I still believe I’ll find the perfect pet and because simply, I’m one sadistic bastard.

“It’s been forever since I last saw you in here. What happened to you?” Alex asks. His voice is its normal cheery self, if not more so.

“I had a bad fallout with my last pet. He still had relationship with his first Master and ended up running back to him. A nasty situation to be in,” I explain, shaking my head.

“I told you to be careful with him. He had a history of doing that. I have no idea why Sir Pete would allow him back after he’s let go of that pet so many times,” Alex shrugs. “You ready for a new pet?”

I nod, “Yeah. Have you gotten any new ones in recently?”

“Aw c’mon, Seify, why don’t you just make me your pet for a change?” he asks, giving me the “puppy-dog” look.

“You know why. And besides, don’t you already have an owner?”

“Yeah, but you know I’d try and get out of that if you would have me,” he grins and playfully bats his eyelashes.

I laugh, “Maybe next time, baby”

“But there might not be a next time. Who knows? You could find your perfect pet tonight,” he gives me one more hopeful glance. “Oh fine, virgin or not?” He leads me into the room with the new additions.

“Mmm, doesn’t reallyter.ter. I guess a virgin considering they won’t run back to a former Master,” I laugh and Alex giggles.

“Well, these are the virgins to this side,” Alex points to the right side of the room. “The used ones are on the left side, k?”

I thank Alex and begin browsing the pets. They stand in glass boxes that are lit with a light blue light and stand on white platforms. All of them are wearing as little clothing as possible, with their vitals covered, of course. They’re all so beautiful. Even the women appeal to me in some strange way, though I’m not interested in them. Their bodies glisten from the sweat caused by the temperature inside the boxes. Red heads, brunettes and blonds, a lovely assortment. Just browsing gets me excited. There are some that I take mental notes of in case I decide I want them later.

After looking at the pets for a good ten minutes finally a lovely, violet eyed, long-haired brunette catches my eye. His skin is tinted a sexy shade of bronze. His body is perfectly unmarked, hairless and as tight as anyone I’ve ever seen. I clo closer to the box and request to Alex to let me get a closer look.

The front panel of the box lowers and I step onto the platform. I walk around the pet once, admiring how well shaped he is. I hear his breathing quicken as I look over him. Facing him, I put a hand to his cheek and then run that same hand through his hair. Soft as silk. He closes his eyes and moves closer to the touch.

I press our bodies together, and hear him hiss when my hips come into contact with his. “You’ve never been touched, have you?”

“No, Sir.”

“Never been touched by your own hand?” I ask, my hand running down his chest and stomach.

“No, Sir.”

“You’re as virgin as they come. I think I – no, wait,” I start and catch myself.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the most interesting image. Through the other boxes, I could see to the far corner of the room, in the used pets section. I politely apologize to the pet before me and a look of hurt graces his face. Not paying attention to his emotions, I move to the corner I have my eyes on.

Immediately I ask Alex for a closer look. Stepping up on the platform, a grin finds its way to my lips. The pet before me is wearing black bikini underwear that fits him so well. There are four piercing holes on his body including both nipples, belly button and tongue. His piercings let me know he’ he’s been owned before or he’s probably very defiant. And from past experiences I know he’s as defiant as they come.

I touch his chest, and unlike most of the other pets in the room, he doesn’t move. He stares at me with an angry glare in his eyes and a sneer resting on his lips. My hand moves from the center of his chest to his left nipple and pinches harshly. He hisses in protest but I know he likes it. He growls when I move my hand away.

“You’re going to have to get rid of that look on your face if you expect me to own you, pet,” I chuckle and his expression doesn’t change.

“What makes you think I want you to own me?” He growls.

“The fact that you really have no choice in the matter. Now, you know that you don’t have the right to speak to me like that, don’t you? I’ll have to punish you for that, and if you keep that attitude up you’ll be punished quite frequently. Is that what you want? I’ll punish you as often as you decide to break the rules,” I grin and step even closer to him. I lean forward, my mouth close to his ear, “I own you.”

I pull back slightly and lick his cheek. He surrenders, I feel his body slouch and he takes a deep breath. He swallows hard.

“Yes, Master,” the words seem to roll off his tongue and leave me feeling satisfied.

“Good boy,” I whisper into his ear. “You may get ready to leave but don’t put any jewelry back in you, got it?”

“Yes, Master,” he replies, the defiance no longer in his voice.

I put my hand back to his chest, getting the hiss I had expected to get the firste I e I touched him. Trailing that hand down his stomach and briefly over his covered member, I suddenly feel more possessive than I’ve felt for anyone. He’s mine and he knows it.

“Very well, then. Alex, I believe I’ll take this one,” I turn from my pet and step down from the platform.

“Are you sure? His former Master seemed quite desperate to sell him to us, said he was out of control and very difficult to get a response out of,” Alex warns.

I nod, having no regretsut mut my decision and knowing fully well I’ll have him under my control in no time. Alex leads me back out to the lobby where he goes behind the front counter to give me my pet’s contract and fill out the necessary forms that will prove ownership.

“I do hope he pleases you the way you want. His last owner seemed awfully displeased,” Alex restates.

“I believe we’ll have fun. Besides, I’ve already kind of owned him once before,” I smirk and Alex looks up, a look of confu on on his face. “Don’t ask.” I comment as my pet is brought to me by an overly muscular man.

“What do you want his registered name to be?” Alex asks as he continues to fill out the form.

I look at my pet with a grin on my face and immediately his face takes an expression of pleading. “Please don’t, Master,” he begs.

“And why not? I’ll have many names for you and probably won’t use this name while we’re in public,” I explain and a look of relief crosses his face.

“So . . . ?” Alex asks.


TBC . . .

1. They have to leave Garden when they’re 20, this happens 7 years later... you do the math on how old they are.

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