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Sorry it's taken me so long!!!! Life got the best of me for a while. Anyways, here's part 9. Part 10 coming in a few seconds. Part 11 coming soon... after I finish a Harry Potter fic and redo a Dragonball Z fic for a friend.

Title: Pet 9/16?
Author: Malfoy
Archive: Absolute Yaoi, Noire Sensus; if you want it, lemme know.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seifer x Zell
Warnings: D/s, Yaoi, Lemon.
Notes: This is a result of a quiz I took on Quizilla that resulted in Se/Z and lots of bondage! Also, please realize that this isn’t exactly an S/M relationship . . . it’s more of a relationship that is portrayed in the anime “Ai No Kusabi.”.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my hentai mind. All characters belong to their rightful owners.

I sit back on the bed, leaning against the head board. Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath. Why am I so uncomfortable with knowing? I’d expected it. I curse Squall under my breath for hurting Zell by more means than just the markings.

“Master?” Zell asks and I open my eyes to see him kneeling next to me, a look of guilt resting on his face. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault, pet. I’m sure when you became Squall’s pet, you didn’t know he’d be like that. So, don’t worry about it. You’re mine now,” I grin, reaching out a hand to touch his cheek.

He looks down and shakes his head. “I actually had no choice when it came to being his pet. My Master before him sold me to Squall for five million gil.”

“Five million gil? That’s a nifty sum. What did Squall want you for so badly? If I do say so myself, it doesn’t seem he wanted you just for practical use,” I say, grabbing onto one of his hands.

“He wanted to learn your whereabouts but of course, I didn’t know anything. Most of these markings were part of Squall’s way to get information out of me,” he shakes his head again.

“Why’d he want to know where I was?”

“I honestly don’t know. He never blatantly told me nor did I ever find out indirectly,” Zell explains.

“Should I tell Raijin we won’t be able to make it Saturday, then? I don’t think Squall will be invited, though, but just as a precaution,” I ask, not knowing what could happen if Zell or I were to come in contact with Squall.

“No, no. I want to go. I want all the other pets to be jealous of me when they see how great a Master you are,” Zell grins.

“You’re just sucking up,” I laugh and lean forward to kiss him. “You are the best pet I’ve ever had. I have no idea what Alex was rambling about before I got you. Well, never mind that. I have more of a reward for you that’s supposed to go with our previous activities.”

His eyes widen and he watches me as I go to my closet. I open the drawers and pick out four rings from the second drawer. I grab two nipple rings along with the tongue and belly button rings. The belly button ring and tongue ring are the same style as the previous ones except for the fact that my initials are on each ball enclosure. The nipple rings are jade color rings with black ball enclosures. Those too have my initials.

Gripping the rings in a loose fist, I crawl back on the bed. “Pet, I’m going to give you new rings. These rings are to be worn at all times, understand?”

He just nods, grinning from ear to ear. I open my hand to show him the rings then tell him to stick out his tongue. He complies and allows me to put the rod in, fastening the ends with the tiny jade balls. I move to his nipples then belly button, loving the feeling of putting the rings in him. Even though the holes weren’t made by me, these rings still show he’s mine and no one else’s.

“Thank you, Master. I promise never to disappoint you,” he yawns and curls up next to me.

“You’re welcome to go to sleep if you’d like, pet. I’m going to stay up a little while longer to plan our scene for Raijin’s party. I have a few ideas and it’s more kinky than anything we’ve done in here but it will have to be,” I grin and kiss his forehead.

He just nods sleepily and lays down, closing his eyes. Such innocense... such beauty... I’ve got to be the luckiest Master ever.

“Oh, fuck,” I hear myself moaning in the midst of unconsciousness.

My hands move down my body as I slowly wake up to find them entwined with wonderfully soft locks of hair. I moan again and feel a shock of electric pleasure run through my body. Finally, I open my eyes and look down my torso to watch Zell move his tongue around my shaft. He pulls it in and out of his mouth as if suckling a lollipop.

“Pet,” I rasp and he looks up my body to acknowledge my conscious state, not once pausing his ministrations. I say nothing else and allow him to continue his work on me.

After roughly five more minutes of absolutely wonderful sensations flooding my body, I explode in his mouth. He takes in all of it, licking his lips as he pulls away. I pull him up to me, sitting up slightly, and he straddles my lap.

Kissing him deeply, he moans quietly into the kiss. I wrap my arms tightly around his waist and pull out of the kiss. I move my hands to his chest and begin playing with his nipple rings. He moans. I feel his erection press against my stomach and can’t help but become aroused again.

“Oh, pet, I’ve come up with something for Raijin’s party. I think both you and Raijin’s guests will be more than pleased. Tell me, have you ever been whipped with velvet?”

Zell shakes his head and I feel his erection become harder.

I laugh, “Like the thought of being whipped, do you? Well, with velvet, you still get the sting like you would from a normal whip but no welts will rise nor does the stinging last quite as long.”

He nods and grins, “What else does the scene entail, Master?”

“Mm, you’ll find out soon enough, pet. Let’s get a shower and then we’ll talk over breakfast, ok?” I grin and tug his nipple rings one last time before nudging him off the bed.

After cleaning ourselves, I get Zell to dress in his skirt and go fix breakfast while I try to figure out the finer details of the scene. Before joining Zell in the kitchen, I decide to check his closet to see if there’s anything decent enough for him to wear to the party. As I’m looking over the clothes, an assortment of school girl attire and leather, I’m not one bit satisfied with any ideas that come to mind. Then, I begin to think it kind of wrong to have my pet dressed in something my previous pets have worn. I shake my head then close the closet door.

“He deserves better than that,” I mutter to myself. “Pet!” I call through the house, slipping on a pair of jeans and making my way to the kitchen.

He looks in my direction as I enter the kitchen. “Yes, Master?" he inquires.

“We’re going shopping today. I need to get you a new wardrobe,” I inform.

“How come?” he asks, turning off the stove.

“Does a Master have to have a reason for buying his pet stuff? Besides, you deserve a new wardrobe considering you’re far more important to me than my previous pets. I want you to be treated in such a way.”

I take a seat at the tiny kitchen table and Zell places a plate of pancakes in front of me. He gladly obeys my order of sitting on my lap and allows me to feed him. Like the omelette from the other morning, the pancakes are abnormally good.

“So, we’ll be going to Esthar today. Tomorrow night we have work and Friday we have work. Thursday will be our day to practice our scene. Normally, there’s no practice but, I want the other Doms to be more jealous than they would naturally be,” I explain.

He chuckles as he gets another bite of pancake. “They’re going to end up hating us both if you plan on making them that jealous, Master.”

“Good. Then, we won’t have them bothering us, pet,” I grin, putting the fork down and running my hand up his thigh. I nuzzle his neck, moving my hand just slightly under his skirt. Nipping his neck, I run my dull finger nails along his thigh, causing him to sigh quietly. “Ok, pet. Go put on your regular clothes.”

He looks at me with a puzzled expression, “Regular clothes?”

“Yeah, the ones you wore then night I got you... or did-,” he nods before I finish the question. “Ok, then, never mind. Help me clean the kitchen and then we’ll find something for you to wear.”

Zell hops up from my lap and grabs the empty plate from the table, taking it over to the sink. Rising from my seat, I go over to help him and within ten minutes, we have the kitchen cleaned up.

Going into the bedroom, I immediately go to my closet and instruct Zell to take off his skirt and throw it away. I know there’s nothing in my closet that he can wear without the clothes being baggy but still, I throw a black tank top and a pair of jeans from the closet.

“You want me to wear your clothes, Master?” he asks and I turn around to see him grinning.

“They’re the only thing that you can wear that none of my previous pets have worn,” I reply simply. “Now, get dressed.”

Turning back to my closet, I grab a tight fitting jade green shirt and slip it over my bare chest.

“What about shoes, Master?” Zell asks, catching me slightly off-guard.

I look around the floor of my closet and spot a pair of unworn red tennis shoes similar to the ones he used to wear. After grabbing them and slipping on a pair of shoes, I close the door and give Zell the shoes.

“You!” he says suddenly and starts to laugh.

I chuckle, “Surprised, pet?”

“Not really, Master. I knew it had to be either you, Irvine or Selphie that took them. But, you actually kept these for this long?” he asks with a slight bit of awe in his voice.

I nod, “For a few years, I figured I’d give them back to you sometime. Then, I just kind of forgot they were there. It was fun watching you freak back at Garden when you couldn’t find them, though.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it was, Master,” he says and laughs again. “Ready to go, Master,” he exclaims after putting on the shoes.

I look him over with a quick glance, finding the clothes aren’t as baggy on him as I thought. “Reminds me of that time with Matron.”

A sudden quiet fills the room and a deep blush starts to spread over Zell’s cheeks. Without a word, I grab his hand and lead him out of the house, grabbing my wallet and car keys. When we get to the car, the blush on Zell’s cheeks is still strong.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Zell states when we get in the car. “Irvine had me drink all that juice before bed. It wasn’t my fault that Selphie loved to play ring-around-the-rosie until she got sick. Why she couldn’t hold it until I had my clothes drawer closed, we’ll never know.”

“Pet, that happened when we were three. We’re 27 now. I think you can stop worrying about it,” I chuckle, pulling out of the driveway.

“Oh, yeah. I guess so,” I look over to him to seek the blush slowly fading away. “Um, Master, if I may ask, why don’t we take the train? It’d be quicker.”

“Because I don’t want anyone to touch you.”


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