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Title: Pet 10/16?
Author: Malfoy
Archive: Absolute Yaoi, Noire Sensus; if you want it, lemme know.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seifer x Zell
Warnings: D/s, Yaoi, Lemon.
Notes: This is a result of a quiz I took on Quizilla that resulted in Se/Z and lots of bondage! Also, please realize that this isn’t exactly an S/M relationship . . . it’s more of a relationship that is portrayed in the anime “Ai No Kusabi.”.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my hentai mind. All characters belong to their rightful owners.

It took us roughly an hour to reach Esthar. The only conversation made was the settling on which stores to visit and exactly what I was looking to buy for Zell. Zell even gave me some suggestions on what he could wear for the party and even though several of his suggestions where quite tasteful, I’d already had something in mind.

Upon entering the brightly lit city of Esthar – even during the day its lights were blazing – I park the car in the underground parking garage. I turn off the car and sit back in my seat, taking the key out of the ignition.

“C’mon, pet,” I simply command, then exit the car.

I take Zell’s hand as we take the elevator out of the parking garage and I can sense him grinning when we step out onto the street. He rests his head against my arm and, with his free hand, grabs onto to my forearm gently as we walk into the shopping district.

“Pet, we’re going to be looking for everyday clothing for you first. The outfit for Saturday will be gotten last, ok?” I kiss his forehead and he nods.

The first clothing store we come up on is perfect to buy Zell’s skirts. It’s a teenager store much like the ones the girls used to fawn over back at the Garden. I grab the door handle and pull, motioning for Zell to go in. He glances at me with a small smirk on his lips. Once inside, he grabs hold of my arm and puts his head against my shoulder as if he’s bashful to be seen.

“Hello, welcome to Maria’s Boutique. Anything I can help you find, today?” A cheery voice comes from behind us.

Turning my head I see a short brunette girl, strangely resembling Rinoa. She has a big smile on her face as if this is the best place in the world to be. She raises her eyebrows slightly as I open my mouth to speak.

“I’m looking for pleated skirts,” I tell the girl with a grin.

She nods, “Oh, we just got a very nice shipment in. Here, let me show you.” She goes to the back of the store and we follow, going around clothes racks full of miscellaneous articles of clothing. In the back, right next to the dressing rooms, there are about five shelves of pleated skirts, laid out and layered so that it’s easy to see the different designs and colors of the skirts. “We have plaid, striped and solid colored skirts. They’re quite cute.” The girl comments. “Are you shopping for your girlfriend or wife, sir?”

“No, no,” I respond, guessing she hasn’t seen Zell latched to my arm. I look beside myself at Zell and the girl’s eyes follow.

“Oh,” she exclaims. “Well, in that case would you like a dressing room while you shop to try the clothing on?”

I nod, “That would be nice, thank you.”

“The third one to the left, as you go into the hallway, is vacant. If you need anything else, just let me know.” She smiles again heads off to the front of the store to greet people coming in.

My eyes immediately avert to the green plaid and the solid green and black skirts. I pick up one of each and hand them to Zell, telling him to go try them on while I look over a few other things. He does as he’s told and I turn to look around the store, noticing a collection of plain and screened shirts.

Looking over them, to my surprise, I notice a white shirt with green collar and sleeve ends with a tiny symbol that looks exactly like mine on the left sleeve. My eyes widen when I realize that green and black are the only colors these shirts have. Imagining a group of girls walking around with my symbol on their clothing passes my mind and I chuckle.

“No one would think any of them belong to me, would they? They all know I only take in males,” I shake my head and pick up one of each then head back to the dressing room with them in my hand. “Pet.” I say outside the door and he lets me into his dressing stall.

Handing him the shirts, I take a seat on the chair just inside the stall door. He unfolds the two shirts in his hands and examines them, his eyes widening when he sees my symbol on the sleeves.

“Master, did you..?”

“No, pet,” I shake my head. “There’s a shelf of them out there. Quite strange but interesting if you ask me.” I grin.

“You have to buy them all, Master. Every single one of them. I don’t want anyone else to wear your symbol. It’s what ties me to you,” he says quickly with much certainty in his voice.

“Being a little possessive are we, pet?” I grin and reach out to grab his hand, pulling him toward me.

He nods, looking me in the eyes. “I’m sorry, Master, but I can’t have others wearing your symbol.”

“You know you belong to me and no one else but if you so desire, I’ll see to it that no other has the pleasure of wearing my symbol. Just for you, pet,” my left hand caresses his cheek and he nods again.

“Thank you, Master.”

He pulls away from me and I notice he’s wearing the plaid green skirt. I just grin in approval. “Pet, change back into your clothes and meet me at the checkout counter.”

I get up and he nods as I leave, taking the other skirts and the shirts with me. On the way up to the checkout counter, I grab the rest of the shirts with my symbol on them. Putting them up on the counter, the girl from before turns her attention to me, a big grin forming over her lips again.

“All set, sir?” she asks, noticing the pile of about ten shirts and two skirts. “Like these shirts, do you? I guess we’ll have to order more,” she exclaims brightly.

“Please don’t,” I say promptly, receiving a strange look from the girl. “It’s a personal reason. Please don’t order any more of these shirts for this store.”

“But, sir, Maria takes pride in the symbol pictured on the shirt. She would be heart broken,” the girl states.

“I don’t care. That symbol is not meant for anyone but me to use. It has greater significance than you could ever imagine,” I explain.

“But, sir, it hasn’t even had a chance on the market yet. It’s only been there since this morning and Maria thinks it will do well,” she tries again.

“Didn’t you hear him? He doesn’t care. He wants that item and any item with that symbol on it off the market now. He doesn’t care how, he just wants it done. No questions asked. If Maria would like, I’m sure he would love to talk with her if that’s what it will take to get that symbol off the market,” Zell construes, putting the skirt he’d tried on, on the counter.

The girl looks him in the eye and then solemnly rings up the items on the counter.


After going through several more stores and buying clothing items such as pants, shoes and dress shirts, I decide it’s a good time for a break.

“Pet, how about some lunch?” I ask, a soft grin to my lips.

He nods, returning the grin. “Should we take these bags back to the car first, Master?”

“They do seem to be getting a little heavy. We’ll drop off the bags and then how about we go to Market for lunch?” I ask, my grin getting bigger.

“Market, you mean the . . . ?” his eyes widen.

I nod and without further ado, we take the bags to the car and head off to Market, the new Master and Pet café.

Upon seeing the café, you can tell it’s slightly different from anything else in Esthar. It still has the brightly lit outside but all the windows are covered over with black sheets, preventing anyone from seeing the happenings inside. The left window, in big, blocky letters, displays the name “Market.” On the inside, the place is dark with very dim lighting making it appear as if it’s always night, always a time for making love or playing with your pet. Star-shaped mirrors line the walls along with several of those ridiculous glow-in-the-dark stars. (1)

As we enter the building, there’s a boy with black hair, black make up, and black pants. A thick chain collar is wrapped around his nend and a leash travels over his shoulder and down the front of his torso. He bows courteously as we enter, his eyes staying to the floor.

“Good afternoon, Sirs,” he greets. “Welcome to Market. Are you here to watch the scenes or would you prefer your own private quarters?”

“Private, please,” I speak, admiring how well behaved this boy is acting.

“Yes, Sir. This way, please,” he turns and leads us down one of the two hallways that can be seen from the door.

To the left, the hallway leads to three rooms of scenes, the doors are kept open and each room has a different scene going on, each of the three types of couples are represented. To the right, there’s a long, “L” shaped hallway with several rooms each with its own unique name and inside design.

“Here you are, Sir, the Chamber Room,” the boy says, showing us into the vacant room.

The room is dark like the lobby and hallways except instead of being decorated with stars, the walls are decorated with chains. Chains hang from the ceiling in random spots. There’s a small, black table in the middle of the room that is surrounded by long, black cushions. The floor is a cold, cement-colored marble floor that lightens the room a little.

“Any thing I may get you, Sir?” the boy asks, waiting patiently for a reply.

I notice almost immediately a big, portfolio sized book on the table that says “Market” on the front. Assuming it’s the menu of assorted things, I move across the room and pick it up. Opening he menu, I look up on a wide range of toys among the common menu list of food and drink. After taking a moment to look over the menu, I cross the room again to point out several things to the boy, not wanting Zell to quite know how I wanted to play with him.

The boy nods then heads off to get what I’ve ordered and I turn to Zell with another wide grin on my lips.

“Yo amu amused me today, pet. I don’t think I could have expressed myself any clearer to that girl than you did. Thank you.” I take Zell into my arms, kissing his cheek and then his neck, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist.

“You’re welcome, Master,” he says sweetly, nuzzling against my chest.

After a few minutes of silence and holding each other, a soft knock raps on the open door. “Excuse me, Sir. Here is what you ordered.”

Looking over, I see the boy carrying a tray covered in a white cloth. I release Zell from my arms and the boy steps forward into the room, placing the tray on the table.

“How much do I owe you?” I ask the boy as he stands and faces me, keeping his eyes to the floor.

“3000 gil, Sir,” the boy says softly.

“Here’s the 3000 and another 500 to give to your Master or Mistress for training you so well,” I smile at the boy, handing over the money and dismissing him.

The boy closes the door behind him and Zell turns his attention to the tray on the table. I take the tray from the table and set it down on one of the cushions. His eyes follow my movements. I can almost feel his anticipation to see what’s under the cloth.

“Undress, pet. Slowly,” I command and move to sit on the table.

He hesitates for a moment, I guess devising a strategy. He then slowly raises the hem of his tank top, revealing his muscled stomach. Pulling it back down, he moves his hand down and gently squeezes his crotch through his pants, his eyes developing a lusty gaze. He moves his hand back up and pulls the tank top up and over his head single handedly, letting it fall beside him on the floor.

He unnoticeably slips out of his shoes somehow bringing the socks with them. His hands roam his bear chest, fondling his nipples and gently tugging the rings. I lick my lips as I watch his nipples become harder and the bulge forming just beneath the zipper of his pants.

Then, as if knowing exactly what I want to see, Zell slinks out of the jeans, letting his erect cock stand perpendicular to his body. The black cock ring is visible and is the only thing dressing him aside from his jewelry.

“C’mere, pet. Get on all fours on the table, facing away from me,” I command, standing from the table. “Keep your eyes looking straight at the wall. I don’t want you to see what I bought but rather feel it.”

Leaving his clothes behind, Zell crawls onto the table, facing away from me like commanded. I lean down to the tray, picking the cloth up from the tray and folding it. Grinning mischievously to myself, I place the cloth over Zell’s eyes and double tie the cloth behind his head.

“Master?” he asks, sounding slightly curious and slightly worried.

“Don’t worry my pet. We’re going to play.”


Sorry, I just had to leave Zell blindfolded and naked. Nummy, nummy!

1)I don’t think they’re ridiculous one bit . . . but I figured Seifer might not get as big a kick out of them as I do . . . >.

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