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Title: Pet 5/?
Author: Malfoy
Archive: Absolute Yaoi, Noire Sensus; if you want it, lemme know.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seifer x Zell
Warnings: D/s, Yaoi, Lemon.
Notes: This is a result of a quiz I took on Quizilla that resulted in Se/Z and lots of bondage! Also, please realize that this isn’t exactly an S/M relationship . . . it’s more of a relationship that is portrayed in the anime “Ai No Kusabi.” A long description of what happens at work will be in chapter 7...
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my hentai mind. All characters belong to their rightful owners.

Throughout the day, we reviewed the information he’d need for tonight, joked around and taken a nap to prepare ourselves fro the long night. I awaken with him still curled up next to me and my right arm still draped over his body. When my eyes finally focus completely, I look behind him to the digital clock on the bedside table: 7:03 p.m..

“Shit,” I whisper under my breath. We’d been asleep for four hours and we have two to get ready for work and get there.

I rub any remaining sleep from my eyes and roll off the bed. As I get up from the bed, I hear him move slightly. Turning around, I’m greeted with an ever arousing sight. Zell’s lying on his stomach, his hands under his head and as my eyes travel lower, I notice his skirt’s crept up and has uncovered half of his ass. I groan at the sight, deciding I want to use him before we go to work.

Not bothering waking him up, I go into the bathroom and run water into the jade green, oval bath tub and put in a minimal amount of suds. Before returning to the bedroom, I undress, leaving my clothes on the bathroom floor. I go back into the bedroom and to his side of the bed where I kneel beside the bed. My left hand reaches out to stroke his hair before traveling lower on his body until it finds itself on the button and zipper of his skirt. Ever so gently, so as not to wake him completely, I remove the skirt, pulling it down and off his body. He stirs, turning over onto his back.

My breath catches in my throat. He bends his knees, bringing his legs up to allow him to rest his feet flat on the bed which allows me a perfect view between his legs. I swear with each movement he makes, his cock gets harder, it’s just teasing me because it knows I can’t handle the sight of Zell like this without wanting to ravish his body.

I quickly shake my head not knowing where any of these thoughts are coming from. Once my head is halfway clear of images of me taking advantage of him now, I remove his cock ring and place it on the table then pick him up and carry him into the bathroom like a groom would carry his bride. Gently, I set him down in the tub and turn off the water. He sighs at the warmth of the water surrounding him and I climb into the bath. I sit in front of him, watching him move ever so slightly as he wakes up.

I lean forward slightly to press my lips against his. After only a second of contact, he opens his mouth and asks for more. My tongue finds its way into his mouth to explore the moist cavern and study each and every part of his mouth. He returns my kiss so expertly, pleasing me like a pet should.

“Master,” he gasps out as I slowly pull away from the kiss. “Anything else you desire, Master?” he asks with a smirk across his lips that tempts me even further.

“Yes, pet, but first, we need to shave you. Your legs and underarms are to remain hairless, remember?” I ask and ods.ods. “Good. There is a red razor in that cabinet,” I point to the cabinet that clings to the wall above the bath. “That will be yours.”

He rises from the bath, a few suds clinging to his legs, and retrieves the razor. As he sits back down, I gesture for him to sit between my legs and with the razor in hand, he does. As he sits, he lightly brushes against my ever hardening cock as if purposely teasing me. Shoving away the thoughts of sex in order to prevent my current erection from hurting, I gently wrap my arms around his waist and he sits there as if not knowing what to do. I laugh which causes him to blush slightly.

“I’ll give you a hint about shaving your legs. First, start at the ankle and move toward your knee, that will make things easier and lessen your chance of getting a nick. Also, do long, smooth strokes up rather than short strokes that will lessen your chances of missing spots, got it?” I explain and he nods.

“You seem to know a little more about this than you should, Master,” he giggles a little and feels my left leg with his left hand. “You don’t even shave your legs and you know this? You’re strange.”

“I’ve had two pets before you that I have had shave their legs so I’ve learned the tricks by now. Besides, you’ll like the way it feels when your legs are shaved, trust me. I know what I’m talking about, pet,” I assure him.

He nods and lifts his right leg out of the water and begins to shave. He slowly makes each stroke, taking extra care to make sure he d’t c’t cut himself with the razor. When he’s done with the bottom half of his right leg, he runs his hand against it to make sure he didn’t miss any spots.

“That does feel nice, Master,” he giggles with a slight bit of disbelief in his voice and quickly returns to finish shaving his legs.

I laugh and lean forward to kiss the back of his neck gently, moving my hands from his stomach and up to his chest. I place a hand over each nipple and gently move my fingers over them, making him gasp at the touch. He moves back into me when he’s finished shaving his legs, the razor still in his hand.

“Underarms, pet,” I say, letting go of him. He sighs disappointedly at the feel of me pulling away, making me chuckle.

When he’s completely done, he leans back into me and I wrap my arms around him. “Do you want me to shave the hair surrounding my cock, Master?” he asks.

“No, leave that,” I tell him and move my mouth down to his neck while my right hand travels down his stomach and to the curls that surround his cock. He gasps quietly and moves his head to the side, allowing me to kiss his neck more. I move my hands down and over his legs slowly, relishing in the feel of the smoothness of his legs. “Much better, pet.” I praise him and he sighs a sigh of comfort as he relaxes against me. “Put the razor away, pet. I want to use you,” I tell him, causing him to growl softly as he stands up to put the razor away.

I raise myself and sit on the side of the tub in an attempt to show him exactly how hard I am right now. When he turns away from the cabinet and faces me, his eyes show a strange, unique expression of pleasure that can only come from a pet that enjoys pleasuring his owner. My eyes travel down his body and focus on his continuously hardening cock.

“Come here, pet,” I take his hand, gently pulling him toward me. He moves slightly as if he plans on getting to his knees to take me into his mouth and even though that’s what I want, I stop him. “I’m going to let you come now, pet, but only because your skirt is not going to hide something like that, even with you wearing panties.” He looks at me with a look of surprise. “Oh, I want others to know of you being aroused, pet, but not being this hard. I think it would tempt them too much, don’t you? And yes, you’ll be wearing panties when we go to work.”

“Yes, Master,” he responds simply, a look of gratification on his face.

I smirk at him to show my pleasure of his response before I lean forward slightly to kiss his stomach just below his belly button as I wrap my left hand around his erection. I kiss my way down his stomach and move my hand down the shaft which allows me to take the head of his cock into my mouth.

He grabs onto both of my shoulders, gripping hard so he doesn’t let his knees give way. “Master!” he gasps, moving hinds nds to the back of my head to urge me further.

As I take more of him into my mouth, I move the hand that’s wrapped around his cock down to his balls, gently brushing past them as my fingers searched for his entrance. My right hand moves up, taking the place of the left hand and wrapping around Zell’s cock. I continuously lap at the opening of his cock with my tongue, taking in every bit of sweet essence that begs to escape.

My left hand finds its way to Zell’s entrance and the fingers rub over the slightly puckered flesh which results in him grabbing onto me tighter, if at all possible. No sooner than when I put the tip of my index finger inside him does he cry out and come into my mouth. So sweet.

He pulls away and I notice a slight blush to his cheeks. I place my hands to either side of his face and bring his lips to mine, wallowing in the sweet taste of him. He wraps his arms tightly around my shoulders as if begging me to never let go of him and if it were up to me at this moment, I would keep him forever. However, it’s too soon to tell of anything.

Slowly, he lowers himself to his knees before me, not breaking the kiss until I pull away from him. It’s then that I realize again exactly how much I need release right now. He looks to me and I nod my head once before he takes my cock in hand and puts his mouth around it. A loud gasp escapes me and encourages him to continue.

I place one hand to the back of his head while the other holds onto the side of the bathtub in an attempt to keep my balance as he expertly pleasures me. He relaxes his throat muscles, taking me in almost completely as he sucks so generously before pulling away and letting his tongue take over. Ever so gently, he allows his tongue to explore my arousal, bringing my excitement to a completely new level.

“Good, pet,” I gasp out at his ministrations and he takes me into his mouth again. Halloallows against my member, triggering my release. “Zell!” I manage to say before being lost for words and surrendering into his mouth.

As he pulls away, he licks his lips as if he doesn’t want any of my seed to go to waste. I chuckle at the sight of him when I notice a small amount of e one on his chin, just out of reach of his tongue. I bring him up to me and lick the small amount of my cum off his chin before I kiss his mouth tenderly.

“Master, you called me Zell,” he inquires as he pulls away, allowing me to sit back down in the tub.

I chuckle, “It won’t happen often, pet. But, do you like me calling you by your name?”

Zell nods, “It’s a little weird hearing it though.”

“And just last night you were complaining that I wasn’t going to call you Zell. Anyways, that’s how I want it to be. I would love it if it got to the point where you don’t recognize your own name and the only thing you’ll stand being called is ‘Pet’,” I explain.

“And Chicken-wuss, right?”

I laugh, “Very rarely, pet.”

Our conversation just kind of ended there, allowing us to finish bathing and to return to the bedroom to dress ourselves. With a towel wrapped around my waist, I give him instructions on what to wear for the night.

“Here, pet. I want you wearing these,” I hold out a pair of white panties and white, cotton, sleeveless belly shirt. “And, you have belly button and tongue piercing holes, right?” He nods. “Good, I want a ring in each of those, just for show. You won’t be allowed to have those in permanently until I say so; however, you will wear them each night we go to work.”

I move over to my closet with the set of drawers inside. I open the second drawer and pull out two rings: his tongue ring, a long rod with jade ball closures and his belly button ring, a simple silver ring with a small charm of my symbol in green. Placing the rings on the bedside table, I pull my clothes out of the closet as well: a red, silk button up vest and a pair of black slacks.

Once both of us are dressed, I summon Zell to me to put his rings in. First, I put in the belly button ring then the tongue ring. He whimpers slightly at the pressure I put on his tongue but seems quite pleased once I have the rings in and fastened.

“Take a step back, I want to admire you, pet,” I coax him and he steps backward. “Mmm, beautiful. Like a wet dream come true, pet. The place is gonna be a madhouse with you there and those men are going to want you so badly.” I shake my head at the image. “Your shoes and socks are in your closet. Wear the black shoes.”

He follows my words as I put on a pair of black boots that have a slight platform to them. As soon as all is said and done in the bedroom, we finally head out of the house.


“Good evening, Seifer,” a slender, dark-haired woman greets when Zell and I go into her office to clock in. “New pet?” she asks, eyeing Zell behind me.

“Yes, Ma’am. Pet, this is Hanako, your boss. Hanako, Zell,” I introduce them and they politely shake hands with one another.

“How do you always find the pretty ones, Seifer? He’s gorgeous!” She giggles then eyes me with a rather serious expression, “You do realize those guys out there are going to be pawing him all night long. Even Nathan might be hitting on him and you know how committed Nathan is to his boyfriend. It might be safe having him stocking.”

I laugh at Hanako’s worried look, “With him looking that good? I don’t think so. No worries involved; I’ve got everything under control. Besides, I think Chicken-wuss here would hurt them if any of them dared to touch him. Right, pet?” I look to him andice ice the scowl that rests on his face from me calling him by his registered name.

“Yes,” he looks to Hanako then back to me, “Master.”

Hanako giggles, “Oh I hate working here.”

“All the gorgeous guys in the world and not a one to be touched. Sad how that works out but it’s your own damned fault.”

“I know,” Hanako sighs. “Now, you two get to work. I expect you will teach your new pet how things work around here, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I take him out of the office and through the doors to the front counter where I swear I could hear about five of the men gasp at the sight of Zell. Nathan, a long-haired red head with piercing blue eyes, turns to us as soon as he hears the doors shut and his shoulders slump in an expression I’m guessing is of relief.

“This place is crazy already. I think we’re in for a long night, Almasy,” Nathan says, trying to get his voice above the loud music that plays through the place. Nathan looks behind me and arches an eyebrow. “You got a new one? Good.” He says simply before turning back around and talking to the people at the bar.

I turn around to see Zell standing behind me with a look of terror on his face and even through the blue lights that make the place shine, I can see a hint of a blush rising to his cheeks. I gently grab his left wrist, pulling him to me until there’s about a two-inch space between us.

“The first night is always the hardest. You’ll get used to it, pet. You still remember everything I told you right?” I ask, trying to calm him with a soothing voice. He nods and I grin. “Ok. Here we go. I’ll explain everything about what you’re doing tonight . . . ”

I begin ping ing out the placement of things and telling him that his job will be to work up at the bar beside me while Nathan will be taking the floor of the place. He nods and eagerly takes everything in, his normal confidence returning.


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