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Title: Pet 8/?
Author: Malfoy
Archive: Absolute Yaoi, Noire Sensus; if you want it, lemme know.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seifer x Zell
Warnings: D/s, Yaoi, Lemon.
Notes: This is a result of a quiz I took on Quizilla that resulted in Se/Z and lots of bondage! Also, please realize that this isn’t exactly an S/M relationship . . . it’s more of a relationship that is portrayed in the anime “Ai No Kusabi.” Sorry for not getting really graphic with the reward but my brain’s done a funky writer’s block where I can’t write a whole sex scene . . . as one of my friends put it, it’s a sex writer’s block. And the plot thickens . . .
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my hentai mind. All characters belong to their rightful owners.

When I awake that afternoon, I decide to administer Zell’s punishment first thing which would allow more time for play or torture, however you wish to look at it. I quietly get out of bed and look over my bedroom walls, looking for a rope I could use tie Zell up. Spotting my rope collection, I grab two small ropes and one longer rope before joining Zell again on the bed.
Once on the bed, I gently turn Zell so he’s on his back and then I straddle his stomach.

I lean down and whisper into his ear, “Pet, wake up now.”

He squirms slightly underneath me as he attempts rousing from his slumber. I put his hands above his head before taking the longer of the three ropes and wrapping it around his wrists, loose enough so as not to hurt him but tight enough so that he can’t escape. Leaving some slack in the rope, I wrap the other end of the rope around the headboard and tie it tight. Once that’s done, I lean and and capture, between my lips, a soft spot of flesh right below his right ear.

“Mm, Master,” he moans just as I begin to suck on the chosen spot. “Ah!” he exclaims as the blood vessels pop beneath my mouth.

Once I’ve seen the mark and am quite satisfied, I pull away and grab a pillow from the head of the bed before putting it underneath his ass. I then take the two remaining ropes and tie eaf hif his ankles to the foot board, with his knees bent.

“Good morning, Master,” reetreets and my eyes meet his, discovering a rather warm expression.

I can’t help but lean down and kiss him, lips to lips. He temptingly opens his mouth and I push my tongue inside, exploring every inch of his mouth as if it were our very first kiss. I hear him when he attempts to pull his arms up and wrap them around me. When he discovers how impossible a feat that is, he slowly opens his legs wider as if telling me he’s ready for anything.

Keeping the kiss in contact, I reach down with one hand and stroke his cock slowly before putting my cock to hisowlyowly rubbing them together. He moans into the kiss and moves his hips up against mine as much as the ropes will allot. I stop moving our hips together and begin kissing my way down his body as one of my hands moves to his entrance and begins stretching him.

In virtually no time, I have him prepared and I’m sliding into him. As soon as I’m inside to the hilt, I cease all movement and sit up.

“Pet, I’ve decided to go through with your punishment part of things first. So, after I’m done here, I’ll leave you here for thirty minutes. I’ll put another cock ring on you, which will keep you hard through the whole thing, ok? And one more thing, if it gets too intense for you during your reward, I will allow you to use a safe word, that word is Shiva, got it?” I explain.

“Yes, Master. How come you’re allowing me to use a safe word during this? Isn’t it a rule that pets aren’t given safe words?” he asks, seemingly puzzled.

“Yes, but this is more of a reward for you so therefore, I’ll allow you to use a safe word but only in sitons ons like this. I mean, I think it’s reasonable enough to allow it, don’t you?” I smirk then lean down and kiss him again, slowly pulling out of him.

He releases small whimpers beneath me as I push in and then pull out of him again, slowly. I feel pleasure run through me and close my eyes. The sound of him pulling the ropes again causes me to open my eyes again. I grin then lean down to kiss him. He kisses back fervently, passionately and follows me up as far as he can until I break away. He presses his head back against the pillows and looks at me with half-lidded eyes.

Sitting up straight, I grab his ass, pulling him up slightly so I can move closer to him and allow for easier access. In. Out. In. Out.

“Master, I . . . ,” he starts.

“Don’t think about it, pet,” I advise.

Zell closes his eyes and bites his bottom lip. Faster. Faster. Harder. Harder. I manage to keep my eyes open in the bliss and they trail hungrily over his body, greedilying ing in every inch. Suddenly, I’m lost in oblivion and moaning loudly into the room.

“Mmm, Zell, so good,” I exclaim as I begin coming down from climax.

“Master . . . ,” he gasps.

I chuckle as I return to my normal state, “I know, pet. I called you ‘Zell’, again. It’s so easy to do.” I grin and slowly pull out of him. I bend over him and kiss him quickly on the head before getting up from the bed and going over to my closet to get his cock ring. “Pet, how much do you want to come right now?”

“Very much, Master,” he whimpers.

“Hm, I can tell playing with you later will be rather enjoyable for us both, ne?” I chuckle and turn from the closet once I have the ring in hand. Once I approach the bed and have put the ring on him, I hear the doorbell ring and I smirk, “We have visitors. Don’t worry. I won’t let them see you like this. It’s too good a visual.” I turn from the bed again and go to grab a pair of jeans that I slip on. “I’ll be back, pet.” With that, I leave the room, closing the doors behind me.

I look through the peep hole in the door to make sure it’s someone I actually would like talking with only to see it covered. Only one person I know of would do that. I open the door and my suspicions are confirmed. Raijin stands on the porch with Alex attached to a leash and kneeling in front of him. Alex is clad only in what appears to be a black, leather loin cloth. His head is bowed and a folded piece of paper hangs from his mouth.

“We’ve come to give you your formal invitation, ya know,” Raijin informs me.

I reach down and take the invitation from Alex’s mouth then unfold it to read it.

“Master wishes for you and your pet to participate in a scene,” Alex tells me, his head still bowed.

“I see,” I look up to Raijin and chuckle. “You’d like for me to show off my new pet, huh? I’d be happy to. Would you like to come in?” I offer.

“Only for a moment, we have other invitations to deliver, ya know?” Raijin nods.

I step backward and allow them to enter. Alex props himself on all fours and crawls into the house with Raijin following behind. Raijin looks around the living room and even glances into the kitchen.

“Where’s the Chicken wuss? I thought he’d be here, ya know?” Raijin asks.

“Oh, he’s here all right,” I confirm, then point in the direction of the bedroom.

Raijin just smirks and nods in response. “Well, if you have business with him, I’ll just be on my way.”

“No, no, have a seat. He’s still got a good 25 minutes left,” I inform and Raijin gives me an inaudible “oh” as if he knows what I’m doing with him.

Raijin moves to sit on the couch and allows Alex to climb into his lap. “So, truthfully, how is he as a pet, ya know?”

I sit on the chair next to the couch and hesitate at Raijin’s question for a moment before answering, “He’s very obedient and very loving but it seems as though he’s been hurt or something by one of his owners before me. It seems as though the thing he craves most from me is protection and that’s kind of a new thing for me.”

“Protection? How can you tell that, ya know?” Raijin inquires.

“It’s difficult to explain but he’s often asking me not to leave him as if he’s scared something may happen. He won’t tell me anything and I’ve allowed him to do so until he’s ready,” I respond and Raijin looks at me, studying my face thoroughly.

“You shouldn’t do that, ya know? That could do more harm than good, ya know? It could leave both of you hurt if something were to happen. You have the right to demand any information from him you wish, ya know?” he tells me.

I nod, “If only you could see how hurt he acted when I asked for the information from him before. It seems as though it really hurts him to bring up the memories of his previous Master. He hasn’t even told me who his previous Master is. The thing is, he acts the same way whenever I ask him about Squall.”

At that moment Alex lifts his head from Raijin’s chest and looks at me. “Pet, do you know something?”

Alex shakes his head. “I’ve heard of that name before, though, Master. No one I know of that is a client of Paradise has that name, though.”

“Who was Zell’s previous Master then?” I ask, becoming quite curious.

“His name was Caraway,” Alex says.

I quirk my eyebrows. “Caraway as in Rinoa’s father?!” I shake my head. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Why not? Rinoa’s father is just as capable of being an owner as you are, ya know?” Raijin chuckles a little. “Sorry, but that’s an awkward image, ya know?”

“No kidding,” I chuckle, too. “Oh well, no need to let it bother us now. Anyway, aside from that whole ordeal, he’s perfect. I don’t think I’m getting rid of him. I think he’s just what I expected and a whole lot more.”

“Sir, I’m hurt, you never gave me a chance,” Alex pouts.

“Pet,” Raijin warns and playfully smacks Alex’s bottom and Alex giggles.

“Hm, maybe Raijin will let you come and play one day,” I smirk and get a rather disturbed look from Raijin. “Of course, Raijin, you could play, too and we’ll have a foursome.”

Raijin just shakes his head, “You’ve become a little too giddy for your own good, ya know? If you start giggling like Alex does, I think I’m going to have to admit you. But I’ll think about it, ya know.” He smirks and nudges Alex slightly alerting the boy get on all fours again. “We’ve got more invitations to deliver, ya know. So, we should be going.”

I nod and stand up to see them out as an act of courtesy. When they’re gone, I grab the invitation and head back into the bedroom. Zell’s lying on the bed with a deep red blush to his cheeks and sweat droplets covering his body. As I approach the bed, I notice his cock still hard, if not harder than it was before. His eyes are closed tightly as if he’s trying desperately not to think about the length between his legs.

“Pet, Raijin just dropped off the invitation for his party this Saturday. He wants us to participate in a scene,” I explain as I take off my jeans and throw them to the floor. I move over to the bed and crawl over the footboard and between his legs. “Mmm, so hard,” I moan as I get a full view of his cock.

I reach out my hand and gently stroke the red-purplish head of his cock and then slowly move my hand down. I cup his balls in my other hand and he mewls.

“Master,” he gasps. “Please . . . I . . . ”

“I’ll let you come soon but you’ve still got five minutes until this thing comes off. So, you can’t come until then,” I smirk.

I wrap my hand firmly around his cock and begin stroking roughly. He arches his back as far off the bed as he can, trying to draw himself closer to the touch. Leaning down, I capture is right nipple between my lips and suck gently before biting down rather harshly and causing him to yell out.

Sitting up on the bed, I begin to untie the ropes. First, I untie his ankles then his wrists. He wraps his legs and arms around me then pulls me in close, hugging me to him. He suddenly lets go as if thinking he’s done something wrong.

“I’m sorry, Master, I didn’t mean to,” he apologizes and blushes.

“It’s all right. You didn’t do anything, pet,” I smile then lean down and kiss his lips simply. “C’mon, let’s get a shower,” I suggest, pulling him up from the bed.

He follows me to the bathroom where I proceed to start the water. I turn to face him and bring myself mere centimeters away from him. Pressing my lips passionately against his, he wraps his arms around my waist loosely. My hands trail down his body, coming in contact with his erection. He moans loudly into my mouth and attempts pulling me closer and holding me tighter.

“Don’t touch it,” I grin, pulling him to the shower.

He looks down and looks back at me as though surprised I removed his ring. He moves under the spray of the water and I close the shower door. He looks at me with innocent, pleading eyes that make me want to take full advantage of him. And that’s just what I’m going to do.

Stepping toward him, I grab his waist and turn him away from me swiftly. I push his hips back against mine harshly, making him squeal quietly.

“Master,” he says, almost as if asking.

“What do you want, pet?” I ask, moving my hands along his chest, stomach and thighs.

“Ah,” he moans as I press my hips against his ass. “I want you inside me, Master, please?”

Without further ado, I grab the soap from the shelf and lather my fingers before pressing them slowly into him. After only a minute of stretching him, I remove my fingers and put my cock to his entrance. Pushing slowly into him, he releases a long, satisfied moan. He eagerly pushes back on me, allowing me to completely enter him.

The water beats down on us harshly but at this moment, I think he could care less. My hands still roam over his body, eliciting soft moans from him. He presses his hands to the shower wall and bends over just slightly as he waits for me to move.

“It’s not me who’s getting the reward, pet. Move,” I instruct.

He then takes the situation into his own hands and moves his hips up then harshly back, moaning loudly. I grin.


“You’ve done well today, pet,” I lean down and whisper into his ear.

His head lays in my lap as we’re wrapped in the sheets. He looks up at me and smiles a genuine smile then grabs my hand and kisses it gently. I put the same hand under his chin and bring him up slightly to my lips to kiss him passionately.

“Excuse me for listening, Master, but I heard what you said to Sir Raijin earlier and I want to thank you, Master. I wish I believed I was the right pet for you,” he hangs his head, breaking eye contact. “You’re too good for me, Master.”

“Why do you say that? I think you’re perfect, pet.” There, I said it. I can’t take back my words now that they’re out there.

“I’ve got so many flaws. You don’t even know my past since Ultimecia. You haven’t seen them but I still have markings from my last Master,” he looks back up at me with innocent, lost eyes.

I shake my head, “I haven’t seen them.” My words are surprising me. I know I’ve admired, studied every part of his body by now and not once have I seen a marking.

He nods and sits up on his knees, his back to me. He lowers the sheet that covers him and tells me to study his back. Not able to see with the dim light of the bedside lamp, I get up and turn on the overhead light. Once on the bed again, I look at his back and for the first time, see faint markings all over his back. Faint white and soft pink slash marks line his back. I find myself shocked that I’d never seen them before. I reach out my hand and begin tracing the markings, becoming entranced.

“There are more,” he says and turns over, sitting with his legs spread.

He points out the lines that mark the inside of his thighs, darker marks. Small ‘x’s almost seem to make a pattern.

“Why didn’t I notice these before?” I look up at him.

He shakes his head, “I don’t know, Master. I guess they aren’t too noticeable unless I point them out or something.”

“I’m guessing your last Master was a hardcore blood sport,” I suggest, still studying the markings.

“Yeah, some of them still kind of hurt but I think it’s more of a mental thing than actual pain,” he informs.

I look up at him and suddenly wrap my arms around him, hugging him tightly. “I’m never going to hurt you. I promise.”

He rests in my arms, not even attempting to make any movement.

“I heard you also trying to find out who my last Master was and I think the last marking will tell you,” he explains.

I move my arms from around him and sit up. He moves back to his position with his legs slightly spread. He moves his right hand down to his balls and pulls them up, moving his cock upward too. To my amazement, there is a marking on the flesh covering the muscle between his balls and his ass. I hear myself almost gasping when I read what it says.


TBC . . .

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