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Title: Pet 7/?
Author: Malfoy
Archive: Absolute Yaoi, Noire Sensus; if you want it, lemme know.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seifer x Zell
Warnings: D/s, Yaoi, Lemon.
Notes: This is a result of a quiz I took on Quizilla that resulted in Se/Z and lots of bondage! Also, please realize that this isn’t exactly an S/M relationship . . . it’s more of a relationship that is portrayed in the anime “Ai No Kusabi.” I’d like to thank Miss Hurricane Isabel for actually getting me to finihis his part . . . even though a majority was written by candle light!
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my hentai mind. All characters belong to their rightful owners.

“Ready to go, pet?” I ask, re-entering my bedroom for the fiftieth time of the evening.

Zell approaches me, fully clothed with piercings in place, “Yes, Master,” he responds with a slight eagerness to his words.

I simply nod my agreement, “Turn out all the lights and meet me in the car.”

“Yes, Master,” he says before turning to cut off the bedroom light.

However, before he fully turns, I find myself reaching out to grab his wrist. A soft gasp escapes and he turns back to look at me, his eyes racing back and forth as they try to read my expression. I suddenly pull him close to me, pressing our bodies together.

“Ma–,” Zell starts.

“You’re such a good pet,” I praise, raising my right hand and placing it to his cheek before mindlessly tracing his tattoo. “Such a good pet,” I say again and lean down to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Master,” he quietly whispers as I pull away from him.

I study his eyes for a second then quickly break our eye contact, hanging my head. “Meet me in the car,” I instruct him again before heading out of the house.

It couldn’t be that I’ve fallen that hard for him yet, could it? No way, not this soon. Then why did I just randomly kiss him? And so sensuously, too? No, no, it’s normal to do that. I’m his owner. I can do whatever I please with him. Right?!

My thoughts cease for the moment when I see Zell exiting the house. I chuckle at the sight of his facial expression that tells me he does not want to go to work.

“Don’t look so distraught, pet,” I say when he opens the car door. As soon as he gets in, I start up the transmission. “I promise you the game results will not be as bad as you think they will be. I promise you will enjoy it. It is a reward after all,” I explain, pulling out of the driveway.

“Yes, Master. I guess it won’t be that bad if I just concentrate and don’t mess up.”

“Exactly, because why should I give you a reward for faltering, pet?” I chuckle. “Now, it’s Sunday night so there won’t be as many customers which should make it slightly easier for you. However, the ones that usually do show up on sunday either: a, tend to get drunk and flirt more or b, tend to be a little more exhibitionistic than usual,” I explain with a smirk.

“Meaning, it’s going to be harder to mess up but easier to get flirted with and there will be guys fucking each other in random spots around the building, right? How can Hanako allow the exhibitionism, Master?” Zell questions.

“She pretty much encourages it actually. That woman encourages a lot of things that most people would find odd. She’s been waiting a long time to see Nathan and his boyfriend together, even just a kiss would satisfy her. Unfortunately for her, Nathan doesn’t plan to show her anything just to annoy her,” I explain.

Zell chuckles and then silence takes over the conversation. Even with it being Sunday night, the streets of Dollet are pretty busy. Though the traffic is heavier than usual, we get to work relatively early.

The same expression of not wanting to be here still graces Zell’s face. “Master I–,” he says and cuts himself off.

“What is it, pet?”

He shakes his head, “Nothing, Master.”

With that, he moves to get out of the car. We approach the back door of the place and I grab Zell’s arm.

“What is it? Is something bothering you?” I ask, seriousness to my voice.

“No, Master. It’s nothing, I promise,” he responds.

“Fine,” I lean forward to kiss him before leading him into the building.

“Hurry up! Clock in and get out front! Nathan’s got to leave!” Hanako’s voice almost immediately assaults us.

“What? Something happen?” I ask, chuckling at her urgency.

“No, just apparently, tonight is his and his boyfriend’s anniversary and apparently he’s in the dog house! And you know how much it would depress me if they broke up! Now quit making me talk and get out front! Oh, hi, Zell,” Hanako finishes sweetly.

I just laugh. Hanako is one crazy lady but I love her all the same.

“C’mon, pet,” I beckon after clocking us in.

“Dammit, Seifer!” Hanako exclaims as we leave her office and head out front.

“Thank Hyne you’re here! Cory’s gonna have my neck when I get home!” Nathan grins mischievously before rushing out.

With a grin on my face, I just shake my head. “C’mon, pet. We’ve got our work cut out for us tonight. You’re in charge of the counter tonight, okay?”

“Yes, Master,” he responds.

Zell quickly turns to begin to help customers. I watch him for a few moments, examining how he moves and how he interacts with his first few customers. The first two orders are normal drinks, a shot of liquor and a shot of whiskey. The third one, however, brings a smirk to Zell’s lips, a “Screaming Orgasm.” I just chuckle and add one to my mental tally.

“GET AWAY FROM MY PET! GO GET YOUR OWN, YA KNOW?!” a deep voice yells through the building just loud enough to be heard over the music.

Several people turn to look in the direction of the voice and I take that as my cue to get out from behind the counter and go mingle and what not with the customers. My first destination is the source of the voice and upon my arrival, I see what I’d expected: Raijin and Alex.

“Master, calm down. He didn’t mean any harm,” Alex says trying to get his Master to stop harassing a man that apparently got too close to something that wasn’t rightfully his.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right, ya know?!” Raijin sighs and lets go of the man’s collar. “All right, just don’t touch my pet again, you understand?”

“Y– yes, sir,” the anonymous man squeaks before stumbling away.

“Still as possessive as ever I see,” I chuckle, approaching the couple.

“Seifer! Good to see ya ya know?! Pet, say hello,” Raijin greets.

“Seifer, Sir, lovely to see you again. Are you enjoying your new pet so far, Sir?” Alex asks, a reasonable size smile on his face.

“Very much, he’s so incredibly obedient.” As I speak, I notice a collar around Alex’s nand and attached to it is a black leash that is apparently tied to Raijin’s chair.

“A new pet, Seifer? I thought you gave that up, ya know?” Raijin raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I thought I did, too. But I found myself at ‘Paradise’ just Friday night, saw this pet and had to have him. Once you see him, you’ll know why,” I gestured in the direction of Zell.

Not even bothering fighting his curiousness, Raijin stands up and looks at the counter. As he sits back down, he chuckles. “Chicken wuss? How the hell did you find him, ya know?!”

“Just showed up but you understand my happiness of finding him don’t you? I’m going to make him the perfect pet. All other owners will be so jealous,” I smirk. “Now, I’ve got to get to work so if you’ll excuse me . . . ”

“Just a second,” Raijin stops me. “I’m hosting a play party next Saturday. I want you and your new pet there, ya know?! I’ll send you a proper invitation this week but I’d like to know of your status now.”

“Sure, why not?! He could use some more exposure if you know what I mean,” I laugh. “Now, if I may go?”

“Of course, of course, ya know?!”

“Good night, Sir,” Alex says simply and before I’m able to walk off, Alex brings himself incredibly close to Raijin.

I make my first rounds of the customers, mindlessly flirting with just about every one of them. As I make my rounds, I glance up to the bar to witness Zell making an expression as if he’d just seriously fucked up. I laugh inwardly and as soon as I have orders, I go back up to the bar.

During the process of making the drinks, I casually walk behind Zell and stop. I press my hips nonchalantly up to his and reach over him to grab the Amaretto. He gasps quietly ae kne knowledge of my sudden presence and at the knowledge of how close I am to him.

“I noticed you a moment ago, pet, did you already make a mistake?” I whisper harshly into his right ear, and at the same time, I move my left hand up the back of his left thigh.

“Yes, Master,” he says quietly.

“Mmhm, thought so,” I confirm before placing a firm smack on his bottom.

He lurches forward with a whimper. I laugh quietly when I notice the attention being placed on us at the moment. Some of the men have wide grins on their faces while others look rather surprised.

“Don’t mess up anymore, pet or you won’t like the outcome,” I grin and kiss his cheek quickly before heading off to finish my drink orders.


When the place finally quiets down a little, it allows us to slow down and allows me to be able to watch Zell a little closer.

“You’ve done well tonight, pet,” I praise him, coming back up to the counter after taking care of a few customers.

“Thank you, Master,” he grins, showing me he’s rather proud of himself.

“Only four more hours to go, pet. Still, enough time for anything to change. However, I definitely commend you for not flirting back with the customers. I know it must have been hard with that red head. Pretty, wasn’t he?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

“Yes, Master, he was pretty. However, not really my type of person,” Zell informs me.

“Oh, ly? ly? What was wrong with him, pet?” I ask, curious since I’ve never had a pet that would refuse the pretty red haired boy that comes in every-so-often.

“He’s too feminine and there’s just something about him that I don’t find attractive. Perhaps it was how he walked with too much confidence, Master,” Zell explains.

“Too much confidence, eh? I thought that was my department, pet” I laugh.

“Master, you’re confident but not overflowing with it. The red head’s confidence was almost beyond egotistical. It made me wonder if possibly he’s more of a sex addict than our dear friend Irvine. Though, I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Master, why’d you ask me that question in the first place?” Zell looks to me as if expecting me to tell him something awful.

“Just a test, pet,” I tell him simply before kissing him quickly and heading back to the floor.

“Master,” he calls after me and I turn, “if you’re worried about me leaving you for someone else, don’t. I’ve never been happier with anyone.”

“Good, pet, good,” I grin and head back to the floor.

“Looks like you’ve found the perfect pet,” a familiar voice says as I pass the first set of tables.

I quickly turn around to find no body there but someone walking up to the bar, a man with long black hair and a familiar walk. I shake my head, curiosity now running through me, and continue my rounds of the tables.

Though most of my attention is on my work, I repeatedly glance up to the bar and watch the guy. When Zell finally notices the guy, I see a look of strong surprise come over him. Then, almost immediately, they begin what appears to be a rather involved conversation. At that moment, most of my attention is placed on them.

Zell’s facial expression changes so rapidly as they talk, from distraught to confused to happy and back to distraught. Pausing the conversation only to take care of the few customers left, Zell seems so wrapped up in the conversation.

Once the conversation reaches a minute hiatus, the man reaches out a hand to Zell as if offering something to him. Zell quickly shakes his head in refusal of whatever he was offered. Then suddenly, seeming angered by the refusal, the man grasps Zell’s wrist and pulls Zell roughly to the edge of the bar. Zell continues to shake his head and protest to the man.

“Excuse me, sir,” a customer beckons somewhere next to me but I pay no attention as I intently watch Zell struggle from the man’s grip.

I find myself hastily approaching the bar again. Just as I approach the last row of tables before the bar, the man places his free hand to the back of Zell’s head, pulling them even closer and he forces his lips against Zell’s.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HIM!” I yell violently and the guy quickly lets go of Zell.

I barely catch a glimpse of the man before I grab his shirt and violently drag him off the bar stool. I then quickly bring my right hand back and punch the man hard in the jaw. The man falls back on the floor then stands up with a sly grin on his face.

“Get the fuck out of here, now!” I growl and the man casually brushes past me and heads out the front doors.

“Master . . . I . . . I’m sorry. I-,” Zell starts.

“Don’t worry, pet. It wasn’t your fault. Someone needs to learn not to touch other people’s property,” I huff. I glance around the place, noticing all attention being placed on us. “Show’s over, people!” I say, perturbed before going behind the counter, grabbing Zell and going to the back. “Hanako! Zell and I are leaving!”

“Seifer! You can’t leave! You’ve still got three and a half hours!” Hanako yells, racing out of her office.

“So what?! We’re leaving. I’ll call you later to explain,” I tell her before leaving.

“Seifer!” Hanako yells after us.

With Zell’s hand in mine, I lead him to the car. “Pet, I don’t blame you for any of that and you won’t be punished for it, all right?”

“Yes, Master, I’m still sorry it happened,” he apologizes.

“Me, too, pet.”

I gently push him up against the car so his back is against it. I then lean forward and claim his lips in a kiss. A soft moan escapes his lips as I kiss him. I move my hands to either side of his waist and deepen the kiss by slowly moving my tongue into his mouth and gently sucking on his tongue.

Slowly, my left hand moves down his side and over the hem of his skirt, to the top of his thigh. Then I move my hand back up, underneath his skirt and cup his ass in my hand, gently squeezing.

“Ahem,” Hanako’s voice interrupts. “Couldn’t wait three hours to fuck him? Not that I mind watching,” she laughs.

“We’re leaving now, seriously,” I say and coax Zell to get in the car.

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll see you Wednesday, right?” she asks, slight annoyance in her voice.

“Yeah, yeah,” I reply. “We’ll make up the time later, I promise.”

“Good,” she says before heading back into the building.

I get in the car and slump in the seat, reflecting on what just happened. Why had the guy acted so coolly? Why did he seem so familiar? His voice and the way he walked elicited something, a memory perhaps.

“Thank you, Master,” Zell says after a few moments of silence.

“For what?” I ask, taking myself out of thought.

“For protecting me,” he answers.

“For– wait, what?!”

“Never mind, Master, I’ll explain it when I’m ready,” he says.

“Well, just in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t protecting you, just trying to protect what’s rightfully mine,” I blurt out, without realizing what I’m saying.

His expression changes so suddenly to that of extreme hurt.

“Like a piece of property, right?” he asks, seeming only to manage a soft whisper. He turns his face to look out the passenger-side window. “He said I was nothing but a piece of property, too. To him, all I was good for was a good fucking. That’s why I was so rebellious with him. That’s why I’d never follow any of his instructions.”

His voice cracks on his last words. Then, before I can say anything, I hear him rummaging with the door handle.

“Zell– . . . ”

“No, it’s all right. I understand. I’m beginning to think all Masters are the same,” he turns his face to me, a soft grin rests on his tear-stained face.

He gets out of the car and starts walking off. I just sit there, staring at him stupidly. Then, I glance down to the seat he was just in and notice his cock ring sitting there.

“When did– Zell, wait!” I yell, grabbing the ring and hurriedly getting out of the car. “Zell! Wait! Please!”

“Yeah, what?” he asks in his normal rebellious tone.

“My words came out wrong. I honestly didn’t and don’t mean what I said. I wasn’t thinking. I’m just still fried over that guy kissing you. He had no right. You’re mine. You’re more than a piece of property to me. Trust me when I say that. I love you, Zell. Honestly, I do,” I explain, hoping he’ll accept my words.

“You’re just saying that to manipulate me like you did when you were under Ultimecia’s control,” he accuses.

“No, baby, it’s not like that, I swear. You know me too well. You know that if I meant those words, I wouldn’t be trying to get you to listen to me right now. You know that I would have just driven off,” I point out.

He nods, “Yeah, maybe you’re right but it still hurt. All I want is to find a Master that doesn’t just see me as a fuck toy but they see me as someone who’ll love them as long as I get the love I need in return. I want a Master that can realize that I’m willing to serve in more ways than just sex. And I know that I’ve only belonged to you for two days now but trust me, that’s long enough for me to find out how decent of a Master you’re going to be.”

I pause for a second, letting his little rant sink in. “I’ll give you anything you want. I’ll give you all that and more.” I hold out the cock ring to him and then approach him. “I love you, Zell and I honestly believe you’re the end of my search for the perfect pet.”

“Master, I–,” he suddenly wraps his arms around my neck, embracing me in a tight hug.

“So, you’re my pet again?” I ask with a soft chuckle.

“Always, Master,” he responds.

“Good, pet. Now, I believe some sleep is in order followed by a rather decent reward, ne?”

TBC . . .

A/N: Don’t worry, next part is not the last part. There are still roughly 6 to 8 more parts left of this story . . . Whee!!!!

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