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Warning: Contains pregnancy lovemaking so if squeamish about such things you may want to avoid the first half of this chapter. Otherwise, please enjoy!

Chapter 14.  Makin’ Babies.

Later that evening, Loz and his brothers go out again. I don’t know if it’s for a job or something personal, such as looking for their kidnapped alien mother. Like a good girlfriend, I don’t ask. Kadaj’s warning to mind my own business keeps ringing in my mind so I keep my mouth shut, smile sweetly and kiss my boyfriend goodbye. When he’s gone I gaze up at the glow worms on the ceiling of Loz’s room – OUR room now, I have to keep reminding myself – and just lie there trying not to worry too much about him or how dangerous his line of employment is. With both hands on my ever-expanding belly, I can’t help but wonder what would become of me and my child if anything happened to Loz. Who would take care of us then?

As if to reassure me, my psychically-gifted baby gives me a calming vision of Loz cruising along the empty city streets on his beloved bike, excited to be out on a mission with Kadaj and Yazoo by his sides. No matter what they’re up to, I can tell that Loz is happy to be with his brothers and he knows they have his back, just as he has theirs. They will protect and guard each other. He feels completely safe so that makes me feel safe too and thanks to my baby’s soothing mental images, I am finally able to fall asleep.

Sometime later during the night they all come back. Waking up, I hear the three bikes returning with echoing engine rumbles, then Loz enters the darkened bedroom shortly afterwards, trying to be quiet. I can smell motorcycle exhaust smoke on him. He moves to the side of the bed and then goes to shower. As he’s in there, I turn the lamp on and discover a box of cherry-cream filled chocolates sitting on the small table beside me. My eyes brighten in delight. I can’t resist opening it and sneaking a couple into my mouth. They’re delicious.

“Hey, girly,” he affectionately greets me as he comes out of the bathroom shirtless and with damp, slicked-back hair. “Did I wake you?”

Leaning on my side, I shake my head slightly and smile. “It’s okay. I don’t mind being woken with chocolates. Well, I HOPE they were for me because I’ve had three already.”

“Of course they’re for you. Freddie don’t eat chocolates.” Smiling, Loz climbs into bed and lays beside me under the sheets, drawing me into his arms. He smells clean and inviting. His skin has been warmed from the shower water.

“I’m glad you’re back,” I sigh, snuggling into his protective embrace. “I missed you.”

“Me too. Sorry I’m so late,” he apologises as he strokes my hair. “Yazoo met some dude at a bar and had to seduce him before we could come home. Kadaj also laid two of the waitresses.” He shakes his head exasperatedly. “They’re a pair of sluts, those guys. Seriously.”

“You didn’t get laid?”

I’m only joking but he gazes soberly into my eyes. “I wasn’t even looking, Cate.”

Teasingly, I suggest, “You wanna?”

Not quite understanding me, Loz frowns. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, this.” Here I lean in and kiss him on the mouth, not in the mood for sleeping any longer. The chocolates have given me a sugar-rush so I’m very much awake now. I slip my hand around the back of his neck and pull him closer, searching out the tip of his tongue with mine. He groans softly.

“You taste like cherries,” he mumbles around my kisses. “I like cherries.”

“I like YOU, big guy,” I breathe against his lips, laying my hand on his nude chest and caressing smooth marble-white muscles. “Loz, you know what we started earlier by the lake? Can we finish it now?”

His angular eyebrows rise with comprehension and he pulls back to look at me. “Really? You want to?”

“Hell yes.” Excited to be near him, I slide my bare leg up along his, just to feel his skin on mine. “I dunno if it’s the pregnancy hormones or what but I can’t wait any more.”

“Me either.” Embarrassedly, he confesses, “I’m getting tired of jacking off in the shower.”

My mouth turns up in a naughty smirk as I realise what he’s been up to in the privacy of his bathroom. “You bad boy,” I tease, pushing him onto his back and pulling the sheet down so I can look at him. He’s not wearing pyjama pants tonight, only a short pair of black trunks that show off his strong legs and thighs wonderfully. Whether he’s working out in the gym room or simply lying there in bed, his abs still remain harder than rocks.

“Gods, you’re a beautiful man,” I murmur in awe.

He makes a dismissive face. “My brothers are beautiful. I’m not.”

Putting a finger against his sensually-formed lips, I scold, “Shut up. You’re the hottest guy on the planet to me. And I’m gonna prove it.”

I climb on top of Loz’s muscled body and lean forward to kiss him again, more insistently this time, pushing my tongue in deeper. He moans in my mouth, slowly grinding up against me, his hands on my hips. I can feel his ample erection as I’m sitting right on top of it. I straighten back up and look down at him below me, pleased to see his green eyes glowing like radioactive material, his pupils thinned and slitted with desire. I’m wearing one of his T-shirts and just before I pull it off, I hesitate.

“You’re not gonna lose your hard-on if you see my bump, are you? Some guys don’t think pregnant women are sexually attractive anymore.”

“I ain’t one of those guys,” Loz immediately objects. “I think you’re sexy as hell and I wanna see it.”  

“Well, here you go.” I lift the shirt up over my head and strip it off, leaving me in just a pair of panties, my heavier breasts and rounded stomach fully on display. I still have my star-jewel navel piercing in. Next to my nose ring, it’s my favourite piece of jewellery and I’m going to keep wearing it until my bellybutton pops out. Which will probably happen any day now judging by how rapidly I’m expanding.

“This is what you did to me, Loz.”

Staring at my naked, bulging stomach for the first time, he lifts his eyebrows and says in surprise, “Shit. You’re bigger than I thought.”

Smirking, I reply, “Isn’t that what I said about you once?”

He grins, remembering our drunken bout of bathroom sex. Bit difficult for him to forget that now, not with the five month reminder making my tummy swell up like a melon. I take his hand and put it on my baby bump, letting him know it’s okay to touch me. Our child doesn’t stir – they must be asleep, which is a good thing because Loz and I are going to have sex and it’d be weird feeling like we have an alert underage audience. There’s a thin brown stripe on the skin of my motionless abdomen, curving from my bellybutton to my pubic bone. Loz studies it, lightly running his fingertip down the mark.

“What’s that?”

“That is a line of pigment called ‘linea nigra’. It’s caused by hormones and will fade after the birth. It forms right over the area where the stomach muscles separate.” Recalling the fancy medical term from my guidebooks, I explain, “That’s a condition called ‘diastasis recti’.”

He appears startled. “Wait – your abs are separating? Like, splitting apart?”

“Yeah, just the top layers, to allow room for the baby to grow. It doesn’t happen to every pregnant woman, but it is to me.” Simplifying it for Loz, I inform him, “Basically, it’s happening because the baby is growing so fast.”

I take his finger and push it deeper down the line, so he can feel the groove between the left and right halves of my abdominal muscles.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

I shrug. “Not at all. It gets a bit itchy on the outside but that’s all. The muscles should close back by themselves after the baby is born. A woman’s body is designed to change quite a lot during pregnancy. All our ligaments go looser and more flexible, our internal organs shift position and our whole skeletal system alters just so we can carry and deliver the child. It’s pretty cool when you think about it.”

“Neat,” Loz agrees interestedly. “These have changed too.”

He cups one of my breasts in his hand. They’re much fuller than they used to be and my nipples have swelled and turned darker. Normally they’re a light latte colour but now they’re like dark coffee. They’re a lot more responsive as well, Loz’s slightest touch making them tighten and tingle. Moaning softly, I push into his hand, encouraging him to play with my nipple. He rolls his thumb over it and then sits up to take it into his mouth. With his palms spread across the base of my spine to steady me, he closes his eyes and sweeps his tongue around my areola. I suck in a fast lungful of air and then release it shakily, my fingers digging into his tattooed upper arm. 

I hear a muffled, “Hey,” of surprise and then he pulls back. I look down to see a dribble of whitish-tinged liquid seeping from my nipple and running down the underneath of my breast. There’s some of it on Loz’s chin.

“Aw, shit.” I wipe it off his face with the heel of my hand, feeling slightly mortified by my body’s automatic response. “Sorry about that.”

Licking his lip, Loz queries, “Is that supposed to happen?”

“Yeah, it’s normal. My stupid boob thinks a baby latched onto it to feed.” I sigh. “You got a tissue or something?”

“It’s okay,” he offers understandingly. “Tastes kinda nice.” Angling his neck, he licks the rest of it off and then continues to tease my nipple with his mouth.

“Oh, Gods,” I whimper, clutching his silver head closer to my chest. I’m so sensitive and it’s been so long since I’ve been touched in this way that soon I’m aroused beyond thought, my panties soaked through already. Excitedly, I straddle his leg, lowering myself down against the solid muscle there. The only thing between his skin and my mound is the thin layer of my cotton underwear so he would definitely be able to feel how wet I am but I’m too turned-on to be embarrassed about it. While his tongue swirls hotly around my hardened nipple, I rub my aching wetness wantonly into his thick thigh and it only takes a few rocks of my hips before I’m gasping and quaking against him, my fingers clenching in his pixie-like hair.

He stops, glancing up with an amazed expression. “Did you just…?”

“Mmm, yeah,” I confirm, giving another shudder. “Damn, I really needed that.”

He starts to look disappointed.

“Oh, I’m not done yet.” Lifting my lashes, I give him a heated stare. “I want more.”


“Yes. I want you. I want this…”  Shamelessly, I slide my hand under his waist band to cup his hardened length. “Want to feel you in me again.”   

Tensing with anticipation, he hisses as I squeeze his large shaft. “Doing that…I won’t hurt the baby, will I?”

“You’re big but you’re not THAT big,” I drawl. “The baby is safely sealed up in his own cocoon and not even you can get to him. So, don’t worry. You can’t poke him in the eye or anything.”

“Are you sure?”


Climbing off him, I tug at his shorts and he peels them down for me, removing the article of underwear and dropping it over the side of the bed. Admiring the silvery sheen of his pubic thatch, I feast my eyes on his stiffly jutting manhood, which is every bit as magnificent as I remember, long and wide, veined on the underside and glossily purpled at the tip. Regardless of whether he just jerked off in the shower or not, every inch of it is hard and pulsing. Wrapping my fingers around it, I give the male flesh a few slow tugs. Under the velvety outer skin it feels unbreakable, just like another genetically-enhanced muscle. His lightly-furred balls are a much softer contrast, hanging underneath like a pair of ripe peaches. As I stroke him, he lets out a low, throaty rumble, slanted brows drawing together in an expression of concentrated sexual arousal, watching what I’m doing to him. I love that face on Loz. I saw it the first time we were together, fucking up against the wall. That is a sexy, sexy face. And he is a sexy, sexy beast.

I contemplate trying to suck him but I know I won’t be able to fit all that man-meat in my mouth. But I know where it WILL fit. Lying on my back, I slip my panties off and part my legs.

“Warm me up, biker boy,” I whisper urgently.

Knowing what I want, he flips over and lies stomach-first on the bed, head between my thighs. From here, I get a really nice view of his rippling back and taut ass, which is just as firm and muscular as the rest of his body. He kisses my belly and then goes down on me, using his mouth and tongue to prepare me like he did in that club bathroom. Only now we’re completely sober and don’t have to worry about anyone banging on the door, telling us to get out of there. We can take as much time as we want.

“Loz,” I gasp as he circles hotly around my entrance and then delves deep inside to taste me. “Fuck, your tongue feels incredible…”

I push up against his face. Like the last time he licked my pussy, he’s moaning in his throat, getting every bit as turned-on by the act as I am. Remembering how much trouble I had accepting his larger sized member, he gently uses his fingers on me, sliding two of them in and out, helping me stretch and open up for him. As he does this he’s tonguing my clit, occasionally sucking on the erect little bud of my femaleness to help it emerge from its hooded cover. I don’t think I can get any wetter or more ready than this.

When I can’t take the oral foreplay anymore, I nudge his head aside and stuff a pillow under my butt, lifting my hips up.

“You’ll have to do me while you’re kneeling,” I tell him. “You can’t lie on top of my belly because you’re too heavy and you could crush the baby.”

He nods, willing to do whatever is safest for our child and for me. He gets to his knees and positions himself between my thighs, holding my hips in his hands. He guides his tip down my slit, seeking entry into my moist heat. Loz doesn’t shove in this time, not wanting to cause any pain, no matter how fleeting, but enters me as cautiously and carefully as he can. It’s still a very tight fit.

Like back in the club bathroom, it almost feels as though my virginity is being taken all over again, as if my hymen has regrown and Loz has got to break through it once more. I haven’t been a virgin since I was fifteen but being with Loz kind of makes me feel like one again and you know, it’s not all bad. Along with the temporary discomfort, there’s also nervous excitement, the sense of newness and discovery, the heart-pounding thrill of giving yourself to another person and putting your safety in their hands, of trusting them completely. Letting someone into your body when you’ve never done it before is both scary and thrilling and though I was only with Loz a few months ago, that’s exactly what it feels like for me now.

Like it’s our very first time.

 “Cate,” he says, moaning gruffly as the last two inches slip in. “Ah…my beautiful girl. My beautiful little Catey.”

I make a whimpering noise, overwhelmed at being filled by his enormousness again. It’s every bit as daunting and satisfying as I recall.

He begins to move, slowly withdrawing and then pushing his hips forward again. After a while, the tightness fades and my body accepts his thickness easily.

“Oh yeah…” I moan. “Oh Gods, yeah…”

Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this or get off on it, like I would any other time I’m on the end of such an impressive male tool. It feels so good, I almost forget that there’s a baby in my stomach. All I can feel is Loz’s thick cock pushing in and gliding back out again. There are no flowers or hearts or teddy bears wafting around us, just the musky scent of shared sexual passion. The chemistry between us is electrically charged and smoking hot – that hasn’t changed at all. Together, we let the electricity course through our bodies and super-charge us to the point of explosion.

Soon, Loz curses tightly through gritted teeth. Still on his knees, he starts to pull away from me but I wrap my legs around his waist and stop him.

“No. Not yet.”

“You’re gonna have to let me stop, Cate. I don’t wanna do it in you,” he protests, talking about his toxic sperm. “Don’t want you to get sick from me.”

“I won’t. Yazoo said my body’s used to mako now. I don’t think a little bit more will make any difference. Don’t stop, honey,” I coerce him pleadingly. “I’m so close. I want to come with you inside me.”

I guide his hand down, putting his thumb on my clit, wordlessly asking him to help me get there. He remembers exactly how I like to be touched, rubbing the slippery nub in small circles as he continues to screw me.

The closer I get to orgasm, the louder and more demanding I become.

“Yeah, rub that thing for me, Loz,” I order heatedly, gripping his strong forearms. “Rub it while you’re banging me with that huge cock of yours.”

His movements speed up and he starts to pant, my clit throbbing under his madly circling thumb-pad.

“That’s it, you big horny bastard…” I tighten my thighs around him as I start to come. “Harder, harder, harder!”

He obeys, his bulky body slapping into mine, making my breasts and belly jiggle.

I throw my head back onto the pillow and scrunch my eyes shut, repeatedly calling out Loz’s name as I climax convulsively, my torso twisting and inner walls clenching around his plunging prick.

“Oh, Mother,” Loz cries, groaning loudly as he rams deep and spurts his love-juice inside me. “Sweet, sweet Mother…”

I guess it could be considered weird that he mentions his mom when he comes, but I suppose it’s no weirder than people crying out to the Gods, or to the planet. Anyway, I’m having far too good of a time to care about that. I’m just glad we’re both giving pleasure to each other.

When it’s all over and we’ve stopped shuddering and moaning, he carefully pulls out, a gush of fluid following. He really carries a massive load in those man-sacks of his. But I don’t mind lying in a wet patch. I’m too delightfully weak to mind. He checks the bed under us (presumably to make sure there’s no blood) and then reclines beside me, his arm around my middle.

There’s a ripple under the skin of my stomach.

“Oops,” I giggle. “I think we woke the baby.”

“Sorry, little dude,” Loz apologises to my belly with a worried voice, petting the shifting bump underneath. “I didn’t hurt you, did I? Or your mommy?”

I smile at him, still tingling all over. “No, sweetie. You didn’t hurt us, not at all. That was amazing.”

“YOU are amazing, Catalina,” he murmurs back in praise, leaning in to kiss me on the lips. “You’re so hot and sexy and gorgeous. I can’t believe you’re all mine.’  

“Well, I am. Get used to it, Lozzie-boy,” I sigh happily and snuggle into him, closing my eyes and enjoying the warm pleasantness of our afterglow.


“Cate,” he begins a little while later as we’re still lying in bed, sounding hesitant. “You know how I told you what Kadaj did, how he paid a whore to take my virginity?”

Opening my eyes, I turn my head on the pillow to meet Loz’s gaze. “Yeah?”

“That’s not the only time I’ve been with one. I haven’t done it very often - only when I really need to, like when I can’t take it anymore and am gonna explode,” he hastily explains, in case I start thinking he’s a sex-addict. “I thought I should tell you, before Kadaj said something about it. He’d probably do that, the little shit, just to stir up trouble between us.”

He looks at me guiltily.

“You probably think I’m a disgusting pig for hiring hookers, huh?”

“Actually, no. I don’t think that at all.” I shake my head, understanding how lonely people can get sometimes. “They offer a much-needed service to the community and I’m sure a lot of guys make use of that service. You’re definitely not the only one.”

 “I’ve had normal girls too.” He frowns. “But hookers are…simpler.”

Knowing how complicated and confusing a relationship with a regular woman is, I reply gently, “You don’t have to explain, Loz. I understand.”

I look at him in curiosity, having thought about paying for a well-hung hustler myself a couple of times when I was desperately horny and alone. I never did it, though.

“What’s it like? Having sex with a professional?”

“Okay, I guess. But you can tell most of them only do it for the money. They don’t give a shit about me. Some are real nice, though,” he admits. “A couple of them like how big I am and I even get freebies sometimes.”

Starting to feel an uncomfortable stab of jealousy, I stare at him, unwillingly picturing Loz visiting a back-alley brothel and having some blond bitch spread her legs for him, cooing in delight about how enormous his cock is. That’s not a picture I like very much.

As if he knows what I’m thinking, he says in a serious tone, “I won’t do it anymore, Cate, I promise. I don’t need to now that I got you. From now on, nobody else is gonna touch my dick or even get to look at it. Just you. I just wanted to be honest with you so you knew.”

“Thank you,” I whisper, needing the reassurance. I know this all happened before I came along but now that I’m here and Loz wants me to be his girlfriend, I’d really prefer it if he didn’t continue seeing whores. I don’t want to share him with anyone else and more importantly, even though I’m sure he used condoms, I certainly don’t want him to put me or the baby at risk of contracting any diseases or infections.

“I’m all yours now, little girl. Only yours,” he repeats softly, gazing right in my eyes as he says it so I know he’s telling the truth. Reassured now, I smile and kiss his cheek, grateful for his honesty. Moving my hand down to take hold of what’s mine, I start to stroke it back into life, intent on giving him a freebie too. Since he’s a genetically-enhanced lab-creature with super-stamina and limitless energy, he should be able to get hard again and stay hard for as long as I need him to.

And he does. Happily.




I awaken in the morning from the best night’s rest I’ve had in ages. Amazing how great sex makes you sleep better. Loz isn’t in bed; he must have gotten up earlier. As I’m dressing, I hear noises coming from down the hall - thuds, grunts, exclamations of effort. Sounds like two people training. Coming out, I go along the corridor and peek into the gym room. Kadaj and Yazoo are in there, sparring, Kadaj in wide-legged cotton pants with a long-sleeved tunic belted over the top. Yazoo is in a matching outfit, the thick sash tied around his waist emphasising how enviably slim it is. It’s cute how they wear the same clothes. They aren’t using the punching bag or skipping rope today. Instead, it looks like they’re doing some kind of martial arts together, using each other for practise and throwing hits, punches and kicks, blocking and retaliating when required. It all looks very efficient and controlled, as if it’s something they do often to keep their skills up. With their alien senses, the two green-eyed men must be able to detect me there but they don’t break routine to glance at me. They only stop to towel off their faces and necks.

Smiling, Yazoo finally greets me with, “Good morning Cate. Sleep well?”

“I did. Thanks.”

“That’s funny,” Kadaj dryly comments without looking over. “Didn’t sound like a lot of sleeping going on.”

“Kadaj…” Yazoo says warningly.

“What, like you didn’t hear them?” The younger clone responds, glancing my way and acknowledging me for the first time. “I have to ask, Cate - how do you do it without Loz’s weight squashing the baby? You ride him cowgirl-style?”

“Kadaj, that’s enough,” the middle remnant reprimands sharply, frowning at his bad-mannered brother. “Cate is a guest in our home. She is the mother of Loz’s child, which makes her part of the family now, and I will not have you speak to her like that.”

“My apologies,” Kadaj mutters, but I can tell he doesn’t mean it.

My cheeks burning with both anger and humiliation, I grit out, “I don’t suppose you know where Loz is?”

 “Of course we know. We have a psychic bond,” the young leader smartly answers. “That’s something you’ll never have with him.”

 “I’m happy for you,” I retort. “That still didn’t answer my question.”

Kindly, Yazoo informs me, “He’s in the garage.”

I nod at him. “Thank you.”  

As I walk away, Kadaj leers, “C’mon, Yaz. Our brother was roaring like a rutting lion last night. If you didn’t hear Cate begging for it, you must have heard HIM.”

Covering my mouth in shock, I stop and listen to Yazoo’s reply.

“Even if I did, it’s polite not to mention it. Now stop being rude and concentrate.” There’s a sharp cracking noise, as if Yazoo slapped him across the face and Kadaj laughs.

“Oh yes, harder!”

The thudding sounds of him and Yazoo attacking each other follow me down the corridor as I do the walk of shame.

Shit, I can’t believe they heard us having sex. How mortifying. The next time Loz and I do it, I’m totally turning the stereo on.


It’s a long trek up the concreted passageway to the garage. It’s not an easy hike for a pregnant woman, especially since it’s all uphill. If have to keep making this climb, I’m gonna get one of those motorised scooters or something because I’m panting by the time I get up there and have a mild stitch in my side. Loz is kneeling by of one of the three motorcycles in the garage, using a welding tool to attach a steel piece to the front of it, sparks flying everywhere. It smells like burning metal and the light is very bright, like white-hot. I shield my eyes with my hand. Flipping up a pair of tinted goggles when he sees me, Loz immediately turns off the flaming torch, gets to his feet and fetches me a stool, scoldingly asking why I didn’t call for him first as he would have come down and got me and saved me the walk.

“Don’t worry, I will next time,” I mutter, plonking down on the round plastic seat and wiping the sweat off my brow. “It’s like climbing a fuckin’ mountain to get up here.”

I rub at my ribs and wince. Crouching in front of me, he enquires anxiously, “Are you okay? Is the baby…?”

“We’re fine.  It’s just a stitch,” I assure, looking him up and down with a small smile. “Sexy outfit.”

As well as the flip-up protective eyewear, Loz is wearing army-green overalls and there’s a bandanna tied around his throat triangular-style to shield his neck and chest from sparking metal bits.    

He lifts the goggles up onto his forehead and glances down at himself with a wry twist of his lips. “Oh, yeah. Real sexy.”

I briefly think about telling Loz that his brothers heard us doing it last night but I don’t want to embarrass him so I keep it to myself. Anyway, I’m sure Kadaj will tease Loz about it later.

“So, whatcha doing?” I enquire, gazing at the three monstrously-sized machines beside him.

“I’ve welded machine guns onto the front of each bike so we can shoot and ride at the same time.” He motions to what he’s been working on. “The mounting bracket on Kadaj’s one came loose so I’m fixing it. I’m gonna reinforce Yaz’s as well, so it don’t happen to him and then I’ll give them all a tune-up.”

“Why do you have to do it? The others ride those bikes too,” I remind him.

“Kadaj is too busy and important to bother changing oil or replacing brake pads. And Yazoo doesn’t like getting his delicate little hands dirty.” Loz is being sardonic but I can sense the truth in his words. He shrugs.

“Ah, I don’t care. I enjoy messing around with bikes anyway. If I had a normal job, this is what I’d do. I’d repair ‘em, restore old ones, build new ones. That kinda shit.”

“Why don’t you? Couldn’t you quit being a hit man?”

“Kadaj wouldn’t let me. Anyway, it’s not so bad,” he defends. “The best thing about what we do now is the pay. It’s pretty damn good. We only have to do a couple of jobs a week. That means we have more time to spend looking for Mother. A regular job would get in the way of that.”

“You really think you’ll find her?”

“Yeah, I do.” He nods positively. “Kadaj says it’s only a matter of time before the reunion.”

Reunion…wasn’t that something I mentioned when I was sleep-talking the other night? Maybe that’s what it means. Maybe the message was from Jenova, reaching out through my baby to assure everyone that she’s there and will be found. But why would she need to do that? Kadaj is her conduit to the outside world. He’s her son. She communicates to him directly and doesn’t need me. So, maybe it’s not her. Maybe the things I’ve been saying haven’t come from his mother. But who then? It is really my baby talking through me? Or someone else?

Could it be Sephiroth?

Loz mentioned that the infamous General would return one day and that they’ll all be together again as a family. I’m looking forward to meeting Jenova but I’m not so sure I want to meet Loz’s father, though. I realise it’s been years since he died but if Kadaj’s magic is strong enough to heal his injured alien mom then he could possibly bring Sephiroth back to life too. I honestly don’t think that’d be a good idea. Besides the fact that raising the dead is ultra-creepy and wrong, the guy sounds as though he was utterly insane.

But then again, I didn’t know him, and I don’t know the reasons why he tried to take control of a meteor and crash it into the planet. Maybe he was missing Jenova too and it was just a way to release his rage at the world keeping her from him. Maybe Sephiroth is much nicer than the news reports made him out to be. 

I hope so.

I really need Loz to record my midnight ramblings so I can work out if it’s an actual prophecy from a dead war criminal or just meaningless gibberish because it’s frustrating and unnerving not knowing. 


A couple of hours later, Loz is in town buying some bike parts and I’m reading on the bed waiting for some fresh grain-bread to bake in the oven when Yazoo politely knocks at the door. It’s open as I’m waiting for the ‘ding’ of the oven timer to go off. The tall assassin has finished training and has showered and changed into dark grey slacks and a high-necked sweater.

“May I come in for a few moments?”

“Of course,” I grant him, gesturing for him to enter the room. “Take a seat if you want.”

He perches on the bed near me, his hair shimmering like silver threads. I try not to get too envious of his slender elegance and pale beauty.

“Please ignore Kadaj.” Yazoo sounds apologetic. “He’s only attempting to elicit an emotional response from you.”

“Yeah, I know. I had foster-brothers once.”

Yazoo looks at my stomach as I set the book aside. It’s a health and fitness guide for pregnant women.  

“How are you feeling?” he asks me with an inquisitive tilt of his head. “You’re in the second trimester, right? Have you gotten any false contractions yet?”

Astonished that he knows what they are, I reply, “Only a couple. How do you even know about them?”

“I’ve been reading up online.” He glances at the other books on pregnancy and childbirth I have placed on Loz’s bookcase. “Would it be all right if I borrow some of those? I’d like to learn more on the topic.”

“Sure,” I say, surprised even further by his curiosity on the subject most guys don’t even want to HEAR about, let along familiarise themselves with. “But they have some pretty gross pictures in there.”

“It won’t bother me. I’ve always had an interest in medical matters. Who do you think patches Loz and Kadaj up after they’ve nearly killed each other during a particularly ferocious fight?”

“They do that? Fight out of the training room, I mean?”

“You’ve heard them argue. Now, image them actually following through with their threats. They’re like a couple of feral dogs and they don’t stop unless I force them apart. If it was up to them, they’d disappear into a dark, quiet place like injured animals and not come out until they were healed but, being more concerned about my brothers’ health than they are themselves, I like to make sure all their limbs are properly attached and any protruding bones are pushed back in before I let them go sulk.” 

“They break each other’s BONES?”

“Quite often,” Yazoo sighs. “And worse. I’ve seen ribs sticking out, intestines on the outside, punctured eyeballs, strips of flesh ripped off.”

I stare at him in absolute horror.

“Oh, it all heals in time,” he assures me, “and I can always help the mending along with a bit of Cure if they sit still long enough for me to use it on them.”

“Cure?” I frown uneasily. “You mean magic?”

“Yes. We don’t really need it as our bodily tissue fully regenerates on its own but Cure can assist with the more severe damage and make it heal faster.” He shakes his head in a dismissive gesture. “Anyway, the point is, Cate, due to my brothers fighting and the experiments performed upon us back in the lab, I’ve witnessed all kinds of gruesome things already so I don’t believe that babies being born is going to disgust me in the slightest. In fact, I’ve already viewed some footage on the internet and find the whole event rather interesting. Kadaj doesn’t share my viewpoint but then again, he’s a teenage boy. He doesn’t care how babies come out; he’s only interested in the act that creates them.”

“Yeah, I bet,” I snort, knowing what a horny little devil Kadaj is. “Well, if you wanna look at bloody vaginas, Yazoo, go right ahead. Borrow whichever books you like.”

“I’m not just interested in the pictures,” he stresses. “I want to learn all about the entire process. I’m beginning to find it incredibly fascinating. Especially considering how our alien DNA has somehow merged with yours. I’m curious to see how your pregnancy differs from a regular one.”

Staring at him I comment, “You’re really not like other guys, are you?”

“No. I certainly am not,” he answers, giving me one of those mysterious smiles in return. Gods. Those smiles are gorgeous and make my stomach flip right over.

No, wait. It’s just the baby changing position.

Yazoo notices as well, glancing down at the shifting bulge under my shirt.

“Here. Quick,” I urge, snatching his hand and putting it on my belly before the kid stops moving. “You feel it? I think it’s an elbow.”

Too late, I realise that I’ve just grabbed Yazoo without asking and for a moment I think he’ll pull away in uncomfortableness but he doesn’t. Yazoo’s pretty green eyes widen in surprise as he experiences a tiny poke against his palm. The baby pushes at him through the skin of my tummy, as if recognising and greeting Yazoo as their uncle and saying hello to him. It’s probably true, given how close this strange extraterrestrial bond appears to be. Like Loz knowing when his brothers are hungry, or Kadaj knowing where his siblings are at any given time, I bet my baby knows exactly whose hand this is.

“Astounding,” Yazoo breathes softly, holding his fingers there for a few more moments in amazed wonder. He glances back up at me, smiling delightedly at having felt his niece or nephew move for the first time.

The doorway to Loz’s room is open and all of a sudden it darkens, like a shadow crossing the sun. Yazoo and I glance up at once to see Kadaj standing there, appearing none too pleased. He glares at Yazoo’s hand on my stomach and for an instant I swear jealousy flashes in his eyes. Or maybe it’s just revulsion.

“When you’re done playing mommies, Yazoo,” he sneers, “my computer has frozen up again and I need you to fix it. Now.”

Rather than get annoyed at Kadaj’s rudely demanding tone, Yazoo just nods amenably. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Hurry up, okay?” Kadaj snaps impatiently. “I was in the middle of some important research and I don’t want to fucking lose it.”

When he’s gone, I turn to Yazoo, who has taken his hand away, letting it rest on his own thigh.

“Why do you let Kadaj talk to you like that?”  

Yazoo just smiles patiently. “He’s a teenager. He’ll grow out of it.”

“You hope,” I retort sardonically. “I don’t know how you put up with that shit everyday. I would have knocked him on his ass by now.”

“Don’t worry. I pay him back in the training room. I can hit him as much as I want then,” he replies, his smile turning into a smirk.

“He’s lucky you don’t kill him.”

“I don’t think I could, even if I tried,” he responds musingly. “Kadaj may be the youngest but he’s also the strongest out of all of us. He’s even stronger than Loz, you know.”

I lift my eyebrows in disbelief. Kadaj is boyish and small compared to Loz’s hulking frame. But then again, I remember the bleeding body count piling up in the club, most of it due to Kadaj’s whirling vortex of violence. Nothing was slowing him down. It seems size doesn’t matter, not when it comes to inflicting vicious damage and creating carnage.

Yazoo shakes his head and gets up with a sigh.

“I suppose I better go fix his laptop. And yes, I’m a computer geek.” He aims a mock-stern look of warning at me. “Another one of those things you absolutely cannot tell anybody upon threat of execution, all right? My reputation is on the line here, Cate.”

I conceal my grin admirably, thinking that although Yazoo has brains, he definitely does not look like a geek. “My lips are sealed. You won’t have to shoot me.”

“Excellent.” Making his graceful way to the door, he murmurs over his shoulder, “I’ll be back to get those books later. Kadaj will start throwing things if I don’t show up in the next thirty seconds.”

“I don’t know why you’re bothering to help him. He’s probably only looking at porn anyway.”

“Probably. Next to plotting world domination, sex is one of Kadaj’s favourite hobbies. That and touching himself.” 

My eyeballs nearly pop out onto the floor in shock. First of all, why would Yazoo tell me something like that? And second of all, how the hell would HE know? Does he secretly watch Kadaj doing it? Does he spy on his little brother’s bedroom activities using their psychic connection? Under that elegant exterior, is Yazoo really just a dirty voyeuristic pervert?

Smirking mischievously, the long-haired gunman does not answer any of those questions but instead swishes soundlessly out of the room, leaving me with very pink cheeks and a head full of naughty, completely unwanted images.

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