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A/N: This chapter contains pregnancy sex.

Chapter 21. Enemies and Lovers

The next day, after seeing the baby's reaction to Kadaj in the lake, Yazoo wants to do a blood test on me. Though I'm not fond of needles, I let him. I'm curious as to what he will find. He studies my blood under a microscope and discovers that I have a few random alien cells floating around in there. Yazoo knows they are alien because they are a distinct shade of green, among my nice bright red ones. They haven't come from the baby as a baby's own blood does not mix with the mother's due to the separation of the two by the placenta. The middle Remnant guesses that the cells entered my system from Loz's semen, much like the HIV virus infects another person. But these alien cells don't seem to be affecting me in any way, except for perhaps allowing me to have visions and making me talk in my sleep. In any case, Yazoo tells me it was a good thing I never went to any doctors to confirm my pregnancy or they could have discovered something odd with my blood.

I mention the other girls that Kadaj had gotten pregnant, the ones that died, asking Yazoo if they would have had alien cells in their blood too and wouldn't these have been discovered during their autopsies? What about the girl who survived her miscarriage – would she still be harbouring some of Kadaj's cells in her system to this very day? Yazoo shakes his head and says he never saw anything on their medical files that indicated the presence of unknown cells or viruses. He believes that when the babies they'd been carrying died, the random alien cells in the mother's bloodstreams would have died as well, since they were linked. I ask him what will happen when I have my baby – will these cells in my system vanish when the baby is no longer inside me or will they stay and live on as long as the baby lives? Yazoo stares at me and finally admits that he doesn't know. Even to someone as smart as him, Jenova's legacy is a mysterious thing.

That evening around dusk, the guys come back from another job. Kadaj seems quite displeased with how it went, although displeased really isn't a strong enough word to describe his black mood and the dangerous anger swirling around him like tendrils of smoke. Actually, all three of them seem immensely irritated and disgruntled, as though they've been in a fight and lost. Which is damn near impossible. Something else must have happened, but going by the pissed-off looks on their faces, I'm not even game to ask.

"I need a fuckin' beer," Loz grumbles as soon as he enters the kitchen, opening the fridge and nearly wrenching the door off its hinges in his aggravated haste. "Anyone else?"

"Yes, please," Yazoo replies, hanging up his gun and unzipping his long leather coat. He doesn't sound angry, more deflated and flat. Kadaj doesn't even answer, just snatches the can of beer that Loz throws his way, the young leader ripping the tab off and furiously chugging the contents as if he's drinking the blood of his enemies.

"Hey, babe. Can you please hang this up for me in the bedroom?" Loz calls out, shucking off his jacket and throwing it over to me on the couch. He's not wearing anything underneath it as usual but it's been another very warm day and those leather outfits aren't that practical for all the different seasons of the year. I can see the gleam of sweat on Loz's muscled chest and at the base of his spine, glistening above the waistband of his tight pants. Even Kadaj is starting to peel his suit off, yanking at his bell-ended sleeves with impatient motions and baring his white shoulders.

"Fuck," he swears vehemently, finding the top half of his outfit difficult to get off due to its second-skin tightness. "FUCK!"

Not wanting to be around any of them when they're in this kind of mood, I collect Loz's jacket and announce that I'm going to sleep. Belatedly, Loz hurries over to me and kisses me goodnight, but I can tell his mind is on other things. Perhaps he will tell me what happened when he comes to bed later, after he's had a few calming drinks.

I go to our bedroom and begin to hang up Loz's jacket on his coat rack. I must have hung it wrong as it promptly slides off the hook, the heavy article of clothing landing on the floor with a thump. As it lands, a couple of cards fall out of one of the pockets. I pick them up. They're employee identification cards that look classified and top secret but they don't belong to any of the guys in this lair, instead belonging to people called Tseng and Elena. There appears to be blood smeared on them. I almost fling the cards away in revulsion but something printed on the top of the laminated rectangles catches my eye. Shin-ra Electric Power Company. Wait, wasn't 'Shin-ra slave' something that Loz called the redhead from the club? Reno - his bitter enemy? Yeah, I'm sure of it. This is the organisation that Reno works for. And maybe these are people he works with. Tseng has a beautiful, gentle face with soft brown eyes and long dark hair.

Unexpectedly, my mind fills with picture, movement and sound. As if I'm watching a 3D film, I receive a vision of that gentle face battered and bruised, brown eyes starting to swell shut. Loz is restraining Tseng, twisting an arm behind his back, Loz's bent elbow around the other male's throat. Kadaj drives the handle of his sword into Tseng's stomach, making the man grunt in pain. Kadaj is clearly enjoying this, going by the mean smile on his face. He hits Tseng again, harder.

"Stop it! Please!" I hear a woman's voice call out in distress. Then I see her. Her hair is blonde and she's wearing a black suit. She's on the floor of a cave, half-lying on her side, hands braced flat against the ground to keep her shoulders and head up. Her face is beaten and bloodied too, nose bleeding and cheekbone swollen and purple. Yazoo silently approaches her. She scuttles backwards. Her white shirt has been torn open and one pale breast is exposed by her movements. There's a video camera set on a rock nearby and it's running, filming everything that's happening. I suddenly see events from the point of view of the camera.

Elena yanks her clothing closed again, saying hoarsely, "Stay away from me."

Yazoo crouches on the ground next to her, speaking in a calm manner. "We saw your people stealing Mother away. She was right here and now she's gone. Where is she being taken?"

"I don't know."

There's a meaty thud and a choked gasp from Tseng. Elena cries out at what it is Kadaj has done, glancing at the younger clone with pleading anguish on her once pretty face. "Please! Don't kill him."

Yazoo cups her chin with one hand, makes her look at him. "You want your boss to stop being hurt, Elena?" he entices in a velvet-soft voice. "Tell us where we can find Mother and it all ends."

She shakes her head, eyes begging. "I don't know where they're taking her. They didn't tell me."

Off screen, there's the sound of a body dropping to the floor and then Kadaj orders, "Loz, make sure he doesn't get up."

Loz grunts affirmatively in reply. The young clone leader enters the frame. Yazoo retreats while Kadaj takes over the interrogation, smiling coldly as he leans down, gloved fingers reaching around Elena's neck. "Lying bitch," he says.

The cards fall from my trembling hand and the vision abruptly ends. It's the same kind of vision I used to get before I came here except much, much worse, showing the bad side of the brothers, not the best. I know I should pick the cards up and put them back in Loz's pocket but I don't want to touch them again in case I see more. What I've already seen is more than enough for me to handle.

As I'm standing there in shock, Loz comes into the room. "Hey, babe. What are you still doing up? I thought you were going to…" He stops when he spots the ID cards on the floor.

"I wasn't snooping," I say quickly, before he gets angry. "They fell out of your pocket."

"Oh." He doesn't look angry with me, just uncomfortable. He stoops down to retrieve them, mumbling, "I should really give these to Kadaj."

"You didn't go on a job today, did you?" I enquire. "This was personal, wasn't it?"

"I'm not supposed to talk about it. Kadaj said so. He'll get mad if I do and he's already mad enough." Loz goes to walk away.

"Did you rape her?"

He turns back around. "What?"

"The blonde woman. Elena. Did you guys rape her?"

"Of course not!" he exclaims. "I mean, we're bad but we're not THAT bad." Loz looks offended that I'd even think such a thing.

"So you never…?"

"No. I'd never do that, not to anyone." Looking me right in the eyes, he vows, "I swear on Mother's head, Cate."

"Well, what about Kadaj?" I press, sickly imagining their sadistic leader taking the petite blond woman over and over until she had no voice left to scream with.

"He didn't do that either," Loz answers.

"But there was a video camera," I counter. "And her shirt was torn open."

"That happened when she fought against us. That's all." Then Loz frowns. "Hold on, how do you know about the video camera?"

"I saw it."

"How? There's no way you could have seen the tape because Kadaj has got it."

"I had a vision. I saw you holding Tseng while Kadaj hit him with the sword. I saw Elena too. I saw Yazoo talking to her, asking where Mother was."

Loz appears surprised. "I didn't know you could do that."

"I can't. I don't have any psychic powers," I remind him. "The baby does, though. That's where the vision came from, and all the visions I've ever had."

"The baby saw what we did?" Loz pales. "Was he…upset?"

"I don't know," I answer, annoyed that Loz cares what the baby thinks but not what I think. "Maybe the baby wasn't watching, just showing me."

"Why would he show you that?"

"Maybe he wants me to know what you're doing." With my tone of voice, I make it clear to Loz that I don't approve of what I saw. "If you're out beating up drug dealers who haven't paid their suppliers or whatever I don't care, but if you're hurting innocent people, I can't say that I'm okay with it."

"They're not innocent - they know where Mother is. They know and they won't tell us. They deserved it."

"Did they, Loz? What if they were telling the truth? What if they DON'T know?"

"They know," Loz declares grimly. "If they didn't want to be hurt they should've talked."

"Are they dead? Did you kill them?"

Shaking his head, my hitman boyfriend says, "They were both still alive when we left. The other Turks have probably found them by now and fixed them all up with Cure. I'm sure they're fine."

"So, the redhead from the club…he's part of their organisation too?" I query.

"Reno? Yeah. He's one of 'em. So's the bald guy, Rude. They're all in on it," he says, getting mad again. "They're all lying through their teeth to us about where they're hiding Mother. To get the information we need out of them, we're going to do whatever it takes."

"Like torturing women?"

"I don't give a fuck if they're women," he snarls. "A Turk is a Turk. If we gotta torture every last one of those bastards to get the truth then we will."

"I don't want you doing that, Loz," I implore, feeling very strongly from my vision that Tseng and Elena have been wrongly blamed.

"Don't tell me what to do, Cate. I take orders from Kadaj." Loz jabs a furious finger at me. "Not from you!"

He walks away angrily, shutting the door with a bang. After he's gone, I growl in frustrated annoyance. I just wanted him to understand my point of view and consider that maybe what he's doing is wrong but he's so fixated on Mother and their mission he can't see it. Or won't.

Still irritated at being dismissed in such a manner, I get into bed and attempt to sleep.

Later on, I wake up and realise that Loz has not joined me, the mattress empty beside me except for a pillow. It doesn't sound like anyone else is awake as there are no voices coming from the kitchen or living area. Clad in one of Loz's large T-shirts, I venture out of the bedroom to look for him. The lair is quiet and dark. Kadaj and Yazoo are nowhere to be seen, probably curled up together asleep in Kadaj's bed like evil twins. I can't hear them having sex, so they must be sleeping. Finally, I find Loz in the lounge room, lying on his back on the couch in just his underwear, hands behind his head. I can see that his eyes are open, gleaming in the dark like a fox's. He hears me coming in but doesn't say anything.

"Loz? What are you doing in here?" I ask quietly.

"Thought I should sleep on the couch," he mutters. "Isn't that what the guy's supposed to do after a fight?"

"We weren't fighting. We just had a difference of opinion."

He turns his head. "What's the difference? You want me to stop looking for Mother and I'm not going to."

"I never said you had to stop looking. I just don't agree with the way you're going about it."

"Well, how should we go about it, then? How, Cate? What should we do?" Half-sitting up, he looks to me with anxious eyes, desperate for answers and the solution to their problem. "If you know of a better way, tell me. Please."

"I don't know." I shake my head uselessly. "I don't know how to help you, Loz. I wish I could. I wish I knew where Jenova was so you didn't have to do those terrible things. I wish I could just give her to you. I want you to have your mother back so you can all be together again, be a family again. Believe me, I know how important family is."

I have my hand on my stomach as I say this, praying that my child never has to grow up without me, like Loz and his brothers had to do without Jenova.

Sighing deeply, Loz says, "Sorry I was mad at you before, little girl. It wasn't your fault. It's just…when I think of how everyone is keeping Mother away from us…it makes me so angry. Why can't they just let us have her? She's OUR Mother. Not theirs."

"I know." I walk further into the room, standing next to him and touching his shoulder so that he knows I've forgiven him.

He glances down, his voice wavering. "I miss her, Cate."

"I know, sweetheart," I reply softly. "I miss my mom too."

He looks like he's going to cry so I kneel down and press my lips gently to his brow. Loz gives a sound halfway between a sob and a moan, turning towards me, seeking my lips. The heat and urgency in his kiss hits me like a fireball and the passion I feel for him bursts into sudden, startling life. Kissing him back, I accept the rough thrust of his tongue, his large hand cupping the nape of my neck. His Allure fills my head, the powerful male scent of him intensifying my lust. I rake my nails down his bare chest, causing him to moan into my mouth and we are soon grabbing at each other, impatient hands trying to get at fevered flesh. He slips off the couch, kneeling on the floor with me. He pulls the shirt I'm wearing over my head and presses me back down to the carpet. I'm not wearing a bra. When he peels my panties off, they're wet already.

It stuns me how fast I get hot for him, how quickly and strongly my body reacts to his Allure. With my ex-husband he always had to warm me up and give me lots of foreplay before we'd have sex but with Loz it's not necessary. One look, one touch or one kiss and I'm ready for it. Spreading my legs apart, he licks the inside of my thigh. I whimper with need, reaching out to him and letting him know I don't require any preparation. I just want him inside me. He rolls over onto his back, pulling me on top of his body. I can feel Loz's huge hardness twitching against my bottom, threatening to rip through the black trunks he's wearing. He rises up off the floor just far enough to yank his underwear down to his knees with one hand and then grabs my hips, sliding me along his six-pack stomach. He lifts me a few inches to line me up with the slick tip of his cock and then pushes up as he pulls me down, entering me with one stroke. We've done this enough now that it doesn't hurt anymore but his initial entry still makes me gasp every time.

He lets out a low groan of pleasure as we finally join fully, his male thickness deep within my accepting warmth, satisfying me in a way nobody else has ever done before.

"Oh, Loz. Gods, you feel so good," I breathe, shivers rippling up my spine and the back of my neck, causing me to tremble in his lap.

Sensing how close to peaking I am, he doesn't move for a while, just holds me still on top of him, my heart beating quickly and my face flushed and hot. I bite my lip to keep quiet, digging my nails into Loz's firm white pecs. I stare into his dazzling green eyes, seeing my own desire reflected back in his gaze. When he knows I'm a bit more under control, he moves, slowly thrusting up into me. I moan softly and lean forward as far as I can with my big pregnant belly between us, my breasts on his chest, resting my forehead against his shoulder. I nuzzle into him, smelling his hair and the manly muskiness of his Allure.

"My beautiful biker boy," I whisper fervently. "I love you so much."

I know he feels it and I know I don't have to say it but I want to. I want to give voice to this indescribable, overwhelming emotion that fills my heart and my soul, the way he's filling my body.

"I love you too, Catey," he whispers back, tenderly kissing my the side of my neck, his warm, strong arms cradling me. "I don't wanna fight with you ever again."

"So, let's not," I return impassionedly. "Let's just make love."

And we do, moving together, faster and deeper, the pleasure between us becoming more intense with each thrust my handsome lover gives me. Loz now knows how to angle himself so that he stimulates my clit with the hard ridge of his pubic bone, getting me off without having to use his fingers. As he skilfully brings me closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy, the inexpressible feeling intensifies and swells until I can't take it anymore. Finally, that shivery sweetness explodes like a star-burst within my body, wave upon wave of silver sparkles rushing through the very female core of me in time with Loz's deep plunges. The electric tingling spreads along all my limbs and up the back of my neck, causing me to shudder violently against my bigger partner and cry his name over and over again. Loz soon throws his head back, shouting out his fulfilment as he comes with me, his big body tensing and straining with the power of his orgasm. Kadaj and Yazoo probably heard us but at that moment, neither of us cares.

We are breathing rapidly and our hearts are racing but eventually we catch our breath and our pulses slow down. Loz reaches up to find the blanket on the couch and wraps it around my naked figure, keeping the cool cave air from chilling my bare flesh. He might feel heat but he doesn't feel the cold, his body always maintaining the perfect temperature. He could stand out in the snow fully nude and his skin would still radiate warmth. I sigh with my eyes closed, cheek against his broad chest, hearing his steady heartbeat beneath my ear.

"Are you falling asleep on me, Catey?"

His query makes me smile. "Mm. You're warm and comfy."

"Do you want me to carry you back to bed?"

"Only if you come and stay with me, Loz." I look up at him. "The bed's so empty without you in it."

He smiles. "Whatever you want, beautiful girl."

And so, he carries me to the bedroom and curls up on the mattress behind me, his arms around my very pregnant body. Even though I don't like what Loz does for a job, or how he gets information out of people, I still love him to the moon and back and could stay like this for the rest of eternity, being held by my gorgeous green-eyed man, both me and our child embraced by his warmth, strength and protection.

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