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A/N: Yes, I'm back! Sorry it's been so long but my first priority in life is taking care of my almost 2 year old toddler so fanfic just has to wait until I find the time and energy to work on it. But I'm still planning on finishing this story, even if it takes me 10 years to get there LOL. Many thanks to everyone still reading this. Please enjoy!


I try to fall asleep next to an already snoring Loz so that I don’t have to hear Kadaj in bed with his lover, whoever the hell it may be. Thinking about it disturbs me but I don’t quite know why. A lot of things disturb me now or just plain confuse the fuck out of me. My life has not been the same since I moved into this clone-inhabited lair and all its strangeness. Hell, my whole life hasn’t been the same since I first saw the three silver-haired men lining up to get into the club and it’s only gonna get more disturbing, confusing and strange from hereon in since I’m expecting a half-alien child with one of them. I only have around four months to go until the baby is supposed to arrive and though I’ve gotten most of the nursery supplies I’ll need, I still feel very underprepared. Thankfully, I’m too tired to dwell on it and soon drift off into dreamland.

Later that night I start talking in my sleep again, although I am unaware of it when it’s happening. Loz wakes me up and shows me what he recorded, like I asked him to do. Peering at the small screen of Loz’s phone and rubbing my drowsy eyes, I watch myself lying in bed, apparently asleep. Then I begin to talk. I’m just mumbling nonsense at first but my body suddenly stiffens, my eyes opening and rolling back until they’re white. As if that isn’t freaky enough, I’m shocked hear myself start speaking in a much lower and deeper timbre than usual. It’s not my voice at all; it doesn’t sound female but it doesn’t sound quite male either, and I’m not sure it’s even entirely human.

In this low, deep tone I say very clearly and deliberately, “I am here. I will be coming for you, soon. My blood lives. My legacy continues. Wait for me. Wait for the children…”

“Holy fuck,” I whisper in terror as all the hairs on my arms stand up. No wonder my friend Shandi moved out of my apartment, if I was doing this on a regular basis. It looks like I’ve been possessed.

Loz ends the short video recording but I keep staring at the blank screen, frightened and bewildered. Why am I speaking with a voice and words that are not my own? Who do they belong to? My child? Jenova? Sephiroth? Where is it all coming from and what does it mean? Who are the words meant for? Is it a promise or a warning?      

“What the hell is going on?” I say, looking to Loz in helpless horror.

He shakes his head with a frown, not having any answers. “I gotta show this to Kadaj,” he mutters, climbing out of bed and pulling on a pair of pants.

“No, don’t leave me here alone!” I exclaim. The lamp is on and I can see there are no monsters lurking in the corners of the cave but I’m still freaked out beyond belief by what I saw on that phone screen.

“Come with me, then,” he suggests, holding out his hand.

Although I don’t want to stay behind in Loz’s room by myself now that I’ve got the creeps, I don’t want to go bother Kadaj either. At this time of the night he’d be bound to be pissed at getting woken up and one guess who he’d blame for it.

“It’s all right. He won’t do anything to you,” Loz says reassuringly. “He might know what this means.”

Needing to find out, I reluctantly get out of bed, put some clothes on and go with Loz down the large carved stone hallway to Kadaj’s room. Loz begins to turn the door handle, going to walk straight on in like he’s done probably a hundred times before but then abruptly freezes. He lets go of the knob and decides to knock first, awkwardly waiting for his little brother to meet him and open up. I hear movement inside. When the youngest clone finally opens the door, Kadaj’s hair is rumpled and his cheeks flushed and warm but he doesn’t look like he just woke up. His eyes are too sharp and alert. He’s in his pyjama bottoms, his chest bare, belly tattoo showing. He seems annoyed. Maybe we interrupted him watching porn or jerking off or something. I try not to look at him, keeping my gaze on the floor.

Kadaj ignores me completely. “What do you want, Loz?”

“Got something to show you.” Loz holds out his phone. “Can we come in?”

Eyeing me distrustfully, Kadaj grants us entrance with a short jerk of his head. I discreetly look around. His room is tidy and smells like night-lilies, the scent heavy and sweet in the air. It’s the same perfume Yazoo favours but it must be coming from all the lit candles on Kadaj’s bedside table. They have been burning for a while, judging by how much melted wax is pooled in the middle of each one. His sheets are messed up and something that looks very much like a gay magazine is peeking out from under the bed. Oh, Gods. He WAS jerking off. My face heats up. I try not to think about Kadaj touching his own body but that’s exactly what enters my mind. I feel like turning around and leaving but then Yazoo curiously pokes his head around the doorway, the third Remnant sensing that something is going on. He strolls fluidly into the room wearing a black silk robe tied around his slim figure. It doesn’t appear that he was sleeping either, the pretty young man looking wide awake, his long hair perfectly sleek and shining, like he just brushed it.

“Are we having a family meeting?” Yazoo asks innocently.

“Look at this, you guys,” Loz says sombrely, pressing ‘start’ on the short video clip. Kadaj and Yazoo cluster around Loz’s hand and what’s held in it. I don’t watch the recording again; once was enough. Soon, the sound of speaking echoes in the room. I shudder, hearing that stranger’s inhuman voice coming out of my mouth.

“So, what do you think?” Loz inquires when the film stops, focusing on his younger brother and leader. “Do you know what it means?”

“I’m not sure,” Kadaj muses distractedly, taking the phone off Loz and playing it again, his pupils slitted at the screen. “Maybe. Maybe not.”

“Well, if you figure it out, Kadaj, please tell us,” I say stiffly from the doorway. “I need to know what the hell is happening to me.”

“Oh, absolutely,” the smaller silver-haired man replies smoothly and insincerely, giving me a calculated smile. “If I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know, Cate.”

For some reason, I don’t believe him.


That morning, the two other brothers take off on their motorcycles. They have some jobs they need to do in Midgar (and by ‘jobs’, I assume they mean ‘hits’, where some poor unfortunate souls will taste the sharp metal of Kadaj’s blades or the deadly blast of Yazoo’s gun) so Loz and I are free to spend some time together. I ask Loz if we can go into town and have breakfast at a nice café that I haven’t been to in a while and he happily agrees. I also need to grab a few things from the shops, like absorbent nursing pads to put in my bra as my boobs have starting leaking, another charming side-effect of pregnancy.

Loz drives me down town in that rickety old jalopy in the garage. We have a great breakfast at the café. Well, I have a great breakfast, since Loz doesn’t eat this early in the day, preferring to just sip on coffee. I however, indulge in a feast of poached eggs on toast with spinach and a creamy sauce, finished off with banana pancakes and a pot of herbal tea. We talk about buying a new car with room for an infant safety capsule, something we’ll need when the baby arrives. We also talk about possible names for our child – boy or girl, what fun things we’re going to do as a family, and what they might be like when they get older. We talk about lots of things but we don’t talk about the deep-voiced alter-ego that inhabits my body at night time because it’s still too creepy for me to speak of, even in broad daylight and Loz senses that. He is dressed in civilian clothing today, not head-to-toe black leather, so while still an impressive figure with his height and muscles, he isn’t as noticeable in loose pocketed pants and a blue-grey hoodie and doesn’t draw as much attention as usual. Even his silver-coloured hair isn’t that rare around these parts. In fact, nobody would know he’s a Sephiroth remnant if they didn’t see his distinctively slitted green eyes, and not many members of the general public do because Loz simply avoids looking at them directly.

Following breakfast, we go shopping and I come back with a lot more than just nursing pads, spotting some adorable little unisex outfits on sale that I just have to purchase, with Loz’s money, of course. He’s happy to buy things for me and the baby; it’s his choice to provide for us and take care of us and I’m eternally grateful for his support. And those huge muscular arms of his that can carry many bags and boxes. After all that shopping and walking around, I’m exhausted so we drive back to the lair and I take an afternoon nap. 

Later that evening before dinner, Yazoo comes into the kitchen where I’m cooking, his long hair still wet from what I presume is a post-exercise shower. Even over the smell of garlic and onions, an exquisitely sweet scent wafts into the kitchen along with the slender clone, something rich, flowery and exotic.

“Gods, Yazoo. You always smell so good,” I say, turning to him with a spoon in my hand. “I’ve been meaning to ask, what brand of cologne do you wear?”

He smiles and leans a hip on the counter. “None.”

“But you’ve got some on right now,” I argue. “I can smell it.”

“I don’t wear cologne, Cate. Besides, I just got out of the lake. If I was wearing any, it would have gotten washed off as I was swimming.”

“What’s that scent, then?” Puzzled, I lean in closer and sniff him; the perfume is definitely coming from his skin or hair. It can’t be shampoo, since he hasn’t been in the shower.

He looks at me curiously with those stunning aquamarine eyes. “What does it smell like?”

“Night-lilies. They’re my favourite flower,” I confess. “They only bloom in the evening.”

For a moment I think maybe the fragrance transferred onto him from the swim, from pollen floating on the water. But then I realise that there aren’t any lilies growing in the lake.

He chuckles understandingly. “What you’re noticing is my Allure.”

I frown and turn back to stop my onions from burning in the pan. “Allure? What’s that?”

“It’s kind of my special power, something I got from Father,” he explains. “Kadaj and Loz have it too but mine is by far the strongest. With it, I can lure people to me, convince them to do things that I want.”

“Are you serious?” Adding chopped vegetables and water to the pan on the stove, I put the lid on and leave it to cook for a while, focusing back on Yazoo and his intriguing revelation. “Your special power has a SMELL?”

“It seems so, although I can’t sense it myself. Apparently, it smells different to each individual, according to what they find appealing and attractive. You used to be a florist, right?”

I nod at his query, still a little bit saddened at having to close down my beloved flower shop with all its gorgeous perfumed blooms and brightly-coloured plants.

“Well, what you sense as a night-blooming flower,” Yazoo continues, “someone else who loves desserts might sense Allure as something such as cinnamon or chocolate. The scent gets more powerful when Allure is being used.” 

“Wow, cool,” I remark, thinking that that would be a handy power to have, the power of persuasion. And always smelling great, no matter when you last showered.

At that moment Kadaj and Loz walk into the kitchen, gazing between us, Loz inquisitively and Kadaj suspiciously, as per normal. Kadaj’s hair is wet too, so he must have gone swimming as well. Loz didn’t, though; I know he was in the garage doing motorcycle maintenance.

“What’s cool?” Loz asks, lounging next to Yazoo and resting his elbows on the countertop, his biceps bulging handsomely. Kadaj hops up beside Loz, sitting on the bench and flicking his elder brother on the ear. Loz scowls and tries to flick him back but Kadaj deftly ducks out of reach. They might be annoying to each other sometimes, but I think it’s cute how the three siblings have got to hang around together most of the time.

“Allure is cool,” Yazoo answers, smiling. “Cate says mine smells like night-lilies.”

Perking up, Kadaj asks interestedly, “Can you smell mine too? What’s mine like?”

Surprised that he’s actually speaking to me, I reply haltingly, “Well, um…I can certainly smell it but I don’t really know what yours resembles – it’s not anything easy to put into words.”

“Well, can’t you try?” He looks apprehensive. “It’s not bad, is it?”

“No, not bad. Well, it kind of is, but not in the way you think,” I hurriedly say, not wanting him to believe that his Allure smells rotten, because it definitely doesn’t. I can sense it underneath the sweeter scent of Yazoo’s lilies - Kadaj's a much darker, heavier and more seductive fragrance - and it brings me right back to the night in the club, when Kadaj attempted to kiss me and stick his hand up my skirt.

“This is gonna sound so stupid,” I mumble in embarrassment, “but the only way I can describe it is…sin. You smell like pure, unadulterated sin to me, Kadaj.”

“Sin? Or sex?” He raises an eyebrow and smirks suggestively. Loz glares at him, fingers gripping the countertop in jealous anger.

“Definitely sin,” I mutter blackly. “Like something wicked and evil, yet dangerously tempting. Something that if given into, it will completely destroy your life.”

Grinning, Kadaj remarks, “Awesome. Somebody told me once I smell like liquorice but sin is way cooler.”

“What about me?” Loz queries impatiently. “What do I smell like?”

“Leather,” I answer, looking at him and breathing in the familiar fragrance that I adore. “Bikes. Metal. Salt. Sweat.”

“So, I stink?” he comments, sounding disappointed.

“Not at all. I love your scent. It’s very manly. Strong. Sexy.” With a smile, I add, “Like you.”

Loz frowns. “You’re just sayin’ that ‘cause you have to, being my girlfriend and all.”


“Not true,” I insist, stepping closer and slipping my arms around his neck. “Remember our first meeting in the club, when I asked to look at your eyes? I smelled your Allure then, up close. It nearly made me lick your chest.”

His slanted eyebrows lift. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. With that and your tight-ass biker pants…” I grin up at him, trailing a teasing finger along one of his silver sideburns. “No wonder I ended up pregnant.”

Loz grins back wolfishly and drops a hand down to my butt, a devious light entering his green eyes.

“Oh, please. Go get a room,” Kadaj sneers, making a gagging motion as he slides off the kitchen bench top, back to his usual assholey self. “And what is that horrible stuff you’re cooking?”

“They’re called vegetables, Kadaj,” I dryly reply, turning back to the bubbling pot on the stove and checking under the lid. “Something you’d know if you didn’t eat dead animals all the time.”

“Well, I need a lot more protein than you and besides, I can’t exactly eat them ALIVE, can I?” he responds. “Although, once I ate a live buffalo-bug back in the lab because Loz dared me to. It was the size of a baby’s shoe. Remember that, Loz?”

The bigger brother gives a snort. “Yeah. That was gross. It sounded all crunchy and brown goo was dripping down your chin.”

Yazoo giggles. “Then you had to pick bug antennae out of your teeth.”

“OUT,” I order, pointing to the whole three of them. “If you’re gonna talk about disgusting shit like that while I’m cooking my dinner, can you just leave, please?”

Smirking, Kadaj replies, “Come on, guys. Let’s go to Moon Hong’s Takeout and order some deep fried DEAD animals.”

I roll my eyes at him as he and Yazoo start heading towards the garage to go to their favourite restaurant. Loz quickly kisses me on the cheek and whispers that he’ll bring me back some chocolate-coated fortune cookies and I resume cooking with a smile on my face.


Despite my occasional sleep-talking, I settle into life down in the lair. When the boys go out on jobs – usually two or three a week - I don’t ask what they’re doing. I don’t really want to know. Loz was upfront about his occupation and told me the truth right from the very beginning so the least I can do is not ask too many questions or try to guilt-trip him. He was doing this way before I came along and like Kadaj said upon my arrival, me being here isn’t going to change anything.  If I’m going to be Loz’s girlfriend I just have to accept that being a paid thug is what he does. He threatens, hurts and kills people for a living and I just have to get used to it. Other girls would be begging him to change careers or to stay home with them but I don’t. I let him go do what he has to do and I never mention it. Loz repays me for my tolerance by bringing home little treats like ice cream, candy or chocolates. Even though I’m often left in the lair alone, he makes sure I don’t feel forgotten about or neglected. I actually look forward to those times he has to work so I can see what goodies he returns with. I’m sure all these high-calorie snacks are making me fat but what the hell. I’m pregnant; I’m supposed to gain weight. I’ll worry about trying to lose it after the baby is born. For the moment I can indulge as much as I desire.  

No matter how big I’m getting, Loz constantly tells me I look beautiful and we enjoy a healthy sex life, making love almost every night, unless I’m too tired or sore. Because of my belly-bump, we have to be creative with our positions but we certainly make up for all those months we were apart. Preferring total privacy, we even go down to the lake and do it in there, Loz assuring me that the sensor cameras in the woods aren’t pointed this way. The water is surprisingly warm and it makes me feel weightless and light, easing any pregnancy-related joint pains I may occasionally suffer from. Soon, I can even follow the path through the woods to the lake by myself if I wish to swim there alone. Maybe I’ve gotten used to the eerie glowing trees or the absolute silence, or maybe the baby inside me feels at home in the lake but for whatever reason, I don’t find the frozen forest scary anymore and the warmth of the magical water helps when I have a back ache, which is becoming more frequent as the days go on and my stomach grows ever-larger.

Loz and I are careful not to be overheard again having sex but Kadaj isn’t quite as discreet, the highly-attractive young leader regularly entertaining his bedroom guest late at night. I am often kept awake by the echoes of their sexual activities, by muffled moaning and swearing and calls of passion. I believe it’s the same person in Kadaj’s bed, not a succession of different people or I would have detected different tones of voices over time, but it’s always the same one, responding to the youngest clone’s lovemaking with low, breathy gasps of: “Yes,” “Please,” “Now,” or merely crying out in pure, indescribable ecstasy. Sometimes, I detect a hint of pain in those cries, but it’s obviously an enjoyable pain. Kadaj, meanwhile, curses and hisses his pleasure, climaxing with a triumphant shout. He can orgasm multiple times, and so can his partner, evidently. Coming through two layers of thick stone walls, the noise is not overly loud but it’s just enough to be heard and just enough to bother me. I wish I could tell Loz how disturbing it is to hear his little brother fucking someone nearly every night but Loz is always asleep when it happens and the only one who hears it is me. Being right next door to Kadaj, Yazoo most likely hears it too, and louder than I do, but knowing his tolerant personality he probably just doesn’t care.

However, I do. Lack of sleep is one issue but the thing that bothers me the most is wondering exactly who the other person is. From the sound of their voice, I believe it’s a guy. When I listen very closely, it’s just too deep to be a woman. From what I’ve gathered, Kadaj appears to be bisexual so a guy in his bed is quite plausible. Some guys are exceptionally pretty, like Loz’s enemy from the nightclub - Reno the redhead - or that violet-eyed, blue-haired bartender who mixed me up purple drinks all those months ago, when I could still drink alcohol. Perhaps it’s even a transgendered person, such as one of the fake-boobed club-dancers that outwardly looks like a chick but has a cock tucked away in their panties.

I’ll bet my firstborn child that Yazoo knows all about his little brother’s affair, and is probably helping to cover it up, but he won’t tell me anything and just smiles enigmatically whenever I’ve enquired. I’ve repeatedly asked Loz if Kadaj has a girlfriend or boyfriend but Loz keeps saying no, and that Kadaj doesn’t have time for anyone other than Mother. Yet, he must make time because I hear the younger Remnant in bed with somebody on a regular basis. Kadaj obviously cares about this individual if he keeps letting them come back night after night but the question that really bugs me is, why does he hide his lover away? Why doesn’t he let them stay until the morning? Is there something wrong with them? Is it someone Kadaj shouldn’t be with? Is Kadaj ashamed of their relationship or does he just fiercely guard his privacy? What?

It drives me crazy not knowing and I’m starting to obsess over it which I know is not healthy but I can’t help it. The whole thing is such a mystery.

One time, when I’m going to the kitchen for my regular midnight glass of milk, I pass the living room and pause when a soft moan comes out of it. The television is on and in the flickering blue light I can see Kadaj sitting on the L-shaped lounge, sideways to me, the back of the couch shielding him from chest down. He is not wearing a shirt. For a moment I think he’s still up watching porn but then I realise the TV is muted and the moan actually came from him. And he’s not alone, judging by the slurping noises coming from his lap. In shock, I step back out of sight and carefully peer around the edge of the arched doorway.

“Yeah, baby. Suck it,” Kadaj encourages in a husky whisper, looking down at somebody with lust in his eyes.

I am frozen. I know I should leave and give Kadaj and his special friend their private time alone but I stand there in the darkened hallway in heart-pounding silence, hoping not to be caught but desperately needing to find out who the other person is. I can’t see them because they’re in front of the lounge, presumably kneeling on the floor between Kadaj’s legs but they’d have to lift their head sooner or later and I am dying to know if Kadaj’s lover is a man or a woman or someone who’s both.

“Your mouth is so hot,” Kadaj mutters, still gazing down through the razored curtain of his fringe. He sucks in a hissing breath through his teeth, arching his back for a moment. “Fuck…”

My pulse jumps when the other person moves and I glimpse the very top of a bobbing head of hair. In the blue light of the television, I can’t tell exactly what colour it is but it could be blonde. Or white. Or maybe platinum. I also can’t tell if it’s long or short but judging by the way it’s falling from the crown, and how easily Kadaj’s fingers slip into it, I’d say at least shoulder length.

Come on, just a little higher, I silently urge, peeking around the corner as that head bobs up and down. All I’m waiting for is to catch a glimpse of their face. I can see Kadaj’s face just fine and the focused expression of pleasure on it makes him appear even more seductive than usual. I study Kadaj for a moment, smelling the sinful scent of his Allure and being drawn to him, whether I want to be or not. His shoulders are bare and corded with lean muscle from swinging his sword, his shining silver hair just touching his collarbones as he looks down. While he watches what is being done to him, he licks his pale lips and bites at the bottom one, finally parting them in a deep groan of sexual bliss. His mouth is soft and pretty, as are his long black eyelashes. His skin glows bluish-white in the light of the muted television, perfect and smooth. He looks young but ageless, like a stone statue come to life. Sometimes, I forget just how unearthly beautiful he is.

“Enjoying the view, are we, Cate?” Kadaj purrs, turning and smiling at me, as if he knew I was there all along.

Feeling absolutely mortified, I scurry back to the bedroom and dive under the covers with Loz, forgetting all about the milk I originally intended to fetch.


The next day I stay in the bedroom so I can avoid Kadaj completely. I don’t even see him until dinner time and even then I try not to look him directly in the eyes. But I needn’t have worried as he doesn’t seem interested in me, or in my tofu stir-fry. Yazoo is licking meat-grease off his own fingers and Kadaj is observing him, virtually staring. Sliding a slender index finger out of his mouth, Yazoo stops and smiles at his little brother. Kadaj doesn’t smile back, just swipes his tongue over his own lower lip before biting down on it, as if to stop himself from saying anything. That’s nearly identical to the gesture he made last night, when he was getting sucked off. As if knowing what I’m thinking, Kadaj glances to me sharply and I quickly avert my line of sight, asking Loz to pass the pepper and acting like I didn’t see a thing. It sticks in my mind, much like when Kadaj had his hand on Yazoo’s leg the first time I saw them train together in the gym room.

I begin to notice other things. Every day I notice something odd happen between them, something that normal brothers just wouldn’t do.

Like, Yazoo’s eyes shifting sideways and lingering on Kadaj’s fit teenage body when he takes his shirt off during training. Kadaj touching Yazoo on the lower back as he squeezes past him in the kitchen to get to the fridge. Yazoo’s hand brushing over Kadaj’s at the dinner table, elegant fingers almost caressing as he does so. The way their gazes meet and hold just that little bit too long before they both look away. The way they rise in the morning only mere minutes apart; Yazoo appearing first, then Kadaj emerging shortly after. How they retire for the night the same way, almost as though they are following each other, even though I know they’re going into separate rooms. I understand that they’re closer than regular siblings, being clones from the same source, but their behaviour just strikes me as unusual. Furtive. Secret. Like there’s something happening here that I don’t know about.  

But most puzzling of all is the fact that I frequently hear Kadaj with someone at night but I never hear anybody leaving and I never, ever see any evidence of a woman being here in the morning. I don’t find any cups with lipstick marks on them in the sink. I don’t find any stockings or earrings lost behind the couch. I don’t even smell any strange perfume lingering in the air, just the night-lily fragrance of Yazoo’s Allure, the same distinctive scent I’ve smelled in Kadaj’s room, along with the underlying scent of sin. Sometimes the two scents are mixed strongly together and they’re definitely not coming from burning candles.

As for tell-tale long hairs, the only ones I’ve ever seen on Kadaj’s clothing are silver. There are no blonde, brunette or red strands. Not ever.  

That head of hair I glimpsed in Kadaj’s lap? I’m starting to believe more and more that it wasn’t white, but a light grey I saw. Not just light grey, as in an elderly person, but the same colour that Kadaj has. Or Loz. Or Yazoo.


Is there another Sephiroth clone out there that Kadaj is secretly meeting with? Is that how they slip in and out of this place so quietly?

Or is it somebody that already lives here? Is there a hidden room in this lair where a fourth Remnant resides, perhaps one who is horribly disfigured in some way or who looks more alien than human, only coming out at night when nobody else is around?

Or is the explanation much simpler than that?

I have the feeling Loz knows exactly what’s happening but he is keeping this knowledge to himself. I don’t understand what secrets this lair holds but I need to find out. Just to prove that I’m not imagining things or suffering from some weird pregnancy-induced paranoia.

So, tonight in bed, I’m gonna ask Loz what the fuck is going on and I won’t give up until he tells me the truth.


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