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Chapter 18. DNA

We're lying in bed relaxing in the pleasant glow of good sex, my head in the crook of Loz's shoulder, his arm lovingly around me.

"I am very, very happy you came into my life, Cate," Loz murmurs contentedly, kissing the top of my head.

"Me too," I reply affectionately, caressing his marble-like chest.

"And I'm even happier that you brought this little one along with you," he adds, stroking my bare belly, both of us smiling at the resulting ripple under my skin as the baby reacts to his touch.

"Yes, it's your Daddy," I say as I gaze down at my moving bump. "Say hi to Daddy!"

The baby nudges Loz's hand on cue and we both laugh.

"It's so cool when the kid does that," Loz says, grinning. Suddenly, his grin fades and he looks alarmed. "Wait - can babies hear in there? You think he's been listening to all the stuff we say to each other? All the…uh…dirty stuff?"

"I doubt it. He lives underwater; it's probably just muffled noise to him," I answer. It's meant to reassure Loz but he still seems anxious that our unborn son might know what we've been doing between the sheets.

"But do you think he can feel it? You know, when we…do it?"

"Well, babies can experience their mother's feelings, like fear or anger so he can probably feel the emotion we have when we're together," I explain. "Particularly since you have that cell-bonding thing going on. But all he'd know is that we're close and that mommy and daddy care about each other very much. I think he can definitely sense that."

"As long as that's ALL he senses," Loz mumbles, yawning and shortly falling asleep.

With Loz snoring away, I get up to pee and go to fetch a drink of milk from the refrigerator. I'm craving it and need the protein. The baby would probably love me to eat a tofu burger right now but at this time of the night, I don't think so.

The guys know that I sometimes have a midnight snack or drink so they tend to leave a light on in the kitchen for me. You know, since I can't see in the dark like they do. As I fill my glass with milk and take a gulp, I glance over to where Loz's pet, Freddie the lizard, is perched on the backrest of a kitchen chair, watching me with an unblinking gaze. He doesn't move. He's probably not even looking at me – he's probably just asleep with his eyes open, the lazy reptile. I'm cool with him being in the lair. Lizards don't bother me. It's only cockroaches and big hairy spiders I don't like but I haven't seen any down here. Freddie probably eats them all anyway.

I catch a sudden movement out of the corner of my eye and whirl around in fright, expecting some sort of cave monster but it's only Yazoo, clad in a black silk robe.

"What is it with you guys and sneaking up on people?" I scold, setting my glass onto the benchtop and glancing down at the spilled milk on the front of my shirt. "Do you actually WANT me to go into labour early?"

"I'm sorry," Yazoo says apologetically, handing me a clean tea towel so I can wipe my shirt off. "I'm used to my brothers being able to sense my approach. I keep forgetting you can't."

I watch as he gets a glass of his own, filling it with cold water from the refrigerator. I catch a glimpse of the sharp-edged circular tattoo inked on the back of his neck as his hair moves with him.

"You thirsty too, huh?" I ask conversationally.

Turning around, he sips some water and nods. "It's a warm night."

The sensual smell of lilies wafts from Yazoo's direction. It's mixed with the musky aroma of sin, Kadaj's signature scent. They must be sleeping in the same bed together. Or not sleeping. I try to ignore the visuals popping up in my mind.

Leaning his strong, slender figure against the countertop, he enquires, "How's the baby?"

I rub my stomach. "Fine. Moving about and getting hiccups like a baby should."

"Excellent. And you? How is the pregnancy going for you?"

I shrug. "As well as can be expected, considering I'm carrying an alien. Honestly, I'm just glad the baby hasn't tried to eat its way out of me." Of course, I'm only joking. Maybe.

"You don't still get morning sickness?"

"No, not anymore. In fact, since I've arrived at this place with all you guys, I've never felt better, physically I mean. I get a few aches and pains in my back from the extra weight I'm carrying but apart from that, I'm really good. "

"That's great to hear." Tipping his head back, Yazoo finishes his water and sets the glass upside down on the drying rack beside the sink. He looks at me as I have a couple more swallows of my milk.

"Cate, do you have a few minutes to talk?"

"Sure," I reply in puzzlement, wondering what he wants to speak about. "What's up?"

"When my brothers and I were younger," Yazoo begins, "after we escaped from the lab, it took us a while to start integrating into society but when we did, we naturally starting having sex with other people. Kadaj found both genders attractive while I preferred men. Loz preferred women but he was terribly shy and insecure about himself so he didn't have anywhere near as many sexual partners as Kadaj."

I stare at him, still puzzled. Why is he telling me this? It's none of my business what they did with other lovers before I came along or what their true sexuality is but Yazoo continues, taking the topic in a completely different direction.

"Soon, we discovered that we could impregnate human females. It's something we never thought of until it happened. A few of the girls that Kadaj slept with at the club went missing and while he didn't think much of it, I was worried that he'd been too rough with them during the act and accidentally killed them. I didn't want the police asking us questions, so I tracked the girls down and discovered that most of them had died in their homes or in hospital, not from Kadaj's hand but from massive blood loss following a miscarriage. Using Allure, I gained access to their personal medical and death records, working out that none of them had gone past one or two months before becoming severely sick, losing the baby and, subsequently, their lives."

I'm still staring at Yazoo, only now it's in horror.

"Only one girl survived her miscarriage, but she was told by doctors that due to the amount of damage she had suffered, she'd never be able to have children again. I assumed that the reason the pregnancies failed was because our DNA wasn't compatible with human DNA. Since the miscarried babies were only embryos the size of a bean, no autopsies were performed on them or our alien cells might have been discovered. Thankfully, there was nothing linking the girls to us and our secrets were safe but I had to tell Kadaj about what I found. He didn't care about the deaths of the girls," Yazoo reveals candidly, "but he agreed with me that we should all take extra precautions not to make anyone pregnant again. He ordered all of us to use condoms, even me, as you never know – I could potentially get one of my male lovers pregnant too."

I start to say that it would be impossible to impregnate a man but then again, Yazoo's an alien with green blood, the slitted eyes of a cat and healing abilities far beyond any creature on this planet. With someone like him, anything is possible.

"We didn't have time for children anyway as our focus was always on finding Mother," the middle Remnant states. "I had been so sure that no human female would ever be able to carry one of our babies to full term but here you are, proving me wrong." He gestures to my healthily rounded belly. "You must be very special, Catalina."

Blinking, I try to take all of that startling information in.

"Thanks, I think…" Frowning, I enquire, "Has Loz ever accidentally impregnated anyone before? I mean, before me?"

Yazoo shakes his head in an elegant manner. "Not to my knowledge. As I said, my older brother has had very few sexual partners."

"And some of those were professionals, who would have taken their own precautions anyway," I mention.

"Did he tell you about them, the prostitutes he's been with?"

"Yes. And I told him I understood. He's been really forthcoming about his past which is surprising," I admit, "as a lot of guys try to hide the less than pleasant aspects of their lives from their girlfriends. That's one of the things I like about Loz. He's brutally honest."

Tilting his head, Yazoo asks, "Cate, how is everything going with Loz and you? Are you happy being here, living in the lair?"

"Apart from Kadaj being an arrogant little prick, yeah. I'm happy here."

"Loz is happy too. But it wasn't always so," the pretty assassin discloses. "After that fateful night in the club, he got quite depressed and I began to think he'd never improve or drag himself out of it."

"You mean, after I ditched him there that night and never came back," I reply bitterly. "He was depressed because of me. That's what you're getting at, right?"

"Well, yes," Yazoo acknowledges. "I completely understand why you left, by the way, and am not blaming you. The sight of us summoning Shadow Creepers and demolishing the entire club would be enough to drive anybody away for life. Since that night, Loz been in a deep depression and anger cycle, mentally kicking himself over and over for what happened and how he scared away the one girl he's ever truly connected with. He's been hopelessly miserable for months, crying himself to sleep sometimes."

Great. That just makes me feel even worse for dumping Loz the way I did.

"But then you came back and now he's smiling again," Yazoo concedes with a small smile of his own. "I've never seen him so happy."

He pauses, his smile disappearing. "I suppose what I'm saying, Cate, is that I hope you really are staying this time. If you leave Loz again…I don't think he could cope with that. He's very attached to you now, and the baby. If he lost you both, he'd be emotionally destroyed and never, ever recover. I don't want to see that happen to my brother."

Swallowing, I answer quietly, "I don't want that either. I won't hurt Loz or leave him again, I promise."

Appearing concerned, Yazoo replies, "Weird things happen around us, Cate. You've seen that already. Things might become stranger and more stressful the longer you stay here. Eventually you might reach your limit and decide enough is enough. You might decide to leave for the sake of your own sanity."

Wondering how I can convince him, I say, "Yazoo, I know you're worried about my intentions but you don't have to be. If I was gonna leave, I would have done it after I found out what you guys really are and where you came from. But I'm still here, aren't I? And I plan to be for a very long time. I need Loz just as much as he needs me."

Those cat-like eyes with all their shades of green are focused keenly on me, watching my reactions closely. "You're not here for money?"

"Money?" I stare at Yazoo, offended. "If I was just after money, I'd have asked for it and gotten the hell out of this cave already. I'll admit I don't have a cent to my name and yes, it's very nice being looked after but I'm not some fucking gold digger, Yazoo. I'm not using Loz for what he can give me. I'm not here to take; I'm here because I want to be with him and I want him to be a father to our baby."

"So, he wasn't just a one-night stand to you?"

"No, he wasn't! Gods, you sound like Kadaj." After that outburst, I sigh, knowing Yazoo is just looking out for his big brother, not personally attacking me. "My roommate Shandi might have been encouraging me to get laid that night, but I wasn't interested in that. After the end of my marriage, I was trying to be more cautious about who I got together with in the future. I didn't want to deal with another divorce or another failed relationship. All I really wanted was someone to care about me, someone that I could care for in return. Someone kind and gentle who would treat me nicely and show me respect. Someone that I could talk freely with and not feel judged. Someone I could laugh with. Someone who made me feel special. Loz was ticking all those boxes. I could have picked any guy in the club if I just wanted sex, but I wanted an emotional connection too. Believe me, Yazoo, I wouldn't have gone into that bathroom with Loz if I didn't feel anything for him."

Gazing at me, Yazoo silently weighs up my words and the emotions behind them.

"Pardon my directness," he says next, "but do you love Loz? Do you love my brother?"

My eyes drop and my cheeks blush at being asked such a personal question. I know Yazoo is still watching me like a hawk so I can't lie, or he'd know.

"I do love him," I confess in a whisper, even though I haven't said it to Loz yet. "More than I've ever loved anybody."

"Even more than your ex-husband?"

I raise my gaze, bravely meeting Yazoo's eyes, wanting him to know that I'm telling the truth. "Even more than my ex-husband," I solemnly repeat.

That's mainly why I haven't told Loz; it's almost overwhelming how deep my feelings are for him. Love doesn't seem a strong enough word.

"In fact," I continue my confession to Yazoo, sure that he won't tell Loz any of this, "I think I've loved your brother since that night in the club. Loz is everything I've been looking for and I'm not walking away from him this time, no matter what."

Yazoo nods, apparently satisfied. "Good. That's all I wanted to know."

"Thank the Gods," I mutter in relief. "For a moment there, I thought you'd start asking me how often we have sex or something."

"I don't need to ask that. I'm already fairly certain you have a healthy sex life." Yazoo smiles in amusement and I immediately think of those soft, pale-pink lips around Loz's dick, like in the story Loz told me earlier. I wonder if Yazoo even remembers doing it. Maybe he doesn't; maybe he does. If he can recall that moment, I can't help wondering how he feels about what he did to his older brother - whether he experiences any guilt over it, whether he enjoyed it as much as Loz did or if it was just a mercy-suck to him, something to cheer Loz up when he was feeling alone and desperate. Whatever it is that Yazoo thinks about the one-off incident in the corridor, I sure as hell ain't gonna ask him. It's none of my Godsdamn business. Blushing at my highly improper thoughts, I finish my glass of milk, rinse it out and leave it on the sink.

"I should go back to bed now," I mumble, hoping Yazoo can't see my awkwardness or if he can, that he doesn't know the true reason for it.

The next day, the guys go out looking for Mother (unsuccessful as usual) and then that afternoon, they have another job to do. A paying job, which usually means someone being assassinated. Hopefully, someone who deserves it. I spend my time alone in the lair reading, cooking, feeding Freddie and watching a bit of television, catching up on the news in the outside world since I hardly go out there anymore. But it's the same stuff: crime, murder, poverty, greedy corporations, and the horrible black disease that's been spreading around the globe like wildfire for the past couple of years. Geostigma. It begins as a black stain on the skin which starts oozing, causes extreme fatigue and vomiting and eventually claims the afflicted person's life. A lot of the street kids have it and there's no cure yet, which is really sad. Nobody knows where it originated from but most medical experts believe it's a foreign, negative substance that the body keeps trying to reject. Some people say it's the planet punishing us for our sins but I don't believe that. Why would Gaia punish little kids? I think it's coming from some other source, some evil source, and I hope they find out what it is and how to fix it soon, before any more innocent lives are lost. If my child caught the 'stigma, I'd be absolutely devastated but I'm counting on the green blood in my baby's system to keep him protected from all illnesses and viruses, just like his dad and uncles. Loz told me he and his brothers have never had even so much as a cold in their entire lives, let alone anything more serious, so I'm trusting that my son takes after them more and not me. With the way the kid gave me visions of Loz, Yazoo and Kadaj and guided me here to this lair, I'm pretty sure he's mostly alien.

When the three leather-clad Remnants I'm living with come home early in the evening, they are laughing and joking with each other. I can hear them coming down the long corridor from the garage – the clomp of their boots, the creak and swish of their bad-boy biker suits, Kadaj's witty wisecracks and child-like laugh, Yazoo's wicked-sounding giggle and Loz's booming chuckle. It makes me smile.

"You're all in a good mood," I comment when they enter the living area where I'm lounging on the couch with a book resting on my belly. "Job go well?"

Looking enthused, Loz starts to say something to me but Kadaj cuts him off with a steely glare. "Loz," he warns. "Don't."

Uncomfortably, the bigger brother looks down, starting to unbuckle Dual Hound and remove it from his arm. Mumbling, he says to me, "I can't talk about it. Sorry."

"It's fine. I don't need to know," I assure him. "It's just nice to see you looking so happy."

Brightening back up, Loz places his stun-weapon on the kitchen bench and comes over to the couch, leaning down and kissing me, his lips lingering on mine. I can taste alcohol on his breath.

"You've been drinking," I remark. "No wonder you're all so cheery."

"Yeah, and we're not done yet," Loz declares, fetching more cans of beer from the fridge, tossing a couple to Yazoo and Kadaj and cracking another one open for himself. The two younger clones hang up their guns and sword on metal coat hooks screwed in the sandstone wall near the entry and then they too open their beers, toasting each other jovially and taking a few thirsty gulps.

"Wish I could still drink," I say wistfully, wanting to join in the fun. But alas, I'll have to wait until the baby is born before I pop some celebratory champagne.

With nothing restricting them, the guys continue guzzling their alcohol, speaking animatedly in that half-telepathic way they sometimes do when they don't want me to know what they're talking about, leaving out certain parts of their sentences.

"Loz, did you see that moment when Kadaj…?"

"Yeah, that was friggin' awesome, Daj! And then when Yaz did that thing?"

"I know, you're such a sexy bad-ass, Yazzie."

"Thank you, little brother. But I can't take all the credit. What about when Loz began to…?"

"Oh, that was seriously inspiring, Loz. Mother would be so proud."

Loz grins at the praise for whatever it was that he did. It's probably rare that he gets praise from Kadaj so he's enjoying it while it lasts. The temperamental young leader puts some party music on, thumping techno stuff like they play at that club they like to go to. Hm, I wonder if that's where they went before they came home.

"How's Roscoe doing?" I remark.

"Roscoe? He's cool. Still gives us VIP passes," Loz replies, speaking of the long-haired, tattooed bouncer and partial club owner. "Says we're the best publicity for the place so he never charges us."

"What about Tommy?" I still clearly recall the terrified young bouncer-in-training rushing past me towards the violence inside the club as I ran far, far away from it. "You didn't kill him for giving me the whereabouts on your lair, did you?"

"Nah, he's fine. He quit bouncing and became a bull-handler at rodeos. Said it was way less dangerous than working at the club, especially whenever we came in."

"Did you go there tonight?"

"Only for a few drinks. I didn't touch any girls, I swear!" Loz insists.

"I did," Kadaj gleefully reveals. "You know, Cate, it's just not the same there without seeing you in that tiny little outfit and knee-high fuck me boots."

"Bite me," I answer drolly. "Besides, nobody wants to see this grossly enormous belly hanging over a damn mini-skirt."

"I would," Loz instantly volunteers.

"See, don't be so hard on yourself," Kadaj replies, throwing me a look. "Some people are actually into the whole pregnancy thing."

"Not you, I hope," is my muttered reply.

Smirking, Kadaj doesn't answer. Getting into the music playing on the stereo, he dances around a standing Yazoo in a very sensual manner, while Yaz just smiles down at his seductive little brother. And seductive he is, especially in that leather pants-suit of his, cut so tightly and perfectly to Kadaj's trim male form. It reminds me of the night I first met them all and discovered not only their varying personalities, but their high levels of attractiveness. Kadaj sees me watching and pushes his leanly muscled figure up against Yazoo's taller one, slinging an arm around Yazoo in an overtly possessive way. He smirks at me, slowly grinding into his older sibling's thigh like one of the club's lap dancers.

"If you're trying to shock me, Kadaj, it's not working," I drawl dryly. "I already know all about you two and what you've been getting up to late at night."

He pauses for a moment, his slanted brows drawing together. "You do? But you couldn't see behind the couch."

"No, but Loz told me it was Yazoo."

At being outed, Yazoo doesn't seem embarrassed in the slightest but he does arch a questioning brow at his big brother, particularly since Loz was the one who asked them to keep it a secret in the first place.

Loz cringes. "She already kinda guessed, you guys."

"Yeah, I've heard you," I confirm. "The cave walls are thick but sound echoes. You must know that. It's almost like you WANTED me to find out."

Gazing at me interestedly, Yazoo mentions, "You don't seem shocked. Do you think it's acceptable, us being brothers and having this kind of relationship?"

To tell the truth, I wouldn't find it acceptable if they were normal human brothers but they aren't. They were created in a laboratory test-tube and grown in glass tanks located in a high-tech facility deep underground so the normal human rules don't apply to them.

"Well, Loz explained about the whole cell-bonding thing so I understand," I tell the prettier clone. "From now on, you don't have to hide it or act any different around me."

"Great," Kadaj intercedes. "Because it's a drag not being able to do this whenever I want to."

Here, he leans up and licks Yazoo's sculpted cheekbone, Kadaj trailing a hand down his middle brother's firm chest and stomach, stopping on the front of his coat, just above Yazoo's groin. Yazoo closes his eyes and gives a small hum of pleasure. Not yet ready to see this much intimacy between them, I blush and look away.

Getting up from the couch, I announce, "I'm going to bed. Have fun, boys."

"Oh, don't worry - we will," Kadaj purrs, still hanging off Yazoo's slender body.

Carrying my book, I stand upon tip-toes to kiss Loz on the cheek, just above the curve of his silver whiskers.

"Want me to tuck you two in?" he asks, patting my belly.

I shake my head and smile at him. "It's okay. You stay and party. Just try to keep the noise levels down, all right?"

"You got it, babe."

As I'm lying in bed, curled up on my side with a pillow around my stomach for support, I can still hear the sound of music and laughter coming from the living room but it's a happy sound so it doesn't bother me too much. I even manage to get some sleep, at least until Loz comes into the bedroom drunk and clumsy, knocking stuff over and swearing under his breath. When he strips off and climbs under the covers behind me, he reaches out and gropes me a bit, feeling my breasts and pressing against my butt. Because we hadn't spent much time together today, I respond with an encouraging murmur but it appears that Loz is far too intoxicated to perform sexually as his hands soon go limp and he drops off into dead sleep.

The music has stopped so I assume the party is over. The occupants of the other bedrooms, however, are not sleeping yet. They're having Reunion, their moans of passion making it through the stone walls and into my ears. They're being decidedly loud and energetic, probably because they don't have to keep their relationship secret anymore. I should try and block the sounds out like the first night I heard them fucking but this time, I don't want to. It's perversely exciting to listen to, knowing that they're in the same bed, their bodies merged, one brother inside of the other. Even though he's the youngest, I can tell that Kadaj is on top because I hear him ordering Yazoo to take it and like it, followed by slapping sounds of flesh, the middle sibling crying out as he is banged hard. The first couple of times I nearly get off myself listening to them come, Yazoo almost sobbing with pleasure while Kadaj heatedly swears and calls Yazoo an 'insatiable bitch', but by the fourth and fifth time the excitement has worn off, at least for me. I'm getting really weary and their non-stop fuck-fest is stopping me from going back to sleep.

Tossing and turning under the covers, I let them do it another two times, both noisily and enthusiastically, before growling in my throat and throwing the sheets back, intent on putting an end to this. Yanking on Loz's robe, I leave my ignorantly-slumbering boyfriend and go down the hall to the cause of all that disturbance, impatiently knocking on the door.

Yazoo answers with a sheet bunched around his hips, long silvery hair rumpled up and slightly tangled, which I previously thought impossible. He strongly smells like sweet perfume, like the lilies of the night. His lips are swollen and red. He's got no shirt on and there are what appear to be bite-marks around his nipples. His neck and shoulders are darkened with a sex-flush. There's perspiration glistening on his nude, muscled stomach and chest, the slim-hipped male looking hotter, messier and sweatier than he does even after intense training in the gym room. It's the most untidy and inelegant I've ever seen him look. He also looks unbelievably sexy like this but I'm too pissed off to acknowledge that now.

"Is something wrong?" he asks, glancing at my belly. "Is the baby coming?"

"No, but you guys obviously are," I drawl sarcastically, glancing over his shoulder at Kadaj lounging in the messy bed with the blankets over his legs and lap, the youngest clone playing with a lit candle, carelessly running his fingertips over the flame. The ninja-star tattoo stands out starkly on the white flesh of his exposed lower abdomen, beneath his navel.

"Thanks to your alien mom, I know you've got super-stamina and never run out of energy but seriously. Don't you two ever stop?"

"We're keeping you awake?"

"Yeah, you are. I realise this is your home and you can do whatever you want in it but if you must continue 'Reuniting' at least try and keep the noise down, okay?" I sigh in frustration and scratch the back of my head, realising my short brown hair is sticking up all over the place but I'm too tired to care. "Loz could sleep through a train thundering across his bedroom but I can't and I'm exhausted. Pregnant women need rest, all right?"

"We apologise," Yazoo says politely, although he doesn't really look sorry about it at all. In fact, it looks like he's trying not to smile. Kadaj is probably whispering dirty things in his mind as we speak. "We'll try to stay quiet from now on."

"Thank you. I'd really appreciate that."

From behind him Kadaj says, "If you can't sleep, you're welcome to join us."

I look to him in shock. From beneath his layered silver fringe Kadaj's gaze is sultry and sharp both at once, his pupils thin and reptilian-looking. I can literally smell the sin emanating from his pores. He smirks with kiss-darkened lips, holding the candle in his lap and moving circled fingers up and down the tall wax shaft of it in a most obscene and suggestive manner.

"There's plenty of fuel left in my wick for YOU, Catey-cakes…"

Heat springs into my cheeks and I quickly turn back to Yazoo. "Is he joking?" I whisper. "Oh Gods, please tell me he's joking."

Yazoo smiles, neither confirming nor denying it. "Sorry for being inconsiderate. We won't disturb you anymore."

And then he slides the door shut, presumably to start round number eight.

At least he keeps his word because this time in our room, I don't hear them screwing anymore and can finally get some damn sleep. Although, it's kind of pointless because then I dream about them, my overactive brain providing X-rated visuals to the erotic sounds I heard earlier, making me wake up early in the morning with an ache between my thighs and a bad case of damp underwear. The only cure for that is to wake Loz up and get him to fill that ache. He's more than happy to oblige but as he's thrusting into me I avoid looking at his face because when I do, all I can see is Kadaj's emerald snake-eyes gleaming back at me.

Later, over breakfast, that's exactly what happens. While sipping on his coffee, Kadaj keeps glancing at me, his expression mocking and teasing, yet somehow still disturbingly seductive. I know he's only doing it to fluster me but when I accidentally meet his slitted green gaze over the kitchen table all I think about is him pretending to masturbate the candle, that image sticking in my mind and making me feel a weird mixture of disgust, awkwardness and arousal. It's not that difficult for my mind to replace the candle with a cock, or at least what my imagination thinks Kadaj's cock looks like, and my horrified embarrassment only increases. He was just kidding about me joining his and Yazoo's sex-marathon last night, right? He was just messing with me, wasn't he? With the way Kadaj slyly glances in my direction, smirking and amused by my blushing reaction, I can't tell. I don't know if he's trying to humiliate me or is actually interested.

And I don't know what's worse.

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