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A/N: This chapter contains a little Cate/Kadaj romance and a little Cate/Loz sexy time.

Chapter 39. Human

The next day Kadaj gets out of bed, eating breakfast and walking around like he didn't almost drown in the lake the night before. He seems to have suffered no ill-effects from the experience but it takes some time for everyone to adjust to Kadaj's humanness. Loz and Yazoo are used to their younger sibling being nearly invincible and hard to hurt but this is not the case any longer. When they begin an experimental training session in the gym room, Loz accidentally elbows Kadaj in the face and gives him a nosebleed. And not just any old nosebleed – this one's a gusher, Kadaj's cupped hands soon overflowing with blood, Yazoo having to stop the fount with a towel, which quickly turns red as it soaks through. At hurting his little brother so easily, poor Loz is beside himself with anxiety and guilt, apologising over and over again, but Kadaj is fine once the bleeding stops. It's so bizarre to see bright scarlet blood coming out of Kadaj instead of green but it's a sure sign that he's definitely not a clone anymore.

Another thing that's changed is Kadaj's skin – it's not pure white any longer. It's still pale but it's pinker and more flesh-toned, like mine. It goes perfectly with his brown hair and eyes. As beautifully stunning as he was before, with his green cat-gaze and shining silver mane, he was also cold-looking and somehow untouchable, the sort of person you'd stare at but be too afraid to approach directly. Being brunette and dark-eyed gives him a more approachable appearance, a friendlier and warmer appearance, and if I'm completely honest with myself, I think he's even more beautiful this way. His brown hair is thick and glossy, matching his slanted eyebrows, and his lashes are long and black, framing those deep, chocolate-coloured irises. His lips are darker too, more red in them than blue, but they still have the same sweetly kissable shape that they used to.

And he still has the same fit, leanly muscular body that looks great in karate gear, or any clothes, really. Although he appears strong and can still fight like a whirling tornado, Kadaj is not as tough as he used to be, purely because he's human. When they train from now on, Loz and Yazoo need to take extra care and restrain their own alien strength, lest they harm their mortal sibling. Kadaj cannot heal the way he was able to in the past so any injuries he receives will not repair in record time but slowly, like most other people on the planet.

After the nosebleed incident, the guys decide to give training a miss and instead drink some beer and watch movies in the living room. I bring them some snacks: nuts, cheese, crackers and strips of dried jerky, although it's more for Kadaj who needs the extra nutrients. Once upon a time, I swore I wouldn't become their maid and live-in cook but here I am, bringing the guys food and cleaning up after them. I don't mind doing it, though. It makes me so happy to see the brothers all back together again and their close bond is something they can't conceal, not that they're trying to. Though they are supposed to be watching a movie, they're just using it as an excuse to snuggle. Yazoo is leaning against Loz's side. Kadaj is sprawled across the couch and over Yazoo's legs, his head resting in Loz's lap. Loz is stroking Kadaj's shoulder-length brunette hair, looking at his little brother with infatuated adoration.

Yazoo is also gazing down on him lovingly, his slender fingers linked through Kadaj's. The middle Remnant occasionally lifts Kadaj's hand and brings it to his mouth, Yazoo giving Kadaj soft kisses on the backs of his fingers and knuckles. Though his head is turned and his eyes are on the television, Kadaj has a contented smile curving his lips, soaking up all the attention and affection bestowed upon him, the other two treating him like a dearly-loved puppy that went missing and then unexpectedly returned home just when they'd given up all hope. It's like they don't want to let Kadaj out of their sight, and they can't stop touching him and petting him.

Grinning at how cute that is, I leave the boys to their bonding and when I come back later to collect the empty plates and beer cans, I find the three of them lying on the couch fast asleep, an action film still playing on the TV screen. Kadaj is in the middle, being held by Yazoo and the both of them are enfolded by Loz's large, protective arms. I'm slipping a blanket over the trio of sleeping siblings when Kadaj suddenly grabs my hand. I freeze, not having expected him to be awake. He simply opens his very brown, very normal eyes and smiles at me, warmly squeezing my hand, showing his thanks and appreciation for my kind gesture. He touches my belly and the baby lovingly nudges his palm, making Kadaj smile even wider. He used to be so moody and hardly ever smiled, not a real one anyway, but now he's smiling all the time. It really suits him and I'm glad that he's so happy. I smile in return and when Kadaj has closed his eyes and snuggled back with his brothers under the blanket, I go to make dinner for them all. I don't even mind the smell of cooking meat because to have Kadaj here again, to have the whole family together and reunited, means more to me than anything else in the world.

The weekend arrives. Instead of going out to their favourite club and partying, like they would have done in the past, the three brothers prefer to stay home, hang out and talk. Now when they speak, they don't leave out parts of their sentences because they have nothing to hide, not from each other and not from me. They don't talk about finding Mother anymore, or about the Reunion. Instead, they talk about how incredible it is that Kadaj has returned and how they've all been given a second chance at life. They talk about how different their lives are going to be, now that they're giving up being assassins and hired thugs, and going to work for the Turks as agents. They've spoken to Tseng about Kadaj's return and reformation, and the forgiving Turk leader has offered Kadaj the same employment contract as Loz and Yazoo. No doubt Reno and Rude could vouch for Kadaj's advanced skill set, seeing as how they've fought him on multiple occasions but most of all, I'm sure the Turks would prefer to keep Kadaj in their sights and have him on their side for a change. Even though he's human and has lost all his powers, he's still a formidable fighter and I bet they'd still prefer to keep a close eye on him. Now, the Turks can have Kadaj work FOR them, instead of against them. No more bombs. No more trying to kill each other. Everybody wins.

The three brothers will be starting work the following week and are enthused to be doing something legitimate, even though it will still be top-secret stuff within the Shin-Ra organisation. They'll be getting their own uniforms (I cannot wait to see Loz in a suit, personally), their own staff ID cards and their own brand new guns. These guns won't be like their old gunblades, just regular standard-issue revolvers, but that's fitting because their old lives are over and they're moving into a new chapter, a much more positive one. They don't have enemies anymore; Jenova is gone and therefore nobody is coming after them or trying to stop them from finding her. With her hold over them broken forever, they can concentrate on being good for once, helping the world instead of trying to destroy it. They can enjoy having a real purpose on Gaia, instead of being other people's puppets.

Best of all, the former clones can enjoy looking forward to the future, knowing that they're going to live long, free lives and that their little family will soon be expanding. They ask me all the time about the baby and when I think it will be coming. I keep telling the guys to be patient and that I'll let them know the moment anything happens, but their enthusiasm is rather sweet. They have all been very attentive to me during this late stage of my pregnancy, holding doors open for me, carrying things for me, making me sit down when they think I've been on my feet too long. They regularly order dinner for us all from their favourite take-away place, so that I don't have to keep standing over a hot stove any longer. Even though I enjoy cooking, it's nice to have a break from it.

When I'm sitting down in a comfy chair, my considerate fiancé and brothers in law bring me steaming cups of raspberry leaf tea to drink. Even Kadaj has learned how to use the teapot, which again shows what a changed man he is. The special tea is supposed to help with having a shorter, easier birth. Yazoo has done all the studying he possibly can about how to be a good midwife if I need him to assist, and Kadaj and Loz are also learning some things that they can do to help me when the time comes, like making sure the bathtub is full of warm water at the right temperature and ensuring there's enough ice for me to munch on since I probably won't want to eat during labour. They're all quite excited about the upcoming new arrival and have friendly bets with each other on whether it will be a boy or girl. Loz says boy, Kadaj and Yazoo guess girl. I'm not fussy either way. I'm just eager to meet this amazing little creature that I'm carrying and introduce them to their wonderful dad and two awesome uncles.

Seeing how much Loz, Yazoo and Kadaj love each other reassures me that my child will be loved exactly the same.

When I get up to fetch a drink one night, I find Kadaj in the dimly lit kitchen, sitting on the countertop, wearing pyjama pants and a T-shirt. It's like he's been waiting for me. Stopping in my tracks, I have a sudden and unpleasant flashback to when he tricked me into drinking milk tainted with black materia. The primitive part of my brain screams that he might do the same thing to me again but the rational part points out that he doesn't have magic anymore. He can't create any kind of materia, let alone the black type. What I'm seeing are just old memories and so I let out the breath I'd been holding and smile nervously at him as I enter the kitchen area.

"Hi, Daj. Didn't expect to see you here."

"I know what you're thinking," he says ruefully, glancing towards the fridge. "I remember what I did, too. I'm so sorry for that, Cate. Being possessed by Jenova must have been terribly frightening for you."

I nod, protectively rubbing my belly. "It was."

Sounding regretful and ashamed, he says, "I remember so many awful things I did to you. So many awful things I said. What I suggested I would do, if I returned home on that last day. How I said I would use Allure on you and then…"

He breaks off, unable to repeat it. But I clearly recall what he said. He threatened to drug me with Allure and rape me in front of Loz.

I look at him directly. "Would you have done it?"

"I don't know. I'm glad I never got the chance to find out," he utters thankfully. "When I think back on the person I used to be…Gods, I was such a fucking asshole."

"Yeah, but it wasn't entirely your fault. Your asshole parents made you that way."

He sighs, shoving a piece of dark hair out of his face. "I know. It still doesn't make the memories of what I did any easier. I don't have it anymore, by the way. Allure."

"It's gone?"

"Completely. It was part of Jenova, part of Sephiroth, and has been purged along with the rest of their dark powers."

He's right. I haven't smelled that decadent scent of sin on him since he's been back. Not once. "How does that affect your relationship with Yazoo, not having Allure?"

"It doesn't. I never needed to use it with him. In fact, he can use it on ME now." Kadaj gives a short, wry laugh. "Now I know how it felt when I used it on you and everyone else I ever seduced. That feeling of being unable to resist, of being unable to control your own body…it's quite overwhelming."

"Yeah, it sure is," I confirm, speaking from my own experience.

"Don't you dare tell Loz this but I can even be affected by his Allure too. Even though he doesn't consciously use it, I can still feel it and smell it." Kadaj rubs his arm uncomfortably. "It's freaking disturbing."

I grin at him, finding that amusing.

"Don't laugh! It's not funny," he protests.

"It kind of is," I reply, still grinning. He always used to treat Loz like a big, dumb idiot and now Kadaj get the hots for him, whether he wants to or not.

A reluctant smirk tugs at the corner of his lip when he realises the humour of the situation. "Still, don't go telling Loz about it."

"Why not?" I tease Kadaj. "I don't think he'd mind. He'd probably find it flattering, actually."

"Maybe, but I'm glad he can't read my mind or he'd know what I'm thinking already."

Pulling up a small round stool, I sit next to Kadaj and rest my elbows on the countertop, taking some of the pregnancy weight off my poor feet.

"You aren't able to communicate with Yazoo or Loz through telepathy anymore?" I enquire, gazing up at him. "Not even a tiny bit?"

He shakes his head. "I can't anticipate what they're going to do during training either, which is why I got elbowed in the face a few days ago. It's like I'm fighting with a blindfold on."

I make a sympathetic expression, noticing how his nose is still a little bruised. "That must suck."

"Not entirely. It just means I have to pay more attention to them, and watch their movements more carefully. And when we talk, I have to really listen to what they're saying, instead of pre-empting what they're going to say. I have to ask how they're feeling, and they have to ask me, instead of us knowing it already. It doesn't matter anyway. We're all still close." Kadaj's voice is rich with fondness. "In all honesty, my brothers and I are way closer now than we ever were before, even when we could all read each other's minds."

Smiling at him, I say, "You seem so much happier as a regular person."

"Yeah. I am." He smiles back. "All those maddening thoughts and voices that used to whirl around in my head are gone and I can finally think straight. Thank you for forgiving me, Cate. Loz and Yazoo had to forgive me because they're my brothers but you didn't. I fully expected you to never speak to me again."

"I wouldn't have if you were still the same alien asshole, but it's pretty obvious that you've changed. Mostly because I don't feel like kicking you in the nuts anymore," I quip.

Kadaj chuckles at my joke but I can tell by the way he glances down at the floor that he still feels bad about his former self and how he treated me. That alone is proof enough of his new goodness and humanity.

"So, with you being cleansed of Jenova's cells, does that mean that Loz and Yazoo are still…evil?" I question, hating to use that word but not knowing any other.

"They were never evil. Neither was I, not really," Kadaj acknowledges. "Jenova was the true evil but now that she's dead, she can't poison our minds anymore. Now we are free to live our lives the way we choose."

I gaze at him. With his dark brown hair and eyes, he looks so very normal. Just like any other teenage guy.

"Kadaj, do you think there's any way that Loz and Yazoo can become like you?" I ask hesitantly. "Human, I mean?"

He takes a moment to think about it. "I don't think so, not unless they were regenerated from the Life Stream like I was. But if they tried that and killed themselves on purpose, there's absolutely no guarantee that they will return," he predicts warningly. "Gaia might not send them back. I'd rather have my brothers here and alive, just the way they are, than risk them dying and not returning at all."

"Yeah, I'm with you there," I agree, not wanting to risk Loz's life like that. After all, Kadaj being resurrected is a miracle, but miracles don't usually happen three times in a row.

"Does it bother you, looking different to them?" I ask, gesturing to his dark hair." Do you feel like the odd one out?"

"No. It's nice not to look like a clone anymore. I actually look more like YOUR brother now, Cate, than theirs." He nudges my arm with his knee, teasingly, to show that he's perfectly okay with that, having a hair-colour that matches mine. "And since I don't have powers, you're not outnumbered any longer," he points out to me. "Now, with two aliens and two humans in the lair, things are more even in this family."

"Until the baby is born," I remark dryly. "I KNOW it has alien powers; I've seen them in action."

"Perhaps, but coming from you it will still be half human too, and the equilibrium will continue."

I smile at him, liking how rational and positive Kadaj is these days.

"Well, I for one am glad you don't have that stinking Allure any longer," I announce. "At least I can look at you now without thinking dirty thoughts."

"Oh, really?" he comments. "What about when I do this?"

He pulls up the hem of his T-shirt to reveal the ninja-star motif inked on his lower abdomen, the circular design jet-black against his pale-pink skin. Though the tattoo could have been removed from his flesh when he returned to this world, Gaia in her infinite wisdom chose to let Kadaj keep this one remnant of his past life.

I look at his tight abs, and the now-dark fuzz trailing down beneath the waistband of his pyjama pants. While it is a pleasing sight, I am experiencing none of the overpowering feelings of arousal that I previously felt upon looking at this area of his body.

"It's a cool tattoo, Kadaj, but Loz has one just like it. And so does Yazoo."

Appearing let down by my lukewarm response, he asks, "You don't want to lick it?"

"Not particularly. Sorry," I add, knowing that it must be somewhat emasculating for him, not having his usual effect on women.

"No, don't be," he replies with a sigh, lowering his shirt. "I suppose I just have to get used to being ordinary."

"Kadaj, you are never going to be ordinary. You were cloned from an ancient alien, had your body possessed by your dead father, died in a battle with your big brother, and got sent back from the Life Stream with a brand new look and a second chance at living," I remind him. "How many people does THAT happen to?"

My statement seems to appease him a bit, reminding Kadaj that he's still unique in many ways. "I guess you're right," he muses in a cheerful manner.

"So, now that you've been neutered," I continue jokingly, "does that mean you're not going to try and seduce me anymore?"

"That depends. Do you still want me to?" He smirks at me, and for a moment there's a flash of the old seductive Kadaj behind that human face.

I stare at him, unsure if he's messing with me, but apparently he's not because he slides off the countertop, leans down and presses his mouth to mine. At first I'm astonished and sit there stiffly on the kitchen stool, but he cups my face in his gentle fingers, drawing back just far enough to meet my surprised gaze.

"Dear Catalina, my sweet sister," he says in a sincere murmur. "These eyes of mine may have changed colour but I still see how beautiful you are."

And then he kisses me again. His words are so romantic and his lips are so soft and tender that I can't help lowering my lashes, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him back. Slipping off the stool, I stand up so he doesn't have to bend down so much and he supports me with both hands on my lower back, the two of us enjoying the closeness of this moment. Because of my big belly, we are standing slightly sideways to each other but our bodies are touching from chest to hip and he still feels as firm and fit as he used to. We kiss as if it's our first time and we're still getting to know each other, our mouths connecting softly and lightly, using only the barest amount of tongue.

That's not to say it doesn't affect me, as I'm feeling warm and pleasant all over. It reminds me of that time in the corridor, when he gave me his magic and stroked my hair. Similar to that day, I am quite delighted by the unexpected show of affection and return it to Kadaj without reservation, proving that I feel the same way about him. If he was still an alien, I would have suspected him of being up to something and trying to manipulate me for his own gain. If he was still an alien, I wouldn't have believed anything he said but I believe him today, and I don't pull away from his embrace, proving that in spite of my earlier reservations, I now trust him wholeheartedly.

I like the new Kadaj. Very, very much. I could easily get swept away by him, if I chose to. I could easily melt against his strong, youthful body and let this moment turn into more. However, I have control over myself and don't do anything embarrassing like put his hand on my boob or beg to be taken to his bedroom. It seems that intimate contact with him doesn't intoxicate me to the point of babbling delirium, like it might have once done.

Ending the kiss, he draws away, gazing at me with those velvety chocolate-coloured pools, inquisitive about my reaction. "Did that do nothing at all for you?"

"I wouldn't say nothing," I admit, my cheeks warming up as I tighten the robe around myself, trying to ignore my tingling nipples. "You're still very attractive, Kadaj, even without the Allure. But I don't have the uncontrollable urge to rip your clothes off any longer."

He makes a half-disappointed, half-relieved face. "That's good to know, I guess. But maybe I should still burn my spare leather suit, just to be on the safe side. I mean, you don't want your next kid to look like ME, do you?"

He's joking but I raise a speculating eyebrow at him. "I dunno. That might not be so bad. Don't you want to be a dad some day?"

"Hm, I never really thought about it before. I was too obsessed with Jenova to even contemplate being a father. But now, perhaps," he says thoughtfully, leaning back against the kitchen counter and thinking of what Loz will soon be experiencing. "Perhaps it might be nice to have a child of my own, to create my own legacy."

"I bet Yazoo would love being a dad too," I mention. "I mean, he's incredibly invested in my baby's wellbeing and he's just the uncle. If you had a child, he would completely spoil and adore the kid like it was his own."

"Yes, he has become rather parental of late," Kadaj concurs with a fond smile. "And your child will need a playmate to keep them occupied in this big old lair."

He looks at me interestedly. "Are you volunteering your services, Cate?"

I shrug. "Well, if you want to go out and choose another surrogate mother, go ahead. But good luck finding someone who won't run a mile when they find out that you were created in a fish tank, and that your parents were psychotic silver-haired murderers who tried to dominate and destroy the planet."

Kadaj frowns, realising that despite his good looks, it might indeed be difficult to locate a woman willing to breed with his less-than-desirable stock. Fortunately, I'm not that judgmental, since I'm already carrying one alien foetus. What's another gonna matter?

"I've heard that having a second baby is much easier than the first," I continue hopefully. "Plus, you're human now so I wouldn't get any horrible side effects from your...stuff."

Here, I gesture vaguely to Kadaj's groin area.

"Would we have to use a syringe?" Kadaj asks with a squint, picturing his sperm being inserted so clinically and coldly. "Because I'd much rather do it the old fashioned way."

"I bet you would," I drawl, realising that he's still very much into sex. "Although, as fun as it sounds, I don't think my fiancé would like us doing it the old fashioned way. Yazoo might not mind sharing you but Loz gets quite jealous of me, as you know from that time in the lake…" Then I trail off, realising that we're casually discussing me carrying Kadaj's baby for him, something I never would have agreed to before, when he wasn't human.

"Oh Gods, I must be insane," I mutter. "Just let me get through this pregnancy first and maybe if I'm not too traumatised by giving birth to Loz's enormous offspring, MAYBE we'll talk about it then. And only if Loz is okay with the idea."

"I'm sure he will be. Loz knows I'm different now and that I'm not going to steal you from him." Kadaj glances at my belly. "You really think it's going to be a large baby?"

"Hello? Look at me! I'm fucking massive," I emphasise, gesturing to my colossal girth which is even bigger around than a watermelon. "A belly this size is not normal. Unless I'm carrying triplets, this is gonna be one huge-ass newborn. It'll probably be the size of a three year old when it comes out. I'll probably end up with so many stitches down there, I'll look like a patchwork quilt!"

Imagining my lady-parts being so damaged, Kadaj winces in pity. "Maybe you should have gone into the club bathroom with me instead of my gigantic big brother."

I snort and then start to laugh, knowing that no matter how traumatic or difficult this birth is going to be, it will all be worth it once I have that baby in my arms.

"So, Cate, I assume you came to the kitchen to feed that hungry monster inside you?" Kadaj says jestingly.

"You assume correctly," I reply, going to the fridge and peering intently inside for something appetising to stuff in my face.

"May I join you? I find that being human means that I need to eat far more than I used to."

"Welcome to my world," I wisecrack. We both grin at each other and then I grab a carton of cookie-crumble ice cream from the freezer, the young brunette man joining me on the couch for a midnight snack, both of us conversing and exchanging light-hearted banter with ease as we're eating. It's so great to be able to joke around with Kadaj, to interact with him in an open and honest manner without being afraid of what he might do. It's so great to have things in common with him now and have him act friendly towards me, instead of like a cruel stranger. It's so great to be able to relax around him and enjoy his company, to share food and conversation, just to do normal family stuff with him like other siblings do.

Finally, I have the little brother I always wanted.

Because I was up half the night snacking and chatting with Kadaj, I sleep late in the morning. It's almost noon by the time I awaken up and even then I only stir from my slumber because Loz enters the bedroom.

"Didn't mean to wake you," he apologises. "I was just coming to check on you and see if you're all right."

"I'm fine," I yawn as I sit up in bed, scratching my short messy hair. "Just tired."

"Not too tired for this?" Leaning down, Loz starts kissing me, first on my cheek, then ear, then down the side of my neck, which he knows usually drives me crazy.

I giggle and squirm away, protesting, "Dude! Your beard tickles."

"Sorry." He rubs his hand over his whiskery chin. "Since I'm starting a new job soon, I suppose I should finally shave, huh?"

"Well, you don't HAVE to," I return but he's already heading to the bathroom to remove the grey fuzz on his face. I follow him, sitting on the closed toilet lid to watch as he applies shaving cream. As much as I like the beard and the rugged edge it gives him, it will be nice to have the old smooth-faced Loz back again.

"Loz, I have to tell you something," I begin apprehensively as he starts to shave in front of the mirror.

"Yeah?" he asks distractedly. "What's that?"

Deciding to be bold and blurt it out, I say quickly, "Kadaj kissed me last night."

Loz pauses for a few seconds, his face inscrutable in the mirror, and then he continues scraping the razor along his jaw and chin. His silver eyebrows are drawn together like a frown but I don't know if it's in anger or just concentration on the task at hand. When he finally speaks, his voice is strangely neutral.

"Did you kiss him back?"

Admitting the whole extent I confess, "Yeah. I did. But nothing else happened."

He gives a small grunt but I can't tell if it's a sound of disgust or disappointment. Or maybe he just doesn't care. His expression isn't giving anything away either.

"While we're on the subject, I kind of said I might give him a child," I bravely add, supposing that I may as well come clean about everything. "Sometime in the future, I mean. But only if you agree with it."

He turns to glance at me, shaving foam still on one side of his face. "Did Kadaj ask you to do that for him?"

I shake my head. "I offered. I guess I just want him to have what we're going to have. You know, a little family of his own? Yazoo can't carry children but I can tell that he would, if it were possible. I want them to be happy and excited about becoming parents, like we are."

Loz doesn't reply, just turns around again, concentrating on de-whiskering the rest of his chin and upper lip. I can see that he's thinking.

"Loz, I love you so much and I never want to lie to you. I want us to have a completely open and honest relationship, and marriage, so that's why I'm telling you this. I just think you need to know that…that…" I let out a nervous breath before continuing. "That I'm attracted to Kadaj. Not that I'd ever do anything about it behind your back, I swear. I can't even use Allure as an excuse for my feelings any longer but that's how it is. There. I said it."

With a pounding heart, I peer anxiously at my future husband's silent figure. "Are you mad? Do you wanna call off the wedding now?"

To my surprise, Loz starts chuckling. When he turns around, patting his face dry with a towel, his eyes are full of patient amusement. "Babe, you didn't have to tell me that. I already knew. I've known that you've been attracted to my little brother since day one."

"You have?"

"C'mon. I ain't blind," he gently chides me. "You always secretly liked Daj but you like him much more now that he's human, right? Now that he's more like you?"

I blush at his accurate summarisation and drop my eyes, feeling like the worst bride-to-be in the world for having feelings for anyone other than Loz, my fiancé, the one who gave me this beautiful ring I'm wearing on my finger.

"It's okay, Catey. I ain't mad," he says softly, kneeling down on the tiled bathroom floor, taking my hands and meeting my gaze, his green eyes filled with nothing but loving acceptance. "I totally understand. You can't help how you feel. I'm glad you and Kadaj have something good growing between you and I ain't gonna ask you to stop it out of stupid jealousy."

"You're not?"

He shakes his head and smiles. "Yazoo is perfectly fine with you two becoming closer so why shouldn't I be too? Me, Yaz and Daj have always been an unconventional family and sometimes we do things that normal society thinks is wrong. But there's nothing wrong with love, in whatever form it takes. As long as you're happy and Daj is happy, then I'm happy too. If you want to give him a child sometime in the future, that would be awesome."

Astounded, I repeat, "It would?"

"Yeah. The more kids runnin' around here, the better." Loz sounds enthused about expanding our little flock even more, creating the safe, nurturing domestic environment we adults each lacked growing up. "And for the record, Kadaj already had this conversation with me while you were sleeping and I told him the same thing I'm saying to you. But thanks for telling me anyway. You're a good girl."

He kisses me affectionately and I remark, "Wow. That was not the reaction I was expecting from someone who once punched a tree in front of me."

Shrugging, he answers, "Well, Kadaj ain't the only one who's changed lately. As I was lying there in the rubble with my broken spine, waiting to heal, all I kept thinking of was you and how much I needed to get back to you and the baby. I vowed to myself that if I survived and made it home, I'd never let my anger get to me again. You and Daj being together isn't a bad thing. Hey, if you're gonna be falling for someone else I'd much rather it be one of my bros than some flirty bartender or a jerk like Reno, guys who'd just end up breaking your heart. At least I know Kadaj won't hurt you."

"No, he won't. Not now," I agree in a soft tone, thinking of the sweet kiss we shared and the new gentle intimacy between us. "Whatever this thing is between us, it's different to before. We're still getting to know each other as two humans and we'll definitely be taking it slowly. If anything happens, it won't be until well after the baby is born."

"That's a good idea." Loz nods. "If and when you do decide to go further, it'd be nice if you kept me informed."

"Of course," I promise him. "Hell, if you wanna be there to supervise or even join in, I'm all for that and I think Kadaj would be too."

Loz's eyebrows rise. "What, like a threesome?"

"Why not? Even Yazoo could take part if he wants. You guys have already fooled around a bit and I'm pretty sure nobody will object. It'd just be one more way to make us all closer as a family."

"Hm. I guess." Loz contemplates this, seeing no reason why we can't all love each other openly.

"After all," I point out, "You said you were never a conventional bunch."

"That's true. And with Kadaj being back from the dead, we're even more unconventional now." Lightening the serious mood, Loz jokes, "You might be attracted to the whole sexy brunette thing he's got going on but don't forget - I'm the one you're gonna marry."

"I haven't forgotten. And you're sexier, my silver-haired stallion," I reply mischievously as I trace along his freshly-shaved jaw line, realising just how lucky I am to have such a handsome and accepting husband-to-be. "You're the one I made love to in the bathroom that night in the club. I could have went in there with Kadaj but I chose you, Loz. And if I could go back and do it all over again, I would still choose you."

"Well, I believe you, Cate, but maybe you better convince me further," he says, smirking suggestively. "Especially since I got a nice smooth face now."

I arch an intrigued brow at him. "What are you proposing?"

"This." Sweeping me into his arms, Loz carries me back to the bed and kisses down my neck once more, no bushy beard to distract from the feel of his lips. When he has me melting with desire, he rips off my panties, puts my legs over his shoulders and uses his tongue on me intimately, like he did during our first encounter in the nightclub restroom. Only this time he doesn't stop until he's gotten an orgasm out of me, the heels of my feet digging into his back as I gasp and shudder against his hot, open mouth and flicking tongue.

Then he gets to his knees, peeling off his shirt to reveal that awe-inspiring muscled chest and stomach, like pure white marble. Unfastening his pants, Loz slowly slides his hard, thick length inside me and spends the rest of the morning making me moan his name again and again, proving without a doubt who I truly belong to.


A/N: Okay, there won't be any scenes of orgies, or threesomes or foursomes in this fic, I promise. I know some of you would love that but a lot of you also wouldn't, so I will not be writing any of it. I'm just playing around with suggestions of what could possibly happen in the future with two humans and two aliens possessing Allure all living in the same lair together. I'll leave that up to your imagination, though. For the rest of this fic, it's just Cate and Loz, don't worry! Thanks so much for reading!

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