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Chapter 26. Black Stain.

As I'm making my way down the hallway and into the lair with Kadaj at my back, I fret about the caged-up children in the garage and what will become of them. I want to save them but I don't know how. Suddenly, the youngest clone appears in front of me and stops, making me stop too. I realise we've arrived at a doorway. This is his room.

"Inside, please," he orders, opening the door. "Get on the bed."

I hesitate, imagining Kadaj coolly breaking my neck and rolling me up in his sheets, stuffing my body in the closet to dispose of later. I ask nervously, "Are you going to kill me now?"

"I'd like nothing more, trust me. The sole reason I haven't already is due to the fact that you're carrying my brother's child in your belly. So, you're safe. For now," Kadaj adds ominously. "But I do need you out of the way so I'm asking you again - nicely - to go in there and sit on the bed until we're gone."

Not letting my fears show, I return rebelliously, "No."

He makes a small sound of impatience. "Why can't you be obedient like Loz?"

"Because I'm not your slave, Kadaj." My voice rises with indignation, recalling everything Jenova has planned for humanity. "I will never be your slave and I will never, ever worship you or your Godsdamn mother!"

Grabbing my arm, he hisses, "You will show respect when you speak her name."

My skin hurts where his hand is, as if he's burning me. I give a gasp of pain and cry, "Let go!"

When he does, I yank back my arm and push my sleeve up. There's a black bruise on my skin. Except it's not a bruise. It's Geostigma.

"Well, that's new," Kadaj says in a pleased tone.

"No. Oh, no, no, no. Take it back," I say frantically, holding my arm out. "Take it back, Kadaj!"

"I can't."

"What do you mean you can't? You're the one who's been spreading this around, infecting everybody," I accuse. "I always knew Geostigma came from an evil source and that source turns out to be YOU."

"Actually, it wasn't me. Mother made it happen. When they tried to destroy her body, she infected the Life Stream with her cells and made people sick." The ruling Remnant flexes his hand, smiling. "And now she's given me the same power."

In a mixture of panic, fright and anger, I snap, "I don't give a fuck who created this damn disease, just get it off me!"

"I said; I can't," he reiterates in a flat tone. "There is no cure."

"Well, you better find one soon because if this spreads to my baby I swear I'm going to castrate you with your own sword."

"Stop fretting." He indicates to my forearm. "Look. It's nowhere near the baby."

"Geostigma is fatal, Kadaj," I emphasise. "I'm going to die from this! Don't you even care?"

He shrugs. "Not really. By the time you die, the child will be long gone from your body." The casual way he disregards my life fills me with instant fury.

"Go to hell, motherfucker," I spit out with particular emphasis on the last two words. "With the disturbing way you talk about Jenova, I bet you would too. You sure enjoyed sucking on her gross alien tentacle. She's probably got a whole disgusting nest of them between her legs and you'd dive right in head-first, wouldn't you, you sick freak?"

Kadaj is staring at me, unable to believe I have the balls to say such things to him. While he's temporarily speechless, I keep hurling the abuse.

"I heard what Jenova said when she took over my body. That crazy space-squid wants you to impregnate her so you two can populate this new empire she's gonna create. Well, go ahead. Screw your own mom. I'm glad the Geostigma will kill me, because I'd rather be dead than live in a world where your whore of a mother rules and everywhere I look I have to see your hideously ugly inbred offspring."

I gain enormous gratification from watching the shock flicker in his eyes because it means I finally managed to insult him.

"I'd think VERY carefully about what you say next," he murmurs in a voice as cold and deadly as sharpened steel. "I don't want to put Loz's child in danger but that's exactly what will happen if you give me no other choice."

He glances speculatively at my belly, eyes narrowing in thought.

"Do you suppose it would survive if I cut it out of you?"

I turn white and clutch my stomach protectively. Kadaj keeps looking at me as I begin trembling, wondering if he's just screwing with me or if he's serious. Gods. He probably IS serious; he's that mentally deranged.

"I better not chance it," he finally says. "I suppose I'll have to wait until it comes out the old fashioned way. Pity."

I almost collapse with relief.

"Any other insults you want to throw my way before I lock you up?" The unstable Remnant's razor-sharp gaze slices right through me, daring me to give him a reason, just ONE reason, to use his sword.

For the sake of my baby, I keep my lips firmly pressed together, not game to utter a single squeak.

"No?" Kadaj prompts. "Good. Now, get in there."

He pushes me through the doorway. I stumble and fall to my knees on the carpet.

"Hm. So that's how I make you kneel for me," he comments in open mockery.

A fresh wave of anger flows through my whole being but I stay silent, seething from within. I turn my head around to glare at him, my chest heaving with violent breaths, shaking not with fear anymore but with rage, wishing I had Loz's power so I could zap over there and stomp Kadaj into the ground until he's nothing but a flattened pile of green goo.

"Hate me all you want, Cate. But I know what you really think of me, secretly, deep down inside that voluptuous little body of yours."

I don't want to rise to his obvious baiting but I cannot help myself. "What are you talking about?"

"Like how you think I'm gorgeous," he offers in amusement. "Like how you want to lick my tattoo."

My heart lurches. How does he know that? I've never told anybody how attractive I find his lower belly tattoo. But then again, he HAS seen me looking at it, when he's not been wearing a shirt, and maybe I've unconsciously licked my lips while doing so. As for the first thing, I'm betting a lot of people tell him he's gorgeous so perhaps he's just making two very good guesses. The next thing he says confirms that he's not guessing.

"And you also mentioned that night in the club, when I put my hand on your thigh. You said it gave you tingles all the way up to your hip. Is that proof enough?"

In horror, I breathe, "How…?

"You didn't faint back there in the corridor. You were being stubborn and wouldn't leave the garage or the children, so I used magic on you and took some of your energy. Apparently, I took too much because you went all intoxicated and delirious, babbling about how sexy you think I am and what you'd like me to do to you, how you want my hands and mouth all over your body. How you want me inside you," Kadaj continues gleefully. "If you wanted to fuck me so badly, you should have asked me months ago. I would have gladly done it."

Oh, Gods. Did I say all that? Did I really lapse into some drunken-like state and blurt out all my sinful innermost desires? I must have. That would explain why there's a big chunk of time missing from my memory and why Kadaj was looking at me weirdly when I regained proper awareness of my surroundings. Realising that I told him everything I didn't want him to know, I kneel there in complete mortification, Kadaj taking enjoyment in my slowly-burning face.

"Oh yes, now you can't hide the truth, can you? It's funny, I actually LIKED you that way, Cate," he admits unexpectedly. "For once you weren't calling me a monster or a psychopath or trying to change who I am. You weren't pushing me away or suspicious of my motives. You trusted me. You even accepted the Life Stream energy I gave you without putting up a fight. We were actually beginning to bond."

Kadaj sounds wistful, as though he's already missing it. "We shared a true, honest moment back there, Catalina, and I believe we could have had something together, you and I. Something good. Something real. I could have been your brother and I would have loved you, the way I love Yazoo."

His voice turns bitter with disappointment. "But you had to ruin it by disrespecting Mother and being a little bitch."

My mind reels with how fast he switches from one personality to the next, going from nasty to mocking to amused to nice and back to nasty again. I honestly can't keep track. He is so messed up that he's beyond repair. But he gets worse.

Starting to leave the room, Kadaj pauses at the doorway, speaking musingly over his shoulder. "You know what? When I get back later today, I might just let you lick my tattoo. I'll have to use Allure on you first but once you're fully under my power, I might give you everything you asked for, and more. And I might let Loz watch the whole thing. He won't be able to do anything about it, and neither will you, because I'll be king of this world by then and everyone knows that kings get whatever they want."

I look at him in sheer stunned disbelief. He's basically talking about drugging me and having sex with me in front of Loz, to teach us both a lesson. Kadaj once told me that he's never raped anyone, yet here he is promising to do that exact thing.

He smiles sadistically at me. "You sit here and look forward to that, okay, Catey-cakes?"

He exits the room and locks the door behind him. For a few moments I perch on the side of the bed, gripping the edge of the mattress and breathing angrily through my nose. Of course, I get up and try to open the door handle but it won't budge.

He's really locking me in here.

I'm so mad at Kadaj right now. I'm so fucking furious that I cannot even think straight and so, fuelled with all that fury, I turn around and start to trash his room, wanting to punish that silver-headed spawn from hell. First, I sweep everything off his desk: papers, maps, pens, notebooks. His lap top, which I open and stomp on, breaking the hinges and cracking the screen. Grabbing an armful of music discs, I hurl them around the place and then shove his stereo onto the floor. I pull clothes out of his closet and throw toiletries at the wall, smashing bottles and tubs of lotion and hair products. I rip pages out of books and posters in half. I shatter vases and candle holders. I tear pillows, sheets and blankets off his bed and push his mattress askew. As I do that, I spy a box under his bed frame, pulling it out to rummage through it. It's full of straight, gay and bi porn magazines and movies. Under those are lubes and oils, handcuffs and blindfolds, vibrators and other sex toys. I don't want to touch any of that stuff so I kick the box back where I found it but I continue trashing Kadaj's room until there's nothing left to wreck or ruin.

And then I stand in the middle of this mess and scream.

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