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Chapter 10: Please

[Squall's Dream POV]

Warm hands grope me. My skin crawls. Those same hands that guided me through my first steps are now the first to degrade me. Full lips encase mine roughly, the smell and taste of alcohol makes my stomach curl. A fat tongue enters my mouth. I gag, and the person backs off, only to sit on my stomach. A dull pain resides there, the adult above me weighing twice as much, if not more, as me.

"This is all your good for Squall. I should have sent you to your dad when I had the chance. All you do is whine and bag. You're too much of a weakling to be a man. You're useless. A nothing. A waste of my money. Money that could be used to pay the rent instead of your slutty clothes." Tears cascade from my eyes and fall into my already damp hair. She back hands me. Her wedding ring cuts into my cheek. Trickles of blood drop from the cut and land on the hard wooden floor beneath me.

I open my eyes, only slightly and turn my head to the side, seeing my long since scattered clothes littered across the floor. I let out a sob when warm wetness encloses on my cock. A whimper escapes me. "Oh, shut up," she pants, "you know you like this. Why else would you be hard?" I shudder and place my skinny arm across my eyes; trying to block out the pain and humiliation.

"Looks like I don't need to tell you about the birds and the bees after all." She chuckles. I gag again when the overpowering stench of alcohol permits the air. Why was mommy doing this? I didn't mean to talk about daddy. And why is she drinking so much? It's not healthy. She warned me against drinking, so why is she doing it?

My arms are suddenly on either side of my head. Her larger hands wrap around my frail wrists, keeping my thin arms on the floor. My hips rock from the power of her thrusts. Creamy breasts fill my vision, I quickly close my eyes. A whimper escapes me. "Oh, fuck." She groans. I frown and close my eyes tighter.

She climbs off of me, a wet popping noise can be heard when she detaches herself from me. She gives me one last final grope, but luckily enough I don't come. At least there's that. Before she closes the door to my room, she turns and slurs, "...night Squall." The door closes with a click and I break out into sobs. The muffled sound of a body hitting the floor in a drunken stupor, just reaches my ears. My whole body convulses in my weeping, and I turn over and hug my knees to my chest. Trying to block out the world.

[End Dream POV]

I wake up with a gasp. Shit. Not that dream again. "Fuck." I curse quietly, sitting up and brining my hands to my head. I've had several dreams similar to that, but with different settings and words. And always, she is drunk. There's one other dream that I have... but I hate to even think about it.

I vaguely remember all of those 'dreams' occurring, except for when I... I shudder and bring my knees up to my chin. I grab the comforter with my only free hand and pull it up around me, leaving only my head peeking out. I don't want to think about it. Stop thinking about it Squall. I repeat the words forcefully to myself, trying to drill it in.

I sigh and look over at my right hand. The usually cold metal rests against my bony wrist. Encasing it. Keeping my here. I sigh again and close my eyes. I uncurl my body and try to get back to sleep.


Not getting an answer from my quiet knocking, I silently open the door and creep in. I smile sadly when I see Squall sleeping. It's good that he's getting some rest, but from his tossing around, he probably won't get a restful sleep. I frown when I see the cuff bounding him to the rail. He doesn't need to be locked up. All they're doing is enforcing the reason as to why he's here. He's not going to harm anyone else. From what I've seen of him so far; he's actually a really nice young man. Sure he's quiet, but I know he talks to that volunteer, Seifer.

I've heard the two male voices in his room, so its obvious who the second voice belongs to. When I first heard Squall's voice, I was surprised at how... musical it was. There's no other way to describe it. But it has a breathy quality to it that would no doubt create a beautiful singing voice.

I sigh and walk over to the bed. I gently pull the blanket up to his neck from where it rested near his waist. Smiling gently, I turn to go.

"Ahh!" A seemingly frail hand grips my wrist, pulling me back to the bed. I turn around quickly with wide eyes. Squall's troubled gaze rests on me, strangely shining. I try to calm my thudding heart as I go closer to the bed.

The brunette mouths a few words. I frown and try to tell what he's trying to say. All I can really make out is; 'alone, don't'. I wince slightly when his grip tightens. Trying to reassure him, I bend down beside his bed and use my other hand to gently brush his hair away from his face. He flinches back violently, and lets me go abruptly. I blink my eyes quickly when he rolls away from me (his bound hand bent back at an odd angle) and huddles into a ball. Knowing I can't help him I sigh sadly and walk out of the room. Maybe I can call Seifer? Hmmm...


Alone...always alone. No one stays. Anyone who cares for me seems to die. I kill them. I didn't mean to kill her... it was an accident. Why can't I stop trembling? It was just a dream... no, just a flashback. It's in the past, it can't happen again. I won't do it twice. No... Please... don't leave me. I don't want to be left alone. I don't trust myself. Please... Please stay... someone. Anyone? Seifer. Seifer... help me.

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