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Chapter 7: Good Natured Teasing

(two days after the other chapter, so Squall and Seifer are a little closer, though Seifer doesn't know any more about Squall's personal life then you [the readers] do)

"So, is this all you do?" Squall looks over at me from his position on the evenly cut grass. He raises an eyebrow in question. I wave a hand around the court yard. "You're either in your bed sleeping, in the lounge watching outside, or outside just sitting there. There has to be a time when you get bored right? So what do you do?" Squall tilts his head to the right, thinking. He eventually flops back onto the grass with his arms cradling the back of his skull.

"I don't 'do' anything. There's nothing I can really do." He pauses, clearing his throat. He's been talking more, but not enough to be used to it yet. "When I first got here all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Then I progressed to the lounge, wherfounfound a calming place to sit. I eventually wanted to walk outside, but obviously, that didn't happen 'till you came." Huh, that's the longest he's talked for in one setting since, well... since he started talking.

I look down at him, and find myself smiling at the look of contentment on his relaxed face. I turn over and lie on my stomach, using my elbows to prop my upper body up. His eyes open when he hears me shift. He suddenly frowns and looks at some place e mye my head.

Hefts fts his weight and reaches out a hand. I close my eyes and sigh at the feeling of smooth fingers running through my hair. I hear a low chuckle, and cracking one eye open I look at Squall. "If it was possible for humans to purr, I think you'd be doing it right about now." I smile and lean into his touch, closing my eyes again.

"And why did you suddenly have the urge to see if I could purr?" His nails scrape across my scalp; I feel a tingle run down my spine at the wonderful sensations.

"I wanted to know what it felt like." I open my eyes, and peer down at him through heavy blonde lashes.

"My hair?" He nods. "Hmm..."

"You did it to me." He suddenly blurts out. I smile at the small pout his lush lips produce.

"Keep doing it then. Payback isn't such a bitch after all." I chuckle. He sticks his tongue out at me (never thought I'd see him doing that). Flashes of what he could be doing with that glistening muscle flow through my head. I shake my head quickly, trying to dislodge the image. Reaching over the small distance between us, I tap it. He pulls it back with a small blush, as though he didn't even realize what he was doing.

"Don't stick it out if you don't plan to use it." His blush deepens. Suddenly his eyes snap up, and he frowns. I turn my head and see the small blonde from nine days ago jogging up to us.

"Shit." I look over at Squall in surprise, not having heard him swear before. I guess he's full of surprises today.

"Hey buddies!" I swear that damn kid is on speed. I look sideways at the empty wheelchair and sigh. I really hope this guy can keep his trap shut. I guess I'll have to play nice.


I can't believe I'm finally allowed outside again! The last time I was out here I accidentally fell in the pond and when I went back to my room, it was so cold that I developed pneumonia. It's a good thing I was in a hospital when that happened!

I round the corner and suddenly see the brunette and that tall blonde from a little over a week ago sitting near the lake. Hey! He's not in his wheelchair! So he can walk after all. "Hey buddies!" I quickly jog over to them and plop myself down beside the taller blonde. I wonder why they're sitting so close?

"And you are?" The big blonde asks me. I shiver when I see a malicious spark in his piercing jade green eyes. I smile around my discomfond rnd reply cheerfully.

"I'm Zell! What's your name?" The man pauses, maybe he forgot his name? There are a lot of people like that in the hospital.

"Seifer." I nod, and glance over at the brunette. I yelp when I realize he's looking right at me. He has scary eyes! They're all icy and stuff.

"How did you get out of your wheelchair?" I ask Seifer. He looks over at the other boy, who shrugs.

"I undid the lock."

"Huh..." I tap a finger on my baby smooth chin. "How did ya do that?" Seifer points to his belt. "Oh. So, how come you two are out here? He doesn't like other people around him when he looks outside." The blonde whips his head around to face the smaller teen. He looks startled. I wonder why he didn't know that?

"You never told me that! I just thought you didn't like the people in the hospital?" The brunette shrugs.

"How could he? He doesn't talk." Seifer looks confused for a moment before realization dongs in his eyes. I wonder if he's on something that helps him to remember stuff?

"You should have just told me you didn't want me around." The blonde huffs, sitting up to leave. The smaller man sits up quickly and places a hand on the other's forearm.

"I do want you." I jump at the unfamiliar voice. With a speaking voice like that, I bet he could sing really well! Seifer looks down, and I notice a faint red marring his cheeks.

"You're blushing!" The blush ens ens and they both look over at me. Scary! There both scowling and their eyes are all piercing and stuff. I yelp and jump up, running back to the building. I won't tell on the brunette since it wouldn't be nice, and I did embarrass his first friend. I wonder how Seifer was able to get the brunette to talk? When I met him, he didn't speak a word. The other patients (the ones closer to his room) said that when he first got here, all he did was yell at the nurses to let him go because he didn't belong there. After a week or two of that, he stopped talking. I wonder why?

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