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Sitting at the ken ten table, quietly sipping a hot chocolate, I find myself surprised that Seifer hadn't even asked any pr que questions after I'd told himwhat I'd done. Or even asked exactly how I escaped so easily. It wasn't like it was easy, but I just had luck on my side... if you happen to believe in that shit anyway. A new nurse had happened to be on duty in my hallway. I'd picked the lock on the closet containing my clothes, with Seifer's keys, and had found my clothes that I had worn the first day here. While they were a bit baggy due to my loss in weight and muscle mass, they fit pretty well. I'd simply walked out the door, emotionless mask in place, and the nurse had stopped me in the hallway. If I'd been anyone else, I probably would have gotten frightened and ran, but I had just stood there.

The next thing I know, this stupid nurse is taking me to the entrance, from what I heard of her babble, it turns out that she thought I was a visitor who had gotten lost after visiting a patient. I didn't really say anything to her, just gave her the odd grunt. She probably thought I was a mute or something. Anyway, after that, I'd simply walked out of the building. Of course I was incredibly dizzy and could barely see straight from the blood loss, which actually wasn't that much, I'd just seen all the blood... and it had looked like more.

I sigh and take another sip of hot chocolate. I was extremely glad that Seifer wasn't disgusted with me. Considering I killed my own mother. Then again, she had been raping me for the past few years. The court had eventually given me to dad, saying it was all out of self defense, so there were no charges against me. It was later in the years when Ellone started getting jealous of dad's attention going to me, and had planted the doubts in his head about me being sane. Saying that I'm handling it too well, and for all they know, I could snap any day and shoot them. Yes, of course. And where the hell would I get this gun? Bunch of idiots. I hadn't wanted to shoot mom, but... it wasn't her. It was some alcoholic that luckily had passed away quickly, with no pain.

When I'd walked out of there, I was basically on auto pilot; I still couldn't believe that I was actually free! I ended up going to the school where I used to go to, and coincidently met Irvine. The guy is way too trusting for his own good. That or he's just incredibly stupid. He just kept on talking as though Im hadn't been gone for a year. At least there were no rumors about me at the school that would make me stand out. I'd been listening to Irvine babble, when Seifer had walked out of the school. I was surprised that he went to the school. I'd never seen him before. Maybe because he was a year older then me and he was probably one of those football jockeys that didn't spend his time with geeks who always had their noses in books.

"Squall?" I frown and look up.

"In here." Seiferoud oud footsteps are somewhat softened by the carpeted floor. He smiled when he saw me sitting at the table and walked into the room. Quickly making himself a bowl of cereal, and forcing one to me even when I declined, saying something about getting my strength back, he plopped himself down beside me and started eating. I sighed and followed his example.

Several silent minutes past, only being broken by the loud crunching coming from Seifer. Doesn't he know how to close his mouth?

Finishing with my cereal, I get up and rinse it off in the sink, placing it on the counter top; I turn and find the older teen raising a blonde eyebrow in my direction. "It's called being courteous." I say defensively. He grins and quickly finished up. Tossing his bowel in the sink, I wince at the sound, wondering how it didn't break from such harsh treatment.

"Okay. Let's get you washed up." Huh? I blink owlishly when Seifer drags me upstairs to the bathroom.


Okay Almasy, think professional here. You will *not* grope him. Especially after learning his own mom raped him... he's got to have some kind of reaction from other people's touch. Although it was at least three years ago.

Dragging him into the bathroom, I order him to sit on the toilet while I grab a towel and my smallest outfit. Getting back into the bathroom, I set the clothes and towel on the hamper and turn on the taps. Plugging the drain with the str, Ir, I wait for it to reach half way, and then shut it off.

"Okay Squall. Strip and get in." The brunette looks at me, frowning. "Don't worry, I won't try anything. I just don't trust you to be alone in a shower or a bath right now because you still might be a bit weak from the blood loss yesterday." Squall scowls. "Please Squall?" He goes back to frowning and looks at the water. I hold back the laugh as I almost picture little hamster wheels turning inside his brain. He lifts one shoulder in a small shrug, and sheds his clothing. I look down to give him some semblance of privacy, but make sure I give him my hand to guide him into the bath.

He sits down gingerly, before sighing and leaning his head back on the edge of the tub. I smile and grab the strawberry shampoo from the bottom self. Squirting some into my hands, I make some suds, and gently scrub his hair. Squall sighs and sits up more, letting me get to the back of his head too. The small smile on his face reassures me that I'm not doing anything wrong, as I continue to soap up his long dark chocolate brown locks. Finished, with the strong smell of strawberries in the air, I guide Squall so that he's a bit further down in the tub, and he dunks himself under. Quickly running my hands through his hair to get the soap out, he comes back up panting when I'm done. I'm amazed he could hold his breath that long.

Putting the shampoo bottle away, I get the washcloth and soap from the top shelf. Soaping the navy blue cloth up (my foster parents insisted in ythiything matching in the house, but this I refused to wash myself with a pastel colored wash cloth, so I was allowed to get darker colors. Although the rest of the bathroom is bright blue and white. My rooms the only room in the house where dark colors are everywhere), I gently run it down his neck. His eyes spring open, but after several seconds of looking into my eyes, he finally settles and goes back to putting his head on the edge of the tub. I sigh in relief and continue. Lifting a lean arm up out of the water, I bring the cloth over the long expanse of smooth pale flesh. He doesn't even have that much hair here. I finish by running the cloth under his armpits, before putting his arm underneath the water again. I repeat the process with the other arm, leaning further over the tub to reach it.

I run the face cloth over his chest, trying to ignore the small gasp that comes out of his parted lips when the cloth traces over a peaked, dusty rose colored nipple. Reaching behind him, I wash his back, enjoying the small sighs. I've always wondered what it felt like to be bathed by another person. Someone I could trust. I remember getting my hair shampooed at that hair cutting place, and I always loved the feel of someone else's fingers running through my hair, dancing across my scalp.

Soaping the wash cloth up again, I lift one pale leg up. Heat spreads across my face as I run the cloth along the creamy flesh. Starting from his small feet, and finishing at his inner thigh. Ignoring the half-hard cock, I repeat the process to the other leg. Grabbing the soap, I put it underneath the water and run it across his lower stomach. He lifts himself up on his feet and hands, I gasp when his now hard cock is out of the water. Averting my gaze, trying not to make him uncomfortable, I pick the washcloth back up and wash his firm butt, dipping the cloth into the crevice quickly, before moving on. Washing his hips, and then that damn cock. He gasps and pumps his hips. "Umm... Squall?" Shit, I don't know what to do here. I don't want to take advantage of him being comfortable, but then again, I want to wrap my lips around his cock...


As soon as Seifer touches me with the soothing cloth, I'm a pile of muss. I don't even have to think when I raise myself out of the water so he can wash the flesh that was underneath the water. When he wraps the cloth around my engorged cock, I whimper and thrust into the hand. Hearing the questioning voice, I reply, "I'm fine." Please god, continue.

Luckily, he continues to pump my cock, the rough material of the cloth a new sensation that I've never had before. Moaning, I don't last very long before I whisper Seifer's name and come. Dropping myself back into the tub in weariness, not needing to wash my cock again since the cloth got it all. I open my eyes and look over at the blonde. His jade green eyes are wide in surprise, and yet they also hold a bit of lust in them too. I don't know why I'm so comfortable around him, but all I know is that his touch in no way, remind me of my mother. His hands are too broad for one. And his strength is ten times that of my mother. If I had been with my mother now, I'd easily be able to over take her. But I as younger back then... I wasn't able to fight back as well.

"Seifer, the water is cold." He looks over at me, his eyes no longer look like they're about to pop out of his skull, but he is still gapping. Finally, he reaches over and unplugs the drain. Putting the stopper up on the tub's ledge, he helps me out and wraps a towel around me. Quickly drying me off, he gives me his cloths and exits the bathroom, probably going back to his room. I sigh and pull on the baggy black sweat pants and the loose dark green t-shirt. Rinsing the cloth underneath the tap water, I drain it, and toss it into the hamper along with my towel. Walking out of the bathroom, I go into Seifer's bedroom.


Shit... I didn't mean to take advantage of him, but...but he wanted it. So surely I didn't really... fuck... I'm so fucking confused.

I look up from my position on the bed and silently watch Squall come in. He sits down beside me on the large bed, crossing his legs so he's facing me. "What's wrong?" What's wrong? I basically just raped him... that's what's wrong.

"I took advantage of you." I finally say, voicing my thoughts. He scoffs. I look over at him in surprise.

"You didn't take advantage of me Seifer. I know you. You never would have continued if I'd said to stop." I nod silently, that's true. But still... "And... and I wanted it Seifer. I wanted you to." My eyes widen in surprise (I'm sure doing that a lot today). Surely he doesn't...? "if you don't want me. I'll understand. It's not like I'm much to look at." I frown, jeez... I didn't know he had such a low self esteem. Then again, growing up the way he did... would probably do that to anyone.

I reach over and grab his hands. Bringing them to my lips I kiss the pads of his slender fingers. He smiles, blue-grey eyes changing into a dark blue. "You're beautiful Squall. Anyone that tells you otherwise... well, their just jackasses and they wouldn't know beauty even if it bent over in front of their faces." Squall gives a small smirk. I hesitantly lean over, waiting for him to turn his head or l bal back. Instead, he smiles and meets me half way. Warm, full lips wrap around mine. I kiss him gently, enjoying the feeling of smoothness against my own partially chapped lips. He pulls back and puts a finger on my lips. "You're not kissing me again until you get some chap stick." I laugh and hug him, much to his and my surprise. He laughs quietly and wraps his arms around me. Huh... so it looks like I have a boyfriend now. Do guys go on dates?

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