Community Service Well Spent

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Chapter 16: Meet the Parents


Pacing up and down my office, wearing the dark blue carpet thin as Kiros keeps saying, I try not to bang my head on my desk in frustration.

I know Squall hasn't really been improving in there, but hell that was no reason to run away! I sigh and run a hand through my thick black/blue hair, still not showing the signs of my age. At least he was safe. And actually, he's probably pretty happy.

When he was just a little tyke, he never hung out with the other kids, and he was always miserable. It only got worse when he reached high school.

If I'd known before hand, I would have moved him to a private school. I sure as hell have enough money for it; I am the mayor of Esther after all. But Raine never told me how bad Squall was, or how depressed.

I knew it wasn't good to leave the boy with Raine all those years after the divorce. I knew she picked up drinking... a lot. But hell, I thought she'd be able to control it enough to take care of him. No, no, instead she fucking rapes him! "Oww! Shit!" I curse when I look down at my hand, having just punched the wall.

I only found all this out after she was dead. I know Squall killed her, and although I'm ashamed to admit it, I'm proud of him. Sure I wish he hadn't done it, simply because it fucked whis his mind. I found when he moved in, I was watching him sleep (I was ready to wake him up in case of a nightmare), and he started talking.

In the end, I don't really know why I let Ellone talk me into sending Squall to that damn hospital. All itís tried to do is pop him pills. If anything, Squall's worse than he was before. I knew Ellone wasn't too fond of him, probably because she was jealous. I adopted her when I was a young man and I guess she's grown a bit attached to me. And when my son came... well, I guess she got possessive.

She's living down in Balamb right now. We haven't talked for a year or so since I kicked her out of the house. I warned her that if she put down Squall like she kept doing, I would send her away. I mean, the boy is my son for Christís sake. She didn't believe me of course, so I had to kick her out. I doubt she'll ever talk to me again. But to tell you the truth, it doesn't make me sad or anything.

When Squall was living here, she all but made his life a living hell. I still don't understand how I could have been so stupid as to be talked into sending my son to that place.

"Laguna?" I sigh and look up from my position on the desk where I had finally collapsed after getting dizzy from walking back and forth.

"Yes Kiros?" He flashed pearly white teeth at me, a smile laced with concern. I curled my finger and he walks towards me, long ebony braids swinging from side to beh behind him. Wrapping my arms around his slim waist, I pull him closer and rest my head on his thin chest. He sighs and wraps his arms around my shoulders, one hand going up to pet my hair just the way I like it.

"The two boys have arrived," he finally speaks, breaking the comfortable silence.

"Squall?" It can't be... already?

"Yes, Squall. And he brought that other kid with him." Ahh, Seifer. The boy had sounded very nervous on the phone. Either from talking to a mayor, or just from speaking to Squall's father. Probably the latter. He probably thinks I'm mad at him.

"Send them in." Kiros smiles as he lifts me head,

"it's going to be okay 'Guna," he leans in and kisses me lightly. Swiping his tongue across my lips before parting. I smile and run my hand down his side. Taking my hand, he kisses my knuckles and lets them go to head out of the office, probably to get Squall and Seifer who are obviously waiting outside the door.


Man... I can't believe I'm going to meet Squall's dad. Heís probably going to kill me.

"You can come in now," the black man said, his voice abnormally quiet, yet it still had a commanding air to it.

"Yeah, yeah," grabbing Squall's hand and squeezing it, I pull him in to the office, shouldering my way past the tall man, damn; he's about an inch taller than me.

What the hell? Are my only thoughts when a short man suddenly comes barreling at me, only to swerve and all but pounce on Squall. Umm... okay. So this must be the angry father.

When Squall continued to remain stiff in the man's arms (he couldn't help but notice that the man was only an inch or two taller then Squall, but he was definitely broader than the younger man,) he finally stepped back.

A small sigh escaped him as he looked over at me. "So, you're Seifer?" I nod. "How long has Squall been with you?"

"Just a day, if that."

"I see...Ē He turns to Squall again. "How did you get out?" The brunette stays silent, shifting to cross his arms and look over at the single large dome shaped window to my left. Seeing that he isn't about to talk to the man who had him committed, I launch into the tale that Squall had told me only hours before.

By the time I'm finished, including answering Laguna's various questions, its dinner time. "I don't know about you, Seifer, but Squall's welcome to stay here for as long as he needs or wants." I frown and run a hand through my blonde locks. I'll get into trouble from my foster parents, but hell, I'd rather stay here with Squall than go back to that place, "I'll stay here. If that's okay with you?" I add as an afterthought. Considering he's letting me stay and isn't picking up the phone to call the hospital, I figure that it's best to stop being rude. At least... not excessively.

We head down to the large dining room, where we're seated at an incredibly long, mahogany wood table. Damn, you could fit at least a hundred people there! Laguna sits at the end and we sit, at his suggestion, to the right of him. The servant, a short green eyes boy with several scars, but with a huge smile showering his slightly crooked white teeth, hands us several platters that he'd expertly carried on his tiny hands and skinny arms.

"Thank you Harry," 'Harry' beams and bows clumsily, before all but skipping out the door. I can't keep the small smile off my face at the image. At least he's found a good home now.

"Now, where were we?" I turn back to the man and raise a brow. We weren't anywhere... "I understand you went to his school, correct?" He asks, looking at me.


"And you were visiting him because of community service?"

"Yeah, but I finished that around two weeks ago," I stifle the smile that wants to appear when I feel Squall relax beside me after having tensed up at the question. He was obviously relieved that I hadn't just been coming to him because of some stupid community service.

I reach under the table and rest my hand on his thigh, he lays his hand over mine and squeezes.

My face heats up when I finally realize that Squall's father had been watching the whole exchange.


I smile at the pair. I'm surprised I hadn't noticed it before. The not so accidental brushing of hands, the sneaking glances, and the warm smiles exchanged. Hell, it was exactly how Kiros and I acted when we were younger. Though we'd never been a couple until recently. He'd always had a crush on me, but it took me awhile to open my eyes and really 'see' my best friend.

"It's nice to see you're finally with someone Squall." I smile at the blush that starts to bloom on the pale cheeks. "I assume you two want to share a room?" Seifer blushes and looks over at the shorter man. Squall hesitates before nodding. The blonde grins happily, while Squall permits a small smile.

Glancing over at the door, I smile when I see Kiros leaning against it. Looking back at the two men, I grin and rest my hands on the table to push myself up. "Well, I'm off to bed. Good night Squall, Seifer." Squall nods, continuing to look down at his plate. Seifer mumbles goodnight, frowning in confusion, until he follows my gaze to the door.

A large smirk quickly grew as he looked back at me. "Ahh, 'bed.' I think we'll turn in too. Hope you have a good... sleep," I grin back at him, not at all ashamed, as I clap him on the shoulder on my way out.

Kiros smisoftsoftly when I all but run out of the room. Grabbing his hand, I run towards our bedroom. Kiros follows me willingly, laughing all the while. This day is definitely shaping up.


Dad and Kiros... like I never would have guessed that. I smile softly. I'm glad dad's finally happy and with someone that actually loves him. And not dangerously and destructively like mom had.

"Huh... never would have guessed that." I chuckle when Seifer voices my thoughts, though mine were a bit more sarcastic, since I knew dad and Kiros had always been close.

"At least that's over with. I'm surprised Ellone hated you so much that she would actually convince Laguna to get rid of you." I nod, leaning against his shoulder.

"Ellone didn't like me taking dad's attention away from her. She eventually convinced him I needed help because I was 'overcome with grief,'" I sigh and shake my head. "She said I needed help and wasn't 'mentally stable.'" Seifer wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me against his chest.

"At least she's gone now," he said. I still can't believe that dad kicked her out... considering they used to be so close, I would have thought dad would have taken her side... and forget about me.

"Let's go to bed. You must be tired," I nod hed he helps me up. "Lead the way." I sigh and lead the way out the door and up the large marble staircase (that's what I hate about this place. Everything's so extravagant. But at least my room and the living room are cozy enough).

"This place is so huge!"

"It is the mayor's house." I answer, raising a brow. Walking down the hall way, our sock clad feet muffled on the royal blue carpet. But the thick carpet did nothing to muffle the sounds coming from dad's room. Shaking my head while Seifer chuckles behind me, I continue down the hall, until I reach the light brown, oak wood door of my room.


Following Squall into his room, I gasp. It's beautiful! The walls are a light burgundy, the carpet a dark cream. It looks like the sitting room. There's a black and leather couch situated to my right, placed in front of the medium sized TV, a small stereo on top of the black set.

To my left (the door in to the room was situated in the middle), a dark crimson couch, big and puffy, sat in the corner, just in front of the small firce. ce. The walls were lined with built in shelves; each shelf was lined with books. All used and probably re-read several times.

Two doors, each on either side of the room, obviously lead to Squall's bedroom, and the second one to his study. Squall led me to the door on the left, situated between two large shelves, and into his bedroom.

Wow... , I , I wish my room looked like this. The walls were a dark blue/grey, similar to Squall's ever changing eyes. Bookshelves once again ran the length of the room. A platform was situated in the middle of the floor, a large mattress resting on top of it with hunter green silk sheets laid on top of it.

While I'm busy ogling the room, Squall gets out of his clothes until he's as bare as the day he was born and comes over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I gasp at the sensation of his bare skin against my clothed one. "Get ready for bed Seifer," he whispers, finally sliding out from behind me in all his naked glory and steps on to the platform. He glances at me before going underneath the silky covers.

Grinning, I quickly shed my clothes and hop in beside him. He snuggles up to me, so we're spooning comfortable. "G'night," I smile and nuzzle my nose into his thick locks. "'night Squall."

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