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Chapter 5: Criminal

He was lying in the hospital bed when I came in. Starch white sheets clutched tightly to his body, the sheet resting just underneath his chin. I stride over and sit down on the chair (I'm surprised the nurse didn't remove it). He just shivers, not acknowledging my presence. I huff quietly, and lean over, pulling the sheet from him. He whimpers, and clutches it tighter. I jerk in surprise and lean over more to look his his face.

His closed lids are quivering, and his whole body is shivering. From cold maybe? I get up quickly and search the small room. Finding a large cabinet in the far corner I go over to it and open the door. Large comforters, one of those pee holder thingies, and a few other sorted medical supplies cover the two shelves in there. I pull out one of the comforters and close the cabinet door. Walking back over to Squall, I drape the heavy blanket on top of him, making sure to cover his bound wrist. The metal must be really cold.

After several minutes of just standing there, staring at the brunette, I finally reach over to the side of the bed and press the call button. A nurse is at the door within a reasonable time, if not a little slow. She glances at Squall and then turns to face me, brows furrowed. "What?" I frown, and point at the shivering body.

"There's something wrong with him." I say, trying to keep my voice level. She scans over him again.

"He's fine." I resist the urge to throttle her. Not very becoming, after all.

"Why is he so fucking cold?" She lifts a slim shoulder.

"It's just the drug." My gaze goes back to Squall. I'm silent for a few seconds, thinking.

"Why would he need.." The nurse huffs, and crosses her arms.

"He attacked me." My eyes fly back to hers.

"What?!" Impossible. He doesn't seem the type that would do that... then again, he 'is' in a mental institution.

"I was merely cleaning, when he suddenly grabbed my arm and started yelling." Wait.. Squall, yelling?

"What did he say?"

"Well.. it was more like grunting, but he was twisting my arm! So I gave him a type of sedative." 'Type of sedative'?

"Is he supposed.. to be like that?" I ask, running a hand through my hair in frustration.

"It's just a mild side affect. He'll be fine in an hour at the most. Now if you'll excuse me, I have work I have to be doing." She gives me a disapproving look and turns to exit. I give her the finger, but she's already out the door.

Turning back to Squall, I go back to sitting on the uncomfortable chair. "Hey, Squall? You awake?" I ask quietly, leaning in. He only responds by shivering and rapid eye movement, barely heard whimpers escape his parted lips. I lean further over and place a large hand on his bony shoulder, shaking it gently. "Squall, wake up. I think your having a nightmare." His eyes suddenly spring open, only a sliver of blue-grey can be seen behind his large pupils.

"Fuck!" I suddenly find my wrist in a steel like grip. Who knew that he could be so strong considering his size? "Hey! Let go!" Shit! I think my wrist is about to snap, sure fucking feels like it. Using the only defense I have that won't end up hurting him too bad, I use my free hand to slap him. Large blank eyes blink twice and the grip loosens. I quickly yank my hand away from him and rub the abused area.

"Jeez Squall, you could at lesay say 'hi' like a normal person." His gaze flickers to my wrist, dark eyebrows scrunching together in thought. "Yes, 'you' did this. Fuck.. you could at least say your sorry." He sighs and turns over, the chain rattles loudly. "Idiot." I breath, but take off my belt and undue the lock. I free his arm and take it into my hands. He flinches and tries to pull away. I resist the tug, and gently begin to rub the raw flesh. He sighs and stops fighting.

Several minutes pass before he finally turns over, I release his wrist and flex my cramped fingers. His eyes are clenched shut, his dark lashes oddly spiked. I lean over and run a finger across his lashes. He backs up quickly, but opens his eyes. They glisten in the florescent lighting, but no tear tracks mark his flushed cheeks. I slouch down further and rest my elbows on my knees.

"What's wrong?" He shakes his head. Oookay. "What happened in your dream?" He lifts a shoulder. What is this, twenty questions? "Was it bad?" He hesitates, then nods. Well, that's something. "Did you attack that nurse?" He shakes hi head quickly. I pause. "Are you lying?" He frowns, pain flashing across his dark eyes. I sigh. "Sorry. Why did you grab her Squall?" He whimpers. "Did she do something to you?" Anger sharpens my tone. He shakes his head. Fuck! I only have so much patience! I get out of my chair (If I hadn't been watching him so closely, I would have missed the wild panic and sheer terror that entered his eyes at my movement). I kneel down beside the bed, and place both hands on his.

"Why did you grab her Squall? He stays silent. "Please... I want to know." He sniffs and looks down, a lone tear caresses his cheek as it makes its' way down. I lift a hand to his face and gently swipe the tear away with my thumb. My eyes widen in surprise when he leans into the touch.

His lips part, trying to move in speech, but nothing comes out. He frowns and clears his throat. Licking his dry lips, he begins to speak but shakes his head instead. I cup his hollow cheek with my hand, my bronzed skin contrasting sharply with his sickly white. "Squall, tell me why." Please.. I beg silently.

His eyes drop, but instead of ignoring me like I feared he would, he finally answers. "Alone." His voice is barely above a whisper, and incredibly rusty from lack of use. Alone? Does he mean he doesn't want to be alone? I voice the question and Squall nods in response.

"So you grabbed her before she could leave?" He nods. "Then why did she give you some kind of drug to calm you down?" Hewns wns and lifts a shoulder. He probably didn't even need to be calmed down. Well, not that harshly anyway.

I run my hand through his thick locks. Seeing his tear filled eyes, I decide to try changing the subject. "So, now that your talking, do you plan to keep at it?" He gives a small grateful smile (at changing the subject) and nods. "Was that a yes?" He nods again, eyes crinkling in mischief. "Ha, ha. Very funny." Our quite chuckles come to an abrupt end when we suddenly hear the clicking of heels on the hard floors outside the door.

Squall sighs, and brings his hand to the railing. I quickly close the lock, the loud click is heard as it locks, just before the nurse comes back in. She raises her brow when she sees me kneeling next to the bed, holding Squall's hands. "It's your own fault if he attacks you." She says, scornfully. Bitch.

"Just like it's your own fault that he grabbed you?" She huffs and walks over. Quickly grabbing his bony wrist and checking his pulse.

"The drugs wore off, so I think it's time for you to go." I frown and stand up, making sure to tower over her.

"I've already been with him when he wasn't drugged. I'm not leaving." I growl and put my hand on the cold rail. It takes all my will power not to let my eyes soften when Squall places his small hand on mine. The nurse frowns, her gaze flickering between him and I. Finally she turns around to leave. But not before taking the last word.

"Don't say I didn't worn you. There's a reason he's the only patient here who is constantly hand cuffed. Besides being a criminal of course." The bitch finally leaves, and I turn back to Squall. His scar is crinkled from his frown and his nails are digging into my flesh. I kneel back down by his bed.

"Squall, why are you in here?" He just shakes his head. I sigh and go back to running my hand through his hair. "Will you tell me eventually?" He looks up at me, storm blue eyes shining, and leans into my touch.


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